The 3rd Diary of Novice Monk
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The 3rd Diary of Novice Monk

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Author: Venerable Master Hsing Yun
Publisher: Buddha Light Art and Living Pvt Ltd
Language: English
Edition: 2015
ISBN: 9789382017837
Pages: 176 (Throughout Color Illustrations)
Cover: Paperback
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23 years in business
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Shipped to 153 countries
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Unwavering faith is the driving force Behind the success in cultivating the way. When there is faith there is strength ; When there faith there is hope; when there is faith there is a bright future. The force for the revival of Buddhism in India depends on faith and determination. Seven years ago, Venerable Hui Xian went to take over the Delhi cultural and educational Center and to establish the sramanera School . In order to live up to Mission, Venerable Hui Xian painstakingly guides and administers the annual intake of new students, with persistence and perseverance. Just like a parent, he cares for the novices with compassion – strict like a father yet kind like a mother. While he teaches the Dharma to the ignorant , he impresses and subdues the stubborn with dignity . With strong faith and the right perception, the trained Sramaneras learn diligently. They do daily chanting , bowing to The Buddha and showing repentance or attend classroom lectures, often in temperatures above 40 ° C. The Sarmaneras are Even are even able to participle in the free medical services as translators, to help increase their compassionate feeling for the poor and suffering. Having paid homage at the Ajanta Grottoes, The sramaneras have all shown the utmost admiration and respect for the ancient cultivations leading to their awakening of bodhicitta for the revival of Buddhism in India . Just as what Cheng Gaung says. “I aspire to cultivate diligently and vow to spread the glory of the Dharma.” Cheng Ti says . “ I Believe all sentient beings have good roots and Buddha nature ; as long as we aspire to ferry across, we will be received .” Cheng Fu says , “ I have faith in the futures, Buddhism will regain its past glory as shown in the Ajanta Grottoes. “ Cheng Shi says, “We have got to know Humanistic Buddhism Because of Venerable Grand Master Hsing Yun.” In Short , having read the novice monks ‘ diary from the Sramaneras School , We are certainly full of Hope fr the revival of Buddhism in India.


Live for Your Faith - Venerable Grand Master Hsing Yun 9
Unwavering Faith - Venerable Master Hsin Ting 10
Look to the Future - Venerable Master Hsin Bao 12
Thought on Pilgrimage - Venerable Hui xian 14
Root - Seeking  
Willingness 22
Compassionate 23
Great Buddha 24
Alishan 25
Opportunity 26
Footsteps 27
Buddha nature 28
Sharing 30
Gratitude 31
Responsibility 32
A letter to grand Master 34
Loving Kindness 35
Original aspiration 36
Self-leaning 38
Causation 39
Mission 40
Embrace 41
Diligence 42
Daily routine 43
Meditation 44
Appreciation 46
Grandeur 48
Happiness 49
Vastness 50
Dignity 51
Acceptance 52
Expectation 53
Ashamed 54
Buddhahood 55
Pilgrimage (Ajanta)  
Buddha nature 58
Grotto Culture 60
Glorious 62
Uniqueness 64
Local culture 65
Magnificent 66
Respect 68
Courage 69
Painting 70
Cultivation 71
Devotion 72
Greatness 73
Pilgrimage (bodhgaya)  
Flourish 76
Growing Up 78
Blessed 80
Arduousness 82
Suffering 84
Contentment 85
Concentration 86
Accommodate 87
Bodhisattva 88
Questions 89
Destruction 90
Improvement 91
Endurance 92
diligence 93
Begging 94
Witness 95
safety 96
Grateful 97
Exhaustion 98
The First time 99
Fortunate 100
Motion sickness 102
Touched 103
Nervous 104
Chanting 105
Emotion 106
Proud 108
Lucky 109
Pleasant 110
Delicious 111
Sadness 112
Reminder 113
Magnificence 114
Learning With Commitment 115
Calmness 116
Light Offering 117
Reflection 118
Wisdom 119
Vexations 120
Self reflection 122
Fortunate 124
Bright Light 125
Free Medical Service  
New assignment 128
Impermanence 130
Gratitude 131
Small gift 132
Charity Trip 134
Consciousness 136
Progression 138
Dispensary 140
Jokes 142
Acupuncture 143
Attentiveness 144
Compassion 146
Four Kinds of Giving 148
The relic Stupa 150
Translation 152
Resolution 154
Sickness 155
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