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27 Nakshatra 27 Days (Connecting the Nakshatras Discover Your Life Path)

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Salient Features of Each Nakshatra
Connecting the Nakshatras Discover Your Life Path
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Item Code: NAN316
Author: Anuradha Sharda
Publisher: Saptarishis Publications
Language: English
Edition: 2017
ISBN: 9782598215073
Pages: 108 (13 B/W Illustration)
Cover: Paperback
Other Details 5.5 inch X 4.0 inch
Weight 80 gm
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Fully insured
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Shipped to 153 countries
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More than 1M+ customers worldwide
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100% Made in India
23 years in business
23 years in business
About the Book

In this pocket book, I am presenting ten salient attributes of each Nakshatra. These attributes of Nakshatras manifest themselves in one way or the other when a planet or the lagna is present in it. The exercise of this books is not only to make the reader learn the operating nature and attributes of these Nakshatras, but also to learn how to apply these practically in an individual’s birth chart and join the dots through all the operating Nakshatras to understand the life path of an individual. This will allow the individual to get guidance to follow and reach his or her goal or destiny in this life set by the soul. This is illustrated with the help of a few examples.

About the Author

Anuradha Sharda has more than 20 years in the field of the Occult. What started out as a passion in school, developed and progressed as a part of life. In addition to being a Tarot Card reader who runs her Tarot classes on the Saptarishis Astrology forum, she also teaches Nadi Nakshatra and Basic Courses for Saptarishis Astrology.


It's been now 2 years since we at Saptarishis Astrology Institute started the online nakshatra course, this created a revolution in nakshatras in the social media of facebook, you tube and now everyone is talking only about nakshatras. We introduced the predictive part of nakshatras which was lacking as only theoretical knowledge was available in books. Then we created the series on Nadi Nakshatras where each nakshatra gives result at specific ages. Readers can buy that book titled Timing Events through Nadi Nakshatra from www.saptarishishop.com and when they are ready they can do our detailed online course where 3 times more techniques are given. But what is the intent of this book, we realised over a period that the traditional way of learning is the best which is route memory. The reason is simple, after doing 6 month courses still the students do not remember traits of each nakshatra, maximum they remember 2 points on each nakshatra but there are more than 108 points for each nakshatra. In olden days if the teacher was teaching nakshatra the student was not allowed to think on another subject of jyotish, he was asked to meditate on each point taught in a day. Today the teacher cannot enforce this. The best way to learn nakshatras and master is to

Step l: Memorise each nakshatra traits few times a day and then move on to the next nakshatra

Step 2: If today is Ashwini nakshatra then memo rise the 10 salient features of Ashwini minimum 4 to 5 times a day and throughout the day contemplate on each point

Step 3: In the morning and in the night meditate on those points of the said nakshatra that you have learnt.

Step 4: Do this round for 27 days and repeat it minimum thrice, do not deviate from that path or take one nakshatra and memo rise it and contemplate on it for 3 days and then over a period of 90 days you would have mastered it.

Step 5: After this mastery is done, start with an exercise of everyday looking at minimum 5 charts from your own database and see how each planet sitting in each nakshatra is behaving, charts of close ones are the best ones to learn subtle secrets of astrology.

Learn not to judge your close ones but to accept them when you understand their nakshatras.

The Spirituality of Nakshatras

The first horoscope that any astrologer student will read is his/her horoscope only. Here the mistake we do as young ones in jyotish is to make it predictive rather than corrective. Real Use of [yotish is when it is made corrective. In the west, we have seen western Vedic astrologers make it corrective in their readings for clients but not for themselves. The first step to correction is to accept who you are. When we use the word spirituality we only think of mantras and remedies, but it has been observed over decades that 99% of us use mantras only to gain something external or some power or for removing affliction, the real spirituality is when the affliction in our behaviour and thinking changes, this our real saints of India has demonstrated several times.

How to Use This Book for Spiritual Growth

Say if you take Ardra Nakshatra, ones Lagna that is Ascendant Point might be in Ardra or Ascendant Lord might be in Ardra. Now in this book by Anuradha Sharda you would find

Following are the attributes of Ardra Nakshatra

1. Fierce and sharp

2. Achiever

3. Addictions

4. Researcher or Analytical

5. Sacrifices

6. Rash or Impulsive

7. Emotional

8. Easily pleased and easily angered

9. Ability to withstand pressure

10. Hardworking

Point A: One would think of the above points of what's so great about these points. Even this scribe used to think like this. But let's see it as another view point. If Ascendant or Ascendant lord is in Ardra then the native will either have the above points highlighted in his life or non-highlighted. Any of the two situations can cause a deficiency and thus an event. The job of the astrologer is to foresee the event with the help of nakshatras in this instance. So, if you take the 9th point of "Ability To Withstand Pressure" and analyse a horoscope, see if your client can withstand pressure. If he is unable to then see bad dashas and transits in the future and connection of Ascendant or Ascendant lord in those dasas or transits. This is key and it does not stop here, for example, Ardra nakshatra lord is Rahu and it is in a Venusian sign and the antardasa is of Venus, this is when an afflicted Ardra will give result and result in destruction of that area.

Now how do you use it, how do you give the ultimate remedy bigger than yagyas or mantras it is by changing the very base of the DNA, which the west call it and land up doing "skill building courses" and they don't even use astrology. If they notice that they do not have ability to withstand pressure they will read books to improve upon it and implement it in their lives. This is what you can do for yourself or an afflicted Ardra Native (one secret not known to many which I learnt from a very senior yet secretive American astrologer is Ardra natives have some streak of suicide in them) so you give tools to an Ardra native especially with Ascendant or Ascendant lord in Ardra and make them work on their ability to withstand pressure. So, when the dasa comes as the core structure of his DNA has been altered with Effort (upachaya/ free will) he will be able to withstand the pressure in the Venus dasa.

Point B: Now see the first point noted in the list is "Fierce & Sharp", one would think of its nothing, what is written in this book by Anuradha Sharda is just vague, you would throw the book, but if you have years of experience with afflicted Ardra natives then you would understand more deeply as you would know their intimate details of their life stories. Ask the native whose Ascendant lord is in Ardra and in any communicative houses like 3H or associated with communicative planets like 3L, 2L or Mercury and ask deeply if he or she feels in reality his speech or communication has been a problem to create many tensions in his life. The native might be a great orator but events that have caused him super stress were they due to his fierce and sharp communication, hasty communication or gossip, 3H is also subconscious, so ask non-clarity on fundamentals of life. Let him contemplate on it for a day or two before he gives the answer. If all above conditions are met he will confess and then make him work on his fierce and sharp nature, emotional nature (point 7) especially if combined with Moon. If he works and masters it, he has worked on his very spiritual core, a yogi only tries to master his Indriyas (sense organs) and Mind. Once that is done no event is untoward externally and even if it is externally, internally the yogi and the native will not feel anything.

When you work on the extremities of the balanced self, on your own self via your own chart you make astrology spiritual for you. The Buddha said the most elevated man is the most Compassionate self, when we read the 34 past lives of Buddha in Jataka Tales. We must see the extremities in the or too less of anything is not the balanced state, first we balance and then enhance the good qualities that the nakshatras outline. An Ardra native might not be addicted to any drug or smoking or drinking but is he or she addicted to a negative quality the house, house lord or the nakshatra lord can give you hints, then start working on it and rectifying it, this is the essence of the spirituality of nakshatras and Vedic astrology.

Point C: In the list of salient features of Purva Phalguni, the word relaxation is used. Over a period of years, we have seen Purva Phalguni natives either too relaxed in life or too stressed about everything and this is the cause of the major miseries of life, no amount of ritualistic remedies have helped them. This is a state of imbalance of the nakshatra and once you balance it life becomes super smooth for them and success starts flowing in. Same goes for sexual passion, denial of it and too much of it is the cause of all negative events in their lives, once this is balanced life becomes smooth. Working on our inner core is the secret of spirituality of nakshatras, when you route memorize each of these 10 traits, it will enter your brain and whenever you see a chart with a planet in a nakshatra with the hindsight of "Balance" you would realise how that imbalance is causing so many negative events and then you will balance it in your lives and that of your clients and then the beauty of this book and the spirituality of the nakshatras will emerge out. It's not just a handbook that you must carry in your pocket or purse but the book of your life if you will use it the way it is prescribed to be. Wishing you the best spiritual journey with the nakshatras.


This pocket book was an afterthought and a take-off of our nakshatra classes at Saptarishis Astrology. After the classes, we realised that people have a daunting task in learning the nakshatras up. This set me to make the nakshatras learnable by all and also to be loved and appreciated by all.

In this pocket book, I'm presenting ten salient attributes of each nakshatra. These attributes of nakshatra manifest themselves in one way or the other when we have the lagna (Ascendant), the lagna lord or planets (like Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu) and the nakshatra lord for each planet. In addition, I'm presenting another way by leveraging different operating nature of each nakshatra to analyse the life path of an individual.

My intentions are not only to make the reader learn the operating nature and attributes of these nakshatras, but also to learn how to apply these practically in an individual's birth chart and join the dots through all the operating nakshatras to understand the life path of an individual. This will allow the individual to get guidance to follow and reach his or her goal or destiny in this life set by the soul. This is illustrated with the help of a few examples.

A good way to learn these nakshatras is to take each nakshatra on the respective day of the Moon (Lunar Day) transiting that nakshatra. This helps as the mind (Moon) is ready to accept the attributes and process the information. In case one cannot find the Lunar day to synchronise with the day to start their study, it is advisable to take up one nakshatra per day and memories it by reading it at least 3-4 times a day (early morning, noon, evening and at bedtime), so that the nakshatra learning and observation becomes a part of your schedule.

As one progress and learns and observes more and more, one can definitely add more points to the existing ten attributes. These attributes are a drop in the ocean and just a place to begin with.

Finally, I would like to express my gratitude and thank Vishal Sharma, Nidhi Raj Sharma and Naresh Sharma for their valuable inputs and edits. Thanks so much Bettina for being there on such a short notice. My children for bearing with me, thanks always.


  Sailent Attributes of Each Nakshatra or Constellation 1
  Ashwini 1
  Bharani 2
  Krittika 3
  Rohini 4
  Mrigashira 5
  Ardra 6
  Punarvasu 7
  Pushya 8
  Ashlesha 9
  Mogha 10
  Purva Phalguni 11
  Uttara Phalguni 12
  Hasta 13
  Chitra 14
  Swati 15
  Vishakha 16
  Anuradha 17
  Jyestha 18
  Moola 19
  Purva Ashadha 20
  Uttara Ashadha 21
  Shravana 22
  Dhanistha 23
  Satabhisha 24
  Purva Bhadrapada 25
  Uttara Bhadrapada 26
  Revati 27
  Case Studies 28
Example 1 Henry Ford 28
  Common attributes among all Nakshatras in his chart 29
  Unique attributes among all Nakshatras in his chart 30
  Story as it goes 30
  Analysis 37
Example 2 Marilyn Monroe 41
  Common attributes among all Nakshatras in her chart 42
  Unique attributes among all Nakshatras in her chart 42
  Story as it goes 42
  Analysis 46
Example 3 Albert Einstein 51
  Common attributes among all Nakshatras in his chart 52
  Umique attributes among all Nakshatras in his chart 52
  Story as it goes 52
  Analysis 59
  Analysis Through Operating Nature of Nakshatras 66
  Example - Henry Ford 72
  Observation 73
  Example - Bill Gates 75
  Observation 76
  Analysis Through Operating Nature of Nakshatras 77
  A Beginners Online Course In Tarot 78
  An Advanced Online course In Tarot 80
  Basic Course In Astrology  
  Beginners Level 1 81
  Basic Course In Astrology  
  Beginners Level 2 84
  Nadi Nakshatra 87
  Dasha Pravesh Course 89
  BCP And BSP Course 91

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