252 Vaishnavas (Part Three)

252 Vaishnavas (Part Three)

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Author: Gokulnathji & Sri Harirayaji's commentary
Publisher: Pratham Peeth Publications
Edition: 2006
Pages: 298
Cover: Hardcover
Other Details: 8.6" X 5.6"

I am pleased to offer the devotional community this third and final volume of 252 Vaishnavas. These life stories of the disciples of Shri Vitthalnathji (Shri Gusainji) were written in the 17th century by his son, Shri Gokulnathji and then commented upon by Shri Harirayaji, Shri Gusainji's great grandson. Sri Harirayaji's illuminating commentary is found throughout this text in italic print. The 252 Vaishnavas vartas, or life accounts, describe how these blessed souls met their guru, Shri Gusainji, and the divine effects of those meetings.

In these accounts we find details from each of the Vaishnavas three lives: their worldly life before meeting Shri Gusainji, their devotional life after initiation into the path of Grace, and their existence and form in the eternal Lila. They received all kinds of amazing grace, which granted them the vision and experience of their eternal Beloved, Shri Krishna. These vartas takes us from the mundane creation to the eternal Lila play of Shri Krishna, and then back again, to a sacred world that is full of refined, devotional cognitions.

The 252 Vaishnavas stories are often surreal, but they also include refined Vedantic teachings. They contain the essence of Shri Vallabhacharya's Path of Grace, the pushti Marg, distinguished by the purely non-dual philosophy that everything is Brahman (God) and nothing but Brahman. The Vaishnavas accounts are filled with priceless and practical example of how we too can discover the enlightened devotional lifestyle within our own individual worlds. In their bhakti-filled stories, we can discover our own special relationship with the Beloved, wherein the hidden essences of grace flourish. As my guru, His Holiness Goswami Prathameshji, once told me.

"The life stories of the bhaktas are very hidden, as is always the case with things of a higher standard. And so, it takes many readings to understand the inner teachings of the devotee's lifestyles. Total comprehension could take years. In the accounts of the 84 and 252 Vaishnavas, for example, each bhakta's life story is filled with many meanings, and the life sketch opens slowly, by itself. True understanding of the Path of Grace arrives when one's spiritual nature blossoms. That is the most desirable spiritual position."

Notes on the Translation and Textxvii
Sri Gusainji's Vaishnava Disciples:
170.Bhishmdas Kshatri7
171.Narayandas Pande11
172.A Brahmin from Bhavanagar13
173.Madhuridas the Gardener15
174.Dharmadas Brahmin18
175.The Flower Warrior21
177.Raja Mansingh25
178.A Pigeon and his Wife34
179.Seth, the Merchant who became a Bug39
180.A Husband and his Two Wives44
181.A Merchant from Gujarat49
182.A Brajavasi from Raval54
183.Raja Bhima and his Wife57
184.A Brahmin Renunciate61
185.A King from the East64
186.A Writer67
187.A Merchant70
188.A Swan Couple73
189.Paradhi the Hunter75
192.A Vaishnava from Gujarat86
193.Gujarati Brahmin88
195.A Mother and Daughter from Rajanagar93
196.Two Thieves96
197.Seth the Merchant and a Renunciate99
198.Govardhandas and Mannalal102
199.A Brahmin Vaishnava104
200.A Mother and her Highway Robber Son108
202.Sahukar's Son, Vajir's Daughter and the Son fo a Merchant112
203.The Son of a Shiva Worshipper119
204.Niskanchan, the Penniless Bhakta124
205.Farmer Patel128
207.Gokulbhatt and Govindabhatt137
209.Kishori Bai141
210.Two Farmer Brothers150
212.A Sweeper155
213.Dhani and Dhanyani158
214.The Kshatrani from Prayag161
216.Balai and his Wife165
217.Sahukar, the Gentleman Money Lender172
218.The Brahmin from Khambhaicha177
219.A Warrior from Gujarat180
220.A Kshatriya from Gujarat184
221.A Kshatriya Woman from Agra187
222.Seth and his Son 189
223.The Old Woman from Gujarat194
224.Another Seth from Gujarat, his Son and their Maidservant207
225.A Brahmin Couple from the East212
226.Saravagi's Daughter218
227.Another Gujarati Vaishnava221
228.A Bhakta from Gujarat224
229.The Sisters Larbai and Dharbai226
230.A King with Four Sons229
231.Madan Gopal the Carpenter231
233.Krishnadas Kshatriya (Fatty)235
234.Raghodas, the Son of Chaturbhujadas240
236.Brahmadas from Gopalpur247
237.A King whose Queen asked for the fruit of filling Shri Krishna's Water Pitcher251
244.Yadavendradas from Agra273
246.Chaturbhujadas Mishra280
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