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Unveil truths of your life told by the lines of your palm

Thousands of years ago, a great Hindu sage by the name of Valmiki, in India, began writing a 567 paged book filled with teachings and inscriptions of his knowledge on male palmistry. What began in Valmiki’s temple, traveled across China, Tibet and even to parts of Europe. This was then practiced by Anaxagoras. The renowned philosopher, Aristotle is said to have found a doctrine on palmistry on Hermes’ altar. He believed that, "Lines are not written into the human hand without reason." It was then brought forth to Alexander the Great who used palmistry as a means to determine the character of his officers. Ever since, the art of palmistry has developed and made a name for itself across the world impacting the lives of many. In simple words, palmistry can be described as the art of interpreting the physical attributes of the palm to reveal distinctive personality traits as well as predictions of the future.

While there is much dispute, modern palm readers believe that it is extremely important to analyze both the left and right hands. The submissive hand of the individual tells of their personality traits and characteristics, while their dominant hand reveals how these traits and characteristics are put to use in daily life. When combined, they both reveal how these two interpretations determine an individual’s potential and their use of it. Another important aspect of palmistry is the shape of a person’s hands. Their shapes are commonly attributed to the four elements: fire, earth, air and water. Upon identification of these shapes, the mounts and lines of a person’s hands can be identified, which in turn, can reveal truths about major areas of their lives. The lines of a person’s hands account for their future predictions about their lives. 

Benefits of palmistry: 

  • Much like astrology, palmistry helps you identify the right direction to proceed in life. It helps you make the right decisions by showing your future. 

  • If you’re unsure of where your life is heading, what your purpose in life is, palmistry can help you identify areas in which you can grow and succeed and reveal to you, your purpose. 

  • It can also help you unearth hidden talents and spark creativity and innovation in you. 

  • Palmistry can also help you let go of past difficulties and challenges by helping you unlock truths about your past life and challenges. 

  • By revealing opportunities, palmistry can help you combat unproductivity and help you clear your mind. 

  • With the power to reveal your future, palmistry can help you stray away from misleading life situations and steer you towards the right path. 


Q1. Is palmistry a legitimate form of science or is it an art born out of speculation? 

Dating back to hundreds of years ago, palmistry as a discipline of astrology has existed for a long time, with extensive knowledge on the subject readily available. The speculations regarding the reliability of this discipline stems from the fact that palmistry uses intuition to deliver readings, however its authenticity is a reliable truth. 

Q2. Does palm reading differ from region to region? 

Yes, palm reading differs from region to region, for instance, Indian palm reading varies from palm reading present in the West. This discrepancy in readings occurs due to the difference in various cultures across the world and how these cultures influence traditions.