Which city in South India Is Known For Silk Sarees?

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Indian silk sarees symbolize the dignity of women. The unmatched beauty of this glamorous apparel has captivated women across the border. From Victoria Beckham to Oprah Winfrey, celebrities across the globe have fallen in love with the stunning beauty of Silk SareesWomen consider the Silk Saree collection as an asset. An authentic, finely woven silk Saree can last for generations if maintained well. So, it is no wonder that Indian women prefer their wedding Sarees in silk fabric. Moreover, it's a blissful way of celebrating if a girl wears her grandmother's Saree on traditional occasions. Wedding Saree shopping in India must include a Kanchipuram Silk along with a Banarasi Silk Saree.

Though Silk Sarees are woven in every state in India with different cultural aspects, South India always leads in this field. Further, in South India, several places are well-known for producing beautiful Silk Sarees. Tamil Nadu is famous for Kanchipuram Silk, Karnataka boasts of Mysore Silk, and Andhra Pradesh has Gadwal Silk, and so on. All these products reflect the divine beauty of South Indian Silk Sarees. Several cities in South India are famous for producing stunning Silk Sarees. These traditional Sarees are rich in beauty and quality and equally attract passionate Saree buyers. However, among all varieties of South Indian Silk Sarees, Kanchipuram has a distinctive class. 

The origin of this traditional South Indian Saree relates to the Hindu Mythological character Sage Marakanda. So, for the weavers of Kanchipuram Saree, it is a blissful job, and they do it with passion and purity. Let's explore the silk city of India, Kanchipuram, and the amazing weaving culture of the city.


The City Popular For Silk Sarees In South India

Various South Indian Silk Sarees are available in different cities, but a radiant Kanchipuram always comes to the top. These classic Sarees originated in Kancheepuram or Kanchi, an ancient sacred city in Tamil Nadu. Kanchipuram is the shopping destination for Silk Sarees in South India. Despite the availability of silk Sarees in other cities, some factors drive shoppers to buy Silk Sarees in Kanchipuram. Let's find them:


The price of sarees in Kanchipuram is lower in comparison to other cities. Additionally, buyers believe that the quality of sarees in other places cannot match that of Kanchipuram. They are afraid of being fooled with a fake silk saree. If you want to shop for wedding Sarees in South India, Kanchipuram is the best place to make huge savings. You can buy a Silk saree at around Rs 3,500 with intricate designs, a rich border, nice colors, and zari work. For the same design of Saree, you may have to spend around Rs 6000 in other cities.


The second reason for shopping for Saree in Kanchipuram is the availability of a wide range of collections with varied designs. You will get endless options, so there is no need to compromise with preference. Kanchipuram is home to weavers and brings a wide variety of sarees for all occasions. Further, the machine woven Sarees may have a trendy design, but they lack the customary handloom touch from a weaver.


Highly skilled weavers of Kanchipuram make the traditional Silk sarees from pure mulberry silk and adorn them with high-quality golden and silver threads. An authentic Kanchipuram Saree reflects the weaver's passion for art, dazzling with divine beauty. Silk Sarees are available in every city, but the pure art of Kanchipuram is unmatched.

The Weaving Of Kanchipuram Silk Saree

The origin of the Kanchipuram silk saree relates to Hindu Mythology. Kanchi weavers believe that they are descendants of Sage Marakanda, the master weaver for God's appeals. The earlier weavers of Kanchipuram have come from Andhra Pradesh. They migrated to Kanchipuram and started practicing Saree waiving. The specialty of their weaving style was creating images of the sculptures from various temples in Kanchi village. There are a total of 5500 weavers families and 50,000 weavers living in Kanchipuram. They make pure and beautiful Silk Saree and at the same time, sustain the age-old weaving tradition.

The specialty of Kanchipuram Silk Sarees is their rich golden borders, conventional designs, and lush fabric in contrast shades. The weavers follow the 150-year-old traditional weaving process that includes hand-woven silk and Zari. 

The price of original Kanchipuram silk sarees ranges from Rs 4500 to Rs 200,000. The price depends on the purity of zari thread and silk. These are mainly wedding Sarees that people buy to create a memory. 


For traditional Silk Sarees in South India, the city that first comes to our mind is Kanchipuram. Here you will get beautiful and original Silk Sarees directly from the weaver's loom. For weddings or any other occasion, Kanchipuram is the best South Indian city to buy Silk Sarees.

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