Top 9 Traditional Navratri Outfits Ideas for a Festive Look

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As autumn reaches us with hints of colder air, India prepares to warm the heart and the ambiance with the nine nights of Navaratri, an unending journey of melodies, tradition, and of course, fashion!  It's that time of the year when tradition meets trend, where history and heritage dance hand in hand with modern elegance. 

From Gujarat to West Bengal, garments aren't just clothes; they're an ode to centuries-old traditions, a canvas for self-expression, and a mirror reflecting the spirit of Navaratri. Smiling faces chanting the name of the goddess, colors, and fragrance of incense in the air, people reveling in joy because Maa is here, all this is incomplete without them putting on the best attire. 

As we embark on this enchanting journey, our aim is clear: to inspire, enlighten, and elevate your Navaratri fashion game. Whether you're a seasoned connoisseur of ethnic attire or just beginning your voyage into the intricate world of traditional fashion, this blog is your answer to what to wear this Navratri.

What to Wear in Navratri? Here are the 9 Best Outfits Mentioned

1. Twirl in a Lehenga Choli

The festivities of Gujarat, the dance of Garba that is now an international sensation, is nothing without the stunning lehenga choli! Be it a traditional cotton Patola skirt and blouse, with ethnic patterns or modern georgette lehengas with a touch of chic, lehenga cholis are an evergreen Navaratri fashion favourite. Style them with minimal or statement Indian jewellery and get ready to groove on the beats of Garba.

2. Go Minimal with Georgette

Subtle hints of embellishment, exotic patterns, and experiments with motifs are what define a georgette saree for contemporary women. A party favourite, georgette drapes can be your go-to Navaratri essentials, if minimalism and loveliness are your taste in ethnic Indian wear. Experiment with heavy embroidered georgette sarees or simply adorned ones, and steal the show with your gorgeous grace.

3. Back to Banarasi

No Indian festivity can be kept away from the luxurious feel of traditional Banarasi sarees. Draped around the great goddess in many temples, Banarasi brocades with their golden embellishments, ethnic patterns, and auspicious colors are the perfect attire for this Durga Puja season. Pick a temple jewellery set or any traditional golden ornament, and you are all set to charm the crowd away.

4. Perfection in Paithani

No less than a silken Banarasi, Paithanis of Maharashtra are the fashion statement of the royals. With striking hues, meticulous brocade work, the iridescent effect of the elegant fabric, and classical motifs all over the spread, Paithani sarees are the best choice for those who love to showcase their taste in heritage Indian fashion. Fashioned in truly Indian hues of purple, red, green, yellow, and blue, Paithanis are ideal drapes to embody the colourful zest of Navaratri. 

5. Charm of Chikankaris

Light as air, hand embroidered with traditional patterns and crafted in dreamy hues, Chikankari drapes tell the tale of comfort meeting fashion. Woven with pure cotton and georgette fabric, Chikankari sarees are the perfect balance of intricate weave and breathability, for those of us who want to enjoy the festivities without caring about heavy attires. To bring the look together, go for a beautiful silver jewellery set and see the simplicity of Chikankari turn heads. 

6. Beautiful Bandhanis

Eye-catching Bundi (dots) spread all over the beautiful silk, cotton, and georgette fabrics with ethnic borders and awe-inspiring color pairings is what makes the drapes of Bandhani a timeless style statement. Coming from the heart of Western India, Bandhani is a traditional drape integral to the culture and festivities of the region. Wrap yourself in the elegance of one of these gems, and let the symmetry of its patterns hypnotize all. 

7. Balucharis from Bengal

Silken drapes from the land of the great goddess, Balucharis are regal style pieces with legends of Indian epics woven into the drape, to create an artwork you can wear. Festivities and Puja celebrations in Bengal are unimaginable without at least one Baluchari pulled out of the storage box, filled with stories of generations that its glimmering threads carry. Experience regalia, culture, and stories of India on a silk canvas with a Baluchari this Navaratri, and see for yourself, the beauty of Bengal’s heritage drapes. 

8. Kaleidoscope of Kanjivarams

Kanjivarams in the tradition of India have been synonymous with unparalleled lux fashion, a testament to classical and profound motifs and colors that craft auspicious drapes for festive and fortunate occasions throughout the year. With pure silk, brocade work, and patterns such as paisley, temple border, and floral mesh, you can never go wrong with a Kanjivaram if you are looking to be wrapped in the spirit of Indian culture and celebrations. 

9. For the Lovers of Chic Comfort

If you are a connoisseur of Indian ethnic wear but want to enjoy the celebratory moments of Navaratri to its fullest, we have not forgotten about you! Pick your favourite from an assortment of traditional and fusion salwar-kameez, which carry the spirit of Indian culture with a touch of contemporary panache. From simple A-line to Anarkalis, from Shararas to enchanting party wear pieces, the list of salwar-kameez for you to dazzle in is unending.

The wait is over! The season of festivities, joy, and celebration of Indian culture is about to knock on your door, and when it does, be prepared to greet it in your best festival look. Exotic India Art has hand-picked some of the most fashionable traditional and fusion fashion statements for you under one roof. So, create your best looks, and get ready to welcome the mother of the Universe into your home.

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