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Nandi the bull is identified as a “trustworthy mount of Lord Shiva, the great deity of Hinduism”.

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According to Puranas, Nandi has a bull/Ox face and a Human body, symbolizing that of Shiva (as Shankara and Pashupatinath ). This means that Nandi can take the form of an Ox or any human form as per his wish. When Shiva wants to travel, then Nandi takes an Ox form and Shiva chose Ox as His mount since it is hard-working having great perseverance.

The entire Universe is vested in the Mahadeva, and when Ravana lifted the Kailash Mountain, Shiva just pressed his toe, and Ravana’s hands crushed under the mountain. What an unimaginable strength of the Shiva. Whereas, because of Nandi's selfless devotion and surrender toward Shiva, he carries the immense powerful Mahadev over his back cheerily!!

Business or Office Work from Home:

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Nandi is the symbol of patience and utmost sincerity. Nandi bull has the power of positive vibrations which makes its surrounding pure. Nandi idols can be kept both at home and workplace. However, it is suggested that the Nandi bull should be placed in the South-West area of your office or home.

  • Now- a –days, many people are steering their businesses or carrying their office work to be done from home. Thus they adjust and treat some of the house space in the form of an office.
  • It is believed that Nandi bull protects, and secures the business against any unanticipated conditions.
  • Also develops and strengthens trust, loyalty, and unity among family members as well as in business.
  • By using the Nandi bull, the respect, reverence, and discipline among the family members increase manifold.
  • Attracts more clients when you place a Nandi bull on the working table at your home when doing work from the home office.
  • Nandi ensures the loyalty of your customers and clients.
  • It would protect your business from unforeseen calamities and volatile business environments if kept in the proper place with the right devotion.
  • Worshipping Nandi gives you the blessings of your forefathers and elders and helps a lot of those who suffer from Pitra Dosh.

Miscellaneous significant benefits:

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Spiritually, it is thoroughly attached to Shiva Worship since the ancient era of the Vedic Culture.

  • The idol with its inherent spiritual power attracts help and support from people in the business network.
  • The qualities associated with Nandi Bull are happiness, joy, and satisfaction.
  • The Nandi idol would encourage & enhance ties with your existing friends, family members, neighbors, and social- media- friends even stronger. Your respect and fame would increase in society through social, economic, and other creative activities.
  • Pleased with Nandi, Shiva  gave a boon that whoever visits Shiva's temple,
  • He would have to  pray and please Nandi first,
  • See Shivling through Nandi’s horns ( the space between his two horns)
  • And tell the purpose of their visit or wishes in Nandi’s ears,
  • Then it would reach Shiva for sure.
  • It protects the business and establishes long-term loyal collaborations, alluring new clients/ customers.


Does Nandi have any powers?

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Nandi the bull is a deity conferred with many powers.

  • He is the protector of Dharma and the chief of the team of Ganas, or attendants of the gods. Nandi is also chief of 18 Siddhas or gifts in Hinduism and is considered the granter of boons.

Hindu Dharma prescribes that one must have a darshan of Nandi by touching both horns, before having a darshan of the Shiva Pindi in a Shiva temple. This is known as Shrungadarshan.

  • One should sit or stand to the right side of Nandi
  • And place the left hand on Nandi’s testicles.
  • Then place the forefinger and the thumb on the two horns of Nandi.
  • Then have a view of divine shivalinga through the frame thus created by the finger, thumb, and horns.
  • This is the correct way of doing Shrungadarshan.
  • Nandi is a symbol of the marak-shakti (Destroyer energy) of Shiva. The sagun- marak waves emitting from the horns of the Nandi disintegrate the Rajas-Tamas particles, helping to increase the sattvikta of the individual.
  • By touching the horns of Nandi, waves related to the Pruthvi-tattva (Absolute Earth element) and Apa-tattva (Absolute Water element), are transmitted to the body of the individual through the hands.

This helps the individual in tolerating the energy waves emitted from the Shivalinga. Otherwise, these energies could create discomfort in the form of numbness of the head, tremors in the body, etc.

  • By touching Nandidev’s horns with the thumb and forefinger, the flow of Shakti (Divine energy) from Shivapindi gets activated in a larger proportion
  • The mudra (Posture of the hand) thus created bestows additional spiritual benefit to the devotee.
  • It is common knowledge that when air is released through a pipe, its speed and intensity are more;
  • Whereas, the air from a fan spreads in all directions.
  • The mudra acts like a pipe and the vibrations of Shakti spread throughout the body.

Is it necessary to keep the idol of Nandi while keeping Shivling in the house?

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  • It is always auspicious to have a small Shivling in the house. Then one should also place a Nandi idol in the home and both could be worshipped; provided daily offering of flowers, tilaks are performed, and required shlokas are recited while doing homas(mini yagna).

  • The name Nandi was widely used instead as a humanistic gate-guardian deity of Kailasa, rather than his mount, in the oldest Shaivite texts in Sanskrit, Tamil, and other Indian languages. Siddhanta texts distinguish Nandi from Vṛṣabha. According to them, Devi, Chandesha, Mahakala, Vṛṣabha, Nandi, Ganesha, Bhringi, and Murugan, are the eight Ganeshwaras (commanders) of Shiva. Thus we must rest assured that he would also guard and protect us by not allowing negative energies in our homes.


Nandi is born only to do service to Shiva, he always sits gazing at Shiva without blinking a single eyelid. He doesn't miss even a blink of an eye moment of seeing, worshipping, and doing service to his God Shiva. He is known as a true devotee of Shiva for his un-dithered attention and eternal waiting qualities.

His idol could be used for worship, and also as a home/office decorative. A sacred Nandi statue, of any, make- be it brass or bronze or marble or wood or any material would impart prosperity, good luck, success, Wealth, Love, Fortune, Wisdom, Divine Knowledge, and Royal Power to you and your family. Place it in a puja room, home, temple, office, or work desk to keep the negativity out of the premises.

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