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Your home is your safe space. An individual's most private assets are kept in a home and it's the place where an individual feels a real sense of reassurance and acknowledgment. A home recounts a story and communicates an individual or family's likes and dislikes. To build a home out of a house requires a passionate association, and what’s better than decorating your new home with your own hands?

Ganesha, the God of bliss, and great wellbeing is one of the most beloved of every Hindu god. Hindu practice lays a great deal of accentuation on revering Lord Ganesha, particularly before each propitious occasion. Numerous property holders regularly fail to remember the custom of putting the Ganesha idol at home and all the more significantly at the ideal locations. The right Ganesha idol at the right place at home draws in an overflow of riches, wellbeing and eliminates all adversities.

If you are planning on bringing in a Ganesha idol for home, this article is for you-

Why Should you Have Ganesha Idol at Home?

The elephant God is viewed as extremely auspicious for all Hindus. He is the God of success and abundance. Thus, every Hindu worships him before taking any important life decisions. By revering him, all Hindus mark the beginning of any grand occasion.

Symbol of Success

Revering Lord Ganesha helps in warding off negative energy from one's home and life while revering him before beginning something new keeps obstructions out of one's way. Whenever satisfied, Lord Ganesha showers the blessings of achievement, success, and luck into his devotee’s life.

Remover of Obstacles

Ganesha, the remover of obstacles was made to impede anybody wishing to encroach upon Parvati's own space. Parvati needed somebody whom she could adore, whom she could trust, somebody who might not bow to anybody and rather face them in case they meddle into Parvati's space.

God of Prosperity and Wealth

Lord Ganesha among the various strong Hindu Gods is supposed to be the divine force of prosperity and wealth. Ganesha is accepted to bring luck and accordingly he is venerated prior to new beginnings. 

Choosing the Best Ganesha Idol for Your Home

There are certain factors you should consider before buying a Ganesha idol-

Elements present in the Ganesha Idol

Lord Ganesha's elephant head represents the tremendous intelligence of an individual of Perfection. In his four hands, Lord Ganesha holds a hatchet, a rope, a modak (sweet dish), and a lotus. Ensure the broken left tusk on the Ganesha idol. Don’t forget his transport (vahan), the mouse. Ganesha utilizing the mouse addresses the need to control the inner self as it's said that one who controls his inner self has a consciousness like  Lord Ganesha.

Colour of the Ganesha idol

Lord Ganesha’s idol’s color has a great deal of importance in Vastu. Individuals looking for satisfaction, harmony in life ought to consider bringing a white-colored Ganesha idol for home. Additionally, the people who are looking forward to self-development ought to choose a vermilion-hued Ganesha idol. This is viewed as promising as per Vastu.

Material of the Ganesha idol

A Lord Ganesha idol put together with wood set in your home and worshipped routinely would help in bringing wellbeing, long life, and accomplishment to the devotees. A Ganesha idol made from metal whenever kept in the house and venerated consistently brings happiness and pleasure to the devotees. Putting a Ganesha idol made from silver in your home ushers fame into your life. A copper Ganesha Idol would be ideal for couples who want a baby. A clay Ganesha idol helps remove adversities in the devotees’ life.

Purpose of buying the Ganesha idol

For decorative purposes 

Lord Ganesha, apart from being a highly respected God is also loved dearly by his worshippers. Most devotees keep a Ganesha idol at home as they believe it beautifies the space.

For Worshipping 

Lord Ganesha is worshipped in every Hindu household irrespective of caste, to bring in success, riches, harmony, and happiness. 

As a Wall Hanging

A Lord Ganesha wall hanging is not only aesthetically pleasing but also brings in success and wards off negativity from your home. 

Looking for the Perfect Ganesha to Bless Your Home?

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