Books authored by Munshi Premchand

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By Munshi Premchand, Translated By Snehal Shingavi, Introduction By Vasudha Dalmia
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Munshi Premchand

Famous Indian author Munshi Premchand wrote novels in both Hindi and Urdu. He is renowned for writing realistic and socially conscious short tales and novels and is recognised as one of the most significant authors in contemporary Hindi-Urdu literature. 

The sufferings of common people, especially those from rural areas, were frequently shown in Premchand's work, along with the social and economic injustices that they endured. He was a vocal supporter of social reform and progressive ideals, and his stories and novels covered subjects including poverty, caste prejudice, gender injustice, and corruption.

His most well-known works include the novels "Godan" and "Nirmala" as well as the short story collection "Mansarovar." Throughout his lifetime, he produced over 300 short tales and numerous books. In India and other countries, Premchand's writing is still read and studied widely. His works have been translated into many different languages, and he is regarded as a key figure in the Indian literary tradition.