Books authored by Gautam Ratna Vajracarya

Gautam Ratna Vajracarya

A famous Nepalese academic and authority on Newar Buddhism, culture, and art are Gautam Ratna Vajracarya. He has earned widespread acclaim for his work preserving and promoting Newar cultural heritage, notably in Nepal's Kathmandu Valley.

Vajracarya has done a great deal of research on the rituals, iconography, and philosophy of Newar Buddhism. On these topics, he has penned many books and academic articles that shed light on the rich creative, and spiritual traditions of the Newar community.

Gautam Ratna Vajracarya has gained acclaim both in Nepal and beyond for his contributions to Newar Buddhism and cultural preservation. His contributions have continued deepening our understanding of the many different Buddhist traditions in the Kathmandu Valley and elsewhere.