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एकदंताय विद्महे, वक्रतुण्डाय धीमहि, तन्नो दंती प्रचोदयात्- “We bow to Him who has one tusk (Ekadanta), curving trunk (Vakratunda), who pervades this universe. The elephant-god (Danti) may bless us with the light of wisdom”. This is a mantra dedicated to the elephant-headed Lord, Sri Ganesha from the Vedic times which is chanted even today by the worshippers of this loving and powerful Hindu god who is synonymous with goodness and success in human life.

Prathama-puja (first worshipped), Vighnaharta (remover of obstacles), and Ganapati (lord of the Ganas) are some of the epithets of the elephant-headed God, which are enough to make us understand his place in Hinduism. Imparting wisdom to students, creativity to artists, strength to people fighting battles of life, and spiritual consciousness to the Yogis in search for the ultimate truth- Sri Ganesha a wholesome Hindu god.

Sri Ganesha’s powers of wisdom, auspiciousness, strength, and virtuousness are welcomed in a house in the form of a Ganesha idol, and choosing the right idol for your home from the unending range of Ganesha statues online might seem like a difficult task. To rescue you from this conundrum, we bring to you some of the most exquisite, powerful, and popular forms of Sri Ganesha that you can bring into your space. Come, take a look at these roopas and bring positive energy and success into your home with these Ganesha statues. 


                                                                Four-Armed Ganapati In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

The most commonly worshipped statue of Sri Ganesha is his chaturbhuja roopa, where he has one head and four arms in which he holds a goad, noose, modaka (sweet), and the gesture of fearlessness. These icons of Ganesha are endowed with royal ornamentation and auspicious symbols, making them perfect for the Puja ghar of your house.

In the Hindu pantheon, the roopas (forms) of Ganesha commonly revered are either the eight Ashta Vinayaka or his 32 auspicious forms. These figures of Ganesha are different from one another in terms of the number of weapons they hold, the animal mount or vahana they possess, and the specified tasks they perform, and these unique qualities are represented brilliantly in the sculptures. Besides the textual references to Ganesha’s varied forms, his expansions are differentiated based on the number of his heads or hands, postures, and the deities he appears with, a few of which we have described here to put your search for the best Ganesha idols on a hold.

Ganesha and the Expansions of Divine Wisdom

The greatness of Sri Ganesha’s persona is such, that without taking any avatar (incarnations) like Sri Vishnu, the elephant headed deity has numerous forms, whose beauty and prowess is captured by Indian art.

Ganesha Statues with Multiple Heads

1. Two-Headed or Dwimukha Ganesha


                                                         Two-Headed Ganesha (Rare Presentation) in Brass | Handmade | Made In India

This form of Sri Ganesha is one of 32 roopas of the deity, in which the Lord has two (dwi) faces or heads (mukha). As Dwimukha Ganapati, Ganesha is believed to have an eye on the inner and outer, the material and spiritual realms, and is worshipped by his followers for his blessings in these spheres.   

2. Three-Headed or Trimukha Ganesha


                                              Wooden Three Heads Sitting Lord Ganapati with Kirtimukha

Trimukha Ganesha or Ganapati is also one of the 32 forms of the elephant-faced deity. In this roopa, Ganesha has Tri, or three heads and six arms, in which he holds various powerful weapons. The three heads of Ganesha represent the three qualities of Gunas- Sattva (pure), Rajas (active), and Tamas (destructive), over which Ganesha is the Lord of Wisdom and the first-worshipped one has complete sway.

3. Five-Headed or Panchamukhi Ganesha


                                                              Five Headed Ganesha Seated in Lalitasana In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

This form of Ganesha is an immensely auspicious and powerful aspect of the great Lord. The five elements of human existence- flesh, breath, mind, human body, and subtle or Sukshama body are controlled by the Pancha (five) Mukhi Ganesha. The benefits of keeping Panchamukhi Vinayaka in one’s space and worshipping him regularly according to Ganesha devotees and religious experts are manifold, which is why this type of Ganesha statue is held in high regard.

The Majestic Curve of the Trunk

Bronze Siddhi Vinayak Ganesha | Handmade | Madhuchista Vidhana (Lost-Wax) | Panchaloha Bronze from Swamimalai

Statues in which Ganesha’s trunk is turning to his right are called – Siddhi Vinayaka, because in such icons Ganesha can be pleased easily and worshipped for the attainment of Siddhi (perfection) in every aspect of life. Siddhi Vinayaka statues are prescribed by Vaastu and religious experts as the chosen icon for the place of worship. Ganesha statues with a left curving trunk are more potent but they have to be revered with a strict ritual process which is why householders prefer Siddhi Vinayaka murti. It needs to be mentioned that in any form, Ganesha is ever-auspicious for his devotees.

Ganesha Statues with Multiple Arms

1. Chaturbhuja or Four Armed Ganesha


Chaturbhuja Ganesha Anugraha-Murti | Brass Statue | Handcrafted In India

In his Chaturbhuja form, Ganesha holds weapons (noose and goad) to control and quell negative powers, a Modaka signifying sweetness of spiritual wisdom and the gesture of fearlessness for his devotees. Chaturbhuja Sri Ganesha is often accompanied by his Mushaka (mouse) who represents the human mind, running thoughtlessly but regulated with the blessings of the elephant-headed God.

2. Shadabhuja or Six-Armed Ganesha


 Six-armed Ganesha Enshrining the Cosmic Syllable AUM In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

Armed with various powerful weapons, the Shadabhuja form of Ganesha is often called Urdhva Ganapati, 16th of the 32 roopas of the Lord in which he carries a branch of paddy, the sugarcane bow, a blue lily, lotus, mace, and arrow. Urdhva is a Sanskrit term, which means upwards. Devotees worship the six armed Ganesha statue or Urdhva Ganesha for spiritual upliftment in their lives.

3. Ashtabhuja or Eight Armed Ganesha


Ashtabhuja-dhari Yuddha Ganesha (Ganesha the Spiritual Warrior) In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

Ganesha in his Ashtabhuja form is a universal warrior, holding weapons of destruction for the armies of evil. An eight-armed Ganapati statue in your space is a mighty presence of the god and is useful in dispelling negativity and winning the battles of life. Vira Ganesha, Yuddha Ganapati, and Kshatriya Ganesha- all warring aspects of the Lord are often presented in Ashtabhuja form to emphasize his divine abilities as a guardian of Dharma.

4. Dashabhuja or Ten Armed Ganesha


Ten-Armed Dancing Ganesha In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

Popularly called Mahaganapati or the Great Ganapati, the ten-armed roopa of Sri Ganesha makes a stunning subject for his statues, which present Ganesha’s omnipresent powers through his many hands. Splendid icons of ten armed Ganesha are placed in homes to proclaim Ganesha as the protector of the house and its residents.

5. Sixteen Armed Sri Ganesha


Sixteen Armed Dancing Ganesha Represented as Nataraja In Brass

Ganesha in his combatant nature is a formidable and undefeatable fighter, as Yuddha (warrior) and Veera (valiant) Ganapati is best visualized as a gallant sixteen-armed divinity. Statues of sixteen-armed Sri Ganesha result in a sense of awe and devotion in the onlooker, who feels reassured under the protection of the cosmic warrior.

Magic of Mudras: The Different Postures of Ganesha Statues

1. Dancing Ganesha


Dancing Ganesha | A Symbol of Success | Brass Statue | Handmade

Nritya Ganapati (dancing Ganapati) is a much-loved statue of Sri Ganesha, especially for home Vaastu. Dancing with divine elation on a lotus pedestal or atop a serpent, Sri Ganesha brings vibrancy, energy, and auspiciousness to your life. 

2. Reclining Ganesha


Reclining Ganesha In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

This is an innovative addition to the traditional iconography of Ganesha, where the elephant-headed lord is relaxedly sitting on a recliner or seat. Spreading luxurious vibrations in his surroundings, a reclining Ganesha murti attracts opulence and richness in the space.

3. Standing Ganesha


Four Armed Standing Ganesha

Ganesha in the “Sampadasthanaka aasan”- both his legs placed together in an upright posture, is a marvelous icon of the deity, in which his body and limbs are balanced visually, creating a potent representation of Ganesha, underlining his attentiveness as a universal savior. 

The Most Powerful Forms of Ganesha for Your Home

All of the 32 forms of Sri Ganesha are worshipped for maximizing positive vibrations in one’s life. Out of these, here are a few more popular statues of Ganesha, which are placed in homes for receiving Ganesha’s boons.

1. Bala Ganesha


Cute Baby Ganesha In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

The childhood form of Sri Ganesha is his roopa as a dotting baby, full of cheerfulness and life-affirming qualities. A Bala Ganesha statue in a home is perfect for soon-to-be parents, families with babies, or anyone who wants to cherish the purity of the divine child of Parvati.

2. Ganesha with Riddhi Siddhi or Ganesha with his Shakti


Superlarge Maha Ganapati with Riddhi-Siddhi (From Ganesha Purana) | Handmade | Madhuchista Vidhana (Lost-Wax) | Panchaloha Bronze from Swamimalai (Shipped by Sea)

When presented with both his wives, Ganesha is known as Lakshmi Ganapati, and when his female potency is represented by a single female icon, the Lord is called Shakti Ganapati. The presence of Ganesha with his feminine counterparts balances the male and female aspects of one’s life and is preferred by the devout followers of the Lord for attaining wisdom, wealth, and goodness.

3. Herambha Ganapati


Five-headed Ganesha riding a lion is known as Herambha Ganapati, who is popular among his Tantric followers. For those who evoke Ganesha as the supreme truth of the universe- Param Brahman, Herambha roopa of Ganesha is extremely sacred, in which He is revered as the protector of the feeble beings.

4. Vira Ganapati and Kshatriya Ganesha


Large Size Sixteen-Armed Vira-Ganesha In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

In these statues, Ganesha is seen as a cosmic fighter, armed with many weapons for the protection of his devotees. Vira Ganapati and Kshatriya Ganesha forms of the deity bring waves of firmness, strength, and vigor into the environment and are kept in the home to attract these energies.

Ganesha with Other Deities

1. Ganesha with Lakshmi and Saraswati


Ganesha Lakshmi Saraswati Brass Statue (Set of 3) With Inlay Work In Brass | Handmade | Made In India

Traditionally honored in the Puja ghar of Hindu homes during the festival of light Deepawali, this unique trinity represents a balance of all things good in life. Ganesha is the Lord of beginnings and removes all obstacles, goddess Saraswati gives the inspiration for any action, and goddess Lakshmi ensures that the fruit of the action enriches our lives constantly. Statues of Ganesha-Lakshmi-Saraswati together are thus supremely auspicious for any household.

2. Ganesha with Durga


Temple Hanging Bell 

The relationship between Sri Ganesha and Maa Durga is that of a son and mother. Goddess Durga is the warring aspect of Devi Parvati, who is the mother of Ganesha. Some Hindu texts describe Ganesha as the commander of Devi Durga’s army when she marches against demons. Following these traditions, idols of Ganesha are often kept and worshipped alongside the goddess Durga for gaining their impenetrable protection and benevolence.

3. Ganesha with Shiva-Parvati

Brass Shiva Parivar

The perfect picture of an ideal family in Hindu culture is the statue of Shiva Parivaar, in which the affection of Shiva and Parvati toward their children and all other beings is felt. Shiva Parivaar statues where baby Ganesha is cradled by his parents, accompanied by his brother Skanda or Kumara Karttikeya, and the mounts of all these divinities are prescribed by Vaastu experts as icons which bring warmth and positivity amongst the members of the family. 

As we mentioned earlier, any statue of Sri Ganesha is supremely auspicious for your home. Choosing a Ganesha statue made from the purest material and correct iconography are the only two things you need to think about before buying an idol of Sri Ganesha. Exotic India Art comes with a solution to all these requirements with we handpicked, handmade collection of Ganesha idols online, collected from artists trained in traditional Indian iconography, and made from pristine brass, bronze, wood, stone, and copper. Visit our website today and find a Ganesha for your home!

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