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The Shiva Linga - Images of Cosmic Manhood in Art and Mythology

Article of the Month - June 2003
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This representation of Shiva is known as the lingam. The word lingam literally means a 'sign' or distinguishing mark. Thus says the Linga Purana: "The distinctive sign by which one can recognize the nature of something is called lingam."

There are variations on the birth of this symbol of Lord Shiva, some of which ascribe an esoteric and abstract origin to it. For example when Shiva is visualized as the intangible primordial Creative Power, the lingam is said to be his sign (symbol) which can be worshipped by his followers, who require a concrete entity to focus their prayers on.


The Curse of ShivaAnother instructive legend describes why the lingam is believed to be one of the most potent emblems in Hindu ideals. It all started with Brahma and Vishnu, who were arguing over their relative supremacy. Their vain arguments were interrupted by a superluminous glow from a strange and blazing pillar, its shape reminiscent of the linga. Both of them sped towards this indescribable flaming light, which grew before their eyes into infinity, piercing the earth and extending through the heavens. Overwhelmed and terrified by the unfathomable vision, the two gods decided to seek the beginning and end of this burning immensity. Brahma taking the form of a swan flew upwards, and Vishnu dove down acquiring the shape of a boar. Both of the gods however, could not fathom the extent of this fiery column at either end, and returned exhausted and bewildered to the level they had started from. At that moment, the central part of the pillar split open and Shiva revealed himself in his full glory. Overawed, both Brahma and Vishnu bowed before him. Thunderous laughter, or the sound of AUM, issued from the pillar, filling the sky.

Primarily, the glowing, flaming linga was a pillar of fire, connecting heaven and earth. It had no end and no beginning, but it had direction, upwards, as does the earthly fire. In metaphysical terms, it was (is), the vertical axis which both holds apart and joins heaven and earth, dividing and uniting them at the same time, an apt symbol of cosmic integrity. Like the Tree of Life, it is both the foundation and support that ensures equilibrium between heaven and earth.

In Vedic hymns, Rudra (an epithet for Shiva) is identified with Agni, who in these sacred texts is deified as the carrier of the sacrificial offerings to the gods for whom they are intended. Hence, Agni is the mediator between men and gods, and acts as a metaphysical bridge between the two, just like the cosmic linga. A pertinent observation here is that every creative process is accompanied by the generation of heat. Hence, Agni, the God of Fire, is eminently suited as a metaphoric emblem of the tejas (creative heat) of Shiva, both metaphysically and physically.

A typical Shaivite shrine has dharapatra above the linga, with a serpent parasol behind.
A typical Shaivite shrine has dharapatra above the linga, with a serpent parasol behind.

In this context it is interesting to note that in temples where the linga is worshipped, there is often a conical pot (Skt. Dharapatra), kept hanging over it. At the bottom of this vessel is a small hole, from which water drips continuously. The idea is to cool the 'fiery' linga. Shiva is Bhairava (quick-tempered), but he is also Ashutosh (One who calms down quickly). Indeed, a devotee needs to calm his god before asking for favors.


Here a parallel is drawn with the uncoiled energy of kundalini, which rises and climbs the length of its path. Indeed the vertical is the direction of the sacred; it is a symbol of ascent, pointing to heaven and transcendent regions. Rising, according to yogic formula, through the subtle channels flanking the backbone, it renders the intellectual faculties more acute. When, by means of mental concentration, it awakens and unwinds its coils, it rises like a column of fire toward the zenith, toward the top of the skull and pierces it to reach the transcendent worlds. Thus is the linga likened to a pillar of light, guiding us to true knowledge.

The Two Images of Shiva

Images of Shiva are of two kinds: iconic (anthropomorphic) and aniconic. The former represents Shiva as a human being while the latter envisages an abstract origin for him. In this manner is Shiva different from other deities. The images of all other deities bestow only sensuous enjoyment since they are invariably represented in an anthropomorphic form, appealing solely to the sense organs. But Shiva grants both enjoyment and spiritual release. As an icon, he has the body of man, but in his aniconic form he is visualized as the cosmic pillar. As an abstract shape, the pillar symbolizes a purely conceptual reality that cannot be sensed in material terms. Also when the time came for Shiva to reveal himself to both Brahma and Vishnu, he did so in the form of a linga. Hence the linga is an object of the greatest sanctity, more sacred than any anthropomorphic image of Shiva. Not surprisingly thus, the innermost sanctuary of all Shiva temples is reserved for the linga, while the outer precincts of the sacred architecture may show him in his human form. Indeed, though his iconic images abound, no such image ever occupies the center of attention in a Shiva temple, this honor being reserved exclusively for his linga.

According to Stella Kramrisch, the linga of Shiva has three levels of signification, these are:

1). As a sign of Shiva: This is evident in the literary meaning of the word 'linga,' and also in the fact that the linga fell from Shiva's own body. Indeed, God resides in whatever is part of god.

2). The Linga as Phallus: This is depicted in the tale of the curse of sage Bhrigu, and Shiva's violation of the chaste wives of the ascetics in the forest.

3). The Linga as made up of cosmic substance: Established in the tale of the rivalry of Brahma and Vishnu.

In a different three-fold division, it is believed that the linga contains within itself all the three divinities making up the Indian trinity of Supreme Godhead, namely Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. Brahma abides in the lower part that is hidden inside the earth. Vishnu occupies the middle portion of the linga that is covered by the pedestal, and finally there is Shiva, in the top portion that is visible above the pedestal.

The Shiva portion (Rudra-bhaga) is also known as 'puja-ansha,' or the part of the linga that is to be worshipped. The Vishnu part is identified with Devi ('yonis tu jagad-dhatri Vishnu-svarupini). The Rudra-bhaga is said to be masculine, Vishnu part feminine, and the Brahma part neuter. Lastly Brahma, as the creator, represents that primordial unmanifest state which precedes all creation. In this archetypal state there is no perceptible duality, and no distinction of positive and negative forces. Only when there is a tendency to create does the first spark of duality appear in this undifferentiated stratum. This duality has the character of complementary poles of attraction, which is eventually manifested in the whole of creation by male and female characteristics. Hence Brahma, by virtue of preceding the duality inherent in creation, is non-dual, neither male, nor female.

Since the linga is shown to encompass the trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva) and also all creatures of the earth, it is safely logical to say that those ancient venerables who conceived of this awesome symbol were right in deducing that the entire living world, nay the entire universe, is a part of the lingam of Shiva.

Worship of the Linga

Shiva Linga




The sect of Shiva worshippers known as Lingayats are distinguishable by the miniature linga they wear on their bodies throughout their lives. It is kept in a silver receptacle hung around the neck, and is believed to act both as a protective talisman and an amulet to defeat negative influences.





Female Lingayat Virashaiva
Female Lingayat Virashaiva or layperson
(linga banajiga) wearing a silver lingam casket (ayigalu) in modified egg form (gundgurdgi).
Lingam caskets are also worn by men and
women on the left arm or by a
Lingayat Jangam priest on the top of the head
under a cloth cap.






The Lingayata's are a unique community who do not believe in the caste system, and are known for their undiscriminating attitude towards all.






Shiva lingam with pilgrim's offerings.
Shiva lingam with pilgrim's offerings.





The linga is indeed a great equalizer. Any ordinary devotee will testify to this who has seen worshippers, regardless of sex, caste, or creed, washing and pouring generous libations on the linga, while simultaneously caressing it intimately. Also, the linga is always installed at the ground level, while other anthropomorphic deities remain established at a height, beyond the reach of the ordinary worshipper.





Ragini Bhairavi




The linga is not just the organ of generation, but a sign of the progenitor and the essence of cosmic manhood manifested in the microcosm. By worshipping it we are not merely deifying a physical organ, but recognizing a form that is both eternal and universal.







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  • Dear exoticindiaart,
    This is a great article about the Shiva Lingam we have made a similar video about the Shiva Lingam you can view it on youtube please search on youtube for \'Creating the Universe - Shiva Lingam Mahashivaratri\'

    by VMP on 3rd Mar 2011
  • hi
    by naresh on 21st Dec 2010
  • hi
    by naresh on 6th Dec 2010
  • I understand while reading vedas and lingha.yoni picture shows,its male and female sex organs,hindu think this world and human being come from shive linga, shiva means god, linga means part of the body(its indicate pennis) and yoni means leady sex organ, and the people come from linga-yoni after sex.othere wise there no human being in this planet in japan there festival they drictly pray for male sex organs (pennis)we can find more clear in you tube.

    But Hindu prays330 millions gods. linga-yoni one of suprime GOD (pennis-Vigina)

    by Kamber Ash on 28th Aug 2010
  • I enjoyed reading this article.. My veiws about the bible doesnt really pertain to what i am reading. how people view religion is up to the person. I think people shouldnt be stuck on just reading the bible But other religious books as well to open their minds. everyone thinks that their religion is better or more right than the other..but there is common ground in all religions..(I.E.)Like treating someone the way you want to treated. I think everyone on here should just take this someone's idea or beliefs. NO God wrote their own book the bible just didnt fall out the sky some man worte is and all the different version of the bible as well....
    by Krystal on 25th Jul 2010
  • it is really funny to see that our own com makes fun of god whom we are worshipping, we dont have to believe in all this dirty write ups.
    it just written by a human being sorry not god, in india and indian can write a lot of things bcse they imagine a lot like Zee tv series.

    u must protect your culture customs with some good sense of human should learn from others, please. u should not wite like this dirtiest thing about any religion,culture or for any god. these just a lying very dirty lying sorry again this is yr imagiation so just hope that god helps u in yr future life. what a shame on u.

    it is only yrself how yr brain images. u should not make a image of anything for godsake.

    human can say lots of things so please again do not make fun of yr own culture, u dont make it really dirty where people can laugh at u.
    by rathnam on 3rd Jul 2010
  • What EACH AND EVERYONE of you are all forgetting and don't seem to have grasped, is that all of your opinions have come about from what you have read in books over your past life -BOOKS THAT WERE WRITTEN BY OTHER PEOPLE IN THE PAST, WHO ALL HAD THEIR OWN OPINIONS AS WELL !!!
    None of us can EVER prove our opinions to be true.
    by Brian on 20th Jun 2010
  • Lord Shiva's shape Lingam is nothing but the shape of universe and has been misinterpreted by ingnorant and people of other relegions who just do not have even basic common sense, at a place where people worship no one will even think of dirty and naughty things, when people look at Lord Shiva the first thing comes to mind is the entire universe and the word "OM" which has thousands of meaning and one of them is welcome to god, if some one has to compare sexual thoughts and dirty comparisions, EACH AND EVERY MOVEMENTS, THINGS, MATERIALS INSIDE THE BUILDINGS WHERE OTHR RELIGIONS PRAY, SUCH AS BENDING IN DIFERENT FORMS, KNEELING DOWN, THINGS THEY WEAR ON THEIR HEADS (CLOTHING SHAPES) EVEN BOLTS AND NUTS CAN BE COMPARED TO SEXUAL POSES, ITS JUST WHAT'S IN PEOPLE'S MIND, so basically if people of other relegion enters into another relegions temple, I am quite sure they can find and imagine a million things that resembles and reminds sex, I MEAN IF THEY HAVE THIS DIRTY THOUGHT IN THEIR MIND AND ARE DESPERATE TO COMPARE SEX AT HOLY PLACES, YES I BET THEY CAN FIND IT NOT JUST IN OTHER TEMPLES BUT ALSO EVERY THING THEY SEE INCLUDING ALL THEIR RELATIVES, HOME AT WORK, EVERY SINGLE PLACE THEY CAN IMAGINE THINGS LIKE THAT, so I am sure every one who thinks or wirtes bad of other relegion simply are illiterate and with dirty mind, even when they go to thier own shrines they just can not pray, becaue their mind is DIRTY ALL THE TIME, IF YOU ARE CLEAN U WOULD NOT THINK OF ANY BAD THINGS AT ALL.

    by Human on 26th May 2010
  • When will people research and learn. Lingam is not shaped like a penis and does not mean a penis.
    Linga in Sanskrit means a sign or symbol. When u say Siva lingam it means symbol of an auspicious god. Rama lingam symbol of Rama.
    by M on 19th Jan 2010
  • It is interesting what happens when humans interpret words, consider that is why truth used to be passed down in the form of direct word but more than word one with the experience of Divine or god whatever you will to pass it along. in the realm of words brings the realm of misinterpretation and word even if it is truth can always be argued because the source of it is beyond word brings it to the mind and logic goes round and round it can be made right or wrong it is prone to the law of opposites or the law of the mind....duality. So instead of arguing the other and proving other wrong why not put the effort to discover that silent experience all written words can only point to imagine if used that much energy to discover explore than argue what possibilities may be. And to all those defending what are you defending... if you are grounded in truth or god there is nothing to defend or prove wrong... it is only away to convince ourselves. If it was reality that satisfaction would be enough... that experience that unites rather than divides irrespective faith etc... Just a thought..
    by Umakumari on 15th Jan 2010
  • Also consider these are all just stories whatever the scripture or written story or belif faith... stories to point to the unexpressable... To express the unexpressable, to explain the unexplainable... Just anticdotes to lead you to reality, symbols of your own greater consciouseness to unlock itself, tools to unlock and open yourself to the infinite mystery... ways to connect you... it is a game a beautiful game of hide and seek... but not when you get caught up in the rules in the details, you lose the fun the point of it...the play... the joy of life... the joy of dissolving the barrier that prevent us from ourself... dissolving the barriers between us and divine and all that surrounds us... that has us believe a seperateness rather than a union rather than the eperience of infinite, God, Love.... Remember to Remember to experience something beyond your logic beneath your words it is inside and all around you alive it is... we are....take a moment to feel it all else matters not.
    by Uma Kumari on 15th Jan 2010
  • To all - just forget what you read so far-the one guy who said vedas are backed up by bible-others who criticized how come hindus worship lord shive or idol worshipping etc...
    To those who don't know, the present so called "Hinduism" THE first belief or faith that ever landed on this planet. There are references to YUGAS, ERA in engligh. The first YUGA, TretaYuga is when Lord Rama took AVTAAR. In the next DwaparaYuga, Lord Krishna took his AVATAAR. In the present yuga or KaliYuga, Lord Jesus Christ, Allah, Buddha took their AVTAARS. In every Yuga, the reason they took their AVTAARS has to do with whatever the present conditions were at that time...

    Don't criticize if you cannot take time and try to understand what Hinduism really means. For those non-hindus, whoever you might be, Muslim or Christian, people from your own belief and faith have said some beautiful things about my religion, or practice, Hinduism...

    May peace protect you!!! Never Sin by talking ill about other faiths. This is a "common" saying in every holy book.
    by Ramesh on 14th Jan 2010
  • I am not surprised at the ignorance of Hindus trying to defend our practices and non Hindus are just fools who are commenting on a Great Ancient Philisophy that marauders from accross the border have been trying to obliterate for thousands of years but could not harm this Dharma.

    Now let us first clarify that there is no such religion as Hinduism. This term has been coined by West from Sindhu residents that became Hindu. We are in fact Vedantis (followers of Vedas) but for the sake of this opinion I will also call ourselves as Hindus. Ours is not a religion but DHARMA which means a pious duty which is our life style. DHARMA does NOT mean is a wrong translation invesnted by Western system. Dhrama is a way of life, a spritual duty. Even the Supreme Court of India has categorically stated that Hinduism is not a religion but a way of life - Philosophy.

    Now e come to the other misrepresented concept of God being attributed to Ram Krishna etc. Ram and Krishna were re-incarnation of God and they were born and died as human beings. Even Ramayana calls Rama as PURSHOTTAM which means Superior among men so how come we call him God. Again it is the wrong translation since there is no English word for AVTAAR. Bhagwan is a respectful salutation given to any human being mostly reserved for Saintly persons. Bhagwan is not GOD.

    Similary Brahma, Vishnu Mahesh etc are the DEVTAS where again there is no English suitable word so the word God is being purorted to be DEVTA which is utter nonsensens.

    ISHWAR or PARAMATAMA is the supreme being the GOD which is the only correct translation and both words define the Supreme Being in the same manner.

    Now why do we worship our Devtas and Avtars is our PHILOSOPHY that we respect our ancestors and pray that their soul may help us in difficult times. Dont we keep the photographs our our dead parents or grandparents. Dont the Christians and Muslims both alike go to graveyard and pray for and also to their dead ancestors. Chinese still have a day reserved for prayers to their dead ancestors. So why should a Hindu be different particularly when we believe that there is a soul that is part of Supreme Soul PARAMATMA.

    HINDU PHILOSOPHY or the Way of Life has time and again proven to be right path or DHARMA and I can quote hundreds of examples but to list a few:
    1. Vegan food is the best and non veg food invites all kinds of health problems and most Europeans now are turning to Vegan
    2. Organic food is healthier than artificaiaaly grown food.
    3. Cowdung is a proven material for plaster, masonary works and fuel and cow urine is proven chemical to ward of mosquitos from ponds. Cow is a proven domestic animal who serves mankind for life by giving milk, butter and its calf (bull) to plough the fields and even after its death by giving leather.That is the reason that beef was prohabited among hindus.
    4. Yoga is a proven excercise and PRANAYAM is advised to all heart surgery patients in pre and post surgery period.
    5. SURYA PRANAM is a proven way to collect Sun rays for healthier skin
    6. MEDITATION is proven method to reduce your blood pressure.
    7.Different types of Hindu FASTING from one time meal to fruiterian to Christian lent fating by forgoing one or two or more items to even Muslim fasting from sunrise to sunset (Karva Chauth) or even not a drop of water during Nirjala Ekadashi are proven methods of saving food for the society and to clense ones own digestive system.
    8. Nature worship that automatically makes the worshipper the protector of plants, tress and animals. There are hundreds of Herbal remedies known to most Hindus that help in curing minor sickness and prevent onslaught of any major health problem examples being Tulasi (Indian Basle) with honey being used for cough and cold to Bitter Gourd & Jamun being used to treat Diebtese. Usefulness of cow is expalined above and snake is forbidden to be killed as it is a natural predator in villages against rodents and hare that destroy crops. Balance of nature is thus maintained by Hindus.
    by Brahman on 28th Dec 2009
  • All Bull shit. Where is Bible. Entirely different.
    by Ajit on 21st Oct 2009
  • Hi Sohaib, Hinduism is complitly backing the Holy Bible, please spend some time to read this, it will lighten your mind.

    Verses from the Holy Scriptures Of


    ( Rigveda X : 121 : 1)

    "Hiranyagarbha: Samavarthathaagre

    Bhuuthasya jaatha: Pathireka aaseeth

    Sadaadhaara Prudhwivim dyaamuthemam

    Kasmai Devaaya Havishaa vidhemam"

    (In the beginning only the Lord almighty and his supreme spirit existed, and from the supreme spirit of the God proceeded 'Hiranyagarbha' (Prajaapathy) in the form of light. As soon as born, he the first born son of the God, alone, was the Lord of all that is. He established the earth and the heaven. Let us offer sacrifice to that God. )

    (Genesis 1 : 3)

    Then God said "Let there be light" and there was light.

    (John 1: 3)

    The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world.

    (Ithareya Upanishad 1 : 1 : 3)

    "sa eekshatheeme nu loka

    Lokaa paalaanusruja ithi

    Sodbhaaya eva purusham

    Samudruthya moorcchayaat"

    (After creating the sky, waters, and the earth, the supreme spirit of the Lord almighty thought "I created the worlds. Now to provide for and to save these worlds I have to create a savior" Thinking thus he gave birth to a man from himself.)

    (Luke 1:35)

    And the angel said to her in replay "The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. Therefore the child to be born will be called Holy, the Son of the God."

    (Colossians 1:15 – 17)

    He is the image of the invisible God, the first born of all creation, for in him all things in heaven and on earth was created, things visible and invisible, all things have been created through him and for him. He himself is before all things, and in him all things hold together."

    (Rigveda X : 90 : 2)

    "Purusha evedam sarvam

    Yadbhutham yachabhavyam

    Uthaamruthathwasya eesaana


    (This man is all that has been, all that is and all that has to be. He controls the eternal life and it is for the redemption of mankind he surpasses his immortal sphere and descends to the mortal sphere.. He comes to give everyone reward as per their deeds.)

    (Rev. 1:8)

    "I am the Alpha and the Omega. "Says the Lord God." The one who is and who was and who is to come, the almighty."

    (Rec. 22 : 12)

    "Behold, I am coming soon, I bring with me the recompense I will give to each according to his deeds."

    (Rigveda X : 90 : 7)

    "Tham yajnam barhishi proukshan

    Purusham jaathamagratha

    Thena deva ayajantha

    Sadhya rushayaschaye"

    (This man, the first born, was tied to a yoopa* and the Gods and the Kings along with the seers performed the sacrifice)

    *Yoopa = a wooden stump dug into the earth, Wooden sacrificial post.

    (John Chapters. 19 and 20)

    Jesus was sacrificed on a wooden cross by the rulers (Her'od and Pilatte) and the Seers (An'nas and Ca'i. a. pahas)

    (Yajurveda XXXI : 18 – Rigveda X : 90 : 16)

    "Thamevam vidwanamrutha iha bhavathy

    Nanya pandha ayanaya vidyathe"

    (Those who meditate and attain this man, believe in heart and chant with their lips, get liberated in this world itself and there is no other way for salvation)

    (Romans. 10 : 9)

    "If you confess with your lips that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead you will be saved"

    Rituals of the Sacrifice

    (Sathapadha Brahmana)

    1.The sacrificial victim is to be crowned with a crown made of thorny vines.

    (Rigveda X : 7, 15)

    (Bruhadaranyakopanishad. lll : 9 : 28)

    2. His hands and legs are to be bound to a yoopa causing bloodshed.

    (Ithareya Brahmanam : 2 : 6)

    3. None of his bones be broken.

    (Yajurveda XXXl)

    4. Before death he should be given a drink of somarasa*

    (Ithareya Brahmanam) * Somarasa = sour wine made out of a herb called Somalatha.

    5. After death his clothes are to be divided among the offerors.

    (Bhagaavat Gita : 4 :31)

    6. After death his flesh is to be eaten up by the offerors.

    7. After death his blood is to be drunken by the offerors.

    B i b l e (John 19:2, 18, 33, 29, 23) (Matthew 26 : 26, 27)

    ü "And the soldiers wove a crown of thorns and put it on his head." "There they crucified him"

    ü "But when they came to Jesus and saw that he is already dead they did not break his legs"

    ü "A jar full of sour wine was standing there. So they put a sponge full of the wine on a branch of hyssop and held it to his mouth"

    ü "When the soldiers had crucified Jesus they took his clothes and divided them into four parts, one for each soldier"

    ü "While they were eating, Jesus took a loaf of bread and after blessing it, he broke it, gave it to the disciples and said 'take it, this is my body."

    ü "Then he took a cup and after giving thanks he gave it to then saying

    "Drink form it, all of you, for this is my blood of the new Covenant."

    (Bhagavat Gita 9:34)

    "Manmano bhava madbaktho

    Madyaajee maa namaskuru

    Maame vaishasi yukthaiva

    Maatmaanaam math paraayana"

    (I am the only Lord almighty. You shall never have faith in nor worship anything other than me.)

    "I am the Lord, your God; you shall have no other God before me"

    (Bruhadaranyakopanishad 1:3:28)

    "Asatho maa sathgamaya

    Thamaso maa jyothirgamaya

    Mruthyor maa amruthamgamaya"

    (Lead me from the unreal to the real, to the truth. Lead me from darkness to the light. Lead me from death to immortality, eternal life.)

    Jesus said to him "I am the way, the truth and life."

    "Again Jesus spoke to them saying, I am the light of the world"

    "Very truly I tell you, who ever keeps my word will never see death.

    (Mundakopanishad 2:7)

    "Plavaa hethye adrutha yajan roopa

    Ashta dasokthamavaram yeshu karma

    Andhenaiva neeyamaana yadhaandha."

    (Oh! Priests the sacrifices, you do, are wrong doings. They are broken boats. You who do and cause to do these are blind guides of the blind)

    (Matthew 23:23-24)

    "Woe to you, Scribes and Phar-i-sees, hypocrites! For you tithe mint, dill and cumin and have neglected the weightier matters of the law: justice, and faith. It is these you ought to have practiced without neglecting the others. You blind guides of the blind! You strain out a gnat but swallow a Camel"

    (Bhagavat Gita 1:17)

    "Asmaakam thu visishtaye

    Thaanni bodha dwijothama"

    (A perfect Brahmin is twice born. Nobody can become a Brahmin without being born a second time.)

    Note: The meaning of the word Brahmin is "Brahma jnaanethi Brahmana"- One who attained the wisdom of God who has found God. Hence nobody can find God unless he is born again, a second time.

    (John 3:3)

    "Except a man be born again he cannot see the kingdom of God ."

    (Kathopanishad 6:12)

    "Naiva vaacha na manasaa

    Praapthum shakyo na chakshusha

    Astheethi bruvathonyathra

    Kadham thadupalabhyathe"

    (The spirit of the God cannot be attained through the eyes, words or the mind. It will be given only to those who pray believing in unseen)

    (Hebrews 11:1)

    "Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen"

    (Swethaswatharopanishad 6:19)

    "Nishkalam, nishkriyam saantham

    Niravadyam niranjanam

    Amruthasya param sethum

    Dagdhendhana mivaanalam

    Thamahadevam saranamaham prapaadye"

    (I take refuge in that Lord who is innocent, unblemished, inactive, sinless and who is the strong bridge between life and eternal life and who is as calm as the flames of the fully consumed logs)

    Note: Bible concordances to the above verse are many. From the arrest of Jesus to his resurrection, in the four Gospels and in the Pauline and other letters by letter, could be found. All the above attributes can be found in the resurrected Jesus Christ.

    Bhavishya Mahapurana

    Puranas from an important section of the scriptures of Hinduism. 'Vishnu Purama' is the first one writer by Maharshi Parasara. Later his son Maharshi Vedavyasa wrote eighteen Puransa. These are the simplified versions of the Vedic verses; Mahapurama is the ninth one of the eighteen puransa. The word 'Bhavishyath' means future. All the verses in this book are predictions based on the revelations received by Maharashi Vedavyasa. As per the chronology available Vedavayasa lived before 3000 B.C. Astonishingly this book contains predictions of major incidents in the Holy Bible, even the Characters Adam (Adama) Eve (Havyavathy Seth (Swethanama) Noah (Newhan) Moses (Moosan) etc.Ghe incidents appear just as those are in the Holy Bible. God appears to Newhan(Noah) and says:-

    "Valsa Newha shyanushwedam

    Pralaya: Sapthame Hani

    Bhavitha thwam janaisaardham

    Naavamooruhya sathwaram"

    "Beloved Newhan, seventh day from now I will send a flood of waters. You, along with your people enter in an ark."

    (3: 1: 4: 51)

    "Chathwaareemasa deenanyeva

    Manavrushti makarayath

    Sarvamthu Bharatha varshe

    Jalai: Plavyathu Sindhava"

    It rains continuously for forty days and all the continents got immersed in waters.

    (3: 1: 4: 52)

    "Chathwaro militha: Sarwe

    Vishaalayaam ha chaagatha:

    Ashtaaseethi sahasraanee

    Muniyo braham vaadina

    Newhashcha swakulasardham

    Seshasarwe vinaasithaa:

    Thada cha munayasarwe

    Vishnu maayaam Prathushtushu"

    The floods raised and all the four seas joined together. The water did not enter visaala in Himalayas (Badaryasram). The saints who were in meditation there, Newhan and his people alone survived. They worshiped God and all other creations were destroyed.

    (3: 1: 4: 52: 54)

    "Abdanthare Maheesarwaam

    Sdhalee bhoothwa pradrusyathe

    Aacharya sishina naatha

    Himaadrasthata bhoomaya:"

    By one year the flood subsided. The ark came to a rest on the mountain peak and dry land appeared.

    (3: 1: 4: 60)

    In the Holy Bible, (Geneses 6: 13 to 8: 22) the given story of Noah and the ark! How astonishingly it suits with the predictions of this scripture. Again these prophetic verses touch everything till Moses and the religion founded by him.

    (The birth and life of Jesus Christ appears in Book No: 3 Chapter No: 2 in 34 verses.)

    "ko bhavaanithi tham praaha


    Eshaputhram cha maam vidhi

    Kumaaree garbha sambahavam

    Aham Edsa Maseeha nama:"

    (King Saka asked) "May I know who you are? That man replied happily I am the son of the God born to a virgin. My name is Easa Maseeha"

    What did Swami Vivekananda say about Jesus Christ?

    From the very first century of A.D. itself ever so many Hindus in India received Christ and Christianity. But the very first Hindu who really knew Jesus was swamy Viveakananda. Throughout the entire literature given by Swamiji, Jesus is adored as God himself. He said "If I adore Jesus, there is only one way for that Worship him as God, not as anything else."

    (Selections from Swamy Vivekananda – Page 411 chapter – "Isa Messiah")

    He did not like to see Jesus as a man. Quoting from the Bible, on several occasions, he tries to establish this fact beyond doubt. He said "I will worship Jesus Christ just according to his will. Not by preparing feast on his birthday but in fasting and prayers." This example is being followed by the disciples of Swamiji even now. The members of Sri. Ramakrishna Math, all over India , celebrates Christmas Eve and the Christmas day every year, with a camp fire, in prayers and conducting seminars on Christian teachings.

    While teaching his students in Thousand Islands Park 'Swamiji opened his lecture, reading from the Holy Bible. Gospel of St. John Chapter – 1 "In the beginning was the word, and the word was with God and the word was God" Then he began to preach "Hindus call this as Vanity. Hindus call it as the evolution of God because it is the power of God. The reflection of the Absolute being, through this universe, through the ages, is called Vanity (Nature)..But the most valued imitation of the Absolute, Jesus Christ, is unknown, un attainable, incomprehensible. But the son, we know, we can attain. Only through Jesus we can see the Absolute, the father.

    (Complete works of Swamy Vivekananda- vol. VI page 317)

    Jesus left twelve fisher men in this world. But that small group conquered the empire of Rome !

    (Complete works of Swamy Vivekananda – vol. VI page 422)

    "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God". Even if all the books and the prophets perish this verse will endure and care for the whole mankind"

    (Complete works of Swamy Vivekananda – vol.. VI page 424)

    May be inspired by the oneness of the Vedic, Upanishadic verses with the Biblical ones Swami Vivekananda has ascribed Jesus at the highest in the holiest of the holy as the God himself.

    (Kathopanishad – Santhi Patha)

    "Ohm ! Saha navavathu saha nowbhunakthu

    Saha veeryam karavaavahai

    Thejaswi navadheethamasthu

    Maa vidwishaavahai"

    Ohm ! Saanthi !Saanthi! Saanthi!

    Let the Lord almighty save us together, feed us together. Let us try to attain the wisdom of God together. Let the wisdom, we attain, be radiant. Let us not hate each other. Let us have peace in all our spheres of life, divine, material and Spiritual.
    For more information please visit

    Mohan Menon(
    by Mohan Mehon on 19th Aug 2009
  • HI Balan, what the veda say about Jesua Christ?
    "Om Shri brahmaputhraye namaha" What does this mean?
    "Son of God we worship thee".

    "The only begotten son I worship thee"

    Who is the only begotten Son?

    It is the Lord Jesus Christ.

    " Om shri Martha Namaha"

    "The Holy Spirit of God I worship thee"

    Who is the Holy Spirit of God?

    Again it is the Lord Jesus Christ.

    " Om shri Kannisuthayeha namaha"

    This means "The Lord who is born to a virgin we worship thee"

    " Om vidyshtayaha Namaha" -
    The Lord who had the circumcision I worship thee.

    " Om shri Panchkayika namaha"-
    The Lord who had the five injuries for the sake of mankind we worship thee.

    "Om shri vriksh shula arudayaka nama
    vrisha pondha marthil shulathil siluthayil baliyanavare,umbaye nan namaskarikunen"-
    "The Lord who suffered and died on the wooden Cross, for the sins of the mankind we worship thee"
    Who is the Lord who died on the cross of Calvary ?
    All this is our Lord Jesus Christ. Our God is not a dead God. It is true that he came as a messiah to this world. He preached the gospel. He cancelled the devils and the demons. He healed the sick people and brought salvation to so many people and finally he died on the cross of Calvary , he was buried but he did not become sand.

    "Om Shri mrithyu nayaya namaha"-
    The Lord who resurrected from the depths of the Earth on the third day
    I worship thee.

    So the true God in Hinduism is Lord Jesus Christ.

    Mohan Menon(
    by Mohan Mehon on 19th Aug 2009
  • Great article. The best I have read on this topic on the net. Well done!
    by John on 13th May 2009
  • Ge:1:1: In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
    Ge:1:2: And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
    Ge:1:3: And God said, Let there be light: and there was light.
    Ge:1:4: And God saw the light, that it was good: and God divided the light from the darkness.
    Ge:1:5: And God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And the evening and the morning were the first day.
    Ge:1:6: And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters, and let it divide the waters from the waters.
    Ge:1:7: And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament: and it was so.
    Ge:1:8: And God called the firmament Heaven. And the evening and the morning were the second day.
    Ge:1:9: And God said, Let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place, and let the dry land appear: and it was so.
    Ge:1:10: And God called the dry land Earth; and the gathering together of the waters called he Seas: and God saw that it was good.
    Ge:1:11: And God said, Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb yielding seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after his kind, whose seed is in itself, upon the earth: and it was so.
    Ge:1:12: And the earth brought forth grass, and herb yielding seed after his kind, and the tree yielding fruit, whose seed was in itself, after his kind: and God saw that it was good.
    Ge:1:13: And the evening and the morning were the third day.
    Ge:1:14: And God said, Let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night; and let them be for signs, and for seasons, and for days, and years:
    Ge:1:15: And let them be for lights in the firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth: and it was so.
    Ge:1:16: And God made two great lights; the greater light to rule the day, and the lesser light to rule the night: he made the stars also.

    Now tell me how is it possible..
    The mistakes:
    V:3-5: day and night wer created on the 1st day & then
    V: 9-13- earth on the 3rd day ?? &
    V: 11-13- vegetation on the 3rd day ?? but
    V: 14-19- sun & moon were created on the 4th day ?? how was there vegetation without the sun ??
    V:16 - greter light for day and lesser for night ? FYI,moon does not have its own light.
    by Sohaib on 20th Apr 2009
  • You are NOT a Christian. You are fooling only yourself. What did Jesus say about Christians who call their brother a "Fool"? Your foul language is enough evidence to demonstrate you do not have the mind of Christ. And I suppose you are also not offended by temple prostitution, another practice of earlier Hinduism.
    by Jason on 19th Apr 2009
  • This is an utterly idiotic comment. A Shiva worshiper who believes in reincarnation is saying Shiva will doom people to hell when Hinduism has no concept of hell. No, my friend, hell is for people who worship idiotic made-up gods like Shiva.
    by Jason on 19th Apr 2009
  • The universe is a building-block of two important electrical forces, the positive and the negative. Whereas the positive is static as a potential, the negative is always at the heels of the positive one to bring in equilibrium. The Chinese have represented them with ying and yang. Mankind has been represented in the physical form with masculine and feminine characteristics. Look at the lingum's shape carefully and you will see something of a womb. THAT IS THE UNIVERSAL WOMB. And the projection is the UNIVERSAL BRAIN. That is why priests add 3 lines on it to depict the Generative, Operative and Destructive forces that make life subsist. Hence, God cannot be an executive object. He is the verb, the doer's command not the doer or the action as represented in the symbol. The palate does not feel and enjoy the pleasure of eating a ripe mango. It is the brain. Likewise, it is not the supposedly sexual organ that does the creation but the brain that thinks and plans and brings to concrete form. For a Rishi or Illumined one to have conceived such a form, it cannot be something of physical level. It had to be something of the highest level of human thinking. It had to be a force that combines both the subtle and the physical. It had to be a form to suppress human endless questioning of the ultimate form. People have started pouring water over it just so that they don't feel they have nothing to offer to God. So, out of love for Him, they have started a ritual of water offering just to feel satisfied, though the water also is something of His own creation. So, the LINGUM is nothing but the UNIVERSAL BRAIN in the UNIVERSAL WOMB.
    by Rajkurrun Naga on 28th Feb 2009
  • for the idiotes and jackasses who relates every thing to sex, they should stop for a few seconds, and then realise, what life is all about, and try to make a connection with god(LORD SHIVA)it might change their thoughts.
    by baney hardat on 31st Oct 2008
  • BP,
    you are totally correct.
    The Advaitva Vedanta is the only refuge.

    by Ankur on 26th Aug 2008
  • Thanks Luke to point out some well thought comments.

    It was (is) always this way; Foreign rulers of (Bharath) India never understood or accepted these concepts, thus encouraged to convert to their religion or even destroyed some of the temples, shrines or related institutes.

    Christian rulers who came after Moguls did not like these concepts and sexual images on the temples. May be this is one more reason for some to disagree the mythology behind the Lingam. One good example is why the Taj Mahal so famous in spite of beautiful temples with good architecture build by Indian rulers earlier to British and Moughals were ignored by British. This is well documented in the Rajaraja episode of Discovery channel about King of South india.

    Thanks to the internet; I came to know more good things about Shiva than my forefathers told me.

    by Ravi on 23rd Jun 2008
    by jewel on 1st May 2008
  • Hello. Some thoughts on the spiritual perversion mentioned. Shiva did not chose for his linga to be taken literally. It is a symbol and merely that. The yoni-linga union is very holy and it shouldn't be de sanctified by the soiled minds of outside observers. Shiva will curse them. The purpose of his linga being worshipped is so people can see the neverending love between shiv-parvat. People who are sick will never understand this and are doomed to hell eternally.
    by Nicole on 29th Jan 2008
  • thank you. i think you've done a brilliant job in your discussion of the shiva lingam in hindu mythology. this article if both eloquent and thorough. the images are beautiful. i honor your knowledge and dedication and am gracious for your posting.

    infinite pranams to you.
    by mimi on 29th Jan 2008
  • This article on Linga worship is an attempt to justify the sexual perversion observed by Hindus, which in fact has no logic. This Linga worship leads many Hindus to blatant sexual perversion and hence cause of sexual explotation of many children, women and men.

    A friend of mine was kidnapped when he was a child by Hinduz and held in captivity for twenty one days to satisfy the sexual perversion of Hindu divorcees. The poor guy is an emotional wreck thanks to the Hindu practice of Ling Pooja.

    Being a Hindu myself, I strongly reject this part of the Hindu religious belief and hope that this practice will be forbidden as was the practice of Sati by Raja Ram Mohan Roye. Many thanks.
    by Mukra Ji Hairo on 15th Dec 2007
  • you dumb dick Rocky,

    u are fucking brain dead or so used to eating ur own shit that you are omitting it out on blogs. I am christian, but I hate thoes epeople who go aroung mud slugging other's religion calling it disgusting. well, rocky, I have news for you and people like you, go fuck off.
    sex is nothing wrong, if you have read bible, you ignorant fool that is, if you know to read, you ignorant fuck, you itny eeny meeny brain would ahve realized that songs of solomon talks abut sex.
    by joy on 9th Nov 2007
  • What I say is, please read the Holy bible and you all find all the answers to your questions, about the creation of the world, the love of the God and the life after death. don't follow blindly the the methodology's of Greek, ancient Egypt and any other will led to astray and you are much confused in your life. I encourage you , just one time in your life please read the Bible and find what a wonderful plan the God made for you. God through Jesus Christ, call all human to reconcile to Him,God has made human in His form and because of the big error of Adam and Eve, human were separated from God in the garden of the Eden and Now the God 2000 years back, has send The Jesus Christ,to reconcile the human being to Him. the garden of Eden is still waiting for its lost occupants, so follow Jesus and through the word of God which is Holy Bible, there is away of the salvation and peace in mind and the everlasting hope and the bright future ahead, Please go to the way which is straight and the "way and life" is Jesus , Jesus says He is the door to the heaven and His love for all the human beings, whether they are Christian, hinds, Muslims or the bud dist. He love is same for all , He is always ready to welcome all the human being, He has created with His words. all human being for who He died on the cross and call everyone to come and find the salvation, which is the free gift of God and find the eternal life in the heaven.Jesus says, whoever believes in Him will never die, He will have the eternal life in him. please come and taste the wonderful experience of God loves as found in His Holy Bible. Faris Qazi
    by faris qazi on 1st Nov 2007
  • I think Anita, Monty and Baljeet the Turban head should rott in hell for disgracing my lord I wish them the very worst how dare they look @ my lord with disgust those stupid mortals if you dont beleive so be it you fools but we dont want to know about your empty thoughts you low lifez!
    by HINDU on 14th Sep 2007
  • This article claims some ridiculous things which uses perverted eyes to look at something very spiritual and deep in meaning. Absolutely rubbish article.
    Find better ideas at
    thes perverted thoughts of the writier makes me sick.
    by Anita on 9th Aug 2007
  • penis & vagina worship. this is totally screwed up man. and to top it all they allow the children to do the same!!!!!. yuck!!!!.
    by monty on 24th Jul 2007
  • These are just stories which is good for kids because they dont have any real heros or Guru's whom they can refer to as True.

    how many millionn gods and goddesses are in Hinduism?

    Plz dont take me wrong im not against Hinduism, but people who mislead others for there own benifits are treated as gods,,, why do pray to someone who wants to be called by others as god like vishnu, brahma, who always fought for power
    like shiva for sex,

    Ram who dint trust his wife, Krishna who had gopis around him?

    Give a minute and listen to ur heart.
    by akaal on 20th Jul 2007
  • How ignorant an human become than this? you say that everyone should pray to somes dick or his idol in order to meet god? People who have been propagating this are fools, who not know that the only way to meet the holy Soul is by meditating NAAM [name] How stupid does it sound when you say you should pray to a lingam which has no spritual connection.

    God is not in meterialistic things, neither he is in stones.

    They talk about vedas, who wrote them, lets put them , how many hindus know about them, how many follow it? ill tell you none, because the people who wrote it never lead by example, who wrote the Bible? some deciples which was later manupilated ,, Quran was not written by Mohamed,, it was written 70 years after his death.

    So which holy scripture was written by th eliving gurus and tell you about god and how to reac him.

    You people are wise enough to know what i talking about.
    by Baljeet singh on 20th Jul 2007
  • For the shiva or hindu believer...please dont argue with those barbaric especially who is talking about lingam is dirty. As "OnewhosubmitshiswilltoGOD" talk about GOD Almighty has no form,no image hence no pussy bussiness i mean its us humans, have you learned your religious 100%? If yes, then you can walk in to learn about HINDU. Remember Christian Bible or Islam Quran are form of Rig-Veda. Go back to school and study back what is all about....
    by Mac on 29th Jun 2007
  • This is a fantastic description of the lingam cult, now I know a lot more about this theme.

    THANK YOU your articles of hinduism and buddhism are SUPERB!
    by Mirari on 30th May 2007
  • Those who doubt the lingam as phallus should study the legend of Bhikshatana wherein Shiva takes on the disguise of an ash-smeared and naked mendicant to convert the Vedas to his worship. Unfortunately, their wives became impassioned by the sight thus enraging the Brahmins against him. His response, despite his immunity to their attacks and curses, was to tear off his own phallus and throw it at their feet, at the same time vanishing from sight. The phallus became the Shiva-Lingam which they revered, changing their worship practices.
    by ian_ison on 26th May 2007
  • Awesome article. Kept my interest whole time
    by Shiva on 2nd Apr 2007
  • I have been observing people who while praying(atleast they feel its what they are doing) they close their eyes when inside a temple. there can be only two reasons1. they don't want to see what's in front of them or they think god is inside them/their mind. in both cases these jokers need not come in a temple.
    Very shortly those who worship such things are only taking refuge in these acts to rationalise their guilt. Guilt from obsesion to sex and want to make others and them selves believe its ok to have sex. I am definitely not saying sex is not ok. But only trying to explain the abnormal thinking process of those who instead of doing the karma assigned to them. shred responsibility and take refuge behind "Bhasma/Incense sticks/ringing Bells etc. this discussion is un ending nothing will change.
    by CGmenon on 1st Apr 2007
  • world was created by lord shiva.they only have one god in the world that is lord shiva,mind it.....shiva is king of the god.OM NAMA SHIVAYA.............
    by saran on 17th Feb 2007
  • Exotic India Art,

    Thank you for your compilation of fine information on Shivalinga.

    Thanks also to Laura De Giorgio @ for having your link
    for me to reach you.

    There are many perspectives written in this feedback forum. They represent the great God in all of us. Through us & all things God operates in this infinite creation. Being directed to read your article by a series of events as everyone. This past year has been a highly transformative one.

    The power that we call God has prepared a path for all of us. Some call it "their" creation but some are called by revelation to know things. The human understanding is greatly limited to it's bodily senses. Through these experiences we come to know greater things without the use of physical senses before death. A great blessing of divine proportion was received when seeking out the name Babaji, heard in mind.

    Laura's site has a powerful A/V
    presentation on MahaAvatar Babaji. After viewing it I was left with a state of bliss for 2-3 weeks. The only thoughts were of God the following days & nights.

    Christ has come in dream and vision as well as the increase of spirit spoken about in Kings of Bible. For those who are experiencing the power of Shiva's transformative force you are invited to email me. For those also on the path, please love God with all your hearts & minds in things you see, feel, smell, taste, hear & do not. Your life will be transformed by the power of God as He reveals Himself through according to your love. Glory & Praise to God!!!

    Love & Blessings Always...
    by Ron on 28th Dec 2006
  • Enligthenment, The highest attainment of the yogis in spiritual life is to transcend sexual energy to spritual world, called tantra the shiva and shakti.
    the technique is called Kriyas (transformation of energy) I acknowleged the awesome article Makes me Realized thank you.
    by Mackers on 27th Nov 2006
  • Thank you very for the most informative article, Heart felt Thanks.

    Thank you.
    Venkat Sugguna.
    by Venkat Sugguna on 17th Oct 2006
  • Linga - the colourless, shapeless cylinder - is best considered as the representation of the Impersonal God _Brahman - who has no physical attributes, no shape, no organs etc.
    by Joseph Vempeny on 26th Jul 2006
  • to all of you guy dont understand about god,you know what g for generate_o for organize_d for destroyer,that mean sisti, sree,samhara that what indu said.if you guy reverse god its become dog now you belive me god even inside dog.please wake up
    by balan on 3rd Jul 2006
  • good work sudheesh,
    by balan on 3rd Jul 2006
  • how to belive you guys?cruely kill jesus criest and later pray to him and now your are talking about bible.
    by balan on 3rd Jul 2006
  • wow im glad i clicked onto this artical i personally am not hindu but do not beliive that the indea of the lingum is dirty how can someone say the idea of the lingum being male an female parts together be dirty i mean if those parts of us are so disgusting how can anyone have sex have children an how can we all exist if we did not hav those parts i love the idea of it being a statue of fire sperating yet joining heaven or moksha and earth am i right in calling heaven moksha ?? this site has been extremly helpful as im studing hinduism for my GCSE religious exam thank you again joanne xx
    by jaonne on 27th Jun 2006
  • well for your information, even Indian Kamasutra defines sex as something a yog!!!
    by angel on 18th Jun 2006
  • Agree to the fact that the world would have ceased from the time of Adam & Eve if the practice of sex as the Shiva Linga represents would have not been in existence. It is because of that that we all are here.
    Secondly it is in the eyes of the worshipper, how he translates or sees the image of god.
    Nothing in this world should be taken in negative view. There is importance of every matter. be it in Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, or any religion. Sex is not considered as unpious, then how can the shiva lingha be taken so.
    by Rakesh on 17th Jun 2006
  • The Shiva lingam and yoni is the best
    of Hinduism. Do not let westerners
    make u believe its an import of Africa
    etc. you are foolish if u think the male
    genitalia and female genatalia is dirty.
    only a retarded person would think that way.
    by Shankar on 4th Jun 2006
  • Lingam & Yoni

    Lingam and Yoni are the male and female sexual organs respectively. Hindus are allowed to worship anything - including sexual organs. It is not nknown for them to name their children Shiva Lingam (God Shiva's sexual organ) or Rama Lingam (God Rama's sexual organ). In some place in Karnataka, the gods demand both males and demales to pray naked together.

    People think...Is God a linga(pennis)? is God cow dung??

    Just see what image u guys have made of GOD!!!? God is divine. He created me and you and this entire universe. He is eternal and has no shape nor size.....He is much more than cow dung and pennis

    * Hindu Scriptures: "His form is not to be seen; no one sees Him with the eye." [Svetasvatara Upanishad 4:20]

    * Hindu Scriptures: "The Formless Supreme Spirit that pervades the universe can have no material representation, likeness or image." -- (Yajur Veda 32:3.)

    God has unlimited qualities for example Yajur Veda mantra 40/8 says God is everywhere, He has no shape. Upanishads says 'TAD SRISHTA TADNU PRAVISHT' means God created Universe & entered therein. All the four Vedas say about the God, in Yajur Veda chapter 32/3 "The Formless Supreme Spirit that pervades the universe can have no material representation, likeness or image." In Rig Veda Mandal 10 sukta 129 " God creates but nobody create God" and Rig Veda 5:1:81 says "Verily, great is the glory of the divine creator"

    Do you want more of this sort???? Go back to your books and study them carefully........ask question with your priests or saints or the filthy BRAHMINS and try to find out the real meaning of life and GOD..

    All the best to all.

    by Tantrums on 31st May 2006
  • Hinduism is really disgusting! Hindus worship Sexual organs, cow dung, animal urine, stone, mud and what not! Pornography can be best seen in any Hindu temple! Why dont we all turn to vedas and follow vedas?? these artificial sexual gods are created by Brahmins!! quit them brothers. its for our own good.
    by Rocky on 31st May 2006
  • BP, yes, sexuality has got something deeply spiritual, when it goes together with love.

    But there is love without sexuality, too. It is the 'broader' one because it can be shared independently from gender.

    by HCJ on 20th May 2006
  • How amusing that when sexuality is considered sacred, there's always a backlash against it being somehow dirty and unrestrained. I have yet to see anyone who truly considers the human body sacred to insult it with loathing and irresponsible sexual behaviour. Those are the true crimes against human nature--not taking responsibility and choosing hateful denial instead. It's the people who are obsessed with uncleanliness and wrongness and hatred against the body that commit the worst atrocities possible. True spirituality isn't about a war between Us And Them, whether it's soul/body, man/woman or my religion/your religion. It's about union and love.
    by snowgrouse on 15th May 2006
  • well said...put it on their face....hindusim is nuthin but science in its purest form....maybe the bible has disregarded that fact though...
    by baskar on 14th Mar 2006
  • First of all , its important to distinguish SHIVA from SHANKAR both are different. Entities.

    SHIVA is the supreme soul formless, and symbolized with SHIVALINGA , that is why we recite om shiv parmatmay nanah and om shankarayeh namah .

    The SHIVA is the creator ,and SHANKAR, BRAHMA and VISHNU are the creations. The black shivalinga symbolizes the universe and the three horizontal rows simbolizes BRahma, vishnu and Mahesha. The vertical line symbolizes the Supreme soul PARAM PITA PARMATMA SHIVA.

    Unfortunately the lack of information and religious hierarchy in Hinduism, total freedom of interpretation of religion in Hinduism , and infinite sect and branches is helping to radicalize as more as possible our SANATAN DHARM.
    by mayur on 27th Feb 2006
  • I am thankful for the information. The energy and power and sanctity involved with such a divine symbol has been made clear in the article. Informative, It was indeed a blessing to read it today. We miss so much when we don't stop for a moment to breathe in deeply to digest knowledge. Thank you for your service. There is no reason to remain in a rain storm of ignorance so much is available to us if we only clear the fog that we may observe it, experience it, and implement this knowledge in the proper context, its full Divinity not only one aspect but all its aspects. The lower the middle and the top. Though Shiva, Vishnu and Bhrama are one they have individual characteristics. Glimmering with pure significance, Love, Distruction, sustenance ever present to instruct us about ourselves. What will we do with this Macro Cosmic message today? I found it enlightening...
    by Maxiji on 21st Jan 2006
  • thank u very much for this best site. i got best idea about it & good knoledge one's again thank u very much gieding me.
    by ravi on 7th Nov 2005
  • Hey guys ,shiva linga is not a male organ or donkey organ or dog you people think.
    The concept of linga is absolute.That is... come out of your desk and see the horizan and the sky .You will see the shape of linga.
    So waht is there is in that structure between the horizan and the sky?...Nothing right i.e vaccum or akaash or brahman or what ever name you give to it.
    So linga is nothing but akasha.This is the exact meaning of linga and not any organ or pussy or ass is involved in it :-).
    by sivhasudhan on 30th Aug 2005
  • Wonderful and informative article.
    Helps to understand my absorption in the male genitals. I truly worship Shiva linga.
    by Bill on 28th Aug 2005
  • In 21st century, purana should be interpreted logically rather than as a story form or literal meanings of its words. Hence all these conceptions and perception should be after scientific evaluation, should be reinterpreted. To quote a simli, "Kama" signifies "aspirations or desires" rather than sex alone as believed by common man. Similarly Lingum does not signify "Human Phallus" but an abstract form of formless God. Let us undergo reorientation couses to learn about significance of our mythology. You may kindly start these courses to dispel ignorance and spread truth.
    by Dr.Chandra Prakash on 27th Jul 2005
  • siva linga
    by sebastjan on 2nd Jul 2005
  • Oh yeah?. Thanks but I don´t need a such a humanistic deitie like yours. A god that take revenge, suffer, punish innocents, make mistakes, repeant, and many other things that bible said. No Thanks. Please let me in my ignorance.
    by Devadip on 5th Jun 2005
  • Shivaling is not a phallic symbol although later traditions concoted stories to imply the same. Shivaling is a representation of the Absolute..the Ultimate...Brahman...the highest knowledge to be acquired.

    What is the nature of the realisation that one acquires by following the path of Brahmashivaling?

    Many people today, are searching for God for various reasons. They look everywhere for God without realising that the real search has to begin by looking within ourselves. He does not realise that God’s nature is pure existence, consciousness and bliss and that by pursuing the cause or nature of our own existence, we progress towards realising the infinite bliss of God.

    On the other hand, the search for an external God by looking outside of oneself, never brings about a feeling of completeness and one is always left dissatisfied.

    He does not possess the knowledge and insight of thought to understand that the search for God must necessarily be an inner process of realising the Self within.

    At this point, he does not understand his own nature and cannot differentiate between his own mind and conscience and as a result of this he is confused and lost. He acts on impulse, identifying himself with the whims and fancies of his mind.

    When one concentrates on the form of Brahmashivaling during prayer and meditation, we begin to understand more about our selves and can identify and differentiate the ways in which the mind and conscience functions. One realises that our desires belong to the mind while the inner feeling which points out what is right and wrong, arises from the conscience.
    Thus one begins to have a clear understanding of the working of the mind and conscience and is no longer deluded by material attractions. When one clearly sees desires as belonging to the mind and ceases to identify oneself with the mind, our desires no longer control our actions. In this way, inner knowledge becomes the sword which cuts down the roots of material desires.

    Once we have understood the working of the mind and conscience, we begin to sense an inner voice which speaks to us. This inner voice borne out of stillness lies beyond the realm of both the mind and conscience and it directs and guides us in every aspect of our life. It is ever-present, a serene inner guidance. This is the true self or the Atman which is divine and supreme, unaffected by anything around it.

    Slowly one realises that this divine inner voice which guides us is non-different from the Self and that we ourselves is that inner voice or the Atman. This is the highest stage of enlightenment when one realises one’s blissful identity with the Atman and constantly remains enveloped in that state of realisation, ceasing to be affected by the external world.

    It is this inner self or Atman which is externalised in the form of Brahma Shivaling which helps guide this process of realisation. The ancient Maharishis and saints arrived at the conclusion that the form of Shivaling represents the Absolute and that it serves as the path to self-realisation, like a mirror which helps us look within ourselves.

    Thus by focusing our energies and concentration on the form of Shivaling, we begin our quest to look within ourselves to realise and understand God or the divine Self.
    by Sudheesh on 6th May 2005
  • I must correct my earlier posting on Shiva lingam and the Egyptian god Shu. It was Shu's son, Geb, who was the earth god attempting to couple with his sister-wife, the sky goddess Nut. His sex would appear to be in the form of mountains (Gebel in Arabic - straight from Geb + el - 'god') and pyramids. His jealous father, the air god Shu, forced the couple apart, allowing the plants and beasts to flourish. I think the two deities merged during the migration to India. Shu's sister-wife was the dew goddess Tefnut and she may have become Shri or Ganga.
    by Ian Ison on 24th Apr 2005
  • Wonderful article! I hope that this article touches everyone positively who has the spiritual understanding to realize that we are all part of God/Divine, and all parts of body are beautiful and sacred.
    And besides... I love the lingam! :-)
    Goddess bless you all...
    May you grow in love and light!
    by Tiffany on 4th Apr 2005
  • rick, that who says lingam is ACTUALLY a model of the brain, should know that he who speaks without knowledge does has the brain of a lingam
    by eshan on 29th Mar 2005
  • as a parcticing, solo, tantric witch I am always surfing the net for knowledge and information regarding the subject. I have learned much about the hindu religion through this process. I must admit that I am impressed with the way this article was put together. very informative and detailed yet easy to follow. though my intent was to just skim the article (for any tantric value) i found myself drawn in to it and read it entirely. that don't happen every day. good job and thanks for the education.
    by PraetorEN on 12th Feb 2005
  • An interesting read. It's also interesting to see the conflicts of views on the origin of the Ling, and the apparent hostile reactions it invokes.

    I felt the article was sufficiently justified with mythological and archealogical evidence, therefore kudos.
    by aneeta on 20th Jan 2005
  • The comments were almost more fun than the article!! A girl friend of mine(American) was unable to become pregnant and longed for children. Her meditation teacher from Orissa told her to put an Image (picture) of shivlinga on the headboard of her bed. Guess what? In nine months she had a healthy baby.
    by Donna on 11th Nov 2004
  • I am a Brahmin by Birth, I have seen many holy pilgrimage sites on the path of Bhakti. Inspite of my Hindu background, i would like to say

    It is amazing how we continue to commit mistakes, in interpreting Knowledge presented to us. Just ask yourself this question, is it that, you have found this article interesting or is it that you already had a longing and had hoped that something like this would be true, thus cementing your belief as correct. Now that you find this article, you start making decisions in your life based on it as if you have found what you were looking for. This is human interpretation, how could GOD who says that there are 5 vices [Kaam=Lust, Krodh=Anger, Lobha=Greed, Moha=Attachment, Ahankara=Ego] that you should gain victory over, practice the same vice. You may say Sex is not Lust. I would say donot try to open the door to this demon, you will soon lose all sense and fail to recognise the difference.

    And now, someone says sex has something deeply spiritual, how utter ignorance, just think about it, we are trying to mend the meanings just because it gives pleasure.

    Try to understand, the scriptures and statues in the temples are symbolic. Signifying the decay in morality, they are shown in dark stone. Humans can attain divine virtues thru purity, all religions say this, but we comfortably try to avoid it because, it is simply not "pleasurable', those who say this have not experienced supersensous joy/pleasure. There is more to this world than being born, and creating dozens of offspring. Just spare a thought, this marvel of the body, mind and the soul, how they interrelate and what is our relation among ourselves, whom do we belong do and more.

    OK, we have followed the same path of Sexuality as depicted in all these images, what has it brought us to, a point where there is total loss in moral values and ethics not to mention the crimes against women. To think that this is right is a basic question of judgment.

    Look at the Dilwara Temples in Mt. Abu, they are carved in marble and of the most exquisite of temples you will ever find, there are open eyed yogis meditating and deities on the roof. that is such a wonderful representation, a possibility that humans with practice can infact become divine. why doesnt that appeal to us, because it is not what we want now.

    Dear Friends, you will find many interpretations to this and many more scriptures, just use your own intellect and decide for yourself, what can make us a better human being. We have followed the same path for centuries and it has brought us to a moral bankruptcy, let us awaken and re-think our priorities. We need to do something different or atleast to start with alter our way of thinking, then it words and actions will fall into place.

    Thanks for reading !

    by BP on 27th Oct 2004
  • P.S.

    I think I've proven my point.

    But just for some more food for thought...

    If you know anything about yoga and meditation and how those rituals are a huge part of the practices of Hinduism and Buddhism, you might also think about the fact that these religions obviously honor the body and mind as interdepedent components. It makes sense, therefore, that the same religion would honor the (completely natural and healthy) physical action of sexual intercourse as something spiritual and ritualistic.
    by Luke on 24th Oct 2004
  • Look people, the article is correct. The lingam and yoni represent the penis and the vagina. They do not represent a pillar of flame or the brain and brain stem.

    Ancient Indian artwork is full of sexual imagery. It's not just the lingam and the yoni. Ancient Trantra Hindu honors sexuality as something deeply spiritual and surrounded by ritual, but not necessarily monogomous. Sexuality is at the core of our animal existence, whether our 20th century Euro-centric Judeo-Christian parents have taught us to be ashamed of it or not. And as for the brain thing, I highly doubt that people even knew the brain HAD a stem when the OLDEST MAJOR WORLD RELIGION was being developed.

    With all do respect Visions, I don't give a damn if the lingam represents a pillar of flame to you because you're just wrong. How typically ethnocentric. Shiva is represented in statues as dancing, surrounded by a circle of flame, to symbolize joy and ecstasy. The fire is a POSITIVE symbol. And here who you are comparing the lingam to the burning bush, a symbol of a YOUNGER WESTERN RELIGION, that also uses fire as a symbol of Hell and damnation. The snake is a positive symbol in Hinduism too. You want to tell me THAT represents evil because the serpent tempted Eve to eat the apple? What's the point in studying another religion if you're going to make everything cooperate with the ideals of your own? And as for unrestrained sexuality being the cause of human suffering, such as "wars, tradgedy, civil strife, etc." I haven't heard something so dumb since the last time I heard George W. Bush speak. Give me one example of unrestrained sexuality being the cause of a war?

    Considering European slavery operated under the guise of educating and converting Africans to Christianity...considering the Crusades...considering the Salem Witch Trials...considering Hitler...considering the Islamic fundamentalist terrorists that haunt the world we live in today...I'd be willing to argue that organized religion and the ignorance that results from blind faith, coupled with greed, are much closer to the cause of human suffering.

    So don't anyone else come around with any more bullshit arguments unless you're going to back them up with something historically sound.

    by Luke on 24th Oct 2004
  • Once,

    When I was going through a painful separation with an ex-girlfriend, I had a vision similar to Moses's burning bush, which emitted no heat, whereby a beam of light struck me in the center of my heart. During this time, I was under the impression that my ex-girlfriend was involved with an ex-friend sexually.

    Personally, I would consider Shiva's pillar of flame to be something similar to the burning bush of Christianity.

    I see nothing 'dirty' or 'sinful' with sex, and feel it it perfectly natural, however, without abiding by a code of ethics, such as is adopted in Hinduism during meditation, of thinking not to steal, kill, or the 10 Commandments of the Bible - which Moses - after seeing the bush - climbed the mountain and carved in stone - a symbol for eternity - then unrestrained sexuality, when licentuous, is a cause for suffering of many types among people, wars, tragedy, civil strife, etc...

    Just some thoughts to consider.
    by Visions on 10th Sep 2004
  • I note Rick's comment on the lingam as a brain and brainstem. Whilst this may seem incongruous at first, I feel it may help to revisit the ancient Egyptian mythological forerunners of this imagery.

    To the Egyptians, the sun god seemed to epitomise death (at dusk) and rebirth. They revered, as an attendant of the sun god, the scarab beetle for the burial it gave to a dead ball of dung containing a pupa (vaguely paralleling the human skull and brain - seat of the mind and hence of the soul) which then was reborn, winging into the sky.

    The mechanism for human rebirth seems to have involved the simulated phallic coupling of the mummy with the sky goddess, as I have discussed in another posting on this article.
    by Ian Ison on 2nd Aug 2004
  • Nice article although...the Shiva lingam is actually a model of the brain and brain stem, it has nothing to do with the reproductive organs.
    by Rick on 11th Jul 2004
  • Namaste. I just wanted to say that this was an excellent article. I've learned so much form it, I never knew this meaning, and I'm very pleased that the lingam has been praised in such a sacred way. I love it. May our men be beautiful and as sacred as though before. Aho!
    by Breanah on 3rd Jul 2004
  • It may come as a shock to Dravidian Indians (such as the Tamils) to learn that Shiva (along with the Hindu deities of the Great Tradition) are an import which followed the migrations of the cowherd culture (gopal) from Egypt. Also, the name of the great unifying Gupta dynasty is probably Egyptian. The ancient Egyptian forerunner of Shiva (and his lingam) is the Earth god Shu who is usually depicted lying on his back in the earth with his sex rising into and fertilising the sky which is one form of the goddess Nut (the other being the cosmic ocean wherein she is Nun). This goddess also followed the migration into India where she is found at the end of the main name of Anantasana - i.e. Visnu - the god who dreams on the cosmic ocean. Just as Hindu stories of one form of god reecho those of another, so too in Egypt, the slain and mummified god Osiris is coaxed by his wife Isis into producing enough sperm for one last fertilisation. The child produced was the glorious hawk god Horus. Some mummy cases actually have an erect phallus so that within the greater context of the pyramid the deceased might again commune with the heavens. My recent researches into the origins of European heraldry have led me to believe that the chevron is his symbol and that it represents the Great Pyramid of Khefren as a representation of Shu's phallus reaching skyward. The ancient belief was that only in this form of coitive sex did the mind open to heaven. This belief is preserved in a secret underground religious practice in Europe, particularly southern France, which was initially known as Catharism. Two sexually sacred sites have been identified in recent times - the female near the Pyrenees town of Arques is in the form of a rural ring of mountain peaks, whilst the male is Mont Aiguille in the Val d'Isere. King Charles viii, later described as mad, is said to have made a pilgrimage to the latter to have crowned it with a Christian cross. In Arabia, Hindu scholdars have recently assessed the Kaaba in Mecca as being in the form of a Shaivite temple, a claim which they back up with an Indian plate inscription found amongst the Kaaba treasures and now housed in Istanbul, and I would add that the pillars which the Hajjis stone as the devil are actually Shiva Linka / Linga. Those Hindus who perceive phallic worship as shameful do not understand that it is actually the mind-altering effects of a joyous sexual union which is being celebrated. I believe that they may be confused as to how to rebutt these patriarchal monotheist attacks on their religion. God is not just male. Even the early history of Judaism - the forerunner of Christian and Islamic patriarchal belief systems - shows that a female form of god was worshipped as Issa or Ishtar or Esther and she has even reemerged in English Christianity through her name and fertility rituals at Easter. It is important to recognise patterns of political oppression of freedom of belief in monotheism and to value dearly all the many forms of worship which Hinduism leaves open to us.
    by Ian Ison on 25th Jun 2004
  • A fascinating article which demysifies much concerning Shiva's Lingam, Bravo. However this is conterary to the views of some of our non-hindu (no doubt muslim) friends that have posted on this site. Perhaps if they opened their minds and looked at possibilities in this universe that might go beyond their comprehension of their narrow biggated minds, then perhaps you could see the deeply spiritual, enlightening and colourful symbolism behind Hindu iconography. Although it is easy to understand the existence of such narrow mind, when we look at the conditions set by the rigid restraints and boundaries of the 'Abrahamic' schools of thought.
    by H.S. on 25th May 2004
  • O Hindu brothers please wake up and instead of being arrogant why dont u understand one small process.
    GOD Almighty has no form,no image hence no pussy bussiness i mean its us humans,forget the lingam and worship Almighty who made more than a lingam,who made the world for mankind and to whom we have to return all of us.may Almighty bless all of us and open eyes of our hindu brothers to accept the real message of GOD Almighty The only ONE
    by OnewhosubmitshiswilltoGOD on 3rd May 2004
  • I cannot believe you Hindus wroship a DICK and a PUSSY. That is so yucky. Man you guys are one hell of a people and you have one hell of a relegion.
    by cool guy on 21st Apr 2004
  • Rique...
    how does it make MY VIEWS of the shivalingam dirty??? whilst i am disagreeing with UR VIEWS of it being PHALLIC?? u have been mislead to believe such sick thoughts and ideas of hinduism and the HOLY LORD SHIVA being PHALLIC???...tell me where in the Holy Scriptures does it say the shivalingam is represented as a phallic me i have done my research on this...given the proof of what u are saying i will apologise...but until then i will remain firm on my belief and not give in to such nonsense!
    by Anon on 7th Mar 2004
  • WTF?
    Of course its phallic! What makes phallic so dirty? Its YOUR dirty mind that thinks its dirty!
    Besides, Shiva is also a god of sex and fertility...
    by Rique on 7th Mar 2004
  • The SHIVALINGAM is NOT a phallic symbol! it's so sad to see that our own people are brainwashed into thinking that hinduism could be so dirty...if those people would read the puranas only then will they understand the truth...the shivalingam is a PILLAR OF FLAME and that my friends is the ultimate truth!!!
    by Anonymous on 23rd Feb 2004
  • it marvelous article
    by dhirend on 19th Dec 2003
  • The whole creativity belongs to the linga and Uni. Man and woman are super than potents because of the only these two things, one is linga and other is uni.
    by fatah daudpoto on 4th Aug 2003
  • Wonderful article. I've learned so much in such a short period of time. Your knowledge of so many subjects is beyond comprehension. I just started collecting shiva lingas, yonis, et al and I look forward to learning and collecting more from your wonderful site. Many thanks.


    by Barbara on 17th Jul 2003
  • Besides the pillar of fire, there are two main stories in the creation mythology which draw on lingam imagery. The first is the emergence of Brahma from a lotus which emanates from Vishnu's navel as he lies dreaming on the cosmic ocean cradled in Shesha's coils. The order of deities here differs from the tradition of Brahma at base and Shiva at the top as cited for the modern lingam. It is interesting that some lingams do show faces of the god at the top, and one could assume that four faces would imply Brahma whilst five would suggest Shiva Panchmukha and three Dattatreya (the union of the three gods). The second image is from the churning of the sea of milk, where Vishnu is at the bottom as the turtle Kurma and Brahma sits at the top of Shiva as Mount Mandara as the pestle. The order of the gods in the lingam image is thus problematic in its wider context.
    by Ian on 4th Jul 2003
  • The most ancient and truest form of the lingam is the stalagmite. Usually an active stalagmite will have a wet glistening white appearance fed by a drip from above and may potentially stand in a natural limestone-rimmed pool. This is a very powerful imagery. It would be interesting to see a map of the most likely sites in the sub-continent. Migrant Hindus to Indo-China and Indonesia found many sites where the geological limestone from uplifted coral reef systems combined with a damp climate provide an ideal environment for natural lingam formation.
    by Ian on 1st Jul 2003
  • Namaskar! Most Esteemed Keepers of the Exotic India Site,

    I send my thanks for the beauty and auspiciousness inherent within the article of Shiva! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with the world!
    by Rosmarinus on 22nd Jun 2003
  • Thanks for a most informative article, much appreciated.
    by Roshni Alvar on 21st Jun 2003
  • Thank you very much for sending me your wonderful article on Shiva Linga. I appreciate very much the articles on Indian culture that are published on your site, as well as the graphics of them, which are real works of art. I am looking forward to read some more articles in the future.Thank you very much, once again.

    Sincerely yours,
    by Cristina Vntila on 18th Jun 2003
  • Thank you for your very detailed and scholarly composition on the Shiva Linga. I must say I learned a great deal from your explanations.

    However you failed to mention the natural form of the Narmadaswara Linga or Tantric Linga. As found in and around the ancient city of Onkar Mandhata.

    by Tsajon on 18th Jun 2003
  • Namaste,

    Thanks again for a wonderful explanation...It answered many questions.

    You are doing a valuable service with your greatly appreciated articles.

    by Mary on 17th Jun 2003
  • Thank You for the beautiful and interesting story of the Shiva Linga! I quite enjoyed the artwork, too. I so look forward to receiving your newsletter and seeing what goodies you offer. The paintings & sculptures are so wonderful!!

    Again - Thank You, most gracious and beautiful friends.
    by Tara M. Adams on 17th Jun 2003
  • Thanks for yet another great one. You have put together an excellent article on Shiva Linga with several interesting theories, and, of course, beautiful illustrations. I enjoyed reading, and also enjoy forwarding to others.

    I hope you are collecting all these excellent articles to print a beautiful book on various topics you wrote earlier also. These are some of the most comprehensive and well documented articles on Hindu religious and cultural heritage. I don't use the term "mythology," as I maintain that Hindu cultural heritage and epics are NOT "Myths" - untruth or mythology. Some stories might have been woven around FACTS for effect, or for other reasons, but nothing was "Myth" (mithya).

    Anyway, you are giving much information, enjoyment and pleasure to a far flung readership. I am in San Francisco Bay Area of the United States and eagerly wait for these articles. This area is very receptive of ancient arts, culture and philosophy, and a fine center for exhibitions on the same.

    May be one of these days you will hold an exhibition here.

    With regards,
    by Yatindra Bhatnagar on 17th Jun 2003
  • Your article on Lingam was really great.

    Here in Japan I found many shrines, especially in Northern Japan near rural Hot-Spring resorts, where some kind of "male organ" is offered as a votive gift with prayers for fertility for field and family. It looks like a baseball bat with two fist-size balls attached at the bottom, sometimes made of wood, sometimes a cloth bag filled with buckwheat shells. In some shrines, hundreds of these "dankon" are hanging in the inner shrine, offered by pious farmers and with some effect, I would guess, otherwise no one would keep the custom going.

    by Gabi Greve on 17th Jun 2003

I’ve started receiving many of the books I’ve ordered and every single one of them (thus far) has been fantastic - both the books themselves, and the execution of the shipping. Safe to say I’ll be ordering many more books from your website :)
Hithesh, USA
I have received the book Evolution II.  Thank you so much for all of your assistance in making this book available to me.  You have been so helpful and kind.
Colleen, USA
Thanks Exotic India, I just received a set of two volume books: Brahmasutra Catuhsutri Sankara Bhasyam
I Gede Tunas
You guys are beyond amazing. The books you provide not many places have and I for one am so thankful to have found you.
Lulian, UK
This is my first purchase from Exotic India and its really good to have such store with online buying option. Thanks, looking ahead to purchase many more such exotic product from you.
Probir, UAE
I received the kaftan today via FedEx. Your care in sending the order, packaging and methods, are exquisite. You have dressed my body in comfort and fashion for my constrained quarantine in the several kaftans ordered in the last 6 months. And I gifted my sister with one of the orders. So pleased to have made a connection with you.
Thank you for your wonderful service and amazing book selection. We are long time customers and have never been disappointed by your great store. Thank you and we will continue to shop at your store
Michael, USA
I am extremely happy with the two I have already received!
Robert, UK
I have just received the top and it is beautiful 
Parvathi, Malaysia
I received ordered books in perfect condition. Thank You!
Vladimirs, Sweden
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"One uniqueness of our Vedic religion is that it allows for salvation not only through renunciation (nivritti) but also through the path of material happiness (pravritti).... If dharma makes it mandatory that conjugal pleasure be restricted to the life partner, how is it that Krishna indulged in the amorous sport of Rasa with others' wives?.... Some stopped cooking, some stopped feeding, some stopped eating, some stopped washing clothes etc. and ran away.... Upanishads call the jiva in waking state as Vishwa and the dreaming jiva as Taijasa (Mandukya Upanishad Mantras 3-4)."
Krishna's Rasa Lila: The Vedantic Perspective
"Her epithet in the Devi-Mahatmya is Mahalakshmi. She is the wrathful four-armed goddess of battlefield represented holding in them various weapons…. A form of Lakshmi seated over a lotus laid over a golden seat and a pair of white elephants…. Except in some classical forms in Lakshmi-Narayana imagery Lakshmi is ordinarily two-armed…. Incarnation theory is the crux of Vaishnavism. Vishnu incarnates alone but Lakshmi also incarnates in simultaneity…. Though very rare some enthused artists have conceived on Ardhanarishvara line also Vishnu’s Ardhanarishvara images."
Iconography of Vaishnava Deities: Goddess Lakshmi
"She has always believed that this would redeem her of her distress….A coconut, otherwise an ordinary dried fruit or the source of edible, or at the most, beauty oil, has always been revered as an auspicious object effecting good and well-being and the food that gods most loved….The tree in the Buddhist tradition was later identified as Bodhi-tree, seated under which Buddha had attained Enlightenment….Body gestures and symptoms, signs, indications among others must have been the early man’s tools of communicating oneself and knowing and understanding the world around….Kirttimukha was initially conceived as a mystical mask….Lion does not figure in the wide range of animal toys or figurines excavated from Indus sites."
Auspicious Symbols in Indian tradition
"This middle path lies in between extreme asceticism on one side, and extreme indulgence on the other…. When standing under a Ashok tree, tired and exhausted, she raised her right hand for seeking support of a branch of the tree…. The unique balance that defined his entire life was pre-determined in this duality….One day, in the palace garden he frightened his attendants…. He ate less and less till his diet reduced to a sesame seed, and himself, to a mere skeleton…. Seven days after the attainment of enlightenment gods sent food for breaking his fast…. However, he postponed his ‘nirvana’ for three months till he visited the places he had reminiscences of."
The Light That Enlightened Millions
(The life of Buddha in the popular mind)
"The sources of Dharma have been systematically divided into four simple categories....This desisting from the prohibition is what constitutes the karma, leading to Dharma.....There are many Vedic Karmas which do not find mention directly in the Vedas but are found only in the Smritis....The Agnihotra mentioned above can be performed at any one of the three times....Lord Shiva drank the deadliest poison easily. However, if anybody else did the same, he would be reduced to ashes....However, this is the weakest source of Dharma out of the four."
Understanding Dharma: The Four Authentic Sources
"people all over India will say approvingly for someone: "He is a Rama like son, a Rama like brother, or a Rama like king. " It is rare however to hear the following as a compliment "Rama like husband or son-in-law."... All of Sita's miseries in the confinement of Ravana pale in the emotional trauma and humiliation she was subjected to by Rama himself. In a bitter irony, what was to be her moment of deliverance, turned out to be the beginning of another trial... Sita sets a high standard as an ideal wife who stays unswerving in her loyalty and righteousness, no matter how undesirable her husband's response... She emerges as a woman that even Agni - who has the power to reduce to ashes everything he touches - dare not touch or harm..."
Sita - The Silent Power of Suffering and Sacrifice
"Durga Puja is more than the periodically observed navratra in the subcontinent..The akaal bodhon Durga Puja has evolved into great socio-cultural significance in the Eastern Delta region, and is the lifeblood of Bengalis everywhere...On dashami the next day, one could sense the pall that descends upon the delta...Ma Durga's time in Her girlhood home draws to a close. Now is the final throes of festive exuberance."
Durga Puja - Worshipping the Wife of Shiva, Daughter of Bengal
"No one spends even a single moment without doing some action or the other....We generally notice in history that almost all civilizations acquire a lot of material affluence in the beginning and after sometime they go into oblivion....We very well know that it is only the work based on well thought plan that solves problems and not our worry.....The success of any action depends not only on visible parameters but also invisible one....We are carried by the slogans of the times and move in the turbulent waters of life in a rudderless boat.....Want to give us a state of pleasure which is constant and never ending."
Dharma: The Only Remedy for Modern Man
"Here is a fragment from one of the most poignant episodes of Indian history…. This piece of history is from the Mahabharata…. She was dying with shame but inside, like a true kshatrani (woman of the warrior race), she was burning with anger…. I have heard that women who follow dharma were never brought before a public court….Greed is the destroyer of dharma. I do not desire a third boon…. Draupadi was as forgiving as mother earth herself…. Just then Arjuna saw his dear friend Bhagawan Krishna approaching him…. “Leave him, leave him. He is a brahmin and worthy of our worship. Their mother should not cry, like I have at the death of my children."
Analyzing the Eternal Dimensions of Dharma Through Itihasa (History)
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