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Mother Goddess as Kali - The Feminine Force in Indian Art

Article of the Month - August 2000
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Batik Painting of Goddess Durga




The worship of a mother goddess as the source of life and fertility has prehistoric roots, but the transformation of that deity into a Great goddess of cosmic powers was achieved with the composition of the Devi Mahatmya (Glory of the goddess), a text of the fifth to sixth century, when worship of the female principle took on dramatic new dimensions. The goddess is not only the mysterious source of life, she is the very soil, all-creating and all consuming.




Kali makes her 'official' debut in the Devi-Mahatmya, where she is said to have emanated from the brow of Goddess Durga (slayer of demons) during one of the battles between the divine and anti-divine forces. Etymologically Durga's name means "Beyond Reach". She is thus an echo of the woman warrior's fierce virginal autonomy. In this context Kali is considered the 'forceful' form of the great goddess Durga.

Goddess Kali standing on Lord Shiva




Kali is represented as a Black woman with four arms; in one hand she has a sword, in another the head of the demon she has slain, with the other two she is encouraging her worshippers. For earrings she has two dead bodies and wears a necklace of skulls ; her only clothing is a girdle made of dead men's hands, and her tongue protrudes from her mouth. Her eyes are red, and her face and chests are besmeared with blood. She stands with one foot on the thigh, and another on the chest of her husband.




Kali's fierce appearances have been the subject of extensive descriptions in several earlier and modern works. Though her fierce form is filled with awe- inspiring symbols, their real meaning is not what it first appears- they have equivocal significance:

Batik Painting of Goddess Kali




Kali's blackness symbolizes her all-embracing, comprehensive nature, because black is the color in which all other colors merge; black absorbs and dissolves them. 'Just as all colors disappear in black, so all names and forms disappear in her' (Mahanirvana Tantra). Or black is said to represent the total absence of color, again signifying the nature of Kali as ultimate reality. This in Sanskrit is named as nirguna (beyond all quality and form). Either way, Kali's black color symbolizes her transcendence of all form.




A devotee poet says:

"Is Kali, my Divine Mother, of a black complexion?
She appears black because She is viewed from a distance;
but when intimately known She is no longer so.
The sky appears blue at a distance, but look at it close by
and you will find that it has no colour.
The water of the ocean looks blue at a distance,
but when you go near and take it in your hand,
you find that it is colourless."

... Ramakrishna Paramhansa (1836-86)

In many instances she is described as garbed in space or sky clad. In her absolute, primordial form she is free from all covering of illusion. She is Nature (Prakriti in Sanskrit). It symbolizes that she is completely beyond name and form, completely beyond the illusory effects of maya (false consciousness). She is said to represent totally illumined consciousness, unaffected by maya. Kali is the bright fire of truth, which cannot be hidden by the clothes of ignorance. Such truth simply burns them away.

Her motherhood is a ceaseless creation. Her disheveled hair forms a curtain of illusion, the fabric of space - time which organizes matter out of the chaotic sea of quantum-foam. Her garland of fifty human heads, each representing one of the fifty letters of the Sanskrit alphabet, symbolizes the repository of knowledge and wisdom. She wears a girdle of severed human hands- hands that are the principal instruments of work and so signify the action of karma. Thus the binding effects of this karma have been overcome, severed, as it were, by devotion to Kali. She has blessed the devotee by cutting him free from the cycle of karma. Her white teeth are symbolic of purity (Sans. Sattva), and her lolling tongue which is red dramatically depicts the fact that she consumes all things and denotes the act of tasting or enjoying what society regards as forbidden, i.e. her indiscriminate enjoyment of all the world's "flavors".

Kali's four arms represent the complete circle of creation and destruction, which is contained within her. She represents the inherent creative and destructive rhythms of the cosmos. Her right hands, making the mudras of "fear not" and conferring boons, represent the creative aspect of Kali, while the left hands, holding a bloodied sword and a severed head represent her destructive aspect. The bloodied sword and severed head symbolize the destruction of ignorance and the dawning of knowledge. The sword is the sword of knowledge, that cuts the knots of ignorance and destroys false consciousness (the severed head). Kali opens the gates of freedom with this sword, having cut the eight bonds that bind human beings. Finally her three eyes represent the sun, moon, and fire, with which she is able to observe the three modes of time: past, present and future. This attribute is also the origin of the name Kali, which is the feminine form of 'Kala', the Sanskrit term for Time.

Another symbolic but controversial aspect of Kali is her proximity to the cremation ground:

O Kali, Thou art fond of cremation grounds;
so I have turned my heart into one
That thou, a resident of cremation grounds,
may dance there unceasingly.
O Mother! I have no other fond desire in my heart;
fire of a funeral pyre is burning there;
O Mother! I have preserved the ashes of dead bodies all around
that Thou may come.
O Mother! Keeping Shiva, conqueror of Death, under Thy feet,
Come, dancing to the tune of music;
Prasada waits With his eyes closed

... Ramprasad (1718-75)

Kali as Shakti




Kali's dwelling place, the cremation ground denotes a place where the five elements (Sanskrit: pancha mahabhuta) are dissolved. Kali dwells where dissolution takes place. In terms of devotion and worship, this denotes the dissolving of attachments, anger, lust, and other binding emotions, feelings, and ideas. The heart of the devotee is where this burning takes place, and it is in the heart that Kali dwells. The devotee makes her image in his heart and under her influence burns away all limitations and ignorance in the cremation fires. This inner cremation fire in the heart is the fire of knowledge, (Sanskrit: gyanagni), which Kali bestows.




The image of a recumbent Shiva lying under the feet of Kali represents Shiva as the passive potential of creation and Kali as his Shakti. The generic term Shakti denotes the Universal feminine creative principle and the energizing force behind all male divinity including Shiva. Shakti is known by the general name Devi, from the root 'div', meaning to shine. She is the Shining One, who is given different names in different places and in different appearances, as the symbol of the life-giving powers of the Universe. It is she that powers him. This Shakti is expressed as the i in Shiva's name. Without this i, Shiva becomes Shva, which in Sanskrit means a corpse. Thus suggesting that without his Shakti, Shiva is powerless or inert.

Kali is a particularly appropriate image for conveying the idea of the world as the play of the gods. The spontaneous, effortless, dizzying creativity of the divine reflex is conveyed in her wild appearance. Insofar as kali is identified with the phenomenal world, she presents a picture of that world that underlies its ephemeral and unpredictable nature. In her mad dancing, disheveled hair, and eerie howl there is made present the hint of a world reeling, careening out of control. The world is created and destroyed in Kali's wild dancing, and the truth of redemption lies in man's awareness that he is invited to take part in that dance, to yield to the frenzied beat of the Mother's dance of life and death.

Dance of Kali and ShivaO Kali, my Mother full of Bliss! Enchantress of the almighty Shiva!
In Thy delirious joy Thou dancest, clapping Thy hands together!
Thou art the Mover of all that move, and we are but Thy helpless toys

...Ramakrishna Paramhans

Kali and her attendants dance to rhythms pounded out by Shiva (Lord of destruction) and his animal-headed attendants who dwell in the Himalayas. Associated with chaos and uncontrollable destruction, Kali's own retinue brandishes swords and holds aloft skull cups from which they drink the blood that intoxicates them. Kali, like Shiva, has a third eye, but in all other respects the two are distinguished from one another. In contrast to Shiva's sweet expression, plump body, and ash white complexion, dark kali's emaciated limbs, angular gestures, and fierce grimace convey a wild intensity. Her loose hair, skull garland, and tiger wrap whip around her body as she stomps and claps to the rhythm of the dance.


Many stories describe Kali's dance with Shiva as one that "threatens to destroy the world" by its savage power. Art historian Stella Kramrisch has noted that the image of kali dancing with Shiva follows closely the myth of the demon Daruka. When Shiva asks his wife Parvati to destroy this demon, she enters Shiva's body and transforms herself from the poison that is stored in his throat. She emerges from Shiva as Kali, ferocious in appearance, and with the help of her flesh eating retinue attacks and defeats the demon. Kali however became so intoxicated by the blood lust of battle that her aroused fury and wild hunger threatened to destroy the whole world. She continued her ferocious rampage until Shiva manifested himself as an infant and lay crying in the midst of the corpse-strewn field. Kali, deceived by Shiva's power of illusion, became calm as she suckled the baby. When evening approached, Shiva performed the dance of creation (tandava) to please the goddess. Delighted with the dance, Kali and her attendants joined in.

This terrific and poignant imagery starkly reveals the nature of Kali as the Divine Mother. Ramaprasad expresses his feelings thus:

Behold my Mother playing with Shiva,
lost in an ecstasy of joy!
Drunk with a draught of celestial wine,
She reels, and yet does not fall.
Erect She stands on Shiva's bosom,
and the earth Trembles under Her tread;
She and Her Lord are mad with frenzy,
casting Aside all fear and shame.

... Ramprasad (1718-75)

Kali's human and maternal qualities continue to define the goddess for most of her devotees to this day. In human relationships, the love between mother and child is usually considered the purest and strongest. In the same way, the love between the Mother Goddess and her human children is considered the closest and tenderest relationship with divinity. Accordingly, Kali's devotees form a particularly intimate and loving bond with her. But the devotee never forgets Kali's demonic, frightening aspects. He does not distort Kali's nature and the truths she reveals; he does not refuse to meditate on her terrifying features. He mentions these repeatedly in his songs but is never put off or repelled by them. Kali may be frightening, the mad, forgetful mistress of a world spinning out of control, but she is, after all, the Mother of all. As such, she must be accepted by her children- accepted in wonder and awe, perhaps, but accepted nevertheless. The poet in an intimate and lighter tone addresses the Mother thus:

O Kali! Why dost Thou roam about without clothes?
Art Thou not ashamed, Mother!
Garb and ornaments Thou hast none;
yet Thou Pridest in being King's daughter.
O Mother! Is it a virtue of Thy family that Thou
Placest thy feet on Thy husband?
Thou art without clothes; Thy husband is without clothes; you both roam cremation grounds.
O Mother! We are all ashamed of you; do put on thy garb.
Thou hast cast away Thy necklace of jewels, Mother,
And worn a garland of human heads.
Prasada says, "Mother! Thy fierce beauty has frightened
Thy consort.

... Ramaprasad

The soul that worships becomes always a little child: the soul that becomes a child finds God oftenest as mother. In a meditation before the Blessed Sacrament, some pen has written the exquisite assurance: "My child, you need not know much in order to please Me. Only Love Me dearly. Speak to me, as you would talk to your mother, if she had taken you in her arms."

Kali's boon is won when man confronts or accepts her and the realities she dramatically conveys to him. The image of Kali, in a variety of ways, teaches man that pain, sorrow, decay, death, and destruction are not to be overcome or conquered by denying them or explaining them away. Pain and sorrow are woven into the texture of man's life so thoroughly that to deny them is ultimately futile. For man to realize the fullness of his being, for man to exploit his potential as a human being, he must finally accept this dimension of existence. Kali's boon is freedom, the freedom of the child to revel in the moment, and it is won only after confrontation or acceptance of death. To ignore death, to pretend that one is physically immortal, to pretend that one's ego is the center of things, is to provoke Kali's mocking laughter. To confront or accept death, on the contrary, is to realize a mode of being that can delight and revel in the play of the gods. To accept one's mortality is to be able to let go, to be able to sing, dance, and shout. Kali is Mother to her devotees not because she protects them from the way things really are but because she reveals to them their mortality and thus releases them to act fully and freely, releases them from the incredible, binding web of "adult" pretense, practicality, and rationality.

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  • Why are we talking about Jesus? The subject was Kali. She is simply time, the destroyer of all of us. No one escapes her and without herd nothing. She is time personified.
    by Bruce Louis Dodson on 29th Jul 2017
  • I'm so proud and good to see some script speak good words toward the eliohim of YHWH-Yah of whom is the same as the attribute of Abraham/Brahman/Brahmsa: The FATHER of all fathers'(THE CREATOR!)
    by Nabi Amman Kali YisRaEL on 9th Aug 2016
  • I'm proud to be named after a goddess like kali
    by Kali on 8th Apr 2014
  • I have a major hearing lost on both my ears. Please help me mother Kali to my left ear. I promise to buy a red sari and red garlands with a full tray to your lotus feet. Please help god.
    by Maggie moodley on 22nd Dec 2013
  • i like to be like one of you.
    by baurice junior forgoh on 17th Aug 2013
  • PRAISE BE TO KALI, my Mother, my Goddess!! JOHN---->GO SUCK A BIG FAT NUT! Don't even get me started here on the 3 words associated with SOME Christians: command, conquer, and criticize. Those are the unfortunate ideals brought about by patriarchal societies/religions. Pray for forgiveness when Kali wipes the demons out of YOU!! All I can say is, to those enlightened...keep walking with Kali!! To all you who have no clue about Kali...find some good books and read them. She is a destroyer of DEMONS and was brought into existence when the gods couldn't even win against them. She frees people from negative influences, obstacles, and anything holding you back from becoming who you are truly meant to be. TO THE MAN FROM MODESTO------>So you received visions in a dream?? Isn't that a form then of witchcraft or divination or being a seer? Guess you better go find a priest to confess to. I'm not trying to be rude but I'm a Spiritual Eclecticist and never had such problems (curses, hexes, victim of bad luck, etc.). World wake up, no single religion is better than the other, they are all paths to YOUR spiritual enlightenment. Stop making demons out of something you cannot understand and don't wish to open your mind too...there is more in the world than just your view!! Namaste!
    by Gina on 30th Mar 2012
  • John is correct about not seeking after Kali because it is idol worship. More than this, "Kali" is a true spiritual, sentient being. One that is properly called a demon or a fallen angel. I found this today because I saw in a dream that one of my sisters in law had been cursed by a Kali curse. Someone invoked Kali against her to kill her.
    After a long conversation with her this morning, we have learned it is true. Someone gave her a gift on her birthday which was actually a cursed item. She even wanted to give it back to him, but he refused (no decent spell caster receives the sent curse/cursed item willingly!)
    Kali is a demonic force, a force of death. Figure it out, people.
    by Man from Modesto on 13th Mar 2012
  • Kali is the goddess whom I worship the most
    by Zachary Prentice on 20th Jun 2011

    By that logic, any being that is beautiful must be good. Now let me think, who was the most beautiful of the christian god\'s creations? Oh, that\'s right, Lucifer! Based on your own words, John, either Lucifer must be good or you must be mistaken; logically you can\'t have it both ways.
    by A Believer on 9th Feb 2011
  • Those who unabashedly love the creator also love all the reflections of his image and shall possess no fear.
    by Cliff on 29th Dec 2010
  • kalima the great god i ever seen.she is my mother
    by Ramesh Muniandy on 20th Dec 2010
  • In response to your post, I am perfectly aware of the origins of Hinduism and that it is one of the oldest of the six major world religions. There is a difference, my dear, between belittling another\'s religion and speaking words that we KNOW to be the God-given truth. Just because a religion is ancient and has been practised for around 4,000 years, that does not make it right or true. Hinduism is a polytheistic religion that worships thousands of different gods and offerings and sacrifices are left at the feet of these Hindu statues. This is idol worship and heathenism, which is expressly forbidden in the Bible. As a Christian I believe the Bible is the word of the Lord and therefore it must be adhered to stringently. In the Old Testament, we read that God punished the Israelites because they turned from him and became corrupted by the pagan practices of the people\'s they mixed with and started to worship false gods and turn away from the true God. I do not dispute the fact that Hinduism has been around for longer than Christianity and that it is the older of the two religions, what is in dispute is whether of not worshipping an evil demon-goddess like Kali is RIGHT. It is not. In the New Testament the Lord Jesus said, \"I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me\". This means, my dear, that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to God, he is our Lord and Saviour. Yes, and I do agree with you about my \"being afraid to worship the goddess\" as you put it. Anyone who loves the Lord and serves him faithfully would be afraid to disobey his commandments and worship an evil demon-goddess like Kali, because to do that would be DEMONOLATRY (that emotive word again) which is clearly sinful and could unleash some very dark and wicked forces into a person\'s life. All demons are of Satan and worshipping any demon would place you in direct contact with Satan himself.

    The words that I speak may be unpalatable to you, and offensive to your shell-like ears, but that does not make them \"NONSENSE\". Why child, these words come from the Lord! This means that they are right and God has allowed me to speak these truths to you to open your mind and your heart to the love of Jesus! God bless his holy name. The Bible is a book that I strongly suggest that you read, it is the word of God. St Paul said that \"All scripture is God-breathed\". This means that every word of the Bible comes from God, spoken through the mouths of the prophets and apostles by the Holy Spirit. This blessed knowledge is available to you through any decent book store in your town or city, go out and buy yourself a Bible honey, may the lively oracles of God-the Lord\'s very own scriptures-enrich and inform your life.

    Pray to the Lord for forgiveness, repent your sin of demonolatry and disobedience and be forgiven by God and renewed by his baptismal love and glory. Jesus is your gateway to God not Kali or any other heathen false-deity that you might choose to believe in. I pray that God will forgive you your sins and allow you to live a life devoted to Jesus and serving him with your body, mind and soul. He and he alone, is the way to God. Jesus Christ is God. I want to remind you finally, that there is no hatred or bigotry in Jesus Christ or those that truly serve him, just LOVE, immense and all-encompassing LOVE. I have love for everyone, even you, and I do not hate people of other faiths, I just want to help them to see the light and the error of worshipping any deity other than the Lord. God bless you and may Jesus forgive you.
    by JOHN on 28th Nov 2010
    by KALI on 27th Nov 2010
    by John on 26th Nov 2010
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the Kali article, but the last paragraph was like a stab in the back.

    The purpose of Kali is so that "Man" can realize this and that, and ultimately have an enjoyable life?

    I am an Anthropology and Philosophy major, and all I ever read is about the life, trials, doubts, pleasures, horrors, problems... of Man. How does the world relate to Man? Man is not a neutral term. The picture of the recent dominant discourse is sweltering with blanks, in very important places, too. Exploring Kali should be a path to mending this.

    The conclusion was a letdown.
    by Georgiya on 25th Sep 2010
  • RELATIVALY SPEAKING.. humans r 1. mammals (divine inspired or not) // so be glad buddy about oppurtunity. other thinking is absurd, if ur gonna descend strangely because a book or fabrication told u so. then ur a more interesting person.. 4sure. but hey. our potential might feel limited. as for kali. it pleases me to be a lofty thinky and take into thought a 'dope' or another cool image to chill by. i mean i puff herbs and hey thats an extra excess. so be privy i say. and if the influence is surrender, then why bother those. heretic. LOL.. google me.
    by lavish electrostatic on 23rd Jul 2010
  • It's funny that there are some reviews that talk about Christians condemning to Hell. The Christians took over the word "Hell" from the ancient Germanic pre christian people. It had a completely different meaning. At the time of death people went to "Hell" because "Hell" was the name of the Goddess of Death. And in fact "Hell" comes from the same indo-european root as "Kali." The goddess "Hell" presided at the root of the world tree, which tree is also called the horse of the divine self, because the divine self rides this wind tossed world.
    by mroc on 19th May 2010
  • I think that the article was beautiful and very informative. It covered the symbology quite well.

    Also, as for the huge religious argument happening. People have different views, deal with it. One person's path to deity is not neccessarily the same as that of another. If i do not force dogma down your throat do not force dogma down mine.
    by Anna on 23rd Apr 2010
  • My name is Kali and I pronounce it (KAH LEE) there is an accent on the I and the a is short.....I absolutely hate it when people say KAY LEE
    by Kali on 23rd Feb 2010
  • Can you please brief Kali's story ?
    by Me No on 12th Dec 2009
  • Obama and the flegling Americans and all of us? That is a very limiting depiction of what the full scope of America, and exponentially the world, and your own dogma, has the potential to become.

    Forcing anyone, to be the epitome of a said word or label, by literal definition, does a disservice to us all, ourselves included.

    Dogma has been used to control people, for centuries, most of them fighting over, who's belief is the right one, for everyone else, and the territory to say and do so.
    If God, or Godess, whatever you believe to be a higher power, has the highest power, wouldn't they be able to take care of their own business/dreams/wishes/desires/plans? Instead of Man, inflicting his own agenda, which uses the excuse that it was from their higher power, that they are doing the things they are putting into action...

    Religions has always been discounted, some have been forced upon other religions, some has split up, started other sects, just with different guidelines, and even "production values". Obama's should not be blamed or exclusively used an as example of what's wrong.

    Pointing fingers, blaming, and waiting for you to someday say "I told you so!", is not a great example. Setting an good example, should not contain fear, guilt,shame, blame, and punishment, especially physical as well as eternal, to anyone, that does not exactly believe, what you or anyone else believes. It most often contradicts, the doctrines in text, that people proposed their beliefs are based on. That hypocrisy, is what more people have against religions, or people of their proposed faith. Using the text to say one thing, and then doing the opposite, is just not honest. It goes against the code, and message, some inflict on others.

    People don't have problems with the beliefs themselves, it's the followers.
    by Michael on 10th Nov 2009
  • theres no such thing as a Wiccan Goddess just God/ddess that are used by Wiccans. wiccans dont have a pantheon. Hinduism doesnt condemn others to hell either and Kali is a Hindu Goddess, the most awe-inspiring one at that.
    by enri10 on 23rd Oct 2009
  • The appearance of Jesus has always described as pertaining to do His father's will. His father can only be described as the creative energy of the light and the destructive as well.KALI is the RAW ENERGY THAT PRODUCES THIS LIGHT.This makes her the OWNER of the creation and the supreme mother.Jesus described himself as the light of the world.I am a spiritual baptist
    by Pattson Browne on 29th Aug 2009
  • As you are not a true Christian, as anyone from the Roman Catholic church or its offsprings are in the USA, and unless you are from the first Christian church where idol worship and placing Jesus as God is blasphemy, all of this Jesus is my savior rhetoric is demonic to say the least.

    Original Christianity uncontaminated by the reminiscent of Rome's holidays and multi-gods and godesses with their associated statues was more akin to Buddism than any other religion or way-of-life.

    The idea of original sin as well as the divinity of Christ were man's decision made in an Ecumenical council centuries after Christ's death. So much for the Trinity, and hiding its true meaning from the uneducated masses for fear it would topple the fact that true Christianity needs no formal church or organization similar to our cousins, the Moslems.

    I fear the Buddists and Hindi may be more attuned to the real Godhead than we could ever suppose or practice. One look at America today with the election of Obama and the discounting of religion in our modern society as well as the allowance for social and sexual deviancy proves that we are not true believers of any God except our own narcissism and love of material things.

    Original sin like the Inquisition were meant to keep the masses in line...if man was born in sin was it man's failure or God's imperfect creation?

    To worship Jesus is discounting a higher power and the one true God, and his many manifestations. Like a diamond with many facets, each blinded by their own brilliance, being an arrogant Christian is an affront to God's word and the Christian way-of-life.

    To each his own, and as God appeared and appears different to different men and their belief systems, tolerating their models of God and morality should be respected.

    Society's thousands of years older than the fledgling America have something to teach us all in this hemisphere. Watching Obama give a speech displays what has gone wrong with us all - ego, pride, education without out discipline or purpose, and our need for alms when we need to work and not beg.

    Jesus is not to big to contemplate, nor was this his made Jesus something he never professed or wanted to be - a God.
    by Josef on 11th Aug 2009
  • help me please i have 30 yrs no one want me to get married i want to open my 3 rd eyes please
    by salini palaniandy on 21st Jul 2009
  • I had a vision during meditation this morning as I was doing my morning prayer and I saw Daniel, John, Kali and then Later Moses. Then I saw a mother with multiple arms and then she was attending to humanity as if they were her children. I feel she is with me in mind, soul and body and has made reparations for my weaknesses when others tried to destroy me. I feel that I am back on track. The fact that others tried to destroy me and these biblical figures as well as a Hindu goddess came to me is extraordinary. I hope this isn't offensive to anyone but I believe that all forms of God exist and work together from one form or Source for the good.
    by Gloria on 3rd May 2009
  • The reading of this article was truly an intoxicating experience. I would like to thank you for the wonderful researched information that you have made available to individuals that are willing to seek the truth about our religion & tradition.
    by Kesiree Mari on 11th Mar 2009
  • God is patience, God is love, God is in you n me and when silence conquer us , we are within God. God is everywhere. So why the doubt? Let us all be happy.
    by Tulasi on 3rd Mar 2009
  • Brilliant website and explanation about our beloved Mother Kali.
    Thank you
    by jezzwhizz on 15th Feb 2009
  • hey my name is spelled Kali too!!!! how do you say your name? i spell mine like Kali but i say it like kay-lee!
    by kali on 26th Dec 2008
  • This is the first place I came to, the first place my name appears on the net. It is good to return after all this time and pay tribute to the Mother Goddess. There is so much to learn here, differences of opinion only enrich the lesson. Kali has the most wonderful and powerful voice I have ever heard. All we can do is wonder at her in awe once we have encountered her directly in some way...
    by Jozen-Bo on 15th Dec 2008
  • I feel that this article was well writtenI have learn so much about mother kali from this article. I think that a lot of people mis understand her. She really does bring peace to her devotees and removes fear. I have learn so much from this article about the mother from this and will continue to pray to her
    by kamini on 28th Oct 2008
  • Jeez; most of you guys are idiots. The symbolism of Kali (Hecate or any of the great Mother-goddesses - ?Mary?)has been around for so long. It is NOT horrible. There was a group called Thuggees in India who robbed and killed and maimed, and worshiped Kali, but they exist now in few numbers. The British saw to that. She is simply a representation of a belief system. I'm 63 and have enjoyed a "relationship" with Kali and Hecate for many years. You guys take it way to seriously; expecially the Xtians. What else is Mary but a Mother Goddess Nutty people.
    by wolfmom on 25th Oct 2008
    by JESUS CRISTO BREVE VEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! on 16th Oct 2008
  • Exodo.20:4-6.."Não farás para ti imagem de escultura,nem alguma semelhança do que há em cima nós céus ,nem em baixo na terra ,nem nas águas
    by mesinho on 16th Oct 2008
  • Jai KALI-MA! Praises to the great Mother!
    we must learn to respond to each other from a place of pure and eternal love instead of fear. we love we, not me, there is no separation in this creation. love is the solution so set your love free.
    thank you for a very informative and well written article. accept the divine feminine back into the world to restore the balance and perhaps humanity won't destroy itself. LOVE LOVE LOVE. ALL IS LOVE! JAI KALI!
    by miriam on 27th Sep 2008
  • Overlooks the fact that Y'shua (Jesus) Himself said "I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but by me."

    (The same "I AM" used by God in Exodus, as well as the episode of His walking on water; "Fear not, *I AM*.")
    by kh123 on 17th Sep 2008
  • i had incredible and enlightening experience last night in which kali played a major role in what feels like a new spiritual discovery..kali touched my spirit deeply almost to the point of causing overwhelming outburst of tears to manifest..i felt her essence so much that it actually manifested in me physically as i had beautiful hallucinations, tingling sensations everywhere and a spirtual warmth i have only felt once before at random. kali is very real and extremely powerful when approached properly..especially with an offering, respect, and praise and i think that anyone who has left comments rejecting her, hinduism, or any other belief system at matter should reallly embrace the insight that kali embraces about ALLEVIATING ignorance..have an open mind and show respect because you are only limiting yourself from your own spiritual growth and enlightenment...respect to all
    by sage richards on 19th Aug 2008
  • From what I've seen and felt through meditation and the like...Kali is really just another name and form of Lilith. Both are Dark Mothers and the energy working with them is so similiar.
    by Aiko on 11th Aug 2008
  • Kalidas, Namaste back my friend, the divine within me salutes the divine within you. Since I last posted my comment I have taken my studies of hinduism further, but Im still a devotee of the divine mother, I just cant help it. Bliss.:-)
    by AlannahBabalon156 on 23rd Jul 2008
  • I was enlightened by this article and saddened by the melee that follows by the people on here. Each of us have a different connection to the one who created all. each religion or belief system has a very common basic message and it is that we are all a part of the same center and we need to love and respect all life and have a closer relationship spiritually since we are all of the same spirit...GOD but religions have caused us to separate and condemn those who do not follow the same belief. None of us will know what lies after death until we get there but until then we need to live less viciously and learn to love more freely without the separations. Kali has come to me 2 times now in meditation and in dream so I have no doubt she exists because before the visit I knew nothing of her. peace, love and Namaste to all who read this.
    by Cmpshn81 on 5th Jul 2008
  • I thought the article well-written, generally. I am reading, now, about Divine Mother in Hindu texts...In Praise of the Goddess is the book. I remember Paramahansa Yogananda's writing that he felt especially close to The Mother (and he called her "Kali") when he spoke of his childhood in Autobiography of a Yogi. I was struck by it at the time b/c, as a Wiccan, I have heard one must be careful about calling on the energy ass'ctd w/ a deity.
    by Tiana on 24th Jun 2008
  • It's been many years since I first read and reviewed this article. I come back to check it occasionally and have really enjoyed watching the evolution of the discussion regarding the Mother.

    When I first found it, the rhetoric was full of hate and accusations from unbelievers and those confused about the nature of the Mother. It was full of venomous hatespeech and a general demonization of the Mother by those who do not understand her forcefulness and fury.

    I left a comment at the time regarding the Mother's happiness and joy that she was being demonized, because even in your vehemenence, the name of the Mother was still being uttered and becoming known to those who need Her influence in their lives.

    Now, reading through the comments, I can see a wonderful transformation in the general attitude and rhetoric towards her, and I can see in a physical and real way the effect that she has on the world in destroying Maya and infusing new consciousnesses with her might, power and force.

    She strips away the illusions of her followers and shows them the true happiness which is far removed from the Western ideasw of capitalism and ego-stroking that have come to represent how our American culture prefers to prey on the weak and discourages honest communication by this crazy need to dominate each and every interaction in which we participate.

    So, again, I am very glad to see the evolution of education about the Mother in this forum. It makes me very happy and I am glad to know that more people will come to know her power, glory and peace. For even as She destroys illusion, She will also bring every blessing to her devotees, even as a compassionate Mother sees to the needs of Her children.

    Love and laughter, at the feet of the Mother.

    by Kitty, High Priestess in devotion and service to Maa Kali on 9th Jun 2008
  • Jonathan, it dont bother me but, fact, your God is a truly hatefull guy, have you read the old Testemant? the new Testemant aint much better, belief in what you will is fine, but please, at least try to use a brain, if that is difficult for you use somebody else's.
    with love to you hon, last night was fun by the
    Om Kali
    by Kalidas on 26th May 2008
  • Namaste Alannah, respect and love to you. To mention to others, research the word 'Hinduism' It dont mean what you all seem to think it means, the 'religon' simply aint called H'ism. Love is all.
    Om Kali Maa
    Om Shanti Alannah.
    by Kalidas on 26th May 2008
  • Anna, do some research babe. Just because Hinduism is one of the predominant religions of the world, it doesn't mean they condemn others to Hell. This is particularly the case since they are historically considered the most open-minded religion, AND... they don't really believe in Hell or any sort of eternal punishment.

    Also, just because you're Wiccan, that doesn't make you all-knowing, and capable of ordering around vast amounts of people -- let alone stereotype them by their religion. If you don't want to be labeled as a "witch" for being Wiccan, don't accuse other people of being annoying for practicing their faith in the way they best like to.
    by Chandra on 21st May 2008
  • You can't just state thet. Someone will disagree with you (probably me)
    by andy on 14th May 2008
  • The Goddess Kali is also a Wiccan Goddess.

    To al the Christians, Muslims, Hindus and everyone else out there. STOP CONDEMNING EACH OTHER TO HELL OR ITS ALTERNATIVE. Its getting annoying to see all these biblical quotes and proverbs and stuff.

    by Anna on 11th May 2008
  • religion is not meant to seperate the world or cause chaos but rather the opposite. the intention of the gods were to bring the message to the people of which they successfully achieved, but humanity being as selfish as it is chose to use this message to satisfy their own desires. a true believer is sure to believe in all aspects rather than question his existance and manifestations.if u cant embrace religion how do you embrace god? was it not god that created religion? how can you walk into the temple of god and question his work?
    by daniel on 7th May 2008
  • hey my name is kali (spelled that way) and i find it a verry pretty name o_o
    by kali on 5th May 2008
  • hay if you like to read about this stuf, i sugest you read Immortals: The Calling" its awsome.
    Kali is the mother of the immotal featured in this book. And you know, i think Kali is the most awsm Goddess EVER!! What better than fire and disstruction.(spelling?)
    by tic on 22nd Mar 2008
  • Jai Digamba Mata
    Jai Shri Yeshu
    Jai Shrimati Mariam
    Jai Shankara Deva
    Jai Shri Lakshmi Mata
    Jai Shri Saraswati Mata
    Jai Shri Parvati Mata Devi
    Jai Shri Gautama
    Jai Shri Avalokita
    Jai Shri Arya Tara
    Jai Sita-Ram

    Victory be unto all forms of God! :)
    by God is formless on 22nd Mar 2008
  • Heidi
    Well tell me firstly what religion are u,cause there is one thing that religion teaches u and that is respect for all others and i guess that u are not a true devotee to ur religion cause are disrespectful,rude,arraogant and really bored with ur life.If you do not have any nice comments then i guess that u keep them to urself and stop discriminating cause u are one stupid fool.
    by Thava on 10th Mar 2008
  • All these fright tactics in addressing the Goddess Kali-Ma (Mother Kali) are basically a result of misunderstanding the deeper meaning of the power of the Goddess. Kali-Ma is powerful, probably the most powerful of all the Eastern deities because she is the Destroyer of Time. She was brought forth originally to destroy powerful demons, and her power overcame them. She is the goddess of Death and REBIRTH
    by Aarwin Orelli on 5th Mar 2008
  • I am a follower and pursuer of Jesus Christ. I find parallells in many religeons also. Most interestingly Jesus is a lover of His Bride. This love cannot be broken by anyone. He pursues her relentlessly. He is the one who is the true lover - constantly in love with her, whether or not she loves Him back. I saw this Lord, My Lord, Jesus Christ in the movie Sawaryia. That has led me to look at other cultures and religions. In looking at them I couldn't make sense of all the differences. I am struck with the 'western jesus' I am given in today's society. I can't explain it. I can't make sense of it. But I'm reminded and relieved that don't have to. He is too big for my human mind to comprehend. I want to know Him as He is, not as my mind conceives. I know there are other gods and other religions. I know one thing for sure and I'll never be moved from it. It is not doctrine or theology or a belief system. Jesus Christ brought none of these. He brought His Father's life and access to Him for us.

    What I know is this - Jesus is King of kings and Lord of lords. That means there must be many others. He is Lord of them all. . . and this God lives inside of me. I reside next to Him on His throne even now, outside of space and time. I am His bride. I am the one whom He came for.

    This is what our western bible really says. As humanity is, unfortunately, we've added a bunch of stuff to it.

    But for those seeking life, the truth is still out there.

    In Him, where only life presides
    Ann Eshana
    by Ann on 4th Mar 2008
  • i found it to intesting since i want to be anthropologist.
    by faith on 3rd Mar 2008
  • I don't believe in Original Sin.
    So none of your arguments impress me.
    But you believe what you want to, and let the Hindus believe what they want to, and the Muslims ditto.
    But don't any of you try to stuff your beliefs down my throat - or any one else's for that matter.
    In my opinion all religon is nonsense; and organised religion is often very dangerous.
    by Albert on 18th Feb 2008
  • need deevotees whom are bhagt of maa kali,need mantras
    by sanjay on 8th Feb 2008
  • this is rubbish talk...warning not to call kali goddess.yes,this is true that spirits are companions of kali goddess.But,these spirits are companions,not enemies of kali,no power on earth can do harm to you,if goddess kali does not will so.Mother is always a mother,a loving and caring mother,kali is known to get a break through if you are under some evil spell.This is totally misleading story of surviving car accident just because you chanted name of mother!MOTHER IS MOTHER,AND MY KALI MA IS ALSO LOVING MOTHER,SHE CAN DO NO HARM TO THOSE WHO LOVE HER AND RECITE HER NAME,AMEN
    by PUNEET on 3rd Feb 2008
  • Firstly you have the right to believe in Christ and We have the right to believe in Khali Ma. Do not denounce my religion or anyones as I have not denounce yours or anyone else's. A fool is a person who believe's that there is no other religion other than his. Chrst is not the only God. Although I believe he is the son of god. He died for our Sin's and yes I do not say he did not. But dont you think he has parents. One more thing they dont have to be Christians as Christianity is a religion formed by the followers of Christ not Christ or his parents.
    by Duran Naidu on 30th Jan 2008
  • Thank you Nitin.

    I am astounded by the dogma in the comments.
    by Gorthaur on 18th Jan 2008
  • There is a name that is more powerful than any, there is a deity that is more all-pervading, loving and powerful than ANY other.

    His name is Jesus Christ. I want to begin by telling you a true story. One day I was walking in a wood and I saw a man urinating in the grass. I came over and told him to stop doing this dreadful act. He pulled out a knife a stabbed me in the breast. As I lay there bleeding profusely and praying for the Lord to save me, he pulled my knickers off and ran away with them. I never saw that pair of knickers ever again.

    I thought I was going to DIE, I thought that I was done for and my life was over. Then, I called upon the Lord Jesus to spare my life and make me a new person. A bright, white light shone around me and in the distance I could make out the figure of Christ with his arms outstretched welcoming me into his holy family. I felt warm, safe and secure, bathed in Jesus' baptismal and abundant light of goodness. Purity and love. BLISS.

    An old woman ran over to see if I was OK. She called for help and some paramedics arrived. She got in the ambulance van with me and nestled my aching head in her lap and whispered prayers over my nearly lifeless body. I was saved that day. Jesus spared my life for a reason.


    Dear Jesus,
    I ask that you show the people of this world that you are the way, the truth and the life and no-one comes to the Father except by YOU. I ask you to bless your children and give them the gift of the holy spirit in their lives, let them turn away from demonolatry, sorcery, violence and murder and be born again as disciples of Christ Jesus.

    O Lord God, stretch out thy hand and punish those who slander your name and will not keep your holy covenant, for your word is law and your bible is a fabulous, inspiring read actually (The Good News Bible: Waterstones, £10.99) and I hope and pray that many sinners and demonolaters will be saved by it's message of truth and divine love,
    In Jesus' name, AMEN.

    You see, God will forgive you, if you truly repent of your sins and accept Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. This is the truth, I swear it! Come now, Let us pray to the Lord together for peace, strength and justice and let us worship his holy name in love, truth and eternal obedience.................................

    O Lord, your kindness to me shall be repaid, I shall convert many sinners to your religion and promise that my loins shall never know the sinful erect member of man as I am a Bride of Christ and dedicate my body only to him. My chasteness and virginal purity is the symbol of my dedication to the Lord, I gladly offer it to the King of Kings as my devoted sacrifice. Hallelujah!
    by Princess Sybilla of Jerusalem on 9th Jan 2008
  • kali is a powerful name, and also abeautiful name. Just as a powerful person has to be carefull how they use their power,a beautiful person must understand beauty can be so much more powerful than strenth.A loud shout wont stop a storm; but beauty might.
    by les on 4th Jan 2008
  • That was very beautifully said.
    by Juanafe on 2nd Jan 2008
  • I agree with Stefanie. Beleif is a beautiful thing and should not be used to hurt or offend anyone else. Everyone would be much happier if we could accept one another's beleifs.

    I really did enjoy the article, I find Kali a very intresting figure, and I wanted to find more out about her. This was quite informational. I loved the bit about the symbols.

    But I think if the concept of Hinduisim (or any other relegion) offends you, perhaps your time would be better spent not reading up on it. It might be better for your peace of mind.
    by Nix on 18th Dec 2007
  • ok i've read the article and all of the posts now and the only thing i hav to say is that u guys are really hilarious. (not the article the posts) god is god and will accepts us for whatever or however we believe.
    by stefanie on 16th Dec 2007
  • hi. umm i read this article on mother kali and i found it very interesting and really inspiring. Then i read all of the comments (well most of the comments, there were alot of them) and it kinda mad me mad and sad at what some of the people here hav posted. i understand that a person can totally and completely believe in their religion, and want others to believe as well. But that gives you no right to dismiss what others believe as wrong and tell them that if they dont believe in jesus ( or watever other religion ) that the will be going to hell or won't be saved. whoever or whatever god is do u think that he/she/they would condemn someone simply for worshipping him in a different way. that wouldn't be a very god like thing to do would it....
    p.s. the article was awesome im interested in finding out more about hinduism and other religions and gods.
    by Stefanie on 16th Dec 2007
  • I think it was nice, and well organized.

    Its astounding how people can turn remarking on an article into a religious feud. All relegion is truth for those who beleive in it. Telling people that they're worshipping devils and they'll burn is very unkind. And telling people who have found something to beleive in that they are being manupulated is equally so. If you cannot keep your religious attacks to yourself, scream into a pillow. Pray. Light a candle. Whatever calms you down.

    So if we can stop flinging religious insults, and giving sly hints about other people being on the wrong path. Acceptance is better. Tch, and some can be very rude. I thought Jesus was all about acceptance. I think he must have been a great man. But so was Budda. So were many people. The world has male and female aspects. This is simple balance. Look at this balance how you want, but don't force anyone else. They have their own eyes.

    Get over it. Move on. Nice article.
    by Nix on 15th Dec 2007
  • Oh the powerful mother-goddess Kali, Queen of darkness, death and gore.
    She is a powerful figure and one must be cautious when invoking her name.
    It was not so long ago when a young lady posted a terrifying story about her and her college friends dabbling with something she called a Hymn to Kali. Her and her friends were involved in a shocking car accident in which several were injured quite badly.

    Kali is mistress of death and destruction, do not call upon this dark aspect of Devi unless absolutely necessary. To speak her name out loud summons devastating forces of the underworld, dark and violent spirits are her companions.

    Devi/Shakti is a benevolent goddess also, so try a gentler form such as Parvati. Try another goddess altogether like the beautiful Lakshmi or wise Saraswati. Avoid Kali unless you know what you are doing, if you need a darker and more aggressive form of the goddess to blast people and problems from your path, then try the goddess Durga, she is almighty and awesome to behold. Her power is limitless and her anger terrible.

    The power of Kali to cause chaos in the world and in the lives of others is well-documented. Avoid invoking this avenging goddess, or you will get BURNED by the experience. I warn you.
    by Princess Caitana of Mumbai on 12th Dec 2007
  • dear jesus,
    please protect me from your followers.

    ps. joy is an idiot.
    pps. but it is amusing to think of joy searching the web for satan and posting blogs.
    ppps.can't we all just embrace the nameless divine?
    by poop on 28th Nov 2007
  • pranams to the lotus feet of the divine mother Kali
    pranams to the lotus feet of Lord Jesus
    pranams to the lotus feet of Lord Buddha
    pranams to the One withouth a second
    the Source of all
    by bal on 14th Nov 2007
  • please meditate


    God is beyond human understanding

    All religions are true
    they speak of different aspect of the

    One Reality
    Onewithout a second

    you cannot know yourself
    the Subject cannot be objectified

    it all started with the I...
    who am I?
    Egoless silence

    That (Self) is ultimately formless

    be joyful be blissfull be graceful

    just be
    but unfortunately this natural state has been lost
    and it has been replaced with all this hogwash

    just be as Heart

    are you born?

    you are not divided from That

    if you are born you have to die

    we are all one

    by bal on 14th Nov 2007
  • in my experience of that she is just as great a being as jesus is is...i have found her to transform my life and has given me great love support and healing of that which is not truth within..i find kali is a bout love just as i understand jesus is..
    its the human need to be right and wrong that distorts the messages of these great beings..which is about love..
    which is believe is central to all religions..
    by satyaloka on 11th Nov 2007
  • I hear you, Glacier.
    Without going into how I was initially drawn to Kali exactly, I was reading a pagan forum a while back which basically said that unless you're an ethnic Indian, you have no right to attempt any kind of interaction with Kali whatsoever.

    Given that I'm a white boy myself, (English ancestrally on one side, Scottish on the other) that convinced me to forget about Kali again for the better part of a year.

    However, I eventually came to a realisation. I didn't want to "steal" Kali. I wasn't going to be try to be evangelical, so the real ethnic Indian Hindus didn't/don't need to worry about me spreading misinformation about Her, either.

    The only thing I wanted to do is love Her. I wanted to focus on Her images, I wanted to read other people's praise of Her, and add to it with my own; I wanted to close my eyes and feel the living, breathing paradox of Her primal terror, majesty, and overwhelming love towering over me.

    It's like it says at the Kali Mandir site; the description there of Kali Puja mentioned that even people who were Christian for the rest of their lives came to worship Mother at the new Moon. Part of me honestly doesn't understand how the fundamentalist Christians posting here can write such horrible things. How is it that you are not drawn as irresistably, as inexorably as I and so many other people are, to Mother? How is it that you are able to resist the urge to love Her?

    I don't feel any need to Westernise Kali or make Her into something She isn't; I fell in love with Her purely based on what has been recorded by Indians themselves.
    by Petrus on 9th Nov 2007
  • Jamal...woah, awesome! We're not just having love of Kali being condemned as demon worship by Christians, but we've had a visit from Islam as well! I have to ask...later on, if we give Kali a break, can we watch a cage match between you and the Christians where you both condemn each other to Hell? ;-)

    Question for you though.

    1) Allah is an all-powerful being.
    2) Allah thinks demon worship sucks.

    If both of these are true, then how, logically, is demon worship able to take place at all? If demon worship makes Allah upset, and He's all-powerful, I would have thought He'd be able to come up with a fairly cool preventative measure of some kind for ensuring that demon worship never occurs in the first place.

    I know this might go back to the old free will thing...but another point. Couldn't Allah keep the demons chained up to prevent people from being able to make the choice to worship them without therefore interfering with said people's free will?
    by Petrus on 9th Nov 2007
  • To Peter Carlino,
    As you preach your doctrine of fear, realise that one of the many reasons why we who praise Kali do so is because part of what She is about, from what I have seen, is the *overcoming* of fear.

    You might also say that Christ's victory on the Cross means that all cause for fear has been removed. If that is the case, of what are you still so visibly afraid? Even more, why are you so tireless in your efforts to pass said fear on to us?

    "I give them eternal life, and they shall never perish. No one can take them out of my hand." John 10:28

    If your faith is strong, then be strong in it. Many of us refuse to continue to be part of a religion of hate, fear, and judgement...and I am not talking about the Bible itself here at all; I am talking about how Christians such as yourself behave. If you truly are Christian, then as you condemn that which you do not understand, call people fools, and threaten them with hell fire, it is fitting for Christ's own words to be used in reprimand of you.

    "Ye shall know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs of thistles? Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit. A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit. Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into the fire. Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them."
    Matthew 7:16-20

    If you were truly assured of your salvation in your own heart, you would be fearless. You would not, from a position of your own fear and misery, feel a need to attack and condemn others. I draw courage both from the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, *and* from the sublime power that has been known by all of those who have been in the presence of Mother Kali. I do not care personally who says the two faiths are incompatible...I see and feel the Divine in both. Even if, hypothetically it was true that Kali was a demoness, (which I can most emphatically tell you it is *not*) it is written that all of us who believe in Him are saved by Jesus' work on the Cross, once and *forever.* Thus I have nothing to fear from demons.

    You can keep your fear. I will continue to praise both He, Jesus, who died that the entire world may live without fear of death, (not merely one small group) and She, Mother Kali, who is always with me, and who has been with me during some of the darkest hours of my life, though at times I did not recognise Her. I do however thank have finally caused me to realise that, as his own beliefs echoed more of the words of the Bible, Ramakrishna was right. True love really does drive out all fear.

    I echo your own praise of Jesus Christ, but I add to it my own continual confession of love for my Mother. Answerer of prayer, Protectress, remover of fear and illusion, and slayer of the ego.

    by Petrus on 9th Nov 2007
  • Speaking of Jesus' victory over death, here's another wonderful God breathed writing from the apostle Paul to the Corinthians:
    I declare to you, brothers, that flesh and blood cannot inherit the kingdom of God, nor does the perishable inherit the imperishable. Listen, I tell you a mystery: We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed— in a flash, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, the dead will be raised imperishable, and we will be changed. For the perishable must clothe itself with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality. When the perishable has been clothed with the imperishable, and the mortal with immortality, then the saying that is written will come true: "Death has been swallowed up in victory."
    "Where, O death, is your victory?
    Where, O death, is your sting?"
    The sting of death is sin, and the power of sin is the law. But thanks be to God! He gives us the victory through our Lord JESUS CHRIST.

    by Joy on 9th Nov 2007
  • It's not the Christians who claim that Jesus is the only way to heaven, it was JESUS HIMSELF who said it in no uncertain terms. Some people like to lump Jesus in with all the false gods and prophets, but Jesus (according to his own teachings!) would not appreciate it. Here's what Jesus REALLY did say to Thomas, recorded in the gospel of John: Jesus answered, "I am the way and the truth and the life. NO ONE COMES TO THE FATHER EXCEPT THROUGH ME" ! That's pretty clear to me that "The Way" really is THE WAY!
    Jesus also said this, recorded in Luke 12: 4, "I tell you, my friends, do not be afraid of those who kill the body and after that can do no more. But I will show you whom you should fear: Fear him who, after the killing of the body, has the power to throw you into hell. Yes, I tell you, fear him".
    In this bible verse Jesus is clearly saying that God has the right to judge all of us and we should seriously respect Him and His authority. But Jesus provided grace and forgiveness for all of us (The Way) by dying on that cross and rising again to defeat death once and for all! Yeh...take that Kali! Praise Jesus!
    by Joy on 9th Nov 2007
  • Hello to all. All the close minded people posting on this site (not just those being reffered to as "fundies") really should stop and think about everything you are saying. Regardless of what country you are from, what religious affiliation you make if any, and how you live your life...every human being is allowed to embrace everything that life has to offer without being condemned for their thoughts and emotions, as hypocritical as I may sound. Many times we as humans get so wrapped up in proving each other right and wrong we forget the beautiful things that both unite and separate us creating identity in itself. Poke fun at me for being 16 years old, or for me being American, or for me being female, mulatto, Christian, a realist or a humanist but the truth of the matter is...everything I said was nothing but truth. Usher in acceptance of differences and similarities and you usher in Enlightenment, Nirvana, Salvation...what ever "it" is to you. The true level of elevation is found in what is known to be true. And if I lost you in any of that, you have some ways to go before you can start helping others. Love to all, even to those who despise me for what I am or will be.

    -Roxalyn; MICHIGAN, USA

    P.S. To the point of this review...well informed. I'd like to see more references and clearer dictation of Kali's physical figure, although discrepincies in art and historical descriptions are boud to show.
    by Roxalyn on 8th Nov 2007
  • Hi you condem this comment n recomend some other work (Dancing Shadows by Aoumiel) who dont know what hunduism is all about? I think u guys should stop reading the crap which from some self made guru who just here to make a buck on hinduism ......hunduism if for not making money. so stop the bs n playin.... Ji mata
    by Raj on 4th Nov 2007
  • Peter,

    Just who the HELL do you think you are? "Condemning" others in the name of a god who taught, "Judge not." You have no authority to condemn others, nor does your Lord "convict" you to disobey His commandments so flagrantly. Did God make Hindus, Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, Pagans, Witches, et alia, or only Christians? Please learn something useful about the faith you profess before you "condemn" others who know more about your faith than you ever will. As a Christian, you are a fraud, a "Christianoid."

    And remember, "Convictions make convicts."

    In the name of Eris, the merciful, the compassionate, the heart of love, I rebuke you.

    The Wizzard of Jacksonville
    by Adastra on 2nd Nov 2007
  • hey lola, u r so wrong about everything. ist of all christ did not exist in human form. his name derived from christo in greek. christo derived from the hindu blue coloured god ur homework before u open ur smelly mouth. who in the world can be borned to a virgin mother. find me one virgin mother in this world now and i'll convert to christianity this very second. virgin mary never was in human form . she is the goddess kanyakumari from south of india. u see any resemblance in the name now, u punk? KANYAKUMARI IS A VIRGIN GODDESS LONGLONG TIME AGO THAN UR VIRGIN MARY. u don't a shit abouit hinduism and u brag about christianity that came only 2000 years ago. ur bible is no match to our vedas which are more older by thousand of years. ur christianity also copied many things from jews. even the jews were from afghanistan which was my motherland INDIA today.
    by hahaha on 22nd Oct 2007
  • when you have time, and want to learn more, read Dancing Shadows by Aoumiel. It will add to your store of historical information about your religion.
    by Carol on 19th Oct 2007
  • The question of why Kali appears to trample on her husband, Shiva, inspired a possible explanation which I have not seen mentioned here. Possibly the symbolism implied is simply that she stands on Shiva as the foundation of the universe and of her own existence. The pose thus honors the ground of all being instead of being an insult.

    Om kring, Kalikaya namah Om,
    Hring, kring kring, Kalilkaya namah Om.

    With love,

    Bob, aka Adastra,
    The Wizzard of Jacksonville
    by Adastra on 16th Oct 2007
  • Anyway, being a student of Hinduism, I found this article to be a good introduction to the nature of Kali. It would have been nice if her pre-Vedic Dravidian existence had been discussed and her co-opting by the Vedic Aryan priesthood (as well as the other Hindu goddesses) - a process similar to the co-opting of pre-Christian deities as saints into Christianity.
    by Neil Obstat on 9th Oct 2007
  • Wow, so much hate and invective spewed forth in the name of religion. And in the name of non-existent ethnic purity. The divine is where you find it, not in what some one tells you. Call it what you will, the universe exists and is both living and dead, creative and destructive, omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent. Truth is where you find it, not in the words of humans no matter how it is claimed to be divine revelation. "Prophets and messiahs have pointed to the door, but no one had the guts to leave the temple" - Pete Townsend (a Brit!)
    by Neil Obstat on 9th Oct 2007
  • I'm fascinated by Hindu philosophy.So much wisdom.I study all religion and philosophy and choose to remain open to all possibilities.I spend my evenings finding parallels between them all.Seems like the best thing to do.I keep my Bhagavad Gita and Dhammapada next to my Koran and Holy Bible.Live a little Lola and think outside the lines.
    by Marty on 1st Oct 2007
  • This article is well written, I would prefer a little more scholasticism, perhaps citing ref's and such.

    Jai Sri Kali-Ma
    Jai Jai Shakti Jai
    by Thet on 7th Sep 2007
  • Kali - enfold me in the four-handed caress of death
    Walk with me through halls of incensed oblivion
    Knowing full well none escape thy pavilion
    Be it thy mouth to take my last breath
    by trent colquhoun on 3rd Sep 2007
  • Even tho I am an atheist, i love reading about gods and fairies and angels and most of all Art that represents these myths. My opinion is people should be good because they want to be good, not because they think heaven or god or whatever rewards them for this, because im eyes your being false, and if your gods are a wise as they are will see your only doing this to go your "heaven". Grazy i tell you. Grazy.

    I think this site is beautifull and very informative.

    Thank you for the great peace on Kali
    by Jaco Aucamp on 20th Jul 2007
  • I've read the article and everyone's postings with interest.
    It is good to see God represented in a female aspect, in fact I believe that the only reason that God is mainly represented in male terms in the Bible is to differentiate God from the female 'fertility' Gods that have been worshipped from an early age. I don't see how we can put a gender on God, I think that God transcends gender and that once we start genderising (can I say that) God, we're seeing God in our image instead of it's image.
    I share the concerns of some who've posted with regards to finding the 'truth' but I wish they would just sit back and look at how rude what they're saying seems - I understand their passion though, I mean, if you believe that someone is going to hell, you're going to want to stop that at all costs aren't you?
    I personally am concerned about the warlike symbolism in Sikhism as it doesn't fit in with my personal experience of a loving God - of course I believe in justice.... but mercy, love and joy are what God means to me.
    by Becks on 19th Jul 2007
  • If people dont like to know about Indian art, then why do you come to this site and scribble bad words?
    by Hema on 18th Jul 2007
  • Mary, thats a lovely site you posted about darling, many thanks for sharing it with us. May the path of your will always rise with you.
    by AlannahBabalon156 on 17th Jul 2007
  • I was delighted to read about the rich symbolism of what Kali holds in Her hands, which is not immediately obvious to a Western mind. For anyone interested in knowing more true symbolism about God our Mother -- try his site: It's very inspiring!
    by Mary on 17th Jul 2007
  • Hey lola, guess what... HINDUS DON'T BELIEVE IN THE BIBLE! OH NO! WHAT R U GONNA DO! AHHH! "O Jesus please help the poor hindu savages. amen!" lol. you make christianity and Jesus into a joke, it's people like you who distort the message of Christ to fit your own sick dogmas! lol... ur a joke... leave my religion and my Mother Kali alone.... its none of your business who i, or anyone else, worship.
    by Hail Mother Kali on 17th Jul 2007
  • Oh ho ho ho, what a laugh, lola's back in town!

    Look nobody is taking anything away from your religion Lola but when fundies like you come onto other religious websites telling us all the usual crud about "my god is the truth" you actually say more about your own weaknesses than whatever your religion has to offer, and lets be quite frank Lola, you gotta lotta weaknesses to prop up with your insistence on swallowing wholesale fundamentalist dogma.

    No one gives a shit about what you think of other religions haven't you grasped that yet? :-)
    by AlannahBabalon156 on 16th Jul 2007
  • This article is a true example of how the enemy uses, fancy words to entice those who cannnot think for themselves.
    My God is the one who does not make junk, he allows us free will, and it is us as human beings who allow the enemy to come in and make us into junk.
    It says in Genesis 1:1 God created the heavens and the earth. But the bible does not say how much time was in between the first verse and the second. And Jesus was the son of God, sent to the earth to be fully God and Fully Man. Yes he was born 2000 years ago, but God was around long before that. In the old testament their is about 5000 years that are recorded.
    I am not saying your religion is false, but if you had actually read the bible you will see that you can tell a cult and false Gods, by reading the truth.
    I am sorry I admitt I have never sat down and read all of what the Hindu religion has to offer.
    So I will pray a prayer that will release you, from whoever hurt you, to make you feel the way you do.
    God I cast off any evil thing that would come against these people and their minds. I pray that you are the God that passes all understanding, and you have created us to serve you. I pray that you will open the eyes of these people, that they would see that you have always been in their lives. God Forgives you all and I know you will not believe me and you will probably take and bash my name around like so many others on this site.
    But one thing is for sure I love my Jesus and the Holy Trinity that is God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus.
    You can condemn me all you want, but at least if you are insulting me, you are not insulting someone else.
    God Bless
    by Lola on 14th Jul 2007
  • Wise words E Ajami, not particularly about selling one's soul (not even someone as left hand path as myself believes in that concept), but about good and humans with every piece of knowledge within us, we are all gods. The biggest fallacy that humans believe is that they're pawns in some cosmic game when they dont realise that they could be kings. Mother Kali don't like weaklings, the ones who bow and scrape before others, her mighty strength is our strength, and each and everyone of us has a birthright to be our own gods and goddesses, to be masters of our own destiny and to help others realise their own godhood within themselves.
    by AlannahBabalon156 on 10th Jul 2007
  • Peter Carlino, why do you worry that people who sell their souls to Beelzebub would "burn"? Surely Satan would not harm an accomplice, a person led astray by a "demon". Please remember that Satan led Adam and Eve to discover good and evil. You apparently owe your sense of morality to Satan, so have some respect for people's legitimate use of internet space and wholly unholy sale of soul. It would seem to me that a soul would be a fair price for knowlege of good and evil.
    by E. Ajami on 10th Jul 2007
  • For all the Christians:

    All this Judgment-day concept in the Bible can ALSO be applied to ones own life. In the Vedic religion, the human individual is considered as the microcosm of the actual macrocosm (the world/ universe). After death of this microcosm (the human body), it has to face judgment day and review each and every action that has made its mark. This will determine its fate.

    You cannot treat Jesus as your back-up when you still commit sins knowingly or unknowingly. "I believe in Jesus, so I will be saved". All this "belief" is just not easy. Only if you surrender completely to Jesus so will you ever be saved. And to surrender completely means NOT JUDGING OTHER children of God. It is ok to be a little fanatic to your beliefs because that forces you to stick with "the God you accept" and you stop hopping around but you should not develop so much fanaticism that you start attacking anybody that is different from you. What will God think if you start disliking his own creation?
    by Taradas on 16th Jun 2007
  • And by God, I also mean his divine motherly aspect......Goddess Kali.
    by Taradas on 16th Jun 2007
  • Look!

    There is obviously a reason that God "created" all these religions. Just think about it; each religion/Dogma/sect has a different viewpoint of the same truth. It is he who made these unique groups of people that are binded by a religion in order to accept the love of God. It is because, he wants everybody to know about spirituality, by his deep compassion. BUT at the same time he doesn't want everyone to "realize" (very different from just "to know") the truth as it would stagnate the whole world and then he has to recreate everything from scratch. That is why people are just beating around the bush and not really getting anywhere. Only a selected few will ever come anywhere nearer by his grace alone.

    As for people who think that they know everything about God just because their religion has more convincing TO THEM, then here's the thing: DO YOU THINK THE ENTIRE GAMUT OF OF THE ALL-LOVING GOD CAN BE DESCRIBED COMPLETELY BY JUST A BOOK OR JUST BY SOME RELIGIOUS LEADERS. Read the scriptures, the human mind requires it, but the human mind is indeed limited to comprehend the vastness of God. It is only possible when God himself wants you to know about him.

    Britain indeed rocks. And I have respect for it (they still have the best rock bands! They still beat our American ones by any standard). But they have been culture-killers in the past; if you see the history of British India.
    by Taradas on 16th Jun 2007
  • Britain is a very multi-cultural country now and the slightest suggestion that only one religion or culture is 'right' or 'correct' is deeply, deeply hurtful and offensive.

    The wonderful thing about Britain is how much diversity we have here and how much tolerance and respect there is for people of different creeds, races and beliefs.

    We must value diversity and individuality above all other things. To say anything else to the contrary is to the detriment of equal rights, human rights, tolerance and fairness.

    Please let us stop this religious hatred and bigotry and try to see the goodness in everyone and every religion and faith.

    I have faith in the ability of the British people to be able to do this. To tolerate and see the best in others. Let us British set the example to the rest of the world by welcoming people to our country and treating them all with respect and their religions too.

    I have the greatest respect fir Christians and their religion and I believe that it is only a small, narrow-minded minority of fundamentalists that would criticise and deny others the right to freedom of belief and freedom to practise whatever religion they wish.

    God Save Britain and the British people!
    by Mark Crawford on 13th Jun 2007
  • All religions are created equal and they are simply different ways of worshipping the divine and being spiritual.

    I hate religious arrogance that some people have that they declare their religion to be the only one, and accuse others of being sinners for not following it.

    Not even Jesus himself forced others to accept his beliefs, what right have you to do so? You cannot force others to do something that they do not wish to do. Peter, you are a very dogmatic person who is so wrapped up in his beliefs that he cannot see the light.

    I think you should apologise for your words and refrain from making those disgraceful remarks EVER again.
    You have no right to run another persons life for them and no right to dictate what others should believe in or not as the case may be.

    I am very disappointed with your behaviour and expected more maturity from someone your age. I dislike your bullying tone and your fundamentalist beliefs. Get off this site and do not post again, unless your post is something constructive and relevant to the topic in question.

    by Nerys Jones on 6th Jun 2007
  • Anupam M:

    How dare you say a thing like that. Order others to reject organised religion and in doing so, reject the Lord Jesus.

    That is sinful and deceptive talk. No there is not TRUTH in every religion. There is only one truth, one Lord-Jesus Christ, the only and begotten son of God.

    If you reject him in this life, he will have no mercy on you at Judgement Day-he will reject you and Kali will not save you. She is nothing but a fallen angel from Hell, a demon who leads people astray. A devil-goddess of the netherworld.

    Christina, you fool. You agree with Anupam? Are you crazy? Do you wish to burn in the Devil's fire?

    That's right Anupam-do it- sell your soul to Beelzebub because you refuse to open yourself to the truth of God and his heavenly kingdom. You are a grave sinner and what you preach on this site is wrong.............................................

    Jesus is Lord! Praise him, Priase him, pray for your wretched soul. Renounce your sins and accept the Lord Jesus as your Lord and Saviour. Put your strength in Christ-only he will protect you.

    In the name of Christian love and compassion, in the name of God. The Lord convicts me to condemn you out of godly anger and righteousness-you will burn in Hell unless you repent your sins.

    You are a very great fool, Anupam M
    by Peter Carlino on 5th Jun 2007
  • That's right Anupam M-
    by Christina Borghia on 5th Jun 2007
  • Most importantly, everyone chill out. God is laughter and God is fun. Being good is the light and the way for people of all religions or for atheists. Just lead a good life and you will be all the better for it. Forget organized religion if you will. Peace and love to all.
    by Anupam M on 13th May 2007
  • Love and peace to all. Harry Potter to Narnia, Hinduism to Christianity, Islam to Buddhism, it all lies within our hearts. Also within our hearts is Dante's burning hell and the eternal slow hell too. The power of free will. You choose as you will. But mainly I am writing this to point out that westerners are welcome to follow Hinduism to try to achieve their heart's desire. There is nothing which says that westerners cannot become Hindus. Of course Christianity/Islam/Buddhism is as sweet if followed right...Om
    by Anupam M on 13th May 2007
  • for those ask,answering,arguing and so on. think. there is no such thing .that is my god,your god,my religion or yours.
    by nages on 12th May 2007
  • EVERY religion has the SAME archetypes. And I laugh so hard at the arguements that arise about who's the "right one"....Different cultures will have different names but what is in a Her what you will, argue over it until you can't breathe anymore. You poke a dog enough times with a stick it's gonna get pissed off and bite you. Our human race is like a science experiment gone terribly awry. Kali is ultimate freedom. She will rid the world of all energy that cannot vibrate in tune with her. Thank you for taking the time to write this article.
    by Dianamymomnamedmethis on 9th May 2007
  • Princess, I'll make you a deal, I will happily accept your apology if in turn you will accept an apology from me for any sardonicness I may have had in my post, in turn I too may have been hasty and got carried away in my defensiveness so if you forgive I will too.

    As for being from a more older generation, nothing at all wrong with that, in certain cases we may learn a lot from older generations as they have experience in regard to things that young ones like myself have not experienced.

    There is a part in your earlier post that in my rush to explain things from my side I forgot to mention -
    "I have noticed some rather dark dialogue on this site between people of differing faiths and belief systems, and it all seems so childish and silly. Can people of whatever belief not find SOME common ground at all? Surely there is something that we can all learn from one another."........................most definitely agreed, and I salute you for that statement, you are obvioulsy a christian lady of peace and respect to other faiths..............I certainly have no problem with that, and yet again may I extend a bond of respect and love to you by stating that may your god always walk with you. :-)

    by Alannah on 24th Apr 2007
  • Young lady, I apologise profusely for any insult caused to you. I think I may have been hasty and got carried away with my post.

    I am starting to see that there may well be some very difficult problems facing you and others like you. These must be very strong feelings for people to want to have surgery to make them feel whole and the person they want to be.

    I am not of a generation where such things as transsexuality are familiar to me. I am from an older, more traditional generation and that is why I made those not very well thought-out remarks.

    Apologies, Miss.

    Thank you for your remarks about my homeland, it is truly a beautiful place and I am proud to be it's Princess.
    by Princess Marina of Greece on 23rd Apr 2007
  • Tsk, tsk, tsk, now Marina considering you have spoken to me with respect I will do the same to you however, like most christians who do not understand anything to do with transgenderism or transexuality, your religious notions have kept you I will enlighten you.

    First of all, it is not cosmetic, as any transsexual will tell you their head, or mode of being is feminine, the only cure for that (as evidenced by the psychiatric community and the Harry Benjamin Standards they work under) is for the physical to be matched to that of the mental. You cannot cure transsexuality except by doing what the psychicatric community does as I have stated (two years of the medical community prescribing hormones, and then the actual operation itself along with counselling to accept one's nature and not to go against it). Your argument here is based on the fact that you believe your "god" does not make mistakes................evidently he does. Your male hormones and EST is back in the dark ages, the psychiatric community gave that up years ago because of the ineffectuality of that "prescribed treatment", tt did not cure homosexuality either as evidenced by the amount of people in the 50s and 60s who reverted to the nature they were born with and still do to this day. You cannot fight nature and her myriad of ways of being.

    The cost? There is no financial cost, I live in Britain and got my treatment through the National Health Service paid through my taxes. As for the pain, yes it is incredibly painful, I have put up with amounts of pain to be the person I should have been born that even De Sade could never dream of, and I would do it all again because it was worth it. As for seeking help out that is precisely what I done, as I have stated the medical community can only "cure" transsexuality by matching body with the internal mental gender that the TS has. As for the disorder as you call it, what is more disordered than a god who sadistically creates one with a physical than does not match their mental state? You cannot possibly comprehend the amount of torture and anguish I and others have had desperately wondering why the physique I used to have did not match up to the mode of thought we had, your "cosmetic" reasons are the most insulting I have ever came across, and yet again as I state, it shows the amount of ignorance you have regarding TS issues. You're ignorance regarding it and how it is "properly" treated you should read up on, however with all due respect I doubt knowledge in your case would make any difference. Your under the illusion your god doesn't make mistakes, but in the case of people like myself he does. As for the little societal angle you speak of the majority of people have no idea of me being a former man, for that I am lucky, I did not need much physical changes as far as that was concerned, and pass very very easily (even gynaecologists cannot tell the difference between my vagina and one who was born as a woman such is the surgical advances that have been made over the past 20 years) unless I tell people that im transexual. Besides, what care do I have regarding the prejudices of man, I can quote no higher a source than the divine Marquis himself "Pitiful is the fool who lets others do his thinking for him". Societal approval is the least of my concerns.

    I have kept this reply friendly as I can Marina, as you have shown a certain respect towards me, however your ignorance regarding the very efficient treatment afforded by the medical community needs to be addressed. I say this with no malice or hate, just a small amount of disappointment. More disappointment because you come (Im taking the liberty of assumption here regarding your moniker) from Greece, one of the most beautiful and respectful lands of all, particularly the ancient pagan Greeks which I have nothing but respect and admiration for. Your culture has produced geniuses such as Socrates, Plato, Sophocles et al, and have given these gifts to a world who still enjoys and delights in what your country has given us.

    Ive already had the surgery et al you speak of Marina, and I can only say in all honesty before you and your god that it has made me a far better person than what I was before. And who is to say that your god does not make these mistakes deliberately? I do not know nor do I care why I was created the way I was, but I have become a far better person through it than what I was before it. Now do not consider I detest christianity, it is only its orthodox forms I am against. I have respect for gnostic christianity, as evidenced by the beautiful creative works of a William Blake for example, so I am not totally against it all per se. However you cannot make one set of rules of religion for all man to live under, it cannot be done, so I will leave you with love, respect and yes even the statement that whereever you go, may your god walk with you.

    Now let us divulge ourselves of my life story and move back onto more important things like Kali................
    by Alannah on 21st Apr 2007
  • Alannah, in the name of Christian compassion and kindness, I ask, nay, beg you NOT to have your 'bits' removed.

    This article was well-researched and somewhat interesting. I liked the pictures and the intelligent coverage of this rather controversial Hindu goddess.

    I have noticed some rather dark dialogue on this site between people of differing faiths and belief systems, and it all seems so childish and silly. Can people of whatever belief not find SOME common ground at all? Surely there is something that we can all learn from one another.

    There is nothing to be learned from bodily mutilation for supposedly cosmetic reasons, how anyone would be prepared to cut up their body and pump it with hormones to become something they are not is completely alien to me.
    Alannah, I do not judge or criticise you, but I think you have a psychiatric problem and you need to seek help for it rather than paying out for surgery that will give you a botched and very cosmetic appearance of gender.

    Transgender surgery is not a joke, nor something to be taken lightly. It is incredibly painful, it will destroy your fertility forever, cost thousands, and make you ultimately unhappy and probably a figure of ridicule for many people. I'm not saying that people who are Trans should be bullied, but that is the way people are in this world.

    You will avoid a lot of grief for yourself if you seek counselling for these issues instead of resorting to drastic surgery. Male hormones and electric shock therapy have proved to be tremendously efficient in dealing with this probelm in the men. If you persevere with these treatments, you may be able to cure yourself of this disorder...........................................
    by Princess Marina of Greece on 20th Apr 2007
  • I think that the article was fantastic!

    Based on my personal experience, I can honestly say that Kali Ma is REAL. People have a right to believe in whatever they believe in. Just don't condemn another's belief. I truly believe that God will come to you when and where you look.

    I believe in Kali Ma! She has given me everything that I have. May those that believe be truly blessed by Kali Ma, and may those that condemn our hindu religion be forgiven and spared for their ignorance.


    by Desiray Ramdhanee on 10th Apr 2007
  • To Jonathan:

    A) You don't know who the fuck I am baby, lest you'd have spelt my name right (Alannah, not Alana)
    B) Same old bullshit Ive heard from a multitude of you christians, anything not part of your religion is demonised, no matter how good it may be to the person worshipping them
    C) Nightmares et al? You definitely got the wrong Alana/nah there babes. Unless the person you know is a redheaded transgendered person. Probably not huh? I mean a good christian family like yours would never produce someone like me would they now? ;-)
    D) Any god/goddess has light/dark qualities, anima/animus, Jung ringing any bells here Jonathan no? Your own one was a bit of an evil ole bastard as well I believe. I would give you a list of reading material so your obviously impoverished and tainted knowledge regarding what makes up occultism and some strands of magickal thought these days but you're one of these christo-nazi's Mr Thompson speaks of, as stated before if it "ain't part of my religion its gotta be bad" mindset is so passe dear get a new one.

    Why the fuck am I even bothering, my sense of compassion and tolerance ran out with your type (fundie's not christians in general, in fact I have to say some christians have been little darlings to me in all fairness, but you're type? No, never) swim around in your own darkness of a moral and social code made for you rather than BY you.

    Why live by someone else's rules when you can live by your own, and one more thing. I never claimed to be a pagan (although I'll always defend them to the hilt over your fundies anyday), nor would I. My interests are more occultic with a luciferian type of philosophical lucifer doesn't exist people like me utilise him as an archetype of the autonomous governing self. Of course that little point would go over your head........................


    P.s. Did I mention the great one Babalon as well.............ah shucks I forgot didn't I? Looks like im truly fucked hey Jonathan. Hekate, Lilith, Kali and the whore of Babalon (or the great goddess Astarte before you guys fucked her up), what else is there that could possibly send me to hell now huh? :-)
    by Alannah on 20th Mar 2007
  • are you kidding me people????? did you guys even read the article you're reviewing at all???

    point #1! -It talks right in the beginning of this article that Kali ma is the mother goddess..meaning she is NOT DEMONIC!!!

    point #2!- a huge part of Hinduism is the belief that destruction must happen for growth to happen...for every death there will be a birth....desruction is a GOOD thing in Hinduism because of the fact that it means there will soon be growth, rebirth...and life in what if she's depicted in a bit of a frightening way in drawings of her.......this is the hindu's belief system so shove off!!!

    point #3!- for all you people going on about how worshipping gods and goddesses is wrong because there's only one true god blah blah blah.....reality check guys......THE HINDU'S INITIALLY BELIEVE IN ONLY ONE GOD TOO!!! in a nutshell they technically are worshipping only their god named Brahmah (sp?) and all the different gods and goddesses they worship are just basically different personallities of some fucking reasearch before you knock an entire culture because you don't understand it!!!!! all the hindu's reading this...yes i know there's a whole lot more to it than i mentioned and yes i know that it was immensly dumbed down and simplified but i figured doing that was the only way to make these ignorant morons listen to anything!!!! so i really hope ya'll don't take it offensively cause i have the utmost respect for Hindu and it actually makes me rather sad that i'm not allowed to worship it cause i'm not indian...
    by Lauren on 18th Mar 2007
  • Alana, is that YOU posting on this site?

    I did not know that you had been worshipping Lilith and Hecate of late, and what's more I do not approve of this either. These are dark goddesses of death, destruction and black magick.

    Why worship these deities when your pagan "religion" is (supposedly) one of light and goodness? Who are you trying to kid? You are drawing negativity and darkness to you and this is probably the cause of your psychic attacks and nightmares that you have been complaining about.

    Don't go whinging to me about psychic malevolence and oppression from the dark ones when you are working with their evil energies in the Spirit World, you silly, silly girl..............................

    I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ release you from the swirling, demonic chaos forces that you have unleashed in your life. Now I can trace your depression, mood swings and anger back to a source and I am very far from impressed with you, after this entire household has been running around after you and worrying about your "problems".

    Alana you are a stupid, foolish and VERY silly little girl. Start opening your eyes to reality and behaving with a bit more maturity. Mum and Dad were worried about these depressions and psychic attacks of yours, these were fussing over you for days and now I know that you were lapping up the attention eagerly and were responsible for the whole thing in the first place.

    O Jesus, Mary and Joseph, please pull this wretched girl out of her occultic demonolatry and pagan practices and all the demonic oppression she is suffering from as a result, help her to burn and discard these books of sorcery that she owns, and take away her spirit contacts and psychic powers she was desperate to develop, for her own good. For her safety and well-being, divest this wretched creature of her occult skills and psychic development before she damages herself and other people around her with forces she does not have a clue how to handle.

    O Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I pray that you will cleanse Alana of all her sins and psychic practices, and cleanse her bedroom, her furniture, her ornaments and her workspace of all the demonic, evil energies she has foolishly summoned and invoked without realising it. O Jesus, Mary and Joseph cleanse the silly girl of demonic influences and her powers of witchcraft, fill her bedroom and her body with the Christedness of the Holy Spirit and it's power to destroy evil.

    O Jesus and Mary, please do this. Please answer my prayer...............................PLEASE!

    by Jonathan on 17th Mar 2007
  • All praise to the great goddesses of femininity, particularly the ones I call my Holy trinity:

    Your daughter gives praises and kisses to you all particularly Kali, Lilith and Hekate, may the gnosis of self that you three dark mothers have brought unto me forever continue.

    Ah Mother Kali where would I be without your warrior strength
    Ah Mistress Lilith, you help stoke the fires of love, lust and feminist ardour
    Ah Dark Hekate, where would I be without the gnosis of self knowledge and wisdom your torches illuminate for me.

    Forever Yours xxxx Alannah
    by Alannah on 12th Mar 2007
  • Ah Jamal, another clown I gotta take care of.................damn you're just as bad as those fundy-sandle worshippers aren't you? Telling everyone there gods and goddesses are demons like you do, silly little boy one likes a religious interferer, thats what gets those naughty christians a smack-down, just like you're about to.

    Allah the only god? Tsk tsk you have committed the greatest blasphemy of all my little muslim friend! You are forgetting your own godhood there are your own god. Why bow before another? Why bow before the ravings of someone else's orthodoxy & morality when you can live your own. Ah the sheep are always easier lead with a satin collar and a pat on the head.

    by Hunter S Thompson on 7th Mar 2007
  • Ah Albert, diet time for you I think, all those carbs and protein and whatever other junk crap you force down your ever-greedy gob is a sign of poor self-control...............I mean look at the way your mouth runs off like it does.............goddamn it fat boy, get a grip of yourself!

    Come now Albert, repeat after the ol Dr here....................There Is No God Where I Am........................there now didn't feel better?

    "The key to joy is disobedience"..........
    by Hunter S Thompson on 7th Mar 2007
  • Yes, she is a living goddess, great divine force. I have great respect towards her.
    by Nanda on 3rd Mar 2007
  • My daughter is named kalika after the Godess the last ka is for energy good Im blk as the Godess much respect to indiaculture
    by sunkissed on 27th Feb 2007
  • Henry VIII you tosser, obviously most people on here do give a Flying Fuck about Kali as this is an artical entirely devoted to her and her greatness not that of Britain. Ironically Kalis own city, Calcutta is an excellent example of joint Indian and British achievments of greatness in trade and development despite some misdemeanors on the part of the British empire, and it is today a large vibrant creative and diverse city.
    by KayWray on 13th Feb 2007
  • Looks like it all started with Fat Albert, you're a naughty boy Albert, you will burn in Kalis eternal fiery hell! (;})
    Oh, dear looks like I'm being inappropriate now making silly jokes, I do appologise with a ferver equivical to a harlet sweating in church, with the despair of a Hindu who has inadvertantly squashed an unfortunate rodent in a fit of blind devotion at the Karni Mata Temple, with tha joy of a Jehovas witness making record conversions on a Friday night.
    by KayWray on 13th Feb 2007
  • I thought this was an excellent article, and I found it interesting enjoyable and informative, especially as somebody just beginning to discover the beautiful vibrant religion that is Hinduism. This is the only thing I have to say really except to criticise the individual who passed comment below on the evil and falsehood of Kali as it has no place here, if you want to preach go to an appropriate place as it's highly disrespectful to come on here and do it. I would never dream of going on a site about Islam, Christianity or any other religious affinity and go on about how wrong or evil it may be or basicly just differential to my personal beliefs, shame on you! (I'm making no actual comment on my beliefs here and am definately not saying any religion is wrong or evil) I realise that you probably mean best, but it's just plain rude!
    by KayWray on 13th Feb 2007
  • There is no such being as Kali- Ma, except perhaps in the fiery pits of Hell. There is only one spiritual being that we must worship, and that is the one true God.

    His name is Allah and he is the Lord of the Universe. He sent his Prophet Muhammed to spread the message of Islam, which means submission to God.

    Any of these pagan deities are simply demonic spirit-gods and will only lead men astray. Do not follow Kali, she has never helped or saved anyone in this world, she does not exist and is simply a powerless idol, however the religious and magical rituals that go with her cultic practices are evil sorcery and demon-worship and these should be refrained from.

    There is no god but Allah, and his prophet is Muhammed. (Holy Quran).

    Remember, anyone who does not serve Allah will perish in fire and flames on the day of judgement, so if you live a sinful, idolatrous life you will be punished for it in death.

    Allah, please save the souls of wretched, demon-worshippers and their misguided practices. For such things are grave sins in your eyes.
    by Jamal Mohammed on 12th Feb 2007
  • I am British as well, although in these times of Scottish and Welsh devolution I think that English is probably a better way to describe myself. I am proud of our great country and it's history and culture. I am amazed at the contribution that such a small country has made to Europe and the rest of the world over the years.

    I would not accept the statement that we are the best country in the world, though. Britain has it's problems like everywhere else does, there is theft, violent crime, murder, happy-slappings, anti-social behaviour, gangsterism, binge-drinking and alcohol-related crimes, and thug culture. Britain is certainly not a perfect place to live by any means.

    If we compare the culture in Britain to the culture within some other European countries, we Brits come off worse.
    I often wonder sometimes what the Americans and Canadians think of us British people (any Americans on this site, feel free to respond as honestly as you can) . They probabaly assume that we are shy, polite, cultured and classy like Hugh Grant in Notting Hill, I am sure they would be shocked to discover that British people can also be very rude, behave badly in public, drink like pirates, and can also be violent and aggressive also-particularly the English people who have a reputation for this. I wonder why the English are so violent and intolerant and stuck in their ways sometimes, perhaps it's a genetic trait of the English, the Anglo-Saxons and Normans were very warlike peoples in their day and we are descended from their stock.

    I often think we English don't deserve some of the nice, polite Asian families that emigrate over here and behave impeccably despite the chavs and drunken yobs they are surrounded by constantly.

    Kali-Ma is a goddess of war and destruction, would anyone like to speculate on what Kali thinks of the English destroying themselves from the inside out and the whole of England going to the dogs?

    Why does Kali allow this to happen to us English people? Perhaps the Dark Mother cares little for the English as a race and would rather protect her Indian devotees instead. Or maybe all this violence and drunkenness is a stage of cleansing for the English people, after which we will grow and enlighten and live purer and more spiritual lives.

    As a pure-blood Anglo-Saxon Englishman, I hope the latter proves to be the case and that England regains it's former greatness............................
    by Jonathan on 31st Jan 2007
  • Britain is the most powerful country on the planet. Forget about America, they take their orders from Britannia, the Motherland. Now don't you go disrespecting British folk, mate!

    I don't know who you are or where you come from, frankly I don't really care. But you don't talk that rubbish about the British people. We might technically be Europeans, but we are the greatest and most progressive and advanced culture in Europe. There is no country greater than Britain culturally, and this is a world-recognised fact.
    Even the good, old yankees culture and law-system is based on our British model, so there!

    As for Kali-Ma, who gives a flying fuck? This is Britain and the Church of England rules. All other countries are subordinate to us, Britain is the greatest empire in the history of the world.

    England Forever............................
    by Henry VIII on 26th Jan 2007
  • Thank you for your comment.

    It is Europe's goal to re-write history.

    I applied for a job @ UNLV in Las Vegas, NV and the racial defintion of white now is: "All persons having origins in any of the original people of Europe, North Africa, or the Middle East!"

    Now come on! Now White people are "North African" and "Middle Eastern"!


    Next thing, they'll be Asian and Indian!!!

    by Parvati Kali Selassie on 23rd Jan 2007
  • Firstly, I'd like to point out that the British Empire was so advanced and progressive that they managed to exploit a wonderfully rich country to the extent that a top expoter of goods prior to joining the Empire rapidly became a third-world contry and now imports rice (ironic or perhaps someone doesn't want to know the whole truth about her 'glorious' empire). About treating people of all cultures fairly, there is no country more elitest than Britain and their disdain for foreign cultures is glaringly apparent. The reason curry is a favourite dish has no more to do with embracing the Indian culture as backpacking through India does - it's purely fashionable right now and India restaurants just happen to have taken over from Thai restaurants in their popularity. Don't insult the Indian culture and their religious beliefs and gods with your pompous British opinion.
    by LADY PENELOPE on 19th Jan 2007
  • Why the hell don't we all just calm down here a little and have a joint huh? Lets just chill the hell out for a lookie here, ain't nobody, of any faith can prove any of their shit, so why don't we start off by just being honest and admitting that little one straight off the bat. Now............mmmmmmm this is good shit by the way...................
    by Hunter S Thompson on 17th Jan 2007
  • you're an athiest because you're ignorant. I was too but god opened my eyes. Maybe if you open ur mind up and stop being immature it'll do you some good. And don't be talkin bout Mother Kali like that. You'll get whats coming to you, Kali ma don't play!
    by to FAT ALBERT on 15th Jan 2007
  • I speak for one and I speak for many...


    We are all children of them ALL...

    Why can't they see this Great Mother?

    Why cannot races be erased and only humanKINDNESS be replaced?


    does it feel meaningless to even try and change their minds...

    I pray for you one and all...and all for one.
    by a dutiful daughter of HER Spirit Mother on 11th Jan 2007
  • Not all of us are so narrow-minded people. Come on let's be fair about this. For every person who comes on this page making disparaging and selfish remarks, there are about three others who redress the balance by making positive remarks and defending people's freedoms and right to religious expression.

    The Hindu religion is the oldest of all the six major world religions, it is more than 4000 years old in fact, it predates Christianity and Islam by many years, it is older than Buddhism and Sikhism. The Sanskrit language is an ancient one and the Vedas are written in this very sacred language.

    The Hindus have beautiful tales of their many gods (said to number 3000 deities!) and the religion has many spiritual concepts such as reincarnation, meditation, yoga, and asceticism.

    As this fantastic article explains, Kali Ma is not a goddess of evil, destruction and death are some of her aspects. She has negative aspects as well as positive but this does not make her wicked or evil. She is BEYOND goodness and evil. The terms are meaningless when applied to her.

    Who can question the divine? Who can label a vastly superior being as either good or evil, which are frail human qualities? Kali Ma is a supremely powerful goddess, some say the most powerful goddess in the entire pantheon of gods. All the gods fear Kali, they fear her power and her anger.

    To all the bigoted fundamentalist Christian folk who troll this site, please be more respectful to others and their beliefs, we don't ever question your right to practise and believe what you will, is it fair of you to deny others their religious freedoms?

    Kali Ma punishes man's feeble arrogance and will to control others, she defends her children from such people because she herself cannot be controlled by anyone. She is a powerful force of nature to be reckoned with, let no man cross her.......................................

    Kali Ma is a real being. The Hindu gods are real, they truly exist on another plane of consciousness. They are present in our lives and in our world, they will help anyone who calls upon them in time of need or distress. The gods are mighty and powerful.

    The Hindu religion exists for all time, because all religions are paths to the same God-Brahman. This is a spiritual truth.

    Jai Ma Kali!
    by Gula on 11th Jan 2007
  • When I chose Caly as my Pagan name, I had no knowledge of Kali but since reading the article I know even more in my heart that Caly was the right name for me. I will try to honor her name always.
    by Caly Silvermoon on 4th Jan 2007
  • I came to this article in a quest to find out more about my namesake. This article gave me very useful information, and I thank the writer for that. But then I read the reviews. I have to confess, this has made me very sad for the world. I am neither Hindu nor Christian, but even I can see that your hateful words are making the world even MORE full of racial and cultural discrimination and hate. I am a 13-year-old girl, and I am American. I know some of you will not like that, and may even hate me for it. But I don't care. Kali is the Mother of ALL, not just those who YOU deem worthy. How do you know what she feels?

    I am sorry not all of you can accept others, and that you all seem to judge on the basis of nationality. I pity you, and hope that you will find peace wherever you go when you die.
    by Kali Cherpereaux on 3rd Jan 2007
  • British Europeans and Europeans at large are the MOST arrogant people on the face of this Earth and your statements prove my point. Period!

    Kali Ma is not British and could NEVER be!
    I don't think this Mighty, Black Goddess would appreciate being considered a national treasure by the barbarians that invaded and brutally controlled her country and its people!

    If it were not for the indigenous inhabitants that civilized the Indus Valley BEFORE Europeans came out of their caves... Britain would not have had the opportunity to invade and then claim all that is now considered East Indian!

    Stop fooling yourself, Lady Ford... the only claim to fame that Europeans have are STOLEN ones!

    Your people have used terrorism, violence, rape, torture and disease to invade and control the indigenous lands and peoples of Mother Earth WORLDWIDE and She is watching closely...

    Your pride and arrogance is what will eventually bring you down. Not to mention your historical legacy of brute force and destruction upon the Earth and Her creatures.

    Your so-called legacy is founded on the original/aboriginal/indigenous ones that were founded milennium before your ancestors crawled out of their caves.

    You can brag and intimidate brainwashed indigenous ones who may fear your violence but... all of us are not afraid of

    The last time I checked... Europeans were in the minority and the colored, indigenous peoples of this Earth are the
    natural MAJORITY!

    It is only because of your paranoid schizophrenic inferiority complexes that your race has lashed out against EVERY indigenous group on this planet.

    Without us you are nothing. You need us more than we need you. You force yourselves into peoples countries/lives and then inflict them with your backward Western European lack of morality.

    You talk about the Yanks of the U.S. being jealous of you but... where the hell do you think the Yanks came from???

    Bloody ENGLAND!!!

    They had to flee the oppression that was taking place in their own beloved Mother Country BRITTANIA!!!

    Your glorious empire days will one day be a long lost memory and I pray for that
    day to come VERY soon.

    London Bridges falling down...
    Babylon is fallen...

    By the way, British people have NOT always been the most advanced culture on the planet!

    Why are you deceiving yourself Ms. Ford?

    Everything Europeans have attained has been by FORCE... STOLEN... HI-JACKED!
    All you people represent are counterfeit,
    imitation, synthetic, artificial, plaguerized,
    forgered, toxic waste JUNK and weapons of mass destruction that will never stand the test of time.

    Our indigenous legacies have been etched in stone and other natural materials, including our melanin and DNA.

    Good luck with your delusions of grandeur, while your race destroys this planet with their WASTE!

    The bottom line is this, Lady Ford...


    What is Hers can NEVER be rightfully British/European!

    Kali Ma should behead you for your arrogance and ignorance!

    by Parvati Kali Selassie on 17th Dec 2006
  • Listen Miss "so-called" christian. All your beliefs are based on a book. Instead of looking at God by the book, try looking beyond it. Be the bible; apply it to your daily lives....not just preach a few lines from Revelations.
    By the way, Kali worship existed long before Jesus was ever born. It is not during the "end of days" as you refer to the current time, that Kali worship was introduced. Jesus is made up off the same essence of which Kali is made up off. Only their exterior appearance is different.
    If you think that you will go to Heaven because "the bible says so"- there is a song too! Jesus loves me because the bible says so- get over that load of crap. Jesus loves everyone, believers, non-believer, sinners alike....PERIOD.
    by Taradas on 7th Dec 2006
  • I am British, I feel that the Hindu religion is more familiar to us Brits than to Americans because India used to be a part of our great and powerful empire. Americans are unfortunately a bit more insular and unknowledgeable about other cultures.

    We British have always been the most advanced culture on the planet and the most progressive and modern country in this fast-changing world. This can be seen in our modern multi-culturalism and acceptance and equal treatment of minority groups. We British and our empire are the envy of the globe and we are rightly proud of this. I don't blame the Americans on this post for envying our quite sizeable Hindi communities and our shared culture with them. The problem is, you yanks simply don't understand it. Yours is mostly a Christian country with a sizeable ehnic portion of citizens, but our British Hindu community is far larger than that of any country ouside of India, which sadly gained it's independance and left the greatest empire in the world in 1952.

    Curry is in fact, one of our national dishes, a legacy of our glorious empire days. I would also accept Kali Ma as a British goddess, as we British used to own and rule India and everything in it. We still own about 15 other countries in the world apart from our own United Kingdom. With Britain having the second largest Hindu community outside of India, I think we can definitely claim the Goddess Kali as our own national treasure.
    by Lady Stephanie Ford on 4th Dec 2006
  • As a matter of fact it's very interesting how this became a site for discussion! I contributed some thoughts about a year ago or more and when I checked out this site again now the discussing is still going strong!
    by chridman on 3rd Dec 2006
  • I dont know if Kali exists or not. But this article by Adaiet Kulkarni sure sounds nice: "Mother Kali's greatness cannot be described. She is the Light in the heart of man and the Light the permeates the manifested worlds. She is both with form and without form. She dances in rapture - waves of delight travel far into the distance. Mother's grace is all I need. Hari Om."
    Much nicer than the so-called Christian hatefulness that appears in some articles here! In the Silver Chair in the narnia series puddleglum say to the witch something like: I may be a child to believe in the overworld and the sun and stuff, but i'd rather believe in that than live in some underground darkness."
    And that was written by a Christian!!


    by chridman on 3rd Dec 2006
  • What happened to WORLD PEACE? So much hate in this world. I wish people could understand mata kali and her greatness. She saved this universe from evil she is powerful and beautiful. People need to take the time to have a better understanding of the hindu religion.
    by Shakti (matashar) on 28th Nov 2006
  • Mata Kali is truly great!!!!!!!! Without her this world would be destructive CHAOS !!! tO ALL U RUDE UNPOLITE RACIST PEOPLE OUT THERE when reading something or learn something comprehend it before u have something rude to say!!! INDIAN MADRASI RULEZZ
    by AshWARIYA Rai171 on 28th Nov 2006
  • Al Pacino, I wish more people in this universe had a beautiful view such as yours. There cannot possibly be one spiritual path for all, better for all to find their own individual path and allow others to progress in their own way. A big 93 (Love) to you all, no matter what your path is.
    by Frater lilith on 16th Nov 2006
  • We should all be tolerant and respectful of our fellow brothers and sisters believes. Keep our eyes open to all the positive energies.
    I personaly want to wish all of you well in finding the right path!!!
    Namaste ,Salaam ,Shalom, Vanekam, Hail Jah

    Cino Shearer
    by Al Pacino on 18th Sep 2006
  • I absolutely ADORE the Hindu gods. I loved reading about them during my religious studies at school, they are so beautiful and powerful. But I was dismayed to learn that White Westerners cannot convert to Hinduism or worship at a Hindu temple.

    This seems terribly unfair and I have cried for days over this. I would love to be a Hindu and worship their gods. I would like to ask all proper Hindus out there, is it true that westerners cannot convert to Hinduism and why is this?

    Can I also ask if you Hindus believe in the Gods truly and which ones you particularly like to worship? Who are your favourite Hindu deities?
    Perhaps you could also relate to us some stories about your experiences with the Gods and examples of answered prayers by these beautiful, divine beings...................................
    by Glacier Glade on 3rd Sep 2006
  • Alice....I feel that you are a fake...I've never heard a "Mormon" behave like you! You're trying to convice others that you're sincere but I know better!
    by Karma Dogma on 31st Aug 2006
  • Jo-Anne, hinduism accepts Jesus as a divine incarnation. There is even a mantra for Him: Om Jesu Christaya paramatmane purusha avatarya namaha. There is also a wonderful 2 volume book by Pramahansa Yogananda entitled "The Second Coming of Christ: The Resurrection of the Christ Within You". It's available at
    by on 29th Aug 2006
  • avineshwari, please don't say people in the US treat yoga just as an exercise. Apparently you haven't visited a yoga studio in the states. I refer you to the fact that Pramahansa Yogananda helped bring hinduism to mainstream America in the late 1800's. The word yoga itself means union. The union of the physical and the divine. Everyone who starts taking yoga is on their own personal journey, and it may take time for them to appreciate the subtleties of yoga. We're all at different levels on our spiritual journey, but just the fact that someone has decided to start taking yoga means that they have taken, at the very least, a small step toward spirituality.
    by on 29th Aug 2006
  • Wow! I read this article and finally began to understand what was happening to me. Thank you so much!

    Thank you also, Mr. European Atheist. If I had the gift of your clarity, eloquence, patience, hope and passion, I would have written the same thing.

    I am so tired and pained by fear and hatred and ego. Those of others and that of my own. I am a european-trained psychologist, Eastern, born in the West into an Islamic/Hindu family and educated for seven years at a cathololic convent.

    I have not only experienced, but lived the faiths. When the Hindu lifestyle 'chose' me, I confided to the Hindu priest that I am also in love with the Christ. He said, "Well, that makes you an even better Hindu!"

    by Jo-Anne Jayadevi Ali- de Vries on 23rd Aug 2006
  • I was led to this article as I have a black cat I have named Kali, and was in search of the meaning and history behind the name. I am very disturbed by some of the venomous opinions in the reviews that accompany it. I am neither christian or Hindu but have respect for all because all have means of being connected to the Source that has been our creation. So there is no this one is right that one is wrong, they are all a matter of personal choice as to what one believes and feels most comfort with. All lead to the same ultimate end. Hatred and division is what is leading our world to its own destruction, and the more fed the larger it will become.
    by arizonawind on 20th Aug 2006
  • Dear Kali,

    It is great that you are trying to learn the meaning of your name, and then looking into other religions etc. You said in your post ''just because we came to this site we are not buddhists..'' or something to that effect. I am a Buddhist, and can I say that Kali Amma has no relationship with Buddhism. Just wanted to inform you that Kali actually doesnt mean goddess of destruction. 'Kal is time'. It is a lovely name. Be proud of it.
    by Kit on 7th Aug 2006
  • I know...I spelled ParaNirvana wrong- Essence is more important than formalities- who can disagree...I find all subject matter relating to Kali of interest- so long as it does not foolishly mock her as something she is not- and what she is is beyond description and understanding- she is the mystery of all women, forever mysterious and beyond our fathom. Her voice is infinite and eternal- a sychronization of every women that ever was, is, and will be...all speaking as one voice- it is impossible to describe how powerful her voice alone is- after hearing it everything for me has changed- I now have not the slightest doubt whatsoever about the existence of Gods and Goddesses- and I know as I have in death the ultimate freedom and bliss- every day that I live here is difficult- once one tastes that nectar of immortaliy the fruits of the mortal realm don't taste as they did before. I guess I could go on, but why...One last thing- Kali...I will never put you in a box and try to define you!!!
    by Jozen-Bo on 26th Jul 2006
  • How blessed the dead are...I'm not really too concerned about history- but I know that India goes back a long long way. How fortunate I am that Kali has spoken directly into me- I simply can't wait to die- but I have to. Suicide is out of the question- it has to come on its own- then as I have heard my cycles of reincarnation are at last no more!!! ParaNirnvana...
    by Jozen-Bo on 26th Jul 2006
  • It's very sad when mostly white people read something they don't understand, and can't get the concept of a balance world. Christian, Islam, even
    Jews there not speak of death. Quite frankly most people fear death. I'm very proud Hindu, whom has grown up in America and i feel sorry for people like the Americans who are lost in their materialistic soulless what they believe to be their world. Your type of people steal our yoga and turn it into something it isn't, an excerise. I'm pretty sure you buy from this website because you think it's pretty and have no idea what your putting in your house. You people there have the nerve to criticize; when all your pegan ancesters converted by the rule of Roman Emperor Constantine. Those British I would insult you stealers of all, but my people didn't kill millions of innocent people for the 'hell' of it. Furthermore keep you close minded opinions to yourselves. We have thousands of book, it's like karma everything leads to another for a purpose. I'm to late in saying my views but better late than never. My opinion, if your so sacred and offended by this article, don't buy our beliefs to decorate your home. Jai Maha Kali Maa.
    by avineshwari on 16th Jul 2006
  • I can't believe I'm saying this, but I agree with the atheist (Mandy's) post. But, I do believe in Jesus Christ, his diety, his humanity, his sinless life, his physical resurrection, and his imminent return.

    I deeply believe what I believe. I've studied other religions, and I see similarities and differences. I don't proselytize because it's not my gift. But, I don't deny the power of Christ either.

    Since I haven't created any human, I don't think I'm qualified to say who will go to heaven or hell. Although I believe in both places. Instead of focusing on who is going to heaven or hell, I try to focus on following the example of my Lord Jesus.

    I also agree with the woman who said that (western) Christianity is very patriarchal. Women are rarely portrayed as strong leaders. I agree that Mary was probably a force of nature--she was the mother of God after all.

    I agree that people do a lot of hateful thing s in the name of violence--this includes all religions not just Christianity.

    What if we all lived by the tenants we say we believe in? Then the world would be a respectful place.

    As for people who call themselves Christians but bash, abuse, hurt and insult people who live or believe differently than they do, what happened to "love your enemies?" what happened to "pray for those who despitefully use you?" what happened to turn the other cheek?

    "Christians" who talk about hellfire and brimstone are stuck in the Old Testament, are legalistic, and cannot reconcile the complexities of a New Testament Christ who is both Just and Loving.
    by IBelieveinJesus on 27th Jun 2006
  • Sally Morgan is deluded. Scotland's history is not older than India's! So her post makes no sense unless you are a white supremacist pagan!
    by WhiteisnotRight on 27th Jun 2006
  • Clearly you are a white supremacist. Scotland's history and culture is NOT older than India's. Without India, there would be no Caucasians, so stop trying to re-write history!
    by WhiteisnotSupreme on 27th Jun 2006
  • Ur blessed
    by Bala on 25th Jun 2006
  • YOU haven't gone after us for criticizing you? What do you call screaming things like "You'll BURN HELL for your disbelief/Satanic ways/your sinful ways" or "You have been blinded by Satan!" at others? Gentle persuastion? Concern?

    The last one may be, but insulting people isn't the best way to make them listen, surely you know that. If you really want to see people take you seriously and possibly convert, act civil. Share information about your religion, LISTEN to THEIR SIDE, and either agree or disagree. If you can't handle that people won't convert, too bad.

    I haven't screamed at you about Kali, Zeus, or the Morrighan coming after you for your "insolence." The truth is, THEY DON'T CARE. They are secure enough that they don't feel the need to bully everyone and anyone into following them.

    If what poeple believe and do doesn't endanger my rights in any way that can be reached LOGICALLY, there's no sense in complaining. You wanna know how i practice tolerance? I KEEP MY MOUTH SHUT. That's right. I IGNORE PEOPLE, and I STAY QUIET, because i wouldn't like it if they bothered me. Why should I pester them?

    By the way, the only reason it seems God's existence has been proven is because so many people believe in him and attribute all manner of miracles and other occurences to him. Which is pretty much par for people of other faiths. It has not been proven if the diety in question is yours, or one of mine, or someone else's. Maybe it doesn't matter anyway.

    With that, i'm going to leave this comments section alone. Matter of fact, I shouldn't ahve even bothered to address thsoe remarks, because I get the same song and dance I've heard ten million times before.

    "Goodness by threat of damnation and hope of salvation is no nobility." - from a wise friend of mine
    by EA on 19th Jun 2006
  • It seems to me that in your religion, the good people do, and how moral a life one leads, MATTERS NOT if they don't believe in YOUR GOD.

    WHY, I ask, should people even bother being good to each other if all they get in the end is agony jsut because they don't believe? And yet, people who don't believe in your god are among the most compassionate, most moral (YES), and most loving people I've had the pleasure of meeting. Life may not be fair, but if your god is supposed to be, he should worry more about our actions than whether people believe in him or not.

    If this were taking place in a working environment, you would be thought of as harassing people. And believe me, that would not sit well with many employers. You are entitled to your opinions and beliefs, Douglas. EVERYONE IS. The problem is that of hellfire and suffering for those who don't believe, REGARDLESS of whether they have been good people or not.
    by EA on 19th Jun 2006
    by KL on 16th Jun 2006
  • "There is no God where I am" - Hamsa, beautiful words from a beautiful text my friend, and a big glorious "93" to you! Love is the Law, Love under Will.
    by Frater Lilith on 2nd Jun 2006
  • Kali and her ancestry go back far further than India. She can be traced back to the glens and majestic mountains of Scotland, and the pagan worship of the holy goddess Scotia, whose Pict devotees called her Callieach. A dark, bloodthirsty sorceress and goddess of battle and the slain. Kali's roots go back to the land of Scotland and it's green earth and blue skies. To the holy land of thistle and heather and haggis, the holy crone goddess's favourite food.

    And in the land of Scots, the holy body of the mother-goddess and provider, you can find the great and eternal secret that will make YOU also divine and one with her. You will discover how the Holy Goddess Callieach, the original Kali Ma, the dark mother of Scotland, will grant you land and a title, wordly riches and glory!

    She will make the blood of the noblest aristocrat run through your peasant veins and make you SOMEBODY. Somebody special and different from all others. Forget Kali, forget India, embrace Scotland and Callieach, embrace Caledonian power and status!

    Do you desire kinship with the all-powerful Callieach? Do you desire to be hers forever and one with the beautiful land of Scots and it's fiery, independant Celtic spirit? Do you desire that the blood-soaked soils of ancient Scotland should be yours as your birthright and your sons birthrights, and theirs?

    If the answer to that question is YES, PLEASE LADY, then let me show you how....................................................


    by Sally Morgan on 1st Jun 2006
  • 'There is NO GOD where I AM'. Can Christ be the only son of God when Sarah was fecundated by God to Sarai and gave birth? No. Jesus only exists as a pentagram formula of IHShVH. Useful as 5 but not unity nor Nothing. Maybe there is No God where I is existant as formless, black as Kala or 'Self without attributes'.
    so Allah's the Atheist (Bagh I Muattar,666) Sanskrit like English can be learnt so when those capable praise Kali Durga in puja (worship) know Her as Goddess of Time. Shiva has a triple Shakti Goddess of Lalita, Jvalamuhki and Kali which is why He dances with Kali. If Kali is Time and Manifestation, Shiva is figured as a corpse or Witness of this Manifestation. Tantra is a Hindu practical art of being a baby in the arms of 93={Mother, Time} and is magick.
    Aum Shivaya! Spanish English Sanskrit.
    by HamSa unwrapping the turban on 28th May 2006
  • (in response to post by "Thomas")

    Polytheism is belief in, or worship of, multiple gods or divinities. The belief in many gods does not preclude the belief in an all- powerful all-knowing supreme being.

    In polytheistic belief systems, gods are conceived as complex personages of greater or lesser status, with individual skills, needs, desires and stories. Usually such gods are not omnipotent or omniscient; rather, they are often portrayed as similar to humans in their personality traits, but with additional individual powers, abilities, knowledge or perceptions.

    In a polytheistic pantheon, the gods may have multiple names, each with its own significance in specific roles, and have dominion or authority over specified areas of life and the cosmos. Thus a god may be the god of music (Apollo) or herding, the god of a particular food (Dionysus, Ceres) or emotion (Aphrodite), have a particular role in the god-hierarchy (Zeus, Loki), or be the "patron god" of a geographical or cosmological phenomenon, or a region, town, stream or family. In some polytheistic beliefs, such as the Greek or Norse pantheons, gods have complex social arrangements. For example, they have friends, allies, spouses, lovers and enemies, they experience human emotions such as jealousy, whimsy or uncontrolled rage, may practise infidelity or be punished, and can be born or die.

    Polytheistic views should be carefully distinguished from religions such as Smarta Hinduism, which present multiple divinities as different aspects of the same God. Rather than being polytheistic, Smarta Hinduism is a form of inclusive monotheism, where many deities are viewed as just different names for the single monotheistic God, and thus provide many paths to the same ultimate truth. Hindu writers are often at pains to clarify this point to practitioners.

    Most pre-Christian cultures of Europe, and indeed many cultures around the world, have been and in some cases remain polytheistic, and polytheism is reviving in popularity in the West, often accompanied by a return to old texts and recreation of the rituals and way of life they describe. Present-day polytheistic religions include revivalist Hellenic polytheism, Shinto, some forms of Wicca, and Ásatrú.
    by Devi on 27th May 2006
  • I've seen that many people have jumped on us christians for "judging" their so called religions but many of you have judged us on this board and we havent went crazy on you lol, I read one persons post, why would God send a pack of animals to kill some kids because of calling Isaiah baldheaded simply because of this statement...Do not touch My anointed ones, and do My prophets no harm.’” (Ps 105:15)
    its as simple as that, Isaiah was a prophet of God... why would someone make an idol of something that represents death and destruction?? thats always puzzled me, But dont think for one second that I am judging your "religion"... I havent done too much research on kali but has anything been proved about her that she was indeed real? i mean what could influence someone to make an idol to worship except the one who is the center of all of this....Satan... out of all these "religions" we have, it only boils down to two people God and Satan, when the earth was created kali had never even been thought of, it just took some goofball to make her up! I know after this post i may be called close-minded or whatever else you guys decide! i dont mind, i stand firm on my belief as a BIBLE believing CHRISTIAN.... its soo funny how many people are still blind when its right in front of their face! if I remember correctly the Old Testament has been proved, the BIBLE has no contradictions whatsoever and I dont force my religion on anyone and if anyone does I apologize for them, God is a free will person, if you choose to accept his son Jesus Christ as your savior you WILL be saved and spend eternity in Heaven with him, but what does kali promise you in the afterlife???<---- not an insult but an actual question, soo I guess will wait and see who the real God is, because I already know! one more thing, DO NOT JOIN A MORMON CHURCH lol i read a post everything was on point and she screwed it up like that hahaha, join a BIBLE believing church.

    peace and blessings
    by Levi on 22nd May 2006
  • Now look here E.A. I am perfectly entitled to preach the truth of the Lord Jesus Christ and his second coming. We are in the end days right now. There will be many, many false prophets and Kali worshipping pagans. This is inevitable, the Great Serpent of the Apocalypse (Satan/Lucifer) will deceive many people in the last days and turn them away from Blessed Christ Our Lord. They will attempt to turn many devout Christians away from the path of truth, goodness and righteousness. In some small measure they will succeed temporarily, but they will only convince and turn those who are destined for the DEVIL'S FIERY PIT. Those who belong to Satan, the deceiver who has deceived the whole world since the beginning of time.

    Do you all want to burn in Hell for worshipping a demoness called Kali? Do you want to sacrifice your own liberty and the blessed state of being that awaits all the holy saints destined for heaven?

    Do you all want to WATCH and FEEL your own flesh burning in the lake of fire and sulphur? The agonising knowledge and reality of being tortured relentlessly in eternity in deepest, blackest hell?

    If you wish to avoid the gruesome fate that awaits you all, then surrender your life to Jesus Christ and praise his holy name! You are all worthless sinners in the eyes of God but he loves you all dearly all the same. He wishes you to grovel and repent of your sinful wickedness in order that you may be saved by the Lamb's holy blood.

    I pray that you folks all find Jesus and follow his perfect example in all things. Worship Christ, praise him you sinners and demonolaters! It is only he who may save you from the evil clutches of the Devil and his demonic minions of Sheol. Beware grave sinners and idolaters, beware demon-worshipping fools...............................your dark path is leading you to destruction. The eternal and endless torment that is condemnation to HELL.
    by Alice Douglas on 20th May 2006
  • I really liked this article and have bookmarked it for future reference. Well done. That being said, how about the more mouthy members of Jesus crowd practicing a little self-control and quit trying to tell others what to think and believe? You want a bunch of drones, go watch "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and wait for the day those pods actually show on Earth. Till then, deal with reality.

    I've read comments from several of these people on here, but i'll only address the most recent. Alice Douglas, please keep your preaching off this board. If you want tolerance, then practice it. Let other have thier beliefs the way you have had yours all these years. If language shapes reality, then those like you have shaped theirs already. You condemn yourself with your own words - no wonder people don't like people like you! The day everyone stops caring so much about who believes what and in which deities is the day we can finally take another step toward a more peaceful, brighter future.

    And what i've said above applies to ANYONE who thinks they've found a ground ripe for conversion here, or anywhere else.
    by E.A. on 17th May 2006
  • The article has tried to capture various interpretations of the myth and symbols of Kali just as many are trying the interpret the Bible. The basic truth about Goddess Kali is simply that She is the feminine side of God that is the destruction of negativity and evil. She is not the Universal Goddess of Destruction and Death as has been mistakenly interpreted, but limited to that of Negativity and Evil. The Hindu philosophy (Hinduism is not a religion) and the sciences (religion is closely interwoven with science) talk about energy (dual nature in the Universe), positive and negative, the constant battle of one to gain power over the other. The Laws of Nature is Reality and the Truth. Religion is a term that is assgined to those beliefs made by man for the vested interest of man. Jesus never talked about religion, his teachings were about the Laws of the Universe, the Christian Church established it, interpreted it to their benefit, and a bunch of gullible fools followed it, and now even Christmas has become a commercial venture! So with Islam. The two institutions are going to do away with each other, just like the scorpion and the tarantula (just put them in a bottle and the two will fight until one of them is destroyed).
    by SR on 14th May 2006
  • This article was thoughtfully written and goes into depth about an ancient goddess worshipped in India for millinea and known around the world. As a Christian, I was brought up with a limited male dominated trinity and a dogma that told all adherents--Jesus is the only one. Believe that or you'll go to hell. How fascinating to learn about a religion that worships divine women as well as men and animals (Humanmen) who are interesting and full of odd and signature qualities, unlike our poor Mary who has been blanded down by the pious to a meek little lady with no opinions or personality. (I'm sure the real Mary was a feisty Jewish woman) I like these lively Hindu goddesses and gods and the respect that Hindus have for all religions.
    by Shanti on 14th May 2006
  • heheh muy names kali n im not evil sooo plz dnt say i am .............
    by kali on 12th May 2006
  • I'm an avowed atheist, but I would never tell anyone "Your religion is wrong." Who am I--or anyone else, for that matter--to judge people and condemn them for their beliefs, or lack thereof? I have studied many faiths, and generally, they condemn and condone the same things, and the basic lesson of all of them is that we, as humans, should strive to be kind and respectful to one another, regardless of race or religion or whatever. Of course, some of the most awful people on earth do terrible things in the name of whatever deity they worship. So my belief is that all religions are inherently good, and problems only arise when humans get involved.

    That being said, if I were to choose a religion, it would be Hinduism. The many gods and goddesses fully represent the dual nature of humans. I also admire the way in which women are so revered, and are acknowledged to be capable of wielding great power. You don't find that in the Abrahamic faiths, which has many teachings that could be considered misogynistic.

    By the way, to Alice Douglas: If you are British, the religion of your country is Anglican, I believe. How dare you criticize anyone for wanting to embrace Hinduism, when your religion was established by a tyrant (Henry VIII) who just wanted an excuse to indulge his lustful thoughts and divorce and murder his wives!
    by Mandy on 9th May 2006
  • I'm an Atheist and I'm PROUD of it!!! EAT THAT KALI!

    by Fat Albert on 5th May 2006
  • I found the article interesting and informative.

    For people using this review service as a platform to peddle their petty dogma, bare in mind this:

    1) No one religion holds a monopoly on the truth.

    2) Most stories should not be taken literally - look for the message in the story. How will the story benefit you as a person?

    3) Is it necessary that we all believe the same thing? Do you believe in what you do simply because of your geographical location or upbringing? Do you use your beliefs as a crutch to deal with your fears or do you use it as a tool to better yourself and others?
    by Harley on 11th Apr 2006
  • I pity the fool especially Herr Reingold!!
    by Mr T on 10th Apr 2006
  • Reinhold, Reingold, Stranglehold or whatever the hell you're name is you're an idiot. What the hell you doing on this website if what you say is true.
    by JackNicholson on 10th Apr 2006
  • My name is Kali, and this website is offensive! I am 13 and just simply typed my name into google one day. This information came up so i clicked the link and have been reading about this goddess. i have gone to multiple sites and have learned about Kali the goddess.

    I have the right to any religion i want and you have NO right to say that what i believe is wrong!
    by Kali on 9th Apr 2006
  • It's always the same story with those Jesus freaks - they know nothing, they understand nothing, but they spread their stupidity with unbridled flourish. Poor Jesus help!
    by DDD on 5th Apr 2006
  • Name of Kali

    This name is not meerely a group of letters . Itis a symbol of a goodess cult of horror. Examineth graven image and the doctrine. Perhaps Kali may change her name to DUNG. It would be more beautiful. Names have no power ofthesemselves butthe evil ofthe purpose is quite dangerous. THe name Kali is the symbol ofthe doctrine of NOTHINGNESS and TERROR so it is good and wise to object to such evil.

    Reinhold (Germanic: By Divine Guidance Ruling) I am keeping my name maybe I will be king! NO KING BUT KING JESUS
    In His service,


    by Reinhold on 2nd Apr 2006
  • My name is Kali, and I feel that some of you people are being rude. Just beacause we come to this website doesn't mean we are Buddhist, it just means we came here to find out more information about this goddess... Nobody said anything about worshiping these goddesses.. And I only came here to find out information on my name and about the information behind the goddess. By reading some of these peoples comments I became offended. And anyways people have the right to be any religion they want, so you have no right to go in there and say it is wrong.

    You people are offensive and I don't appreciate that.. It's like yall are saying that my parents should've never named me that, but yall don't know me, so yall have no right to speak.
    by Kali on 1st Apr 2006
  • Everybody stands the right to say something. As for me I respect other people believe and I am not interested to declaire here what i BELEIVE IN.
    It was interesting to read through just for my general knowledge and also as a device of my own where do I stand compared to the rest. This is only my own self evaluation as everybody has its own right to believe what believes on. MY MAIN INTENTION is not to comment on those civilised/educated/mannered groups DEBATE.
    First of all I also would like to say that I AM NOT GOOD IN ANY OF THE RELIGION.
    The main thing that I understand is all religion teaches to be good and to be polite and respect each other.
    Pls do not compare what other people mistake to onother peoplr mistake as we all knew none of us here has super natural power like we use to hear on most religion or beleve.
    I concern was solely on Mr. Clinton and pls relay my message to him not to be so emotional in expressing his arogant opinion to others I am just wondering where did you learn such barbarian way of expressing your irrelevant ideas.
    Reading your arthical reminds me basically you are definately STUPID AND
    UNEDICATED. You ought to be on those years during the Ghenghis Khan period
    I also wonder how your parents have tought you or you without parent. If that it sound I dont blame you for that, my do you realy know your father or mother? or you were generated from another speciss. As you know there were no ways of DNA test before to know your parent or your grand relatives at that time.
    Pls behave yourself and do not be too emotional in delivering your worthless barbarian ideas.

    by raffi on 25th Mar 2006
  • Dear Alice Douglas.
    In your 2nd note u "god damn" the people who wrote this (or someone..). What happens if he/she/they have already said the prayer that YOU gave (on your 1st note? HAHAHA! U should be on the wait for 7x"god damned" or what?
    No offence but violence and cursing is not Christ's way and in my opinion God or no God, it takes more than just a prayer to "gain yourplace in Heaven".
    You better start helping people around you (and if possible tell no-one about it).
    And by helping I mean make them smile, feel happy about the world and themselves, give them food and shelter if they need it and forget yourself on doing it and not give them a 2nd-hand prayer.
    by DV on 25th Mar 2006
  • To: HRH Mary

    What difference does it make the "royal line". I don t mean disrespect I just don t understand it. Isn t our experiences & memories that make us who we are?

    By the way, the Indian caste system seems to originate in this same idea of "good" or "bad" blood line. It s worth a look into.
    by Dimitris Vournas on 25th Mar 2006
  • Kali is busy...........what with all the wars in the Middle East. I'll work on my garden after more blood shed.
    by Kali Ma on 19th Mar 2006
  • Mother Kali's greatness cannot be described. She is the Light in the heart of man and the Light the permeates the manifested worlds. She is both with form and without form. She dances in rapture - waves of delight travel far into the distance. Mother's grace is all I need. Hari Om.
    by Adwait Kulkarni on 15th Mar 2006
  • Religion is designed to take a man's freedom away from him, the government does this to us everyday forcing us to pay taxes and exist on disgraceful amounts of money. The European Union has banned certain high-strength vitamin supplements because they don't want people self-medicating themselves instead of going to a doctor.

    Every year, a little bit more of our freedom is lost to us. The government will carry on introducing draconian laws until nobody has any rights or protection anymore. Instead of democracy (or the joke that passes for it in the EU) we will have a totalitarian state with no choice or freedom.
    by Corsica on 13th Mar 2006
  • I personally agree with the Hindu religion. I admire its moral code. I may only be thirteen years old, but nowadays it seems that some (note: "some", not all) followers of Christianity are attempting to push it on certain people. It's become so commercial. I personally, am Agnostic. Christianity, unlike Hinduism, conforms people to believe almost everything they hear that is positive about their "Lord and Savior". Even at such a young age, children ar tought that it's wrong to believe in anything else but God. Have you ever heard the shock in a childs voice when you tell them you don't know if god exists? Religion today is such an obscured topic.

    Can't we just all get along?
    by The Free Rights Savior on 9th Mar 2006
  • Unfortunately for you, I do not have any Indian princes in my acquaintance. Nice to see so many people on this board with a lot of imagination.

    I would like to know what careers these people might have, it seems to me that they all live in a fantasy world completely cocooned from reality. I pity them for that, the hardest thing about this life is having to live it. But live it we must, at all costs. We must survive and live our lives with purpose, courage and dignity in the face of all adversity.

    Come what may, never forget the truth that dwells within you-it is your greatest strength and remember: there is ALWAYS light in the darkness.
    by Lady Elizabeth. on 5th Mar 2006
  • I know you LE.
    by IndianPrince on 3rd Mar 2006
  • Don't you people ever get fed up of this debating? No matter how much anyone strenuously asserts their beliefs/dogma the other parties are not going to listen or learn anything from this. This whole messageboard is one row after another and will probably be so for the rest of it's online life.

    Although I do not see the point in continuing arguments, however, I must admit some of the posts here have been most entertaining. The amount of psychos and fanatics that you get on this board is incredible, and there is even so-called royalty here as well (Princess Mary of Scotland) I simply had no idea that the Scottish people had their very own princess of royal blood who likes to post opinions on something as interesting as a Hindu devotional cult of Kali-Ma, the dark mother goddess.

    Princess Mary of Scotland, Lady Strathearn, please prove to us that you are indeed a real-life princess and that you have royal ancestry. I, for one, do not believe it. You are a delusional fool masquerading as royalty and your royal palace apartment is probably a dingy cell in some psychiatric hospital in the Isle of Man.
    by Lady Elizabeth. on 2nd Mar 2006
  • Hear, hear Euopean Atheist! What sort of sick, deranged deity would set a pack of animals upon a group of children for calling Isiah "baldhead"? What sort of deity would allow one of his co-called favourites i.e. Job to be tormented by his arch-rival for the sake of a "bet"?!! (Pity Ladbrokes weren't around at this time, he could have collected a pretty packet on this!). And what sort of deity shows his *cough, ahem* derriere to his prophet on the mountain just because this prophet wasn't allowed to see the deity's face?

    Yep thats right folks, Yahweh, God, the big Kahunie,et al. Man, what a pack of nonsense.

    Don't even get me started on the concept of "sin".................
    by Perdurabo on 24th Feb 2006
  • To all the Christians and Muslims who responded to this article with critisism, here is what I have to say:

    Your religions are designed solely to convert people - they have no ethical merit, as demonstrated by how Allah/Jehovah/Yahweh has committed genocide, and yet is still worshipped by you despite being a self-confessed criminal of the highest order.

    So it is utterly hypocritical of any of you to critisise the Hindus for worshipping some abstract symbol, while you venerate a criminal, and follow two religions which have no tolerance, and leave you closed minded to any other interpretation of the world, just because some book says so.

    It is wuite funny too how more liberal people amongst you have responded simply with 'no offense, but you are wrong, god save your soul' - because frankly, there is no more evidence in your gods, than any other, so these blatently fallical statements cant be anything other than offensive.

    As much as one tries to re-interpret the bible and koran for a modern, more progressive era, one cannot ever wipe out the blancket statements that condemn any other system of belief, or the ethical ambiguity, such as justification of rape, murder, genocide, slavery, etc.

    No wonder the Arab world is such a shithole right now, and America is going the same way - you have both forgotton that liberalism, and secularism is about the only thing that ever made the grestest societies in history as powerfull as they were, and now, going down the path of extreamism, and black-and-white worldview, you are destined to follow the course of history, and remain in the dark ages, whilst China, India and Europe blaze ahead.

    The War on Terror isnt a clash of civilizations, its a clash of two uncivilizaed fundamentalist societies, that dont even acknolwedge the value of science anymore, and yet expect that extreamism will take them back to some gloden-age that never happened.

    Out of Hinduism, Christianity and Islam, Hinduism is probably the least superstitious - I feel for Hindus, who are constant victims of your efforts to make the worl one boring identical place full of Churches and Mosques - take your singular interpretations and go screw yourselves - I dont want our societies held back by your petty conflicts.

    And you might want to sort out your own problems, such as womens rights and free speech before taking your evangelist/Islamist critism to others - America has forgotton what democracy and secualism is, Arabia never learnt those lessons in the first place.
    by European Atheist on 23rd Feb 2006
  • Each to their own, I respect the Hindus and their goddess Kali but speaking personally I believe that Christ is the holy and begotten son of God, the messiah.

    As a royal princess, I not only love Jesus for who he is but also for the fact that he was a royal, descended on his mother Mary's side from the royal line of King David himself. He was more than just a common carpenter, he was not as lowly as people imagined him to be, he was a prince in all but name.

    I think everyone one here who claims to be religious should prove it by being kind and understanding and respecting other people's religious beliefs. That, at least, is how I try to live my life. The way I try to treat people, with respect and courtesy.

    HRH Mary, Duchess of Strathearn, Princess Royal of Scotland.
    by Princess Mary of Scotland on 22nd Feb 2006
  • You know, Jesus sat and ate with people of other religons. I'm not saying you should invite the author of this to dinner, but if you really wanted to show what Jesus is really about, why don't you talk to people, at least be decent.

    Those who have not sinned shall cast the first stone.
    by Christa on 21st Feb 2006
  • Melinda, my darling, please read YOUR bible.

    'I am the way, the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except by me'

    That means only those who repent and profess Christ Jesus and worship him as Lord devoting their lives to his service will go to Heaven. Anyone else is going downstairs to have midnight supper with Satan and they will burn in HELL.

    That is God's holy law written in the pages of his scripture, if you dare to disobey this you are disobeying the Lord and will suffer his wrath and punishment. This is something 21st century kids like yourself Melissa, must come to realise, HELL is a reality. It is a real place, not some medieval myth. The only way to save yourself from this gruesome fate is to repent at once and accept the Lord Jesus into your heart and walk with him from this day forward.

    I know that you will be pleased to hear this good news, so I have included a short conversion prayer here for you to get you started. After that, you must join your nearest Mormon church, be welcomed into it's congregation and then give up smoking, alcohol and caffeine drinks. You will find that living a saintly life and being perfect is not hard to do, Jesus will be with you and guide you through the stormy sea of life and onto the placid beach of contentment.

    O Lord Jesus,

    I know that I am a worthless sinner in need of your saving grace and benediction. I know that I have sinned greatly and I feel sorry for all that I have done that was not Christian. I believe that you died for my sins on the cross and gave your life for me. I now repent of all my sins and humbly ask for your forgiveness now. Let your holy blood wash me clean of all sin and wrongdoing and make me a newborn person again, filled with your holy spirit forevermore. I ask for the gift of the holy spirit and I also ask that in your name, Lord Jesus, all demons are driven out of my life and all curses put upon me are returned to their senders sevenfold. Amen.
    by Alice Douglas on 20th Feb 2006
  • Alice, please read your bible, "Judge not, that you be judged."
    by Melinda Taylor-Kelly on 20th Feb 2006
  • I find this all incredibly disturbing.

    You people so enthusiastic to embrace a foreign religion and culture. None of us can EVER be Hindus because you have to be born into that faith and be an Indian or of Indian extraction at least.

    What is wrong with your country and it's own religion and culture? We are British, we must be proud of that fact. Put your faith in the Lord Jesus and his holy church.

    Reading about other religions and cultures is one thing, but it is quite another to attempt to establish some sort of Hindu reconstructionist group and attempt to convert others to Kali and her heathen cult.

    God damn you.
    by Alice Douglas on 19th Feb 2006
  • my name is kali and i am a white girl. people reading this may not believe it is my name but it is and although it is only my name i am very interested to find out what it means and what is represented by it. i have always known my name means goddess of death and destruction or along those lines but this article has helped me see further into my name and also another religion very new to me. thank u 2 whoever wrote this and continue blessing my name!
    love Kali
    by Kali on 18th Feb 2006
  • Heck I don't mind the idiots saying that - I say let's get our money's worth if he did !!!!!! Plus they're the ones who keep loosing their god and finding him again.
    by Lori on 16th Feb 2006
  • I respected this article out of all of them. Ismat you have a great way of providing insight to your beliefs/ideals without offending the masses. I find that many people here do not truly represent the faith they are promoting with so much hate and anger. It is nice to read an intellectual arguement that offers room for personal faith. Peace be unto you!

    Better Than Azra:)
    by Azra on 16th Feb 2006
  • Jeesus Christ! Kara what what a stunning observation. No matter how sacarstic my previous statement sounded, it's not. Both Christianity and Islam came about in order preach tolerance towards man and love for the creator and look at the hatred they've stirred up. I'm sure the creator himself must be ashamed of the followers of these faiths. SInce we're on the topic of dogs and gentiles, there's this one thing that keeps bugging me, why does my (Hindu) Tamil friend's, granny keep washing his bedsheets every time I sit on it and what's with this select plastic cup that I get water in all the time. Hmmmmm.....
    by Tim Lobo on 15th Feb 2006
  • Wow! I dont know whether to laugh or be disgusted. As a Religious studies student I love learning about ALL different religions and am more spiritual than religious. I am always amazed at how followers of organised religion always believe THEIRS is the correct and only one and try to insult others and convert them. People need to live their own religious lives and leave others to their own. If there is a God or Divine being I have faith that he/she will forgive and accept all beleivers AND non-believers into his/her kingdom as they all pretend to be merciful.
    Sadly the meanest people on earth are the religious extremists (zealots) who live with a closed-mind and a closed-heart. Live and let live, Believe and let others believe.
    Peace out!
    by josie on 12th Feb 2006
  • Oh my Goddess ... Was'nt Clara Funny?
    , Such a wack job, Her parents must be real messed up.
    Keep your blessings need them.
    by CatWoman on 11th Feb 2006
  • Clara Sweety your what 12 ? You have been so easily brain washed, Jesus Is dead...... Your parents hate you. You were and your family smell like butt. For this god is sending you to hell. I poop on your bible! If this site offends you, I advise you stick to your "bible" Believe it or not Some people think it's a a pile of lies.
    by Kali-ma on 11th Feb 2006
  • To all and especially toPat,VidraPotaja, and catherine.TO VIDRA JESUS didnt claim to beGod he said He was the SON of GOD and he specifically said no one can get to the FATHERbut through him.Believe me when I say Christianity isnt a slave decaying religeon it is a faith and u cant say that unless u try it!I am 12.I am very happy he has provided me with great parents that help me and love me...God is real.!!!!!!!!!!

    to pat,Sweetie Jesus died for your sins on the cross to give u eternal life through him,I pray u have conviction in your heart to not offend the ppl writing(u really offended me w/ your comment)Read John 3:16-17.

    To catherine,
    Mary is not Gods mother sweetie Shes Jesus mother dear please w/ alllllllll courtesy read the bible .

    TO anybody

    a song i sing in church.....
    it goes something like this

    (i dont literally stand on the word of God but I Stand firm in holiness) GOD BLESS ALL AND MAY THE LORD HAVE MERCY ON U...
    by clara on 8th Feb 2006
  • who is space queen
    by dharmendra on 7th Feb 2006
  • There is no possible argument that can win either side of this argument, I believe that all religions stem from the same background, just as animals and humans come from the same for kali being the pagan idol of death, isnt death a part of life? Shouldnt there be a representative of that particular aspect of life?

    If god created us in his likeness, why should we worship him? I worship no human that walks this earth, love, intense love even, but worship no! i was a christian for many years but there are way too many aspects of that particular religion that are contradicting and hypocritical. The whole idea just dosnt sit right in my soul.

    I am only beginning to delve into the world of religion and would appreciate some feed back or even a e-chat!
    by EarthChild on 3rd Feb 2006
  • Someone wrote that Jesus and Mohamed both taught equality of races, religions and genders. This is not true according to the scriptures in the New Testament and the Holy Qu'ran. These books which are held sacred by the christians and muslims contain statements, like, for example, Jesus called a Samaritan woman who wanted to be healed that he did not heal dogs, and she responded that she would accept scraps from the table. Also, Jesus was quoted as saying that he did not come to destroy the laws of the prophets and Moses but to fulfill them and he also told the Jews to go to the temple and make offerings for their healings, which they did according to the laws of Moses and also Jesus was quoted as saying that he came for the children of Israel. Well there was only the Torah, the Tanakh and the Talmud after the babylonian exile and according to the jews, the gentiles, meaning non-jews are nothing but dogs and their laws are don't associate with gentile dogs at all, so that religion and christianity which came from jewish laws and jewish teaching is a religion of NON-TOLERANCE! so, that's why the christians get so angry when confronted with another faith. We are all god's children, that's what sanatana dharma teaches. Islam and the Qu'Ran also teaches narrow mindedness because it says that Islam is the best way of life and Muhammad is the seal of the prophets and that the jews and christians have become corrupted, so no one else in that book is respected for their path to god or effort at holiness which is not muslim. I'm sorry to report these things. I sometimes think that there would be more peace on earth without any religions books and people just worship god in their hearts and love one another. Where is the love? Where is the kindness? I am a little hindu priestess, a little piece of dust and water. May God have mercy on all of us because I think we have missed the point. Love one another as God loves us.
    by Kara on 3rd Feb 2006
    by servant of god on 2nd Feb 2006
  • Clinton , You made sense for a hot minute. Your a wak-job take your meds.
    by joe on 2nd Feb 2006
  • "man through religion has corrupted the world" - "i choose to call my god allah" - "nothing personal but the core of hinduism is satanic"

    so like, how little sense can you make? lol

    by wtf on 31st Jan 2006
  • yea maty,
    there was a REAL EXISTNG girl with 6-8 or i dunno how many arms, and another guy with elephant face. these were so common in india those times. you will probably say it's symbolic... so's all the other stuff in the other superstitious horseshit religions. and if its so bad to believe in hell... why do u wish unending misery on a philosopher who only tried to help his people out of their oppressed shitty lifestyle and taught equality of races religions and genders, which jesus and mohamed both did. there is equal amounts of population-controlling propaganda injected into every religion which though its peaceful message can be manipulated for negative purposes..... to see such anti-egalitarian, anti-respectful vitriol from the mind of a hindu makes me understand that its followers are also just human like the jews christians and muslims, and also just as likely to be fucked up fascist extremists.
    by Prometheus & Kleitemnistra on 31st Jan 2006
  • Hey David,

    Totally agree with you, whatever a persons believes, as long as it brings comfort to them, then we should be happy for them.
    by shelley on 25th Jan 2006
  • Don't you people realize that there is only one God. He goes by many names but there is only one God! I choose to call him Allah.

    Don't you think it's ironic that the countries with the most famine, poverty and disease stricken are the ones were polytheism is rampant! God is severly upset with these crazy religions and the worship of so many deities.

    India is one of the most impoverished countries on the globe. Ganesh and Kali must really love you guys!

    As twisted as they have become, Islam, Christianity and Judaism are probably the next thing to God as far as religion is concerned all though personally, I think spirituality and better than religion. Man through religion has corrupted the world.

    Nothing personal, but the core of Hinduism is satanic!
    by Thomas on 25th Jan 2006
  • I have read the article on Kali and I have read all the feedback as well. I have to say that of all the opinions posted only one person seemed to have the right idea. Mericia it is good to know that there are others out there that feel the same as I do. I just wanted to let everyone know that in no way am saying that anyone is wrong or right or belittling anyones opinions. I feel that the world would not offer us so many spirtual paths with out reason. Whatever path brings you the most peace should be the path you take. I hope one day we all learn to embrace the differences of our brothers and sisters. Rather than hate each other for them. Blessed be.
    by Beth on 25th Jan 2006
  • Heidi, you didn't capitalize "He" in reference to G-d. It's the express elevator to hell for you!
    by GodSquader on 24th Jan 2006
  • Kill for me!!
    - Lolth

    Good article but it seems Kali is no longer nude, Kali is covered, and Kali is no-longer black but has often turned blue!

    Oh my, what strange goings on!

    psst Roman Empire Area fucked women to death with horses for entertainment
    - now thats entertainment!

    - Goddess Lolth (elven)
    by Lolth on 20th Jan 2006
  • Okay, children. Stop your estrogen/testosterone bickering over religion. It gets old. As for you close-minded "born again" Christians, go do some research in that book of yours. Read Luke. It says, if where you go, your words are unheaded, say nothing, but shake the earth from your feet as a testimony against them.
    Now, back to the actual site. Very wonderful and informative. I had come across various images of Kali and wondered why she was dressed in that manor and looked the way she did. Thank you very much for clarifying it for me. Knowledge is much better than stupidity.
    And, just another note to all those "other religion" bashers, perhaps this site is more infromative than persuasion? Remember back in school when we had ot do essays to educate ourselves of the Roman empire. Somewhere a child's grade is in jeapordy and they must do some extra credit. The teacher may pick a background information on a Hindu deity, as a history lesson of a culture. Some people should stop acting like turtles do. Turtles can breathe out of their anuses. Remove your heads, people. It doesn't matter who's god/goddess is bigger or badder, it matters that a person has faith in something higher.

    Bash this review all you want. I enjoyed the information and it clarified many things for me. Now, get over yourselves.
    by Amne on 19th Jan 2006
  • Oh please:

    "No disrespect to anybody and their beliefs, but there is only one being worthy of worship and that is God. Only he, the creator of Heaven and Earth, is fit to be worshipped. Not some worthless pagan idol of death. God created nature to remind all humanity of his greatness, he did not create nature to be worshipped in it's own right. Paganism is blasphemy, superstition and religion for the simple-minded and ignorant. A truly wise person would see beyond the earth, sun, moon and stars and behold God, the master who created it."

    Are you talking about the Christianity here? The religion who's central image is one of torture and eath, the God of death who demanded his own son be tortured to death as in this image, who killed children, and whole races of people in the bible? Sometimes it horrifying ways. Who apparently tortures people for eternity who don't do what he wants? Kali is Goddess of death only in the figurative sense. She kills ego, kills demons. She doesn't torture people and certainly not as an expression of so-called "love." Pagan gods for all their connections to the cycles of life and death are never as brutal as the Christian god, or the Gods of dominant aggressive warlike religions.

    "WOW! I didn't realize educated people still worshipped "Kali" in this modern age."

    Hinduism is a major world religion, and if you were "educated" then you'd realize that there's a very large group of people in India who worship Her. India has a larger population than America you know. There's a world outside of this place and the people there are both educated and probaly more compassionate and openminded.
    by heidi on 2nd Jan 2006
  • I cannot believe that Sausan is so ignorant. He who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones. You "claim" to be a researcher, you go so far out to point fingers at other religions but fail to see how rediculous your own religion is as i will point out and finally turn your religion into a laughing stock like i did to that Baal guy and satanism.

    ISLAM IS NOT REAL. I reseached it. one night a crazy idiot called muhamed had a dream after learning about christianity. he even thought that it was mumbo jumbo until his foolish wife lead him to believe that he was a prophet and had power. If he really was a prophet then how come he ran away from the rulers of the time cause surely your false god allah would have saved him if his job was really important. next you people stole the black lingam from india after seeing it's power to give a shred of decency to a made up god. A muslim told me that your false god allah hides behind 7 veils and 7 curtains in a desert where he cant see you people. great, your people worship a god who is so disgusted and scared of you that he doesn't want to see you. If you had even read the article then you would have known that her form is an interpretation. Why am i explaining myself read the other posts of mine. in my educated country people realised this and are leaving this religion. have you ever wondered why is it that mostly muslims cause war and kill in the name of the DEVIL CALLED ALLAH cause anyone who says that the god wants them to wage war must pray to the devil repent from your evil ways and accept that Kali is almighty. you evil false god Allah hates you'll so much that he hasn't apeared to anyone. nobody has seen him and he doesn't want you'll near him so he says that muhamed should deal with you'll. atleast Kali gives us the chance to correct our faults by giving us another birth to do so. your god hates you'll so much that he'll send you straight to hell, besides he isn't as powerful as kali is to send people back to give them a second chance. if you really researched hinduism then you'll find that the divine appears as the father(Shiva), motherKali) sons(Muruga\Genesha), daughters(Lakshmi\Saras). all combine to form almighty Brahmin. Now stop being an idiot, leave this site and return our lingum. Allah should be taken to jali for theft and copying christianity. islam is man made and not real( createdout of the imagination of a loon named mohamed. if you believe mohamed then you'll believe Crowley.

    the cristians should read my other posts.
    i don't want to repeat myself, i'll just add on. Jesus was no christ he was an ordinary man. Kali doesn't have to die for us because she lives for us. I'm not even going to respond to the idol thing, read my other posts and get some info to moisten you dried brain. you should change your name to jesus since you seem to be in love with him, HE'S DEAD do you get it if he's so against evil then why doesn't he stop infants from beind raped.

    Yeweh isn't real. yaweh is a false god. when the jews lived in egypt they came across the worship of Aton. they took Akenatons views and turned it intoi thier own after the religion died because aton was a lesser god. he finally overthrew the religion of Ra killed the eldest sons plagued them and ran away to the hebrews who had no god. i think it was ramses who had enough and wanted the leeching hebrews dead. i wish he had cause that would mean no aton-jews, christians and muslims. the world would be a better place and there would be no wars by the FALSE RELIGIONS-CHRISTIANITY AND ISLAM. now go away and leave this site before you false god punish you for associating with heathens.


    My goddess appears to me everyday because she loves me. your gods wont even look at you nor show you his form. like it or not that is the truth. join the human race when you stop kidding yourself that you god is real.

    repent and accept hinduism for christianity and islam will lead you to the devil that you worship.I warned you, stop following that idiot muhamed and his religion of dreams or the false christ called jesus cause he didn't die on the cross for you sins(because your false god still calls you sinners) he died because he pretended to be a christ. wake up and smell the coffee you nutcases. you people belong in the loony bin along with muhamed peace must not ever be upon him but only untold misery and jesus not the christ. religions should be banned because all causes problems. don't be a religious idiot but a spiritual person because religion was made up by man (except for hinduism the true religion of course)
    by Clinton on 22nd Dec 2005
  • Kali, that's lovely if Christianity works wonders for your life. However, isn't it incredibly rude to attempt to proselytize people over a Hindu article? If it was a forum that allowed theological debate like Beliefnet, your comments would be more appropriate. But then, attempting to convert is still frowned upon there. Nevermind. :-)

    Though I do agree on your point about checking posts, isn't it also patronizing that you inform people to take English classes?


    Islam is only one of the most wide-spread religions due to the fact that your parents (and the rest of your ancestry) were. It was the norm for people to be Muslim in those countries where the alleged prophet spread his beliefs. In countries were Islam is prevalent, the number of children born per family is significantly higher compared to Westernized families.

    How many children ask to be indoctrinated into a religion from birth?

    As for people in the US, how many people leave Islam, or would like to leave per day? People in Saudi Arabia and other restricted places are included in my query, too.

    Can Allah provide me some statistics on that?

    I find it hypocritical that you say "nothings gonna happen just because a mirror shatters into pieces.that's only superstitious!!"

    Having faith in an unproven higher power and beings like jinns *is* superstitious, no different to believing in a living/dying god-man.

    Let people find their own way. If it makes them happy and fulfills them spiritually - just keep your beliefs to yourself.

    Anyway, I find this article highly informative and beautiful. I'll need to read the other articles. :-)

    by Jo on 8th Dec 2005
  • WHAT? I couldn't understand or follow any of what you were trying to say here. Please complete a thought before you continue on to another one and take some English classes please.
    by Kali on 8th Dec 2005
  • huh if u call that a goddess!! a naked woman which is more like a sex symbol who wears nothing but dead people smothered her whole body.haha where r these gods of yours? i don't see any sign of them.u'll know what's truth or not when u a dragging urself on the mouth of death.makr my words.when that moment comes u'll know what i said was true. u won't b born for seven times for Godsakes we're no cats that's got nine lives.Gods don't get married God is beyond imagination it is even sinful to think how God looks like.and then u guys say this kali naked woman who steps her foot on her husbands chest is a nice woman?she is even too degraded and unfit to be a god.DISQUALIFIED get it?i have read ur made-up stories about this ganesh durga parvati shiva ran sita and what ever those made up names were and when u read those an amature who hasn't got a clue about other religions does not know anything.i have been reseaching and i know that those a fake gods cos if they r really alive in heaven then why the hell u make an idol of them?they will always b in ur heart isn't it?i know that even in christianity, when they worship jesus christ they don't even know his real and full name.they reckons he's a jew.but they also knows that he's got the charisma of a hebrew prophet but they don't want to believe that he is a prophet of Allah and his real and full name is Easa ibn Maryam (meaning:Easa,son of Maryam(Mary))
    if god wants u to worship to him and if he is the supreme glory of all,why would he come to earth begging for other to worship him?if ur a great person would u send some one with ur messege to others or would u rather come?what is logic?tell me?
    Allah sent those messengers cos they were all human beings and he knows that if he sent humans only those messengers also would understand the difficulty we face.if he sent angels then those angels won't understand the complicated situations humans confront in our our religion rich poor is in the same level.if our religion is a made up one then why does christianity and islam has a slight difference? my point is these two religions has some samll things in common that means one is telling the truth of saing that this is the true religion or the other is lying (when among two people,one says that he hit me i did not and the other says no he hit me i did not! then whom u'd believe?he or she? ) so if u want to find out the truth then the only way to find out is to reseach (isn't this logic?what would u do?).so reseach about these two religions cos no two other religions r the same!
    the fact is in America one in every 50 is a muslim.the most fastest growing religion is that.and it's not because do not do's the improvement of giving deep thoughts into u guys think about it ok.nothings gonna happen just because a mirror shatters into pieces.that's only superstitious!!
    by sausan on 7th Dec 2005
  • Manjiit,
    Did you not read all of my review? I am quite aware of Hinduism however, I view it as idol worship at the very least and grieving the holy spirit at the worst level. I find it interesting that you "generally worship" the mother Devi in just a benevolent form rather than in all her forms. If your going to worship something shouldn't it be all or nothing. I accept Jesus Christ's teaching whether it's comfortable for my "flesh" or not. Isn't that true worship of a God?

    Just wondering!

    by Kali on 7th Dec 2005
  • Of course people still worship Kali in this day and age. Have you never heard of Hinduism before? Did you never study different religions when you were at school?

    She is the dark wife of Shiva and a great and powerful goddess. She does exist and this is no superstition. I do like Kali as a goddess-figure, she is totally fearless. But I generally worship the mother Devi in one of her more benevolent forms like Parvati or Lakshmi. Namaste.
    by Manjiit Prasnjapara on 6th Dec 2005
  • WOW! I didn't realize educated people still worshipped "Kali" in this modern age. I am a born again Christian saved by the shed blood of Jesus Christ. Speaking of Jesus Christ, can anyone remind me of any other "GOD" who has given his or "her" life for the sins of humanity as Jesus did by hanging on the Cross???????????????? Oh, I forgot, there are NONE! My name is also Kali and I come in the name of Jesus Christ. God bless you all and I will pray for each of your souls.

    by Kali on 6th Dec 2005
  • Mary is not God, she is not supreme or a 'queen of heaven' in any way at all, She was the mother of the prophet Jesus and led a life of great piety and servitude, but she was only human and was not sinless and blameless and neither was the prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) her son.

    Prayers must never be addressed to Mary or her son, Jesus. This would be classified in the eyes of Allah as being polytheistic worship and falsehood, not to mention idolatry, if the worship or veneration is given in the presence of a religious statue or picture.

    Catherine please realise that God is supreme and he is eternal, there is no son of God or queen of heaven, he is the only, he is the always, he is the almighty, he is Allah.

    If you ever read the Qur'an, you may come to appreciate it's spiritual message of truth, the Adamic law and way of life, all people equal and united, worshipping the one, true God. His name is revealed to us as Allah.
    by Feisal Ahmed Akhbar on 1st Dec 2005
  • "Holy Mary, Mother of God,
    pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen".

    (For all of us have sinned greatly and deserve the Lord's punishment and retribution, yet in his great love and compassion he has forgiven us and given us a new life and a new hope, in the name of Christ Jesus, our Lord and Saviour. Amen.)
    by Catherine on 26th Nov 2005
  • No disrespect to anybody and their beliefs, but there is only one being worthy of worship and that is God. Only he, the creator of Heaven and Earth, is fit to be worshipped.

    Not some worthless pagan idol of death. God created nature to remind all humanity of his greatness, he did not create nature to be worshipped in it's own right. Paganism is blasphemy, superstition and religion for the simple-minded and ignorant. A truly wise person would see beyond the earth, sun, moon and stars and behold God, the master who created it.
    by Leana on 22nd Nov 2005
  • hi are right.hinduism is the most perfect is true and flawless
    by xyz on 15th Nov 2005
  • Fear not. The gods will punish those who bring down this site and what it stands for. The gods are very real and very powerful and are not to be trifled with. A certain somebody could find himself getting his fingers burnt if he continues to dabble in devil-worship and black magic. The same somebody who ORDERED everyone on this site to bow down and worship the Prince of Darkness. I won't name names (Baal-Gehenna-Moloch) because I don't want to embarrass anyone. He! He! He!

    The gods do exist and they are eternal. Hinduism is forever, it is the eternal religion. The gods will never be forgotten or left behind in another age, they are forever.

    How can the great gods Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Devi, ever be forgotten? They cannot be for they are REAL and everything else is MAYA or illusion.
    May Vishnu be with you. Namaste.
    by Eunice on 5th Nov 2005
  • From what I have observed in my life, I find that people who are intolerant of other religions are either misinformed, do not know anything about those religions, or are so caught up or brainwashed by their own beliefs that they cannot open their minds and accept that other people can have their own faith. In these posts, I have seen that the people intolerant of other's beliefs back their claims with repitition and biased statements while people more open to religious freedom can attack the intolerant with historical proof and can present more evidence as well.
    I know that Christians tend to be seen as unaccepting of other religions. For that, I would like to draw the attention of Catholics who follow the changes made by Vatican II to section 10 of the document "Dignitatis Humanae", especially the first sentence: "It is one of the major tenets of Catholic doctrine that man's response to God in faith must be free: no one therefore is to be forced to embrace the Christian faith against his own will."
    I've been raised a Catholic and have attended Parochial schools since Kindergarden (I am now a Senior in High School). I've always been interested in other religions, specifically pagan and neo-pagan religions. For the past year or two, I've been feeling an emptiness. I know that Catholicism is not for me. Sure, when I was little I adored to learn all about it, but now I find that it doesn't seem as real and wonderful as many of the pagan religions.
    I enjoyed reading this article about Kali. I was researching her because a friend of mine had told me about her. From what I have found out since then, I have grown to respect her and would like to learn more about her.
    If anyone would wish to contact me, feel free to E-mail me. I would love to learn about your religious/spiritual beliefs.
    by Kantala on 4th Nov 2005








    by Clinton on 31st Oct 2005
  • Jai! Mata Kali

    Thank you very much for this wonderful, informative article on Her. I love Kali and have a beautiful statue on Her on my altar. For those genuinely interested in Kali, I strongly recommend a book called Singing to the Goddess: Poems to Kali and Uma from Bengal by Rachel Fell McDermott. It includes poetry by Ramaprasad and others.
    by CP on 31st Oct 2005
  • I just want to say that as an atheist who is going to a "Celebration of Light" festival for Kali/Diwali next weekend, I came upon this site to learn a little about Kali and I am utterly disgusted how this "Louse, daughter of God" person can come to this website with the "I must convert you" attitude. I wanted to learn about Kali, not have the Christian religion forced upon me once - again. There's no point in arguing about religion and/or gods. No one wins these debates and it's silly to think you can. Good article on Kali, I learned a lot. And I'm sorry it wouldn't have been accepted just as it is without religion getting in the way..
    by Eve on 30th Oct 2005
  • HOW DARE YOU! Who the hell do you think you are??????????

    I am absolutely disgusted and horrified at this Baal-Gehenna-Moloch and his depraved, devil-worshipping slander. CLINTON AND VISINGHA- I WOULD BE MOST INTERESTED TO HEAR WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY ABOUT ALL OF THIS?

    How dare Satanists like you post demonic obscenities like this on a Hindu site? May God condemn you to Hell for saying such things. I am a Christian and I believe in Christ, but I also respect other peoples beliefs and I believe that ALL RELIGIONS LEAD TO GOD. All GOOD religions that is; evil, demon-worshipping cults like yours can only lead to darkness, misery and death Baal-Moloch, so just bear this in mind and THINK about what you are saying.

    You have absolutely no right to profane this site with your cultic, wicked beliefs.

    by Andromache on 29th Oct 2005
  • You are ALL deluded, simple-minded fools. Especially Clinton and Visingha who are totally obsessed with this particular site and their stupid, superstitious beliefs.

    There is only ONE God, and anyone who has experienced LIFE and all it's bitterness, pain and broken dreams will realise that compassion, generosity and turning the other cheek are for doormats. Doormats and victims who do not know or understand the true God and his plan for all mankind. Clinton, you cannot even comprehend this can you? It is completely beyond the reach of your burnt-out and ineffectual brain cells (what little of those you might have). The true god will punish you for believing in superstition instead of accepting what is real.

    The only power in this world is Lord Satan, the Prince of Darkness, Master of the Flesh, Keeper of the Black Flame. I order all of you, here and now, to submit yourselves to the worship of the Dark Lord of the Universe and his demonic arch-princes Belial, Beelzebub, Astaroth and Mammon. Do this NOW, OR YOU WILL ALL BURN IN ABADDON'S PIT OF FIRE AND DESOLATION FOR REFUSING TO ACCEPT THE TRUE LORD AND MASTER OF THE WORLD, THE MIGHTY LORD SATAN.

    He alone has power over all things and all the kingdoms of the world and their riches and luxuries. Being a Jew, Christian or Muslim is for powerless slaves intent on prostrating themselves mindlessly in front of an uncaring, distant, powerless Jehovah/Yahweh. A being who is selfish and has never cared about anyone or anything, a being who let his own prophet (Jesus) be crucified on a cross.

    The Dark One is the only force in this world. Hail Lord Satan and his minions, for they, and they alone, can grant material happiness in this world of dense matter and materialism.
    by Baal-Gehenna-Moloch on 28th Oct 2005








    by Clinton on 27th Oct 2005
  • it's a foto of Graveyard Kali ( Smasana Kali)
    by ME AGAIN on 27th Oct 2005
  • The moment i loaded this site and went to the reviews my kali foto on my alter fell and so did her sacred red sari cloth. She is angry so for those who are keep putting down her devotees and worship, this is a warning if you want your homes stable. ( islam stole the writings of christianity and the black lingam with sacred 3 lines of hinduism. it aint the supreme, just a thief. christianity stole writings and celebrations from pagan religions. i did research so they r also thieves and not the supreme. My foto just fell again, the past few reviews r getting her up in arms so beware.
    by WARNING on 27th Oct 2005
  • Humata, Hukhta, Hauvereshta

    After reading the article by Mr Muhaisin, I would like to clarify a few entities about the main monotheistic religions of the Near-East.

    Firstly, I like to think that I bear no grudge against any faith. There's room for all beliefs in this world. But I believe it is worth bringing to Mr Muhaisin's attention about his conclusion that Islam is the true faith. I ahve to admit, with all due respect, that Islam is itself a coalition of earlier faiths and what he mentioned about the Koran not being altered and corrupted is very naive. indeed.

    Islam got the majority of it's concepts from the Persian religion of ZOROASTRIANISM, which was founded 2000 years before Alexander of Macedonia. The entities of Heaven and Hell, final judgment, arch angels, resurrection, concept of a soul and gift of free will (albeit, that's more of a Christian belief) all originate from Zarathushtra's religion.

    It can hardly be dismissed as coincidental that the main fundamental theology of Islam is almost identical to it's Persian cousin's.
    So how can Islam be regarded as true when it's concepts were taken and borrowed from another religion before it's time? Moreover, would one consider it appropriate (let alone moral) to boast that a replicated faith is the GENUINE faith, totally disregarding any other religion that states otherwise?

    Moreover, what Mr Muhaisin said about the Koran being untainted and uncorruptable is naive, almost childish. ALL books, and I mean ALL BOOKS from all religions have been subjected to the paranoid priest, magi, rabi, mullah etc adding in an extra paragraph to suite his particular means. You are told from a young age not to question the Koran, and you're also fed the view that it has not been altered. I ask you this, what proof do you have to say that it hasn't?

    Like I mentioned at the entrance to this message; I don't dislike any alien faith to my own. In fact, I study Islam as I grew up in an Islamic society. But what I don't appreciate, nor do that vast majority of happy followers to their own respective faiths, is to be told to believe in the teachings of the Koran, claiming it to be true, when really, the Islamic faith's true roots lie in a religion that existed centuries before Muhammed (peace be with him) was even born.

    Kshnotra Ahurai Mazdao.

    by Ismat on 26th Oct 2005
  • Vidra, Visingha, Louise, Clinton, Shadrack. The list goes on and on.
    You are all so wrong, I am astonished by your imprudence and lack of judgement.

    Kali, Vishnu and Krishna are not gods, nor is the prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) or the Virgin Mary. An intelligent person must conclude that the universe is the creation of ONE lord and master, ONE TRUE GOD. In the gospels, Jesus prayed to God to be excused his crucifixion on the cross and all the inevitable suffering that it would involve. Why would a man who was supposedly God-incarnate pray to himself? How can one be God and God's own son at the same time? Jesus was not the son of God, he was a prophet of God, the messenger who came before the final prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him). He was the son of Mary and he was a special human being, SPECIAL but human nonetheless.

    There is only one God and he is not the Christ, he is certainly not a pagan idol either. His name is ALLAH, the most holy God. He is the creator and sustainer of the universe. You see, the Christian gospels were written hundreds of years after the deaths of the apostles who were supposed to have authored them. Therefore they cannot be historically accurate. A lot of modern-day Christian beliefs are a mix of Judaism and Graeco-Roman paganism (the concept of Jesus (peace be upon him) being worshipped as a god and his mother Mary being venerated as Queen of Heaven in a similar manner to the Babylonian/Canaanite goddess Ishtar or Ashtart that she was modelled on by the Church of Rome).

    The Qur'an, however, was written during the time of the prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) and was recorded in written form. It has not been corrupted or changed by disciples or added to in any way, it is the purest most complete holy book on the planet.
    Allow me to read one of my favourite verses to you, my Christian brothers and sisters, and it will show you how I came to reject the religion of Christianity in favour of the true religion of Islam.

    (Al-Ma'idah 5:114);

    Then Allah will say: 'Jesus son of Mary, did you ever say to mankind: 'Worship me and my mother as gods besides God?'

    'Glory be to you' he will answer. 'I could never have claimed what I have no right to. If I had ever have said so, you would surely have known it. You know what is in my mind, but I know not what is in yours. You alone know what is hidden. I told them only what you bade me. I said: 'Serve God, my Lord and your Lord'.

    Jesus son of Mary, (peace be upon him) was God's prophet, not his son or his incarnation. There is only ONE God. He is Allah, the merciful. To become a Muslim is very simple, you have to make the statement of faith: 'I testify and witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammed is his prophet'.
    Then you must find a local Mosque where you can learn to worship God and serve him. Also, try to read books about Islam and try to obtain a copy of the Qur'an. Most bookshops will sell an English language translation of this which will help you to get started with reading God's word. Your ultimate aim is to learn Arabic and learn to read and recite the Qur'an in Arabic as Muslims in ALL countries are taught to do.

    You want more proof of God's oneness? Do you remember a verse in the Old Testament of your bible that reads: 'Hear, O Israel, the Lord your God is ONE Lord'. Surely this should prove to you Christians that God is one being, not three separate beings combined? I hope that all of you find God and his true faith of Islam, Insha Allah.

    Peace be upon you all,

    Abdullah Muhaisin.
    by Abdullah Muhaisin on 24th Oct 2005

    Dear vidra- You can achieve great things by Vishnu(krishna) worship but know that there are three sects under hinduism which take a different supreme being, saivites who accept Shiva as supreme. vishnuvites who believe that Vishnu(or his incarnations) are supreme and both saktivites and tantrics who believe that Goddess is the supreme who seems to be closer to the truth. There exists a hierachy of Gods which i will explain.

    hierachy of gods :

    most poweful (at the top)
    Kali/Adi Para Sakti(almighty power of the universe)- is at the top since she is the embodiment of all the gods energies. during the fights with demons she collected every bit of energy from the gods including the greatest (in order of power from greatest) Shiva, Vishnu, brahma, Indra etc. so she is more powerful than every god, even more powerful than Shiva and Krishna(Vishnu) together since she has all of their power and more. Also 7 great goddesses (and wives to 7 gods who is the embodiment of that specific gods' power) came from her to kill Raktavijas clones and they are also related to the story that says it was Kali and not durga who killed Mahisasura i will give the site that i got that one from(P.S - KALI IS NOT DURGA BUT SHE WAS BORN FROM DURGA'S RAGE FROM HER THIRD EYE AND SHE IS ALSO NOT HER CHILD- MANY PEOPLE INCLUDING PRIESTS WITHOUT ANY KNOWLEDGE MAKE THIS TERRIBLY INCORRECT ASSUMPTION THAT KALI IS DURGA SO THE PRIESTS SHOULD BE DEMOTED SHOULD BE DEMOTED

    Shiva- is second on the hierachy since he is the only god to calm Kali. when she battled demons and got so frenzied, Vishnu and the other gods ran for their lives and sent shiva to save the 3 universes. So he being the only 2nd to Kali, only god powerful enough to save her. shiva will never bow to Krisna since Shiva protects him. When Vishnu had commited a deadly mistake against Laksmi he prayed to shiva who told him to come to earth as avatars to cleanse himself and he need not worry since he(Shiva) will protect his incarnations but Shiva killed many incarnations of Vishnu who became to vain. he killed the Boar Vishnu and still has his tusk as an ornament, turtle incarnation and wears his shell as a prize on his back, Shiva(Sarabesvaramurti) killed Narasimha Vishnu for going on a rampage), even Rama had to pray to shiva (in Kanji Puram which Shiva regards as even more imprtant than Varanasi and thus Kanji puram is regarded is the worlds greatest city bestowing salvation to all no matter the crime since it is the home of mother Sakti) after killing Ravana, shiva's devotee.

    Ganeha- is 3rd since he is the head of the Brahmins and the head of the Brahmins of Shiva so Ganesha worship is first to remove obstacles in the way of the prayer and to protect and make the prayer successful.

    Vishnu (and his incarnations)- are 4th since gods with single functions like Vayu-wind, Prithvi-earth etc who don't give salvation(demigods) live there

    Rudra- is next since he is the head of the demigods(some identify him with Zeus-the head of the greek pantheon.)



    by clinton on 23rd Oct 2005
  • What! I beg your pardon, Louise?

    I know that you have a reputation on this board as being a somewhat zealous personality, but you REALLY have hit an all-time low with this one. You can't go around ordering people to go to church, pray and read the bible. Who do you think you are? I have read some of your previous posts and people's responses to them and a lot of it was quite amusing stuff, but you are bang out of order this time.

    So all pagans and hindus are going to Hell? Kali and Vishnu are demon creatures posing as deities of another religion, a religion, incidentally, that you have absolutely NO understanding of?

    I for one will not be repeating this prayer of yours, it's a hateful religious missive condemning occultism, paganism and Hindu beliefs.
    I respect other peoples right to believe in and worship whoever or whatever they want. As I have no particular religious views of my own, I am open-minded about how others choose to live their spiritual lives and what creed they wish to follow.

    This narrow-minded dogmatism and heavy-handed preaching that you espouse is upsetting and offending people on this board, and making you look like a complete fool. I can't stand it when others feel the need to shove religion down peoples throats. Only the other week, I had this persistent Mormon shouting the odds on my doorstep and preaching. Telling me that unless I repented and joined his church I would burn in Hell, BLAA BLAA FU**ING BLAA. He only took the hint and cleared off when my husband came to the door and gave him his marching orders.

    I understand that certain branches of Christianity have very strict and devout believers and very aggressive recruitment tactics for their churches. Most of these poor people are twisted and brainwashed (which is about the only reason I didn't go around to his Mormon church the following Sunday and punch his lights out).
    by Princess Selena on 18th Oct 2005
  • WRONG, Vidra...................

    Kali is no goddess and Vishnu is no god. There is only ONE god and ONE lord, ONE master of the entire universe and all things within it...........................

    His name is Jehovah. Kali does possess people because I have seen people who are plagued with her demonic influence come to my church and beg God to be merciful to them. They begged to be cured of her possession, her evil power.
    Paganism is seen by many as a cool, modern-day religion without dogma and rules and regulations. But this is a false assumption.

    Once demonic, pagan deities possess you or you invite them into your life by praying to them or invoking their aid, they will bring insurmountable evil and curses into your lives.

    The only way to be free of this is to invoke Christ Jesus instead and ask him to forgive your sins and wash you clean with his holy blood.

    Here is a powerful prayer that I use to defeat the evil powers of Satan, read with me brothers and sisters;

    O Holy Lord Jesus,
    I ask you here and now to come into my life, and change anything within it that is not satisfactory to you. Cleanse me of all sinfulness and guilt, wash away the evil influences in my life that come from dabbling in the occult and paganism, devil worship and Voodoo. The only spirit that I shall worship now is the Holy Spirit. The only god that I shall invoke; Christ Jesus.

    Lord Jesus Christ,
    please forgive me my sins and fill me with your Holy Spirit, forever.
    Let me serve YOU all the days of my life in complete obedience. AMEN.

    (In conjunction with this prayer you must also join your nearest local Christian church or group, and talk to the pastor, vicar or priest about the damaging occult influences in your life and what can and should be done about these. You must pray regularly and read the bible and lead a good, Christian life of servitude and piety).

    Good luck everyone and may God bless you all and protect you from Satan and his whiles.
    by LOUISE on 17th Oct 2005
  • Dear All,

    Kali is indeed an immortal goddess and is certainly NOT a demon, as she was sent by the other gods to destroy hordes of demon armies and she succeeded in this. She would not have destroyed all of these demons if she was one of them.

    People who know nothing of Hinduism interpret Kali's dark imagery as being evil, but she isn't wicked, she is good. A benevolent mother to her devotees. Her image is symbolic. Her powers are great, however she is not supreme in any sense, she is not the greatest power in the Hindu pantheon.

    The gods are REAL and awesomely powerful, but behind all the gods is Vishnu-the preserver and the greatest of them all. I like to worship Vishnu in his incarnation as Krishna, down his throat is the entire universe and in his hands is the fate of all men.

    Lord Krishna has nothing against others worshipping Kali-Ma, in fact he is good friends with this goddess and they see each other often in the cosmic world in which they exist, but HE is supreme. The most powerful of all the gods, and the most magnificent. Even Shiva and Brahma bow down before him and accept his greatness.

    To all Christians out there, Jesus Christ is not GOD, he is not divine. He was merely a man, a messenger, a prophet. He was not God incarnate. Therefore we will not pray to Lord Jesus Christ or repent of our sins, a mere mortal cannot cleanse us humans of our Karmic guilt, and certainly not an instrument of religious dogmatism that your Lord Jesus has unfortunately become.

    If Jesus claimed to be God, he was a liar. If others later made him a God, then their karma will be great for creating and perpetuating this falsehood and darkness. This brutal, demoralising and very dogmatic religion that you call Christianity that has enslaved millions of souls.

    I pray to Lord Vishnu that the truth will find those who seek it, and that their eyes will be turned away from this decaying slave religion.
    by Vidra Potaja on 15th Oct 2005
  • Louise- kali's purpose is to terrify evil people and evil creatures so if she scares you so much that you think that shes evil then think of what evil thing you did to get scared of a being who scares evil. And to all chrstians if you hate this site leave it cause we don't need your saving cause we already saved by Kali' Goddess of riteousness.
    if you are evil then you'll see her as a demon however if you good you'll see her as pure goodness. According to hindu doctrine she is the wife of God and to all those who blasphemise her powerfull name, know this, that every god Including death is terrified of her cause she is supreme, no other being will come close to harm you if she is on your side, not even the christian god for even if a god has to harm her devotees than that god will be anihilated for she is beyond time and space, life and death, good and evil. she doesn't punish like the christian god to his devotees but she removes our sins symbolised by the cut of hands oround her waist and she gives the boon(wish) of salvation to all her devotees , her lower right hand and states that we should not fear anything for she is with us,her children and no god nor evil shall take away our gift of salvation not even the christian god for this is her gift because she will smite them down represented by her upper right hand gesturing fear nothing nor no being. POTRI KALI AMMA POTRI SRIDEVI
    p.s even if you did blasphemise her name, just apologise and she forgives all for if you don't then not even your christian god can save you for it is said than when she's angry no god will confront her, they all will run away for fear of her tremendous power. i know this cause all those who did bad things and said bad things about me experienced her wrath. this is our protective mother
    by Son of Kali on 11th Oct 2005
  • Kali is the only diety who exposses the world for what it really is. Louise said the she possesses people regularly, well lou, she sends her power to those whom she chooses to help the world, somewhat like the holy spirit and tongues. jesus isn't a real god, just a man since he isn't mentioned in the vedas. things in sacred hindu doctrines like cloning(Raktavija) and evolution(Thiru vasagam) has been proven whereas nothing from your bloodthirsty christian cult proven and Kali is not a demon but the supreme truth whose purpose is to scare the wits out of people like you. stop with the demon thing already since they don't exist. Kali killed them all so that we can have peace. those who dabble with her power for evil intentions are sure to get burnt.
    by Clinton on 11th Oct 2005
  • As I can see people are still bickering at each other here, about who's religion is right and wrong...I've been reading around on the different religions and I found that Kali and Oya are alike. So I guess if I keep digging I will find similarities in all religion...when I do will let you all know. Like I said before it's how we all interpret what our ancestors left us. We all have a mind of our own and we all have different beliefs, I don't think or believe God, Jesus, Allah, Kali, Oya, Buddah et. etc. etc. would want us all fighting about who is right and wrong...I believe every religion teaches us to live a good and decent life...and if evil comes your way the only thing you have is to turn to your belief to help you through it.
    My suggestion to all if you came here to read on this article on means you have a curious mind, that's a good thing so don't stop there, and are opening your mind to accept all people and things. And that I find is a great gift.
    Good luck to you all.
    by Mericia on 4th Oct 2005
  • Hi ....Guys It a shame to see how childish you behave on some else belief ....god...I do pray for your soul to go to HELL for talking this way about MA ...KALI MA SHAKTI .....JAI MA .....JAI JAI MA ........this year is 2005 .....this faith on hindu gods n goddess go back over 5000 year guys .. read your history please ....unless you didnt went to school i will for give you nit wits ......but the hindu belief runs where you never dream of ....and god you too foolish to understand the things that make up this religion...the vedas going deep down to music, medicine (which modern day man is still borrowing) , serving humanity, and don’t forget all these books (Vedas ) is base on god for your nit wits to survive …..ohhh that just a few of the Vedas I mention …you need to go read up on them n get some knowledge what this world is all about hon…I will admit that the other books (bible) are one of the greatest book also ever written but right now it under contradictions from a guys …. Ohhh his name Lee something… I don’t like calling names but I guess you know who I am talking about .. Mother Kali is one of the nine vidias to make up one long story you too foolish to understand. ……………anyguys I am timing out here and hope you dumb ass get a life and stop throwing bricks ….. a short prayer for you guys ….."Om Kareeng Kalekaye Namah, Om Kapalingaye Namah"
    JAI JAI Ma …………….Kali Ma …………Peace
    by Pat on 4th Oct 2005
  • Hi All ...
    Please stop telling ppl that someone die for our sin ...why so stupid to belief that crap. i was not here then how the hell can he die for my sins? unless all the christians are that old and still can be here to say thanks to jesus. My godess dont have to die for me ...if i sin i will have to face it along the way that how it time out guys

    by Pat on 4th Oct 2005
  • You fool! You are leading those women to Hell and eternal damnation. How do I know this?

    Because the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me in a vision of light and convicted me to condemn your pagan ways and vile, ungodly practices. Repent of this shamanistic Kali sorcery or you are going to blind yourself and others to the truth of the Lord's holy plan for mankind.

    Read your bible, dear. There are many passages in the Old and New Testaments that condemn occultism, paganism and sorcery as being CONTRARY to the will of God.
    I hope you find truth and light and knowledge. I pray that you find Jesus Christ, Our Lord.

    by Patricia on 29th Sep 2005
  • Ok, so i posted some time ago, i'm the person who said that all religions were intertwined.
    And what i wanna know is, why do you christians keep yapping on about how your religion is the only true one? I mean, I'd like some leginimate explanation as to why that is so.(besides the stuff that has the words "jesus" "god almighty" and "bible" or anything like that in it) I mean, your religion isn't even the oldest one out there! And besides, (if we are to go on about religions being different) reading this article makes me want to worship Kali alot more than some god of whose existence i've never seen proof of.
    Ok, God loves every one but only if they are straigh, male christians and every one else will go to hell. Yup, thats loving right there.
    by Kali on 16th Sep 2005
  • I lead groups for women on the Dark Mother. She is my life. Your article is quite good. I recommend this link to women who are interested in further study.

    Thank you.
    by Victoria Angela on 16th Sep 2005
  • Hey all,
    Blessings to everyone. this message is directed to all christians who have posted messages on this site. You are defeating the purpose of bring lost souls to Jesus by bashing and arguing with someone who has completely given over themselves to something they think is right. What a man thinks and believes control him. By arguing about Kali with Jesus would not solve anything. PPL need to have an experience with the Lord and that will convince them. bashing and backbiting will not lead people to Jesus, love will. i know u know the truth and you want ppl to be saved but this way i am seeing it done is not the right way. it only brings anger and hatred. plz take my advice and instead of arguing foolishly start to pray and ask the Lord to show them himself and to have a experience with him like paul on the road to damascus. Let God show ppl that Jesus is alive and when it happens to them personally, they cannot deny it. Peace and love to everyone and God bless u.
    by Stephon on 15th Sep 2005
  • I found your article about python interesting. Unfortunately, I don't have time to access net. Could you please sms me your feelings about Kali in more detail. I want to hear from you. My sms number is +254721388183. Sms any time. Thanks
    by Shamaniji on 6th Sep 2005
  • Brief Information about Kali
    by Shan on 30th Aug 2005
  • "The image of a recumbent Shiva lying under the feet of Kali represents Shiva as the passive potential of creation and Kali as his Shakti."

    I feel that this is the most powerful and significant message that rings out from the cult of Kali.

    The unmanifest, undifferentiated and primordial reality is the Shiva (literally translated as the 'good') also known as Purusha. This reality manifests itself, to itself, in the form of a reflection, an image, and this reflection, this image of Shiva is Shakti (or Prakriti). This manifested image, is the differentiated, material world that we percieve today.

    Why does the un-manifest choose to manifest itself ? For the sheer joy of the manifestation. Joy, bliss ( also known as Lila, the great play ) is what drives this manifestation and hence the world that we percieve around us ... there is no sin or evil anywhere in this.

    The convergence of the unmanifest object and the manifest image on the 'surface of the mirror'is the goal ...

    This convergence, this union ( referred to as Yoga ) is the final goal of both the unmanifest object and the manifest image. This convergence is what is pleasurable to the Shiva.

    This joy of manifestation and the bliss of convergece ( of which sex is an unapologetic metaphor ) is the causal engine that drives the perceptible universe.

    The world 'exists' for the pleasure of the Absolute Reality of Shiva and this pleasure is impossible without Shakti ( or Kali ).

    Hence Kali is the cause for the existence of the 'perceptible' world.

    May her grace be with us all, ( including the hardcore 'Christians?' who too will benefit from her Grace, if not in this life but in the next :-) in our quest to know about her and her convergence with the Lord.
    by shivaks on 25th Aug 2005
  • i think u all should stop because every 1 has different beliefs and u should respect that. instead of fighting.
    by david on 24th Aug 2005
  • This site is very good!!. The information about Kali are amazing... I will be know about this things!!.
    by Daniel. Argentino y Porteñazo!!. on 22nd Aug 2005
  • dear lil hore !
    You are right with your opinion !
    by christian lehar on 19th Aug 2005
  • Dear Jamie,

    I am enjoying the stories, reviews and comments about Kali and other deities. I have to say, it bothers me to some extent of the narrow-mindedness that Christians and Christianity display and pocess towards others and alernative ways of thinking and believing.

    I was raised as a strict orthodox Christian by Christain parents. I lived and believed this way all of my life until I reached a severe crises in my life. I have to tell you up front, Christainity did not save me but new and wonderful imformation was imparted to me and new ways of thinking taught to me.

    I have since discovered and learned about such things as Native Americans beliefs and am currently studying far-eastern religions and have learned about Wiccan beliefs and Hindusm. I am finding there are similiar common threads between many of the beliefs. It seems that it is only Christianity that takes a different path and it's followers take it open themselves to criticise and condemn others. Your Lord Jesus did not condemn others, in fact, he spent most of his time with the sinners, caring for all. Much of his ministry was never conducted in a church. How is it you do not show the same loving care towards someone like me, like your Lord Jesus showed so many others?

    Have you ever studied the roots of Christainity? Christainity has a long, dark and bloody history. The Catholic Church hid much of the written passages from the masses of people, used threats and intimidation, sentenced people to death for being different. The regular folk did not read and the heirarchey dictated to the common people what to believe and what not to believe.

    They imposed "indulgences", money and taxes that forced the common people to support the monks and priests and threatened people with eternal damnation in hell if they did not do as they were told. People were sentenced to death, hanged, beheaded, drowned and burned alive at the stake. This is your precious heritage and history that you hold so dear. I have since come to realize that Satan, is no more than a myth, a cruel story created by those in power and religion, to rule others.

    I have since learned the power and ability of one's mind. I have found if you believe something, therefore, it exsists. If this principle is true, how is it you can say the Goddess Kali and other Deities are rubbish and superstition? I think perhaps your Christianity is full of supersttion.

    By the are speaking to Kali. My name is Kali and I can assure you, I do not represent demonic forces nor ill-will and I am not an animated object, my dear. Why is it, anything Christians do not understand is automatically called a "cult?' Perhaps, it is you, who is part of a cult. Your religion certainly has the background for it, abominations against humanity.

    May the Path you walk on find enlightment,


    by Kali on 13th Aug 2005
  • Great article.

    To those who have used this review process to attempt to spread the Good News, I hardly think discussions of Hell and damnation will convert many people. The Bible may say that this is what will happen to people who do not accept Christ as their savior, but the Good News is not that people who go against the Bible will go to hell. The Good News is that Christ is a loving savior. Just as behavioral psychology has shown that positive reinforcement (giving a treat for good behavior) is more effective than negative reinforcement (witholding treats or giving an electric shock when bad behavior occurs), it is more effective when witnessing to demonstrate that God is Love instead of demonstrating that God hates idolatry. "Honey catches more flies than vinegar" is another colloqualism that fits here.

    To those who are attempting to debate with anyone who advocates a different belief system than the one you cherish, another saying comes to mind: "Never try to teach a pig to sing, it wastes your time and annoys the pig."

    It's doubtful that you will actually change their mind if they are already convinced that you are wrong. Certainly insulting their views just gives them more reason to have them -- Christ said that his followers would be persecuted as he was. A Christian will simply accept your insults as a complement and affirmation of Christ's words. As for people who have alternative religious views, generally they accept Christians persecuting them as vindication of their decision not to be Christian -- since persecution is bad, and a Christian is doing it, Christianity must be bad. Either way, your energy is wasted for very little effect.

    Google "Tammy Ritchie". She is a Christian who runs a forum on Delphi that used to post a lot of articles/messages that denigrate Wicca and Paganism. Even though she was addressing other Christians, many Pagans came to her forum to debate the issues. She has now posted strict rules about what Pagans can and cannot say since the forum is a Christian forum. She also refers to Pgans who post onher forum as "trolls". Since it's her forum, I feel she has the right to make those rules. But when a Christian takes their viewpoints and posts in a Pagan discussion area (such as the review process of this article has become), they are becoming the "troll" as they are invading space that has been created by a Pagan. ("Troll" is not a reference to any mythological creature, it's a reference to a particular method for catching fish -- baiting a stationary line in the water and waiting for the fish to bite it. A person who posts inflammatory messages as "bait" for the usual members of that discussion area, they are said to be "trolling" or referred to as "trolls".)

    Wow, this has turned into a lot longer of a message than I intended. Either way, I hope it makes sense. I used to let myself be baited by the kind of messages I've seen on here, but I don't like wasting my energy and effort by getting mad. Just understand that for either side, losing your temper is not likely to help another see your viewpoint as correct.
    by Mishakal on 11th Aug 2005
  • Dear Vikram,

    Appreciate your comments to Louise but
    please try not to use offensive words in this forum as this is about GOD'S virtues and is also being read by youngsters.
    Even if we are angry,understand that the other party is also a humanbeing who is also a creation by GOD same like you and me.
    May Mother Kaali and Lord MAHA VISHNU forgive and bless us.
    by Sam Munusamy on 11th Aug 2005
  • Dear Guinevere,

    I've read your article and i wanted to share my experience with you. Do you beleive in black magic or charm? If so, continue reading :-
    For the past 13 years i have having bad luck with my husband and these is what we found in the end :

    My husband was charmed in 1992 because of jelousy and envy. The person who charmed my hubby wanted him dead. The evil person managed to kill my hubby's youngest brother (34 years old with two little kids 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 years old). The evil person (evp) pinned 5 places of operation of which 2 he succeded made my hubby alcholic, diabetic, lever cirrohsis, pressure, gastric ulcer and tried to make him go coo coo and wanted my hubby to hand over all his properties and what ever he had and make him like a stray dog and not realizing who he himself was. To make it short :-
    We got mother kaali's help to overcome the evil that has been put on my hubby. She removed everthing that was done to my hubby and made him a free man with no sicknessess. Please contact us on this e-mail and we will share with you whatever we know as to how to worship her.

    Thank you.
    Let Mother Kaali bless you.

    Kaali's daughter
    by vamuni on 11th Aug 2005
  • people should not say such mean things about other peoples beliefs--why did they come to this website in the first place?if they do not like kali, they dont need to come here.
    by christa on 9th Aug 2005
  • Hey. I just wanted to say, "Great article." Also I wanted to shout out to a afew of those who are bickering back and forth about who's God/Goddess is real or whatnot. The only fact that should be looked at is simple. Faith. As long as you have faith, whether you believe in whatever God/Goddess you believe in, you will always prevail. All religious books, may I remind you, were at one point written or rewritten by human beings. So the books should be used as a guideline rather than the absolute truth. I just want to say it is, in my opinion, to be spiritual rather than religious. Thank you and please stop hating each other. We're all here to do the same thing so make the best of it.
    by Donald on 5th Aug 2005
  • Goddesses,

    Thank you!!!!!!!!!

    Be your name Kali, Mother Mary, or Nuit, be you praised for Your LOVE and Your BEAUTY!!!!!!!
    by Ketema Ross on 5th Aug 2005
  • It is always so amazing the way the same people who claim to be all-loving seem to appear all-ignorant just because they do not understand something associated with a defferent culture. People, things we do not know of should be explored and appreciated and not feared. Kali maa is not your idea of evil, hindu's are not idol worshippers, they worship different representations of the same being. It never ceases to amaze me how ignorance prevails when people see something out of the ordinary.
    I am the child of a hindu woman and a catholic man, I was schooled in a presbyterian high school. Both my parents made both religions quite accessible to my sister and I. My parents are tolerant people and respect all religions, but how can you condemn people to hell because you find their way of worship different to your own? Learn to respect others and in tern you will see how your life will change for the better. Stop living in your shell of fear and ignorance. Jai maha Kali!!! Jai Durga mata!!!
    by Tracy M. from Trinidad, West Indies on 2nd Aug 2005
  • It is not your place to condemn anyone.
    I WAS a born again christian. Through time I found it to be a surface religion. Very unfulfilling. So, as all people do, I've grown. Looked beyond the obvious and reached for more, to experiance more, to understand more, to LOVE more. Climb down from up high, you do not belong there. The Gods and Goddesses hold that position.
    MEDITATE! See what you find.

    Tina, Daughter of Kali
    by Tina, Daughter of Kali on 30th Jul 2005
  • after reading this website, i was informed of the KALI. but i am a little confused by the role of SHIVA.

    i was informed that the reason she is seen standing him is because a demon took him form so he can save himself.

    maybe you can clear up my confusion or misconception.

    by lamia on 19th Jul 2005
  • I keep returning to this site over and over, and watching it grow.

    The chaos here is wonderful to see. Such spirited debate, such love such hate. Such joy, such sorrow.

    It is all one in the same.

    It is the collectiveness of our existence. There is no good. There is no evil.

    There simply IS.

    I get the feeling that Mother finds great joy in this site, even to the disbelievers in her, even to the ones who demonize her.

    Even though people are attempting to insult Her, She is still pleased that Her name is now on your tongues.

    Love Her. And She will love you back.
    by Kathleen Bimson, Priestess on 17th Jul 2005
  • BAN RELIGION! SERVE GOD! and end the fighting. Lets start loving each other and developing our spiritual life!
    by poo speng crazy head wank. on 13th Jul 2005
  • I totally respect all religions and do not condemn anyone's beliefs. I think Kali is probably as real and legitimate a deity as Jesus is. However, this VISINGHA poster sounds like an idiot. Having read many of his posts without comment, I feel that I have to say something.

    I cannot even begin to describe what a loser this guy is, his ranting and raving is not even funny. Louise may be a fundamentalist and hardcore bible-basher, but at least she is credible. This bloke Vasingha simply STINKS.

    VASINGHA, my mate, get a life and sort your head out man. You are talking like a bag of crap. This half-human, half-alien, inbred hybrid is not worth listening to. Trust me folks.
    by Sharya on 13th Jul 2005
  • I think that people of whatever religion should avoid trying to convert people to their own religion. Religions were made by man to connect with God, God didnt invent any religions, that was our idea. I think we should get back in touch with God and forget about religion, simply because is causes so many arguments. I was brought up as a christian but I turned out to be a lame one that dosnt go to church because church is lame and brain washing. but i like what Jesus was about, he was the ultimate peace loving (hard working :) hippie! Thing is, I think if your not sure about certain rules of a religion, then you shouldn't try and bend them to fit yourself, maybe we should denounce all religions and stick to basic teachings of religious figureheads, then we can only argue about who loves everybody the most. Peace to everyone
    by Collette on 11th Jul 2005
  • I RESPECT ALL RELIGIONS AND THEIR GODS . God is abstract, He can be symbolized for easy understanding. Every symbol has the same meaning and universal truth .Everybody has the freedom to beleive in certain religion or a way to reach God, but unfortunately everybody fights over it nonstop and so much chaos is created and the whole purpose to understand God is defeated. If you look at things of nature like trees,watrefall,breeze,clouds etc. You can get the message that there's God Silence and tranquility admist nature and scenic places can bring you closer to something which can't be expressed, it has to be felt. I pity all those who are fighting on the name of religion.
    by UNIVERSAL on 11th Jul 2005
  • I learned a great deal about kali from your website, it broke down several misconceptions that I had, thank you and well done :)
    by Collette on 11th Jul 2005
  • Akal is a demon and a false god, Kali is a she-demon from Hell. None of these beings are divine they are wicked creatures from the darkness sent to lead mortal men astray. Jesus Christ said; 'I am the way, the truth and the life, no-one comes to the Father except by me'.
    This means that Christ is the only lord and the only god (you fool!).

    You will burn, burn in Hell unless you repent of this sinful demonolatry and become a good christian, the only true believers in this world. I will be praying intensively for your wretched soul, and hoping that the Lord will take pity on thee for his love is infinite, and he is slow to anger. Do not continue to offend him with your claptrap about Akal, Akal does not exist except perhaps as a demonic being that misguides fools such as yourself.

    Jesus Christ is lord, and he IS a historical reality, this was proven without a doubt years and years ago by a scientist and historian. You cannot argue with this concrete proof you unbelieving judas and sinner.

    The Lord convicts me to condemn you, because you are truly a sinner and will not repent for your arrogance is great. Godly anger swells inside me and Jesus himself turns his holy face away from you and your moral degradation.

    Shame on you.
    by Louise, daughter of God on 10th Jul 2005
  • My deepest apologies, Shadowhawk. It was never my intention to call any one or any religion ignorant. When I refered to ignorance I ment the ignorance of ideas or thoughts that prevent liberation, whatever these thoughts happen to be (I am not making editorial about which thoughts are or are not ignorant I was leaving that up to Kali (God - in the universal sense). I humbly ask your forgiveness for my unskillfulness in expressing my devotion to liberation and tolerance. It was never my intention to create ill will or suffering. You are obviously an open minded person, I would never call open mindedness ignorance (open mindedness not to be confused with carelessness or apathy.) Once again I apologize for any confusion that my comments may have caused.
    by Apology on 6th Jul 2005
  • I'm a Christian and only believe in Christ and the teachings of the Bible. That said, I do thoroughly enjoy reading the beliefs of other cultures. I don't want anyone to be able to call me ignorant.

    I very much enjoyed the story of Shiva and Kali, which I read many years ago in a Time-Life book. Parvati (Shiva's wife) was fed up with all the fighting between the gods and demons. One night, she could take it no longer and transformed into Kali. Black skin, two red eyes with a third red eyes glaring from her forehead, four arms (one holding a severed head!). Kali goes crazy, killing everything in her path.

    Shiva goes out into the battle field and lays down among the bodies. Kali sees him laying like that and feels for him, so she turns back into Parvati. That was a cool story.
    by shadowhawk on 2nd Jul 2005
  • to Convertist Christians- I completely understand that it is your love and compassion for others that motivates you to try and bring others o the teachings of Jesus the Christ, but... in case you haven't noticed this attitude more often than not drives people away from Christianity (Some people actually leave christianity for this and a number of other reasons)! This result does not accomplish your goal. I understand that you do not wish to harm others, and wish to serve The Lord through working for his glory, but you are disservicing The Lord by driving people away from his teachings! As servants your job is to represent his teachings, to live his teachings of compassion and tolerance - your job is NOT to sew seeds of hatred and malice which is what often happens with some. I know that this is not your intention because you have good hearts and you very clearly are devoted to the Lord, but if you truly want to serve the Lord, you must be patient, and tactful, and respectful. You don't even need to try to convert people, if you show through your own example the teachings of the Christ (without trying to control others) then if people see value in Christ's teachings through your example, they will COME to you and follow your example. You are fishers of men and woman - when you go fishing do you wait patiently with your rod and reel or do you try to catch fish with your bare hands (by the way the bait on your "hook" is when people see you recieve the fruits of following Christs teachings, if they want that fruit they will bite!)!! If people convert to Christianity it must be because they are compelled by the power of the teachings by seeing the benefits of its fruit, not because someone got in their face and started telling them that they're going to go to Hell (often people think 'well if I'm going to go to Hell, i'm going to stay in, or join, a religion that doesn't have one, or believe in Hell. And since I personally believe there is a hell, think what would happen to them, if they went to hell because you drove them away from the teachings with your zealousness- where would you end up for driving people away from the teachings?). You need to show people that God loves them, not that he hates them for being different from one another (which isn't true!). Relax, the Lord loves you (or else your existance would not be sustained), be at peace you have found bliss in Christ, be grateful and humble, and don't try to catch fish with your bare hands. (oh and incase you didn't read the explaination of Kali she is not a demon - she is a demon slayer. You cannot claim that she is a demon, because this is flat out not true.)
    by Christianity on 30th Jun 2005
  • - Great Kali, Great Mother of Wisdom and Compassion, of Creation and Destruction, protect all who seek the ultimate truth from those that would block the way of the aspirant with ignorance, and prayers and spells that would hinder the growth of wisdom and the freedom of the heart to seek ultimate truth to end suffering! With your great sword of wisdom, without harming the speech, mind, body of a single being (if it is possible), cut through the ignorance that binds the mind from seeing the ultimate truth. Bless all devotees of the lord with tolerance so that hatred will not cause them to be reborn in the hell relms, bless them with unending compassion and wisdom and patience. Peace and happiness to the christians, peace and happiness to the hindus, peace and happiness to all peoples of all nations, may we all be free from suffering and may well all have unending happiness. We all have to live together, love and tolerance must be our common ground, we all suffer, we all have fear, we all yern for a protector, a liberator. We all seek happiness, it is our ignorance, greed and hatred that causes the attempts of our heart to find happiness to make us suffer, because it is ignorance that compels us to wrong action.
    by - tolerance on 30th Jun 2005
  • First of all there is a hell, it is called hatred... Second we all exist right? That means that there is only one "creation" right? logically this must mean that this creation arose from a singularity (a common source- meaning america was not made by so and so and India was not made by someone else) in short there must be (in essence) only one creative force or "god" (not God in the secular sense, but god denoting the power to create something or to manifest something or to emanate something) It is accepted in all traditions that "the creator" can assume anyform that he/she wishes. If we accept hypothetically that the christian God is real (God being the lord of creation and supreme authority and judge over the consequences of or actions), and if we hypothetically accept the existance of Shiva or Kali as God/Goddess (God/Goddess being Lord/Lady of creation capable of mitigating Karma or dishing it out -in a very general sense, more along the lines of ripening the karma we create early) The essence of these definitions are pracitally identical!!! If two civilisations with no contact with one another come up with the same definition for two different faces/forms and two different names and "the creator" can take any form or appearance that it choses to benefit beings what makes you think that Kali/Shiva and God (in the christian sense) are seperate entities simply because their name and face are different. Both hinduism and Christianity encourage ethical, and moral lifestyles, compassion, tolerance (you know the whole do unto others as you want don't to yourself) now if this same code of kindness and compassion were brought to two different civilizations, by two different faces/names doesn't that give you a clue as to the nature of these mere forms!? If you fill two vases with lake water, from the same lake, it is still the same water inside the vases! Be not fooled by name and form The name kali and her form (I'm assuming) are not to be taken literally merely forms for the mind to grasp, and meditate on until the realization of true nature, in this way the name Kali, and her "form" may betray her true essence, but they are the only things that the mind can meditate on! Don't be so attached to name and form!
    by - just a fool on 30th Jun 2005
  • I really enjoyed the article on Kali. I wish that all these Christians out there would realize that Christ is nothing more than a myth, made up by men to control them. They are living rigid self depricating lives out of the fear of going to hell , a place that does not exist!

    by Michelle on 25th Jun 2005
  • To each his own with respect toward his neighbor.

    World Peace, people, c'mon.

    Why are we fighting?

    Do your kids have food on their table? Are they safe and happy, away from danger?

    Worry about that. Religion exists inm thyself, therefore, every single person's beliefs are different.

    Look at your fingerprint and tell me I'm lying.
    by Nena on 21st Jun 2005
  • Jesus is not a saviour, but a man, a Jew at that. It amazes me that Christians consistantly try to persuade people to see things their way. Leave all of us alone. You have no clue as to what is the best for each and every one of us. If you did, you would sell all of the gold and real estate the church owned and feed and house everyone. That would be a great thing. Jesus is not a deity, he is not Lord of us all. A man by any other name is still a man.
    by doug on 17th Jun 2005
  • i think you are just being antagonistic. the only way to stop someone who is doing that is to respond with peace and quiet. if we stop answering to that energy it has nothing to stand on and simply dissipates (sp?)
    by Samadhi on 14th Jun 2005
  • Kali makes me happy she just makes me want to have sex
    by lil hore on 14th Jun 2005
  • There is only one deity and one saviour, JESUS CHRIST, Our Lord. All this debating about Kali annoys me. Yes, Hinduism is an old and ancient religion, probably the oldest major religion. But it's beliefs and gods are based on animistic nature religion and primitive superstition.

    If Hindus wish to worship the goddess Kali then they are free to do so, but the only god truly worthy of worship is the Lord Jesus. Praise his holy name. My ancestors in the Holy Byzantine Empire were great christian people, and I always try to live my life by their example. Giving to others, selflessness, and kindness, and giving the worship that is due to Jesus Christ, the Saviour of us all.
    by Princess Anna-Maria of Byzantium on 9th Jun 2005
  • Great Article Very informative. You would call me pagan But I belong to no religion.I am a shaman and my beliefs are all my own. Someone along my path told me to learn of Kali ( she is trying to tell me somthing) she said. The article was wonderful. The writer laid it out very nicely and to the point and didnt stray away or leave anything out it seems. I really enjoyed the parts where it documented the believers point of view over time. and the document was even written so that the mundane can understand. The only thing that saddens me is reading a bunch of argumentive crap. I could go on for many lifetimes on that subject but my point remains the same. We are all people. And people are all animals. my father is my father. and your fathers are all your fathers. And we all have a mother yet they are not the same. But we are people and all religions promote us all to be good to one another. wheather you be christian ,wiccan,druid ect. the earth is our domain for right now and we are all living here together Life is too short for all this bickkering crap. Its better to not argue than to argue something you can not win.The ones who say i am right and you are wrong may only be deciving themselves. Only Gods can judge. and on one plane or another by one god or the next we all will be judged. you represent yourself with nothing to say so Make The Best Of It. may peace bewith you. Also I noticed soeone asked about (Jedi) Bing here Yes there are. and May the force be with you
    by Rakes the Sky w/ lightning on 5th Jun 2005
  • I hope you all realise that all this talk of Kali's power and all the pagan abominations that go with it are going to damn your souls to Hell?

    Kali does not exist. She is nothing. Just an idol of the ignorant. Whether she represents a real demonic entity is another matter. I am not going to say that she is a demon, I simply don't believe that she exists. You are worshipping nothing more than wood and stone, a created object.

    The only being worthy of worship in this universe is Christ, the holy and begotten son of God. This Kali cultism is simple and ignorant and I think that people in the western world should know better than to fall for all this rubbish and superstition. It is no differnt really to Voodoo or believing in Leprechauns.

    Just go to church if you want spirituality, guys. That's my advice.
    by Jamie on 2nd Jun 2005
  • I am so excited unknowingly got the site and the wonderfull article on my Mother Goddess Kali. What could make me happy than a tharough view of my Mother diety I devote on. Thanks to those who are doing such great and pious work.
    by nanibabarisal on 2nd Jun 2005
  • good for you kali(the one who FINALY pointed out that all religions are intertwined).
    by newbi on 1st Jun 2005
  • Kali answered my prayer once when I prayed for vengeance. I won't go into details but the person in question certainly got their just desserts. The Dark Mother in all her guises; Kali, Lilith, Hecate, Sekhmet, Morrigan, are powerful exacters of retribution. They can be called upon for this purpose and they do grant requests very quickly.

    You must be wary of this type of invocation, though. If you use Kali's power to curse another for no good reason, you will get a great deal of bad karma in return. This can sometimes be more terrifying than having a curse put on you, when a curse returns threefold it is a horrifying experience.

    Only invoke the Dark Mother's powers in a time of great need and only when you have been wronged.
    by Katrina on 1st Jun 2005
  • Hi, I was wondering if anyone could provide me with any hymns or prayers to Kali as she is one of my favourite goddesses and I LOVE her imagery.
    I do sometimes pray to Kali as I think she is a powerful goddess and as Hinduism accepts that any god in their pantheon can be worshipped as the one, true deity as they are all aspects of the Brahman or Supreme Spirit, I have no problems thinking of Kali as the all-powerful great mother.

    Does anyone else here pray to Kali, and how has she answered your prayers?
    by Guinevere on 31st May 2005
  • Kah-lee is the pronounciation
    by Kali on 31st May 2005
  • The reason I came here was because my dad told me about my nickname's meaning and how I shouldn't let anyone call me by it. I named myself Kaly when I was only four and never knew why...I can see that it's meaning is very strong and I am very pleased to have read this article...though I doubt my dad would be. I do prefer this nick to my name and I now know how to define everything involved in it
    by Kaly on 31st May 2005
  • oh yes. the article is spiffeh. i praise the writer for their patience - i would definitely not have the patience to do all the research required.
    very well writen.
    by Kali on 29th May 2005
  • first of, my name IS Kali. pronounced the way u think it is.
    second of all these reviews generally show the fact that ignorance is still "in". I belong to a religion that probably no one else belongs to. I am free to do as i wish, as long as i dont do anything wrong. And even if i do that doesnt immideatly send me to hell because there is no hell. we all go to the same place - because some of us may have been born less fortunate than others. thats not the reason im posting tho.
    Im posting because ppl really need to realise that there is only ONE god(dess). He(she) has no name, no identity. all gods and goddesses are one. When u worship Kali, the Lord, Christ, (dare i say so?) Allah or any other god, u r all worshiping the same devine being. Because all religions come from one place, therefore, they r all connected and r all one. Christianity came from judaism. Islam came from observing christians and jews. from their teachings. im not sure about the roots of other religions but im sure they all lead to a simple cerimonial dance from thousands of years ago, when a human was celebrating a victory over another one, grieving for some one close they lost or praising the spirits. And then all of the spliting off came. And if every one believes they're right, then how many heavens and hells r there?? oh my, im begining to get scared. Apparently i will only go to heaven in my religion, but to hell in all others??? oh no, that means i have to believe in everything!!! i do. there is only one god(dess), and all of the others are just symbols, avatars of the one devine being. So when u start arguing again, think about it. When a christian insults Kali, s/he has just insulted christ because they r all the same being. We are all one. We believe in the same thing, only in the different aspects of it. Belief is good - but not when ur trying to force it down someone else's throat. Because they already believe. and just trying to show them a different aspect of it, but it is unnecesary. So please, go do ur thing quietly and dont take it upon urself to save the world from hell or devil-worshiping. All gods and goddesses are One. The only one. all that u worship they all go to ONE. just keep that in mind.
    p.s. hey chrisitnas, can u pleaze tell me why u want to convert ppl so much?? so far, ur the only one ive seen doing so. Im kinda tried of having ppl come up to me and try and convert me. because, thanx very much, im happy the way i am.
    srry, but ive been descriminated by christians too much, so i kinda have a negative feeling about them. i try not to get that up, but it goes up once in a while.
    by Kali on 29th May 2005
  • Kali is soo kool .. !
    by -Erin on 28th May 2005
  • all this argueing started witrh a dude named Rick @ the bottom of all these reviews. I wonder if he knew what he started
    by froggy on 27th May 2005
  • Let me add something to my last mail. When I say 'isn't that OK?' I mean that it should be OK to discuss ideas and beliefs. However, when we do that, it is not necessary to mock and sneer and be abusive to each other.
    by Chrid on 27th May 2005
  • Shaking head, I understand your point. Yes, it is a good article but people seem to have a need to express themselves and appear to have taken this opportunity to get a forum going. I looked at the other articles and I notice that there is not at all any contention going on in the reviews of them. Obviously then, an article about Kali seems to spark off a variety of reactions. Isn't that OK?

    by chrid on 27th May 2005
  • I enjoyed your website. Kali is one of the many names that "The Lord" uses. So it does not matter if other people worship one name or another.

    "Kali Ma, Kali Ma Take me Home
    I hear the Bells for me they Toll
    Come for my Life, Love me to Death
    and Take me to Nothing Flat.

    Before I take you to Nothing Flat
    You must first these three things do.
    You must love yourself, You must Love another
    and someone must love you.
    You have half the Battle one because I love you I truly do.
    So come back right away and tell me then
    For whom the Bells do toll.

    Kali Ma, Kali Ma I Hear the Bells
    For me They Toll!
    I love myself and have fallen in love
    and someone else loves me
    They are Wedding Bells! And I have saved you
    a Peice of Cake!"
    by Sevar Forever on 26th May 2005
  • I found this article quite informative, my thanks go out to the author. I'm doing research for a book and have struggled finding something that fairly represents Kali, instead of an extreme view of her, either from a fanatica viewpoint or a dusty scholastic approach. This is an excellent blend, and really a shame that a good deal of the 'reviews' above are in fact not. They detract from the page. best wishes, and thank you for the information!
    by David on 26th May 2005
  • what the hell do any of these comments have to do with the article? when exactly did all the arguing over religion start? it's a good article, shut up! if you have grievances than duke it out in the streets! stop wasting space!
    by shaking head and laughing on 26th May 2005

    lyrics to two of my favorite songs. hope you enjoy. just wanted to stir things up a bit. they were starting to settle. j/k!
    by teop on 26th May 2005
  • karyna, i'm sensing some hostilitly. has someone close to you "fallen" out of faith? just wondering. wow bitch, you have a lot of anger. ha! this coming from soemone who listens to otep! MENOCIDE! or perhaps for you it would be SACRILAGE? (those who listen to her will get it)
    by teop on 26th May 2005
  • sweetie, if you read the bible of course it is going to say that the "one true, heavenly father" exists. it's his freaking book! think, people, think!
    by teop on 26th May 2005
  • Chrid, good for you. You have got to be the most sensible person to have submitted so far. I must admit, I had a lot of anger in me when I read some the other reviews. I'm over it. Karyna, that wasn't very nice was it? Entertaining, but not nice. I certainly hope everyone doesn't think of me what you do; oh wait, I don't care. Okay, my Gods are not evil and I don't invoke them on anyone that doesn't ask me to. How do you even know that my Gods are evil? So far nothing evil has come from my worshipping them. No curses or anything. And I don't believe in the devil, so I can say without a doubt that I don't worship him. Why are you so scared of something you claim isn't real? Freedom of religion means ANY religion. I'm not hurting or converting, so let me be. In fact, let us all be. I must say I am glad that you know of Gerald Gardner, most people don't even bother to learn of a religion before they bash it. I'm glad also that you have such strong faith. Stick with it. However, do you really have to be cruel? A snake will not strike until it is aggravated; what aggravated you? Calling someone a cunt is not going to turn people to your God. By the way, did you ever think that Noel was saying that we're sick and twisted because instead of commenting on the review we are arguing and saying some very nasty things? I'm tired of arguing. I don't think I will be coming back here. I know that Kali has nothing to do with Wicca, I just wanted to know more of her, why are you all here? I'm sorry if I offended.
    by Wiccan Woman on 25th May 2005
  • Wow. You really seem Christian. Calling people foul names and dealing out judgment is really petty. Stop beng a damn hypocrite. How about rereading some of Jesus's sermons? You might learn a few things. Jesus was a nifty, loving guy and you are trying to represent him? Let ye who have not sinned cast the first stone, hmm? Shame on you.
    by Sarah on 25th May 2005
  • Hi!
    Why is everybody arguing? Aren't we all the same? Aren't we all just human beings living on the same earth? When a baby is born he/she doesn't have any religion. That innocent baby is TAUGHT religion and beliefs or philosophies by adults.

    The way I see it, the universe seems pretty big, and the more the scientists find out about it, the bigger it seems, both 'inwards' and 'outwards'. The Hubble space telescope, for example, has shown us pictures of galaxies that are mind-bogglingly far away. So the universe would appear to go on forever. With this in mind, we can then CHOOSE to believe in an all-powerful DESIGNER or 'God' or we can CHOOSE to say there is no designer and everything just is. We don't really know. So if someone wants to worship a god or a goddess, that's fine by me, so long as they don't hurt other human brothers and sisters. As for the heaven or hell to come after death, well, I personally haven't died yet, so as far as I can see, all such ideas can only be mere speculation. Why get all upset about other people's ideas? I have read how many on this site have argued about the existence of Jesus. Did he really exist or did he not? Personally, I would say that the weight of history leans towards there having been an enlightened man who caused a great deal of impact. This is also true for other 'saints', such as Guru Nanak, the Buddha, Confucious, and so on. Interestingly, the teachings of these 'saints' are remarkably similar: all of them talking about 'God' being light, and pointing out that the place to look for 'God' is inside ourselves. As far as I can see, it is later scribes and interpreters who have caused confusion amongst people, so that people even argue within their own religions (look at Catholics versus proestants, for example, within Christianity) let alone arguing between one religion and another. Me? I don't call myself a believer or an atheist or an agnostic. I'm just living my life and trying to play the cards I've been dealt. What can any of us do more than that?

    It would be wonderful if there was a great goddess such as Kali or Isis or Quan Yin watching over me and taking heed of my wishes, but I must say I haven't actually met her. Neither have I met Jesus or any of the other saints or gods. It has been said that one should look for a LIVING master or guru or mistress if one wishes to learn spiritual knowledge. This makes good sense to me.

    Anyway, I hope that everyone will stop fighting. Aren't there enough people fighting in the world already about unnecessary (that is, they shouldn't have to be necessary) territorial issues, and so on. I can understand up to a point, people wishing to promote goddess-worship, or a more matriachical sway in the world as a balance to the aggressive tendencies of the patriarchy, with its obsession for war and the weapons of war. Most women (not all, there are exceptions, such as Maggie Thatcher - but then she was trying to play the man's game) most women just want to bring up children and have a peaceful life, so if they could decide more then the world would be a more tranquil place. So if men worship the goddess and it makes them less inclined to buy into the age-old habit of territory obsession and lust for power then I don't think it's such a bad thing. Oh well, now I'm beginning to ramble on a bit.

    Good luck to everyone!

    by chrid on 25th May 2005
  • Are there any Jedi's in all this? I'm confused.
    by Pattywan on 24th May 2005
  • Well that was a very Christine review! Karyna has some issues!
    Anyhow, I found this article fascinating. I am writing a story about India and Kali in particular and found this to be so helpful. What an interesting Goddess. You presented a great resource! Don't let others tell you differnently. Obviously whoever wrote the other review knows nothing about religion or they wouldn't be calling this Wiccan related. Daughter of Christ has quite the potty mouth!
    by Marabia Dragomere on 24th May 2005
  • Oh, so we're like 'sick and twisted' are we, NOEL? Just because we have opinions about religion and express them?

    I am a devout christian woman, all this worship of Kali and pagan goddesses is pure and total bullshit. Kali is not a goddess, but a false deity and demon masquerading as a goddess. Wiccan Woman, if you ever invoke your evil gods to help me or anybody else, you will simply be placing a demonic curse upon yourself by continuing to practise the sin of demonolatry and devil worship.
    Your evil horned god and triple goddess cultism does not scare me, I am a daughter of Christ and I place my faith in him. Your FICTIONAL and CRAPPY false religion was created by the delusional old pervert Gerald Gardner in the 50's as a way to satisfy his voyeuristic cravings.

    Wicca is just the biggest load of crapola ever. You are a real c*** for believing in all of it. None of your so-called magic ritual works and you are a bint.
    by Karyna on 21st May 2005
  • you people are sick and twisted!
    by Noel on 20th May 2005
  • Great article!! I really enjoyed it, very much. By the way, I found some information about Kali and other Goddesses in here:
    by Joss on 18th May 2005
  • To all you brilliant people(if you don't see the the above statement once more),
    All the Christains tell me I'm going to hell and they're going to heaven. If they aren't there I guess we're all going to the same place!
    By the way Louise, since you said that Anna needed to brush up on her spelling and then convert, I thought I should remind you of a little fact. When your great religion took over education was virtually stopped. The literacy rate was practically nill. The only ones who could read were the priests. Lets see, if the ones doing the teaching are the only ones who can read, how many times do you think your precise Bible was changed and twisted to meet the needs of the priests? hmm...just some food for thought. Now swallow it bitch!
    by lady on 16th May 2005
  • I found this exacy word for word article even with the same pictures at this web site, so maby someone plagerised.
    by rita on 16th May 2005
  • One thing I'd like to comment on in particular, which is the reference to Satan and Energy. Although the poster was attempting to have us all repent for believing and loving in a Dark Goddess, the poster did, in fact, have one thing right.

    When one begins to open the mind and initiate the deeper understanding of the metaphysical world, one will see that its the BELIEF in a non-entity which brings it into being.

    When one believes in Satan, one is feeding him through one's own energy, and thus he becomes real to that individual.

    It's very similar to Jung's philosophy on aspects. I really do encourage people to educate themselves instead of blindly hating something they do not understand.

    Mother is very real, and she is very good to her followers.
    by Kathleen Bimson, Priestess on 15th May 2005
  • I've seen some scary shit. Really scary stuff that happen to people who dabble in what they don't truely believe in or understand. So I do sort of agree with Shamira that you should consider carefully before taking a path. I studied and researched(how I found this website) every aspect of Wicca before finally deciding to join. In fact, I still research if I am not 100% clear on something. Don't just join something because you're having a rough time and want instant solace and forgiveness. That isn't how it works. Deity protect all ye who wish it so. (If you don't want it, you don't get it, okay?)
    by Wiccan Woman on 15th May 2005
  • anon-bitch? Thats not very nice. But anyway, babe, I have to say that I gotta agree with the Christians and my own on this one. Didn't you read the Bible? In it, it states that witchcraft is destestable to God. Wanna know the verse? Too bad, my Bible isn't on hand at the moment. Look it up. According to Christianity, you are sinning. See, I turned myself away from that religion; you twisted it to your liking. It doesn't make sense. But hey, the Messianic Jews did it, so go for it!
    by Wiccan Woman on 15th May 2005
  • Okay. Just a couple people I'd like to have a chat with. First of all, Shamira Devain, my love, I cannot believe you. If you want to talk to others about your particular religion, fine. But please, don't convert people. Don't "convice" them that your way is the right way. It's hypocritical to the tenth power.
    Second, Louise. I'm not going to make you out to be a martyr by cussing you out. "Disillusioned and sinful" eh? I highly doubt it. The only ones disillusioned and sinful are the people that are convinced that Pagans and other religions that don't worship the Christian God are devil worshippers. Think about this: The devi is a creation of Judaism, therefore how could those that practice the Craft worship him? We don't and telling us that we do really pisses us off. If I were to tell you that you were worshipping demons, you would be a little angry too, because you know that you don't. By the way, please stop praying for our souls. It really is insulting to our intellingence. Would you not be insulted if I asked the Goddess and God to help you? Just look at things from our point of view, will you?
    To Mr. Crowley, this is a great article. Treat it as such. You have a lot of anger, so do I when I hear people like Louise. But we have to let go, don't we? If we don't we are no better than them. Well, maybe we are....:)
    by Wiccan Woman on 15th May 2005
  • Well, get this everyone. I am a witch and a christian. I call myself a christian-wiccan and I merge my christian faith with elements of the craft to suit myself. For as long as I have been following this path, I have had to put up with other people and their sectarian prejudices. They say that I am a fool. Christians tell me that I cannot call myself christian and be a witch, wiccans tell me that christianity is incompatible with the craft and that christian-wicca is an oxymoron.

    Well, the only oxymorons that I know are people who judge others based on something as personal, individual and legitimate as their private religious beliefs.

    I'm tired of all these sectarian debates on this site, and I'm sure God is very tired of all the sectarian arguments and hostilities that tear communities and families apart and have done so for centuries. It is time we learned to accept each other.

    'Christ, please teach mankind that all religious and spiritual paths lead to the same ideal and that religious prejudice and intolerance has to stop. O Christ, please awaken the divine within everyone and let them come to understand the true nature of spirit'. AMEN.
    by anon-bitch on 11th May 2005
  • "Marie, forget Christianity"
    "As for being entitled to your beliefs, I dont have any problem with that, and I would strongly defend your right to hold these beliefs."
    you said we are entitled to our believes so stop try to convert us.
    by marie on 8th May 2005
  • Mr Crowley you said that Christians hate people that do whichcraft. Where does it say that? Many do hate them but that does not mean they are Christians. I am a christian and I don't hate whitches, what do you have to say about that. Your judging them by only the bad things you hear about us. You have never even met us so how can you say that. And I like all religions so I don't pick on people because of there religion, I pick on people that pick on others religions
    by marie on 8th May 2005
  • Now, that is QUITE enough. You seem to have a real downer on Christianity and Christians in general. This is unfair. Not all Christians are the narrow-minded, opinionated, fundamentalist-types that you think they are. Most of them are warm, kind, tolerant and highly decent individuals who want nothing more than to serve the Lord and go to church where they can commune with other believers of a like mind. What is wrong with this? Nothing at all, in my opinion.

    Mr Crow-you need God (or some force of love) in your life. You seem like an incredibly bitter and angry man, if you came to Christ and let him enter your heart and your life, these feelings would go.

    As for me, I am strong in the Lord God and accept Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour. I wish you had the spiritual joy and happiness that I have every day. You would not feel the need to rebel so vehemently against the one, true God.
    by POBA on 7th May 2005
  • my name is kali too!!!
    how do you pronounce your name??
    my name is pronounced like know what they call california for short...but anyway...sweet name!!!
    by Kali on 4th May 2005
  • Kali is a ferocious form of the Divine Mother, who sent her Shakti, the Mother Gauri, to free the gods from the dominion of the demonic forces Shumbh and Nishumbh, who had conquered the 3 worlds of earth, the astral plane and the celestial plane.

    Kali is the goddess of time and of the transformation that is death (Kala). Lord Shiva and Mother Gauri in their destructive form are known as Mahakala and Mahakali or Kali.

    Kali is the Kundalini energy that paralyses the attachments produced by the solar and lunar currents (both demons mentioned above). This attachment causes fear of death.
    --> In the ignorant ones she creates fear, while for others Kali removes the avidya (ignorance) that makes us fear death, the basic insecurity of the First Chakra , a fear rooted in the brain stem or primitive brain.

    The Hindu goddess Kali is the first of the ten Mahavidyas - the others are Tara, Shodashi, Bhuvaneshwari, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta and Dhumavati, Matangi, Kamala and Bagla Mukhi. Therefore Kali is also known as Adya, the firstborn.
    by gam on 2nd May 2005
  • For starters, Id hardly call 45 young, lol.

    Secondly you know nothing about whether such a diety exists, if you did you would be able to posit proof for people like me to examine, unfortunately (for you that is) you can't, so your statement about "knowing" he/she/it/whatever exists is moot. And as for prayer, oh please, don't even insult my intelligence. As a quick-fix, psychological band-aid it may have its uses, however Ive yet to see definable proof that it actually works!

    Thirdly, dont even bother espousing your christian propaganda in the shape of some stupid little prayer, it doesn't work. I have no reason to go under the spiritual bootheel of fear your religion engenders within people (not to mention the disgustful hatred it breeds within them as well). Ive got far too much self-respect to turn into some gay-bashing, all-religions-are-untrue-except-my-one type of person. Live and let live is pretty much my motto, that is until I see the festering, brutal nonsense your religion puts against others.

    As for being entitled to your beliefs, I dont have any problem with that, and I would strongly defend your right to hold these beliefs. Until you try to put that onto the shoulders of others that is, and unfortunately the followers of your religion feel they have the unalienable right to do that, and attack others in the process.

    I certainly have no problem with christians having their beliefs, I just wish they would stop the pretence of espousing it onto others under the guise of "saving the soul", "witnessing" or whatever other terminology they wish to apply to what is religious propaganda upon others.
    by Mr Crowley on 30th Apr 2005
  • Now look here young man, there is no need for you to be aggressive with me. I was explaining my beliefs and what I believe the Christian faith means to me and how I apply it to my daily life. I have nothing against occultists, pagans and wiccans. They are free to practise their own beliefs as they wish, I am entitled to MY beliefs.

    I believe the true religion, is the religion of Jesus Christ, our lord and saviour, the great redeemer of mankind. I believe that God exists and answers prayers because I have had my own prayers answered and I have seen the prayers of others answered as well. I know that Almighty God exists, that Yahweh holds the entire universe in the palm of his hand.

    hallowed be your name,
    your kingdom come.
    Give us each day our daily bread.
    Forgive us our sins,
    for we also forgive everyone who sins against us.
    And lead us not into temptation'. Amen.

    (Luke 11:2-4)

    There is some spiritual food for thought just for starters.
    by POBA on 30th Apr 2005
  • Lol, PoBa, wake up and smell the coffee sucker! Christianity a religion of love and tolerance? Ha! You'd have to get rid of your bible and its baby-eating god to be able to do that! Oh and this loving tolerance you speak of? You ain't got much time for occultists have you? Does that include those nice Wiccans as well? Oh I forgot your religion deosn't like witches does it? How you gonna be tolerant with the very people that your religion dictates shouldn't be suffered to live huh? And you honestly believe that the powers of christian virtue like the churches are gonna allow loving tolerance and freedom? Give up the power that they have over their followers? Ha ha ha, grow up stupid man, and live in the real world. Like most christians, you can talk a good game, but your still a hypocrite at heart. Like your other slave-mentality drenched fellows!

    Your church numbers are dwindling into dust, people are starting to acknowledge their free will and choosing other forms of spirituality over the established, but crumbling religions instead of being under the gun of your god and your incompetent messiah. And for your christianity to have any REAL force in the world, you'd have to prove in these more enlightened times that your messiah ever existed in the first place! Apart from being the theological copy-cat of other man-gods like Osiris, Mithras and all the others your hybrid religion has copied copiously.

    Praise god? No. Praise yourself. Man is his own redeemer. Your god holds no terror for the ones unfettered from religious nonsense and contradictory dogma. In fact you dont even know if your god actually fucking exists!

    Lol, Christianity being restored to its true status of love and tolerance? Read your Bible mate, it never was about love and tolerance in the first place, just satisfying the ego of your dictatorous diety!

    Christianity: Just Say No people!
    by MrCrowley on 28th Apr 2005
  • MrCrowley, you can trash Christ and his religion if you wish to, but don't go looking up to Aleister Crowley and his deceitful crap. He espoused occultism and demonic ritual, and boasted of power and aimed to use these arts for wordly gain. He was sorely disappointed.
    He died a very unglorious death as an impoverished drug-addict in Hastings.

    That's how far his knowledge and study got him in life. I do think that Christianity is changing, and that one day it will not focus on the concept of human sin anymore and will start becoming a more spiritual and tolerant form of worship. The only Christian 'rules' that I believe in are to Love and worship God, and to treat others as we would wish to be treated. This is the will of Christ.

    All these judgements that the church makes about homosexuals, abortions, contraception and other matters will start to go very soon. Christianity will be restored to it's true status as a religion of love and tolerance.
    Praise God.
    by PoBa on 27th Apr 2005
  • The my friends of the Christian faith: We have our Savior. And He is God (Brahman). We do not need a massager to relay messages back and forth with our Loving God or to die for my sins. I wanted to dedicate the WHOLE Chapter 12 from the Bhagavat Gita to you'll, but I've chosen to just to Part 2 thru 8. I will advise you to read this chapter completely or even this wonderful scripture. You might become a better Christian to your own people and with people of faith. Just to let you know, this Holiest of Holy Books' was written over 5,000 years ago and is in full effect way before your Holy Bible was even dreamt of. And from what I'm reading, it's sounding a little like your words, but more tasteful and peaceful. Pretty interesting stuff!

    The Supreme Lord said: Those ever steadfast devotees who worship with supreme faith by fixing their mind on Me as personal God, is considered by Me to be most perfect. (See also Chapter 6, verse 47) (Chapter, verse 02)

    But those who worship the imperishable, the indefinable, the unmanifest, the omnipresent, the unthinkable, the unchanging, the immovable, and the eternal Brahman (God); (Chapter, verse 03)

    Restraining all the senses, even minded under all circumstances, engaged in the welfare of all creatures, they also attain Me. (Chapter 12, verse 04)

    Self-realization is more difficult for those who fix their mind on the formless Brahman (God), because the comprehension of the unmanifest Brahman (God) by the average embodied human being is very difficult. (Chapter 12, verse 05)

    But, to those who worship Me as the personal God, renouncing all actions to Me; setting Me as their supreme goal, and meditating on Me with single minded devotion; (Chapter 12, verse 06)

    I SWIFTLY BECOME THEIR SAVIOR, from the world that is the ocean of death and transmigration, whose thoughts are set on Me, O Arjuna. (Chapter 12, verse 07)

    Therefore, focus your mind on Me alone and let your intellect dwell upon Me through meditation and contemplation. Thereafter you shall certainly come to Me. (Chapter 12, verse 08)

    Now, my dear Christans - please find a way to "SAVE" your own people of your faith. They need your words not us. We believe in God.
    May God be with you.
    by Saraswati Devi on 25th Apr 2005
  • Marie, forget Christianity, its dying on its knees, its about time we put it out of its misery. The New Aeon shall have the following comandments:

    "Do What Thou Wilt Shall Be The Whole Of The Law........Love Is The Law, Love Under Will".

    Now wasn't that easy, hmm?
    by MrCrowley on 25th Apr 2005
  • I know I should not be butting in to any of these arguements but I really have to say something to -Bringer-Of-Light, in response to some of the things you said about Christianity. If you hate Louise so be it but don't just use her to define the people that are Christians, you said we laugh at polytheists well I know that I dont. They believe just like they believe in a way you could consider us polytheist but in a way you could not. Jusst because Louise does does not mean the rest of us do. You say are face turns purple when we hear of the "atrocities" attributed to Allah well you know what that may be but that does not define all of us. We do not believe everyone that is not a Christian will go to hell. If you knew anything then you would no that Christians believe God loves all of his children, and you know what you are considered one of his children. How do you know what the success rate of answered prayers, God works in mtysterious ways and are prayers are always answered; it may not be the way we wanted it to be but they are. Can you say your god is not mysterious, can you predict everything he does. And ya we do call ourselves Christian, we do not need to know everything in the the Bible we just need to know that God loves us. You said that we believe tribesman, how do you know what we believe I do not think you have the authority to say stuff like that since it is not true. And hello anyone up there just because Louise was a jack ass to you does not mean you have to say stuff like that just about Christians! You think we laugh at youbecause you gods have sex and all that and we od not laugh at ours, that is so wrong and out of reach. Yes we believe that God impregnated Mary but we do not laugh at you. And when you said that we could use any idiot rolling around on the floor to prove Christianity that is not true. I do not know were you came up with these stupid and un true facts about Christianity but let me tell you a little secret. THERE NOT TRUE. So you know what dis Louise but not Christianity. And do not even make up the lame opnion that I do not believe in your religion because that is not true. You may say that I am an idot now and post all these stupid messages trying to get back at me but think about it, I am defending Christianity and your defending you self because of what people say about you. So when you get a chance chew on this, a group i.e a religion can not contain all evil, there is always at least one good person, there is always the little light that fends off the demons. Yes I doubt I am that good person but you know what there is some one. And another thing, yes your right alot of us are idiots some go to church foe one hour every Sunday and say they are devoted Christians but what about the other 167 hours that they are not in church. This replies to your religion to. Just because some of the followers are idiots does not mean that the religion is a piece of crap.
    by marie on 23rd Apr 2005
  • I used to be a Hindu, then I convert to Christ. I realise that this Kali is demon from dark, dark place. She is send from Hell to hurt people and kill with her evil tongue and devil power. I am so glad that I find Jesus in my life and worship him instead.

    I have managed to convince most of my family that this is right way for them too. You must no worship Kali-Maaaa, she is false deity and has no real power except Satan's.

    I pray to the Holy Father that Jesus will show you how wrong all this paganism is and put you on the right road once more. Never worship anyone or anything except Father God for he is the one and only.

    Do you guys really want to sell your soul to Lucifere and burn in brimstone and hot coals? Do you want to betray Yahweh Adonai, the Lord eternal and almighty? Think carefully before you take these path. It will kill you.
    by Shamira Devain on 22nd Apr 2005
  • I found this article captivating. I believe Kali has so much meaning to her that it can not only be described in words, but this is one of the closest trys I have ever seen. Thankyou so much for giving us all the privilege of reading this wonderful article.
    by Cheesela on 18th Apr 2005
  • There is no god or anything close to it. You are are mortal and will rot in the ground, end of story. You dont land on a cloud with a bunch of virgins, your grandma and that goldfish you flushed. Get used to it you naive, pathetic cowards.
    by A real person on 15th Apr 2005
    I came across this website because I wanted to learn more about our dear, loving, Maa Kali. I loved the article and thought it was well put. But, it saddens me to read all these bad thoughts about Maa. I read and read, got sadder and sadder, till I got a lump in my throat. Then just as I thought I was going to cry. I called out "MAA, oh Maa, what is this? Why so much hate for you? Why must I not love you, worship you in thought and actions, and keep you near?" All these questions kept on going over and over. Then in a blink of an eye - REALITY HIT. Maa is doing what needs to be done. My sadden lips turned around and was replaced with this loving smile with the love I have for her.

    I read so much people writing "evil" and "devil" right next to her name, but it didn't bother me. EVIL and DEVIL are alive within all of us. Evil and the Devil are hate, jealousy, anger, lust, and envy. We all carry these traits. We create this by our own actions, which causes the "devil or evil" within ourselves to possess our actions and thoughts. We allow this to manifest when we get drawn into negative energies. Please, do not reply to hate – hate in every religion is not good. Your just making yourself turn into something you fear. We are all within God. All our good actions, caring for others, no hateful thoughts, and the list goes on and on, can bring back to God-head.

    I’m a Hindu by birth and a Hindu after death. I can not point out just one essence of God and say I love God. I love God unconditionally, in any form God needs to come to me to help me. God is for us to love.

    For the lady that said Maa “possessed” her and she’s ruining her life. I feel sorry for you. You will be in my prayers. You have a lot of hate and anger within your soul – Maa had to come in her destructive form to clean you from this. But if you need to have Jesus come and help her, so be it… You might need the extra energy. My best advice to you is – Humble yourself. Let the little obstacles that come your way not effect you.
    When I meditate on Maa, I can only see her in her humble form. She’s so soft and gentle. She’s so beautiful and I love her.

    And for the guy that said Devil and Devi are the same. Please know the difference between the word “DEVI” and the word “DEVIL”. Devi is the goodness (goddess) within you and Devil is your bad actions. There’s no relations there, now is it….. And my last thought is: EVERY ACTION IS A REACTION. What path you choose to take – be ready for the outcome. And that goes for all good actions and bad.

    If anyone feels offended by my simple thoughts, I do apologize up front.

    Aum Tat Sat
    by Saraswati Devi on 14th Apr 2005
  • "Buddhism, in my opinion, is the most perfect religion." - no such anomaly exists.
    by The UnBelieving on 14th Apr 2005
  • I am a Buddhist as well. I do respect other peoples beliefs and religious doctrines. However, I could never bring myself to worship any deity like the Hindus do. As a Buddhist, I do not believe in an omnipotent creator deity or deities. There are Buddhist saints called Bodhisattvas who can help us on our journey to enlightenment and grant spiritual boons, but these beings are not all-powerful or supreme in any way. They are highly enlightened beings who have attained the right to enter Nirvana, but they have chosen not to take it so that they may help other sentient beings on their spiritual journey.

    However, as EVERYONE possesses a Buddha-nature and the potential for enlightenment, these Bodhisattvas are in no way superior to anyone else. They may be venerated and prayed to for specific requests, they are not to be worshipped. The Buddha himself insisted he was not divine or a god, he was just a teacher with a spiritual message for mankind. A message and a truth that he discovered for himself, not through divine revelation.

    All this talk of gods disturbs me slightly. Do you not see your own divinity and Buddha-ness? Do these higher powers really deserve worship from us, when they are simply Devas and spiritual creatures on a different Karmic level to us humans?

    Buddhism, in my opinion, is the most perfect religion. No jealous, judging creator god, no concept of sin, no damnation and hellfire, no divine retribution except the justice of Karmic law. No compulsion in worship, no rules and regulations. The Buddhist eightfold path is simply guidelines for a more productive, spiritual life. They are not solemn commandments laid in stone. How wonderful the Lord Buddha's message is!
    by Tony Chang on 12th Apr 2005
  • I have been devoted to Kali Maa for over 10 years and sure I have heard everyone's interpretation of who this Divine Mother is. I enjoyed this article and find it educational and I love to see these reviews as it speaks of my mother in her true light and form. Thank you
    by Malar on 11th Apr 2005
  • Louise, left this forum long ago. She has not posted for ages as far as I can see. I wish her happiness and respect her beliefs-even if I do not share them.

    This is a very nice site with lots of information on the Hindu goddess Kali, whom I believe to be an earlier aspect of the goddess Tara. As a Mahayana Buddhist, I have learnt to appreciate Kali and what she represents, although I envision her as the more benevolent Tara, goddess of compassion.

    I would like to finish by saying that, whatever anyone's beliefs, we are all equals. Nobody is better or worse than anyone else, even enlightened Buddhas have no more worth to the universe than you or me. Lord Buddha (Shakyamuni) never claimed to be perfect or divine, and insisted that his followers were not to worship him as a deity or treat him like a god. He asked others to listen to his teachings, consider them and then make up their own minds about what they thought. Perhaps this fair and spiritual approach to imparting knowledge would do no harm if we practised it as well?

    There are a lot of fundamentally nice people here, but some peoples fundamental views are offending others. Let us talk of our beliefs, and speak our truth to the world, but without forcing these beliefs onto other souls who might be on different life paths.

    Blessings and Peace to all of you.
    by Jhalasa Cheung on 7th Apr 2005
  • what makes you all think they did not come many times .. acceptance is needed even when agreement cannot be acheived peace and love
    by red sheild on 27th Mar 2005
  • Louise
    How do you know that Hind's have the afterlife (rebirth) right, or Buddhu's Jani's or anything other relgion? HOw do you know there is a hell? Have you been there? I'm not saying GOd and Jeuse dosen't exist but how do you know that the Bible (or which every book you follow) is translated into what people what you do belive? How do you know that the book tells you do something just because people were looking for a answear. Since many of the religions you are talking about are years and years oler then the book you follow how do you know they are right and you are wrong? Why the book have been translated so many time that how do you know you are reading the "right" one?
    by Michelle on 25th Mar 2005
  • Hey I'm a christian and I belive that all religion hav e each other in it, and I'm very open in all region every relgion gives a little to other regions. SO next time you group all christians together please note that htere are christians like me.
    by Michelle on 25th Mar 2005
  • Good article, nice site. I'll check back regularly, and I've bookmarked it.
    Sad to see that the fundamentalists can't let anyone think for themselves, but that's the problem with Christians: they can't believe that anyone else can possibly be right, they can't accept that anyone else might have a valid opinion, and they can't have a reasonable discussion ont he topic without tyring to bully you into seeing their way as the only way. It speaks more for their own lack of strength and faith that they fear/hate anything different - if they really believed in the power of their religion, they wouldn't have to force it down everyone else's throats to validate their dogma.
    by T Scott on 18th Mar 2005
  • Thanks for the info! My husband has taken it upon himself to research kali, and certain aspects of shinto myths and legends and this site was an excellent source of info.. Thank you again.
    by darklumination on 8th Mar 2005
  • hey my names kali and i think its an awesome nameee
    by kali on 5th Mar 2005
  • Great article on Kali. I always love to read the comments. I think it shows a leap of faith from people of other religions to even venture onto a site that showcases the devotion to a different religion, faith, belief system than their own. However, I must disagree that Mircea Eliade is a useful source. He used only secondary sources and is a known fascist and mysogynist. He has been highly respected in the past, but his research methods have been and are still, highly controversial even among clergy or Christian Scholars.
    by Liona Rowan on 22nd Feb 2005
  • i do believe that everyone is entitled to his or her own opinion so for the people like nelson mercado who choose to attack the beliefs of other people are seroously desturbed, if it offends people so much to red stuff about other religions i ahve but one thing to say KEEP YOUR SIMPLE MINDED COMMENTS TO YOURSELF! nobody asked you to visit this site stop being a narrow minded minority and take a step into the real world.
    by kali worshipper on 18th Feb 2005
  • This is a great site. I have learned much about Kali and feel confident in discussions about Kali.

    However, the Judeo-Christian out to lunch gang seems to be sticking their nose into eveyone business. Sure it is nice to listen to opinions, but the people writing about religions based upon the failed Roman Empire seem still to have a single objective in mind. Convert or kill off the "nonbeliever". Past, present and the apparent future bring the message to light. Turn the other cheek my #$%.
    by Tired of the crying on 17th Feb 2005
  • Has anyone visited the Kali Temple in Calcutta and witnessed the sacrificial act of killing a goat?
    I would like to hear from you, what you think, etc.
    Email me at
    by Banaras Chou-Chou on 17th Feb 2005
  • Once again while this site is informative and worthwhile this letter is a compilation of very questionable assertions and conjectures presented as facts. A basic reading of church history such as "A Short History of Christianity" by Martin Marty would be helpful. In the area of history of of Religions you would do well to read anything by Mircea Eliade. Joseph Campbell is also fun but he is a popularizer. Both He and Eliade are monomythologists which represent only one school of history of religions. A very useful small book is "Myth" by Ruthven.

    Yours for educated discussions
    by Robert Nemoyer on 14th Feb 2005
  • My but isn't this site nasty. I enjoyed the article on Kali but the comments are both ignorant and insulting. If the insults to Jesus were addressed to Kali the readers here would be screaming bigotry. There is such a thing as objective debate and sharing information (yes opinions also).

    One correction though. You should not tell other people that you will be praying for them when they disagree with you. It is insulting. It is sort of like when people say that you should see a psychiatrist; they don't mean it in a helpful was but as an insult.

    by Robert Nemoyer on 14th Feb 2005
  • Louise,
    I don;'t know when these articles were posted but felt need to respond. I think what you need to understand is that the mother goddess religion is not only a religion but is history. Did you ever hear the saying that all the goddesses are one goddess and all gods are one god? I myself believe in Jesus I was brought up catholic in a catholic family.I now consider myself a theologist. You may call me pagan but i do not believe in false idols for there were many worshiped before Jesus ever existed. Kali is just one of many goddesses worshiped. Godess worship goes back to paleolithic and neolithic times it is a proven fact that most societies were matrilineal until religions devoted to war began the change to a more patriachal society.The christians ended the goddess worshiping religions with the burning times ever hear of the spanish inquisition or what of the villages in trier germany left with one woman in each village after they along with their children were burned as witches or believing in anything other than Christ. The early christians along with other male dominated religions used religion to attempt at genocide of women. Do you realize that women had even more rights before Christ than they do now today? Many women think our right to vote was the begining of womans rights when it was really the return of our rights. among those killed by early christians were the scientists. Do you know that the scientists did not want the priests to spread the christian religion because it would put delays on research? The christians called the scientists the shaitans which meant adversary of god in islamic this is where the term satan actually originates from. The fact is is that archeologists have proven that "paganism" was the way of life not just a religion. I have no problem with any religion that is the great thing about being pagan we respect all religions and feel that all religions are all tied together by a divine force. My only problem is with christians who cant accept that. and also the fact that so many christians dont know the history of christianity and how it was once based on misogany. the mistreatment of women. Ever read the maleus maleficorum? It basically sais it all right there. I accept Jesus as a messenger I think he was a great man who did wonderful things but i also accept those who came before him as did he. I think the priests though wrote the bible not Jesus. As for the story of the birth of jesus did you ever realize how it is the same story as the pagan story of the goddess and the birth of the divine child which takes place at Yule? did you ever realize that easter was actually once called ostara? named after the goddess eostor? story of the goddess who the white rabbit was sacred to? at the celebration people would die eggs in her honor because it was the symbol of rebirth? The fact is is that all the holidays were changed from pagan to christian holidays and they just took the dates and met in between. My problem is not in christian beliefs it is in christians who claim to be christian they can tell you all of jesus but know nothing of the actual history of the religion. it is offensive that uneducated people insult pagans and call them satan worshipers.
    It is a ignorant and uneducated thing to say. There are pagans who have master degrees who have families who have morals do we sound like satan worshipers? My children pray, they have extrememly high morals they do not steal, they care for each other they show compassion to others and to animals and trees. They respect all races and religions. All pagans ask of christians is that they learn some history and get off this "pagans are devil worshipers" kick.
    by robyn on 3rd Feb 2005
  • I find it very interesting that people try to bring up Jesus when viewing this very informative website. Let's face Jesus was born a Jew and died a Jew and no matter how Christians cry, that is a fact. As crazy it may seem all of this nonesense evloves around a man, around 100 year old having a son. Can you imagine that? Tht's just the beginning, to show his allegiance to his G-D he cuts the tip of his son's penis off. If you believe all that parting the seas and walking on water is childs play. Face it religion is nice you you don't take it seriously. Enjoy the common values you share. Share peaceful thoughts with others. Be good to each other. Be good to the world you live in. Teach the young, cherish the old.
    by Tired of the crying on 2nd Feb 2005
  • Several years ago I fell in love with the energy Kali. I have adopted her name as my own. I fell so strangely connected to this goddess. There is a very advanced way of spirituality, in a sense, in India. The sacred cow, if Im not mistaken--forgive me if I am--the Sadhu which I believe dwell there, the intense beauty of the language, foods and music. I have never been there but I hope one day to travel to where Kali is indeed appreciated as she should be. Most books warn of interracting with this entity because she is the "personification" of chaos. Of course, this is quite the christian mentality (I was raised pentecostal and catholic but was strong enough to realize their errors), hate and fear all that you can not categorize, tame or fully understand. I personally am not a fan of organized religion. I have my own smorgasbord of beliefs. However, Hinduism, Buddhism, Taoism, Shamanism, and the occult are the only ones that have made any sense. However, if you are not harming anyone, then you have the right to believe whatever is in your soul.
    by Kali on 1st Feb 2005
  • I first visited this site to learn about Kali.I study the martial art Kali.It is mainly weaponry stick and knife.I have lived my life in America and Americans like Christians love to bully others.I always carry at least a knife because I have been assaulted thousands of times by so called good Christian Americans.Now I have Kali to help protect me from the abuses of Christian America.I dont think it is right to disrespect others beliefs.But when it comes to Christians and Americans they leave us no alternative.When I came to visit this site I had no intention of getting into this sort of thing but now I want to get into the fight.I would like to call upon Kali and all her followers as well as the muslims and evrybody else to join together and destroy the evil Christians.Once they are dead and gone then we can either merge together or fight it out from there Thank you all
    by Andy Vance on 31st Jan 2005
  • This was a very interesting site. I always like learning about other religions. I am Catholic, and have always been raised and taught to be tolerant and introspective with concern to other religions, which I think all have something to offer. I have also always been partial to Kali Ma because I also believe women have great power. It is sad that people can't be more tolerant and just back off.
    by amanda on 27th Jan 2005
  • I really enjoyed your article. It seemed very well researched, and very well written.

    From what I understand of what you are saying, it seems to me that Kali is a little like bacteria - the basis of all life, helps you digest your food, you couldn't live without them; and what will eat you in the end when you're dead and gone. Neither good nor evil, and generally misunderstood.

    Or maybe not. But it was an interesting thought.

    And to all those Bible preachers out there: you can't even agree with other Bible thumpers! Why on earth do you think you'll help anyone by preaching on this site? Oh, I know. You weren't actually trying to help. You just wanted to spout off, at all these people who were innocently minding their own buisness, reading about a nice, DIFFERENT religion. One with girls in it who weren't virgins or hookers. Go stick a sock in it. You and everyone else who has the "one true answer". Let people find their own way, unless they ask you for help, ok?
    by bookwench on 17th Jan 2005
  • Thats a very beautiful, and well-rounded and accepting view you express in your post Panegyric. You are to be commended for your wholeness there my friend.
    by Lilith, Queen Of The Fires Inside on 14th Jan 2005
  • hi i read your article, about other people dis-respecting other religions. I was very pleased with your open mindedness, i am a hindu and i do not like it when people try to convert other people to oither religions and attempt to put their religion down. Christians are very good at this. Im glad you are not like this and i totally agree with what you say that believing in relgions (no matter which one), helps people in hard times.
    by shusma on 9th Jan 2005
  • so many paths, so many personal legends to live. We each love our path so deeply that it is hard to see how another one could be right also.
    Conflict will happen. I understand that, but I will try to find a middle way when possible, if only because i like smiles better than tears.
    Resistance to inevitable tides is an odd thing. In some ways it refines us, in other ways it makes us brittle in our inflexibility.
    I have no solution to this riddle, as I am more into attachment to the beauty of the world than I am into detachment from it. I do live in the question though, and with time I may learn more. Kali was introduced to me by a dear friend, and so, because I make connections through love, I can look at kali, and think of surrender to the inevitable tides as a good thing at times, in my walk toward wholeness.

    walk in beauty, miracles are everywhere.
    by panegyric on 3rd Jan 2005
  • Hi I'm dad wasn't very good in bed and couldn't keep a job so mom took matters into her own hand. I don't think I look like an egyptian tourist though(shrugs). Anyway I'm sure glad my mom wasn't around 2000 years in advance, I might have been aborted. When I grew up I tried to sort out my life, didn't have any zoloft though. I spent most of my time in brothals where I discovered the true meaning of life.
    by Jesus on 30th Dec 2004
  • Namaste. I am dating a Nepalese man and learning Nepali as I go. For many months he has called me kali. I read about a place in Nepal, Dakshinkali, a temple where they bring animals to Kali twice a week still today. There wasn’t a lot of information about Kali. This left me confused why my boyfriend was calling me “Kali”. I am not bloodthirsty, and he says it in a sweet way. I searched Kali on google and found this website.
    This article is very thorough in all the components of Kali’s appearance. I do believe man and woman (husband & wife) depend on each other. And that each would do anything for the other. And Kali represents that. The last paragraph especially was meaningful to me. Thank you.
    by carina on 27th Dec 2004
  • Please, everyone respect one another. Do not try to convert others here, this is a place for learning and enlightenment. That goes for both sides. Don't fuel the fire with more debating...If someone is CONVINCED their way is the right way and only way, there's nothing you can do to change their mind. Let it go.
    Please, everyone, Hindu, Christian, Pagan, Muslim and otherwise, respect and tolerate one another. :)
    Jai Ma!

    by StormCall on 24th Dec 2004
  • I am so shocked after reading some of the comments on this side. You guys have issues. You can not force anyone to believe in your own religion. How Christian can force Hindu to believe in Jesus or How Hindu can force a Christian to believe in Kail. People should not say anything about other people religion it is a personal thing. If you low Jesus love him, if you love Kali love her, but never disrespect other believes if you disrespect it this mean you are ignorant and close-minded. I am Christian and I would never say anything bad about other religion, personally I am very interested in other believes and I would never say anything bad about such personal thing. I believe that everyone should believe in something, it helps in hard times. People on this side try to defend their religion but they doing it all wrong actually what they do is make their religion look really bad. You guys are not being tolerant. You can hate me but I do not mind. I am not trying lecture anyone I am expressing my opinion.
    by Anksu on 24th Dec 2004
  • Louise, Im quite happy to back off here, as you wish for me to accept Christ in my life the only thing I can reply to that with is that I hope that you gently learn the art of accept differing opinions and beliefs knowing that what people choose is right for them, no matter what that might be, and whatever is right for you is right for you, yeah? Different strokes for different folks, yeah? Thats no lecture or anything Im giving here Louise, just stating how I try to keep everyone happy :-)

    Hey, no hatred or anything of this sort, I might disgree with your viewpoints but that doesn't mean to say I have hateful feelings towards you, cause trust me babe I don't (I just have very vocalised debates with people, honestly thats all). I disagree but thats all really. Theres only two sets of people I reserve real hatred for Louise and thats people who have committed an act against my friends or family, and people who abuse or rape, and you certainly DO NOT fit into any of those categories at all, so no hatred on my part friend, really.

    However you have been gallant & generous enough to wish me a merry xmas, I wish for you to have the same back my friend, and enjoy it in any way that pleases you, and hope that you have if not a good one, then a great one to beat all others, anyway Merry Xmas Louise, and thats no kidding around, oh and a very prosperous and healthy, hearty New Year to you as well.

    Oh and the same to everybody else on the site, I know a lot of people who visit this site probably don't have anything to do with Christmas, however may you all enjoy yourselves and look after one another over the December and start of January period, now if you'll excuse me (hic, hiccup) I'll raise a glass (or two, three, aww hell maybe a fourth one!) to you all, cheers!!!!! :-)

    by Bringer-Of-Light on 24th Dec 2004
  • Anna, darling, I would love to respond to your remarks, if I could only read them. For Jesus sake, please brush up on your spelling and then when you are converted to Christ you can spread his word far and wide, with the new skills that you have learned.

    BOL; I tire of this dispute between us and it is not very christian of me to continue an argument on this board. One day, I pray that you will come to see the error of your ways and you will ask God to forgive you, and he will because he loves you, as I do. I am not backing down and I am not a loser, I just don't see the point in arguing anymore. I will continue to pray for your soul as I would for any christian brother. Have a lovely christmas BOL, and a very happy new year.

    Holy Mary, Mother of God,
    pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death. Amen.
    by Louise on 23rd Dec 2004
  • Hmm.. this seems to go on forever.. please stop this nonsense guys.. if there is to a WW3 i know its gonna be about religion thats how sad mankind has gone down to.. we're fighting over some god no one has even seen... if we as HUMANS regardless of our RACE, RELIGION, SEX, CULTURE are to get along together.. we must accept all beliefs and come as one... will that ever happen? I will leave that question in your hands.. hopefully you people will realize that there is no point is critiziing and bringing down another persons' faith... because in the end of the day we are all the same.. we're all humans.. we got to learn to act as one and to contribute to the technological advancements and to our society.. instead of wasting money on religion why not help someone on the street? why not help each other? I hope you guys understand where i'm going.. our skin colour and faith may be different... but once u go beyond that all u will realize that we are all the one and same... don't fight over what our grandfathers faught over.. the same sickening religion war please understand that we are in the 21st century where science and technology reigns over our lives.. anyways.. this is my 2 cents to this review..

    by Tutu21 on 22nd Dec 2004
  • hey id just like 2 names anna a greek orthadox and i love my faith i found this site whilst i was doing art reaserch an di found it really good but it was ruind by all the arguing...i am a 4 closets friends are jahovas witnesses a muslim and a buddhist....and we all get on fine.....we dontargues about anyhting lie faith because they all tak about living 2GETHER..loise u say your here 2 do gods work *or whatever u were rambling on about* if i was decied about faith and i read that it would put me off..because uve painteed a picture that christians are narrow minded fools who only care abou there faith..if some 1 isnt a chritian they will not burn in hell....for all we know god pmay not exist but faith is something that can keep us;s aboutpersonal belife not about salvation and making pl understand oyur;s about PERSONAL keep your ideas and preaching ways to yourself...bacuse u have a acheved absolutly nothing...if some1 wants 2 be a hindu and bidhist a muslim ect then they can it;s up 2 them2 decid and stick 2 not for u 2 make then change and preach about a religion u obviously dont understand... the bible preches 2 love all and your narrowminded views have just contradicted that.
    other than that..the sites good and v informatiove
    by anna on 18th Dec 2004
  • Why haven't you answered my questions yet Louise? Instead of praying for me you should be praying to your God for him to give you a new set of excuses.........ahhhhh damn, and there I was trying to be a good boy as well. You see what people like you Louise bring out in me. ;->>>
    by Bringer-Of-Light on 18th Dec 2004
  • Why are you forcing your prayers on me Louise? Am I forcing anything of an esoterical nature on you? Of course not, so by asking your God to turn my head around in the vain hope I'll bow before him, wouldn't you call that an action against my free-will? Your religion does believe in a free choice doesn't it? So why utilise your prayers against me then, hmmm. Whilst you pray for my soul to be turned by your god, you're going against my choice. Isn't that something people like you slam witches, wiccans and magickians for, eh? ;-)

    Ive told you once, I'll you a thousand times, your religion means nothing to me. Give it up and give it onto someone elses's shoulders that need it.

    This is the nice version Im giving here, you have been warned Louise, please don't make me have to come down on you like a ton of bricks. ;-)

    by Bringer-Of-Light on 18th Dec 2004
  • Our Father who art in heaven,
    Hallowed be thy name,
    Thy kingdom come,
    Thy will be done,
    On earth as it is in heaven.
    Give us each day our daily bread,
    And forgive us our trespasses,
    As we forgive those who trespass against us.
    And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.
    For thine is the kingdom, the power and the glory,
    Forever and ever. AMEN.

    (BOL; I dedicate this, the holiest christian prayer, to you. I feel that you need it. )

    Anyone else who wishes to criticise me may do so, I came here to spread the good news of Christ's holy gospel and convert the disillusioned and sinful, to the worship of Our Lord Jesus. This is my goal, I want the whole world to praise the name of Jesus and magnify his works. I want you ALL to accept Christ as your lord, master, saviour and guide. Put your strength in Christ, for only he can save you. Praise his holy name!
    by Louise on 17th Dec 2004
  • "Maybe we can create a non-judgmental parking spot where various people can express their devotion to their respective (or lack of BOL:) )".

    Lol, ok fair-do's Joseph, time-out. I'll quite happily take a back seat here for a while and chill, and watch the conversations passing by. ;-)

    by Bringer-Of-Light on 17th Dec 2004
  • Namaste...OK guys, why can't the Christians et al exercise Tolerance and non-Christians do the same? Maybe we can create a non-judgmental parking spot where various people can express their devotion to their respective (or lack of BOL:) )Dieties. I do not think that Ma (or respective dieties) smile on such vemomous words...just chill:)
    Ma is my mother and always will be (jai Ma!) and others may feel just as passionate about their beliefs. I believe that we are all on different paths leading to the same truth. OK, namaste and I say I'm sorry to Louisse et al or calling her God baby eating or something. Peace...
    by Joseph Bare on 16th Dec 2004
  • "how can you call yourself 'bringer of light' when you deny the light that is God, the light of spiritual truth?"

    Id assumed (judging by the fact that Im an atheist) that you possibly would have gotten the joke concerning my name, this obviously shows a lot of ignorance on your part regarding Louises religion. Bringer of Light, the Morning-Star, the fallen angel.........need any more clues mate? Its a joke.

    "you call anyone a Fundie who has any religious beliefs whatsoever. just because you are living in the darkness of ignorance and unbelief, that does not mean that you should mock the light in the lives of others and deny them their hope and salvation."

    Actually Im not the one coming on this website and trying to convert people of other religions or demonising their beliefs in Hinduism and Kali, but its obvious you and Louise are. Tad hypocitical aren't you Jamal? If you and Louise come on a website attacking people you're gonna get it back. Its called free speech.

    And oh, anyone who uses this "I worship the one true God, all you others are worshipping demons" self-righteous crap, is a fundie. A fundie, if it need be explained, is someone who demonises other religions whilst upholding theirs as the beacon of all light and truth. Shame none of you can actually prove this claim though.............

    "you should remember these two statements."

    Why? I dont believe in your prophet anymore than I believe in Louise's messiah.

    "the sole existance of ALLAH as the one, true god and his power over the destiny of all creatures."

    Yet again, proof of this claim if you will (and no that doesn't include throwing your koran as prrof!). Louise is saying the same nonsense about her god as well, she can't scientifically back up her claims anymore than you can.

    By the way Jamal, what you doing on this website if you aren't trawling for converts eh? Ive already explained in a previous post I was doing research, Id like to know whats your excuse.
    by Bringer-Of-Light on 16th Dec 2004
  • how can you call yourself 'bringer of light' when you deny the light that is God, the light of spiritual truth? you bring only darkness to this site. Louise has a chip on her shoulder about her beliefs, and so do you. you call anyone a Fundie who has any religious beliefs whatsoever. just because you are living in the darkness of ignorance and unbelief, that does not mean that you should mock the light in the lives of others and deny them their hope and salvation.

    'There is no god but Allah, and his prophet is Mohammed'.

    'Insha Allah-God willing'.

    you should remember these two statements. they govern the central tenets of Islam, the sole existance of ALLAH as the one, true god and his power over the destiny of all creatures. i suggest that you go to a mosque and ask the resident Imam a lot of questions about his faith and the faith of all Muslims, you are living in ignorance and blindly accepting media stereotypes.
    by Jamal Hussein on 16th Dec 2004
  • Jamal Hussein, you haven't read my previous posts either. How the fuck can I be a kali-worshipper and an atheist at the same instance as Ive already reported, hmmm?

    Lol, how the fuck can I be a fundie, thats the department of you monotheistic religions isn't it?

    Allah, Jesus, same man-made bullshit to get you under the thumb of your churches and mosques. Some of us prefer to do our own thinking, rather than let so-called holy books do it for us............
    by Bringer-Of-Light on 16th Dec 2004
  • "I have nothing against people who practise religions other than mine, but it is my duty as a Christian to attempt to convert others and lead them away from sin, false religion, and in your case Demonolatry.".

    Yet again you're argument is of a hypocritical nature you silly little girl. You state you have nothing against anyone practising their religion and yet you state you're on here to try and save them. By forcing your viewpoints on others and trying to "save their soul", you're acting in an intolerant manner, do I have to explain this out to you. Most people can get their head around this concept Louise, why can't you? Oh I forgot, your religion is that good you have to sell it like a market-trader sells fish, right?

    Do you actually see the contradiction in your above statement or am I gonna have to spell it out to you so your obviously retarded intellectual thought processes can compute this very simplistic concept of "live and let live".

    (Sighs) Ok, its very simple, lets take baby steps here so you can get your mangled thought processes around this yeah? By stating you have no problems with people having differing religious beliefs than yours, and then demonising their religious deities is not only a hypocritical stance but a bigoted one as well. Now, did I go too fast for your ill-equipped mental process or do I have to start again?

    Yes Louise, this is what you have dragged us intelligent folks down to, having to communicate with you like you were a chimp on crack! Only chimps tend to learn lessons after the first instance.............

    Oh, Kali-fundie? Lol, you're attention span really is short. Pray tell me how can I worship Kali and be an atheist, or in your furore and bigoted anger have you actually forgot that I posted several posts ago that I was an atheist?

    You gonna answer, or are you gonna mentally swerve that and continue with your raved up, babbling nonsense?

    Shows how much your beliefs have over-ridden your common sense and simple memory functions. Thank fuck I ain't gonna end up like you babes.............
    by Bringer-Of-Light on 16th Dec 2004
  • "I renounce Kali and other false gods and demons, and accept Christ into my heart. AMEN.".

    And Ive renounced your christ, why can't bigots like you use your head to compute this hmmm? Its your duty to propaganderise your christ is it? Yeah I believed the Nazi's used the same excuse ("duty") for their bigotry at the Nuremburg Trials.

    Give it up Louise, you got no fucking chance, lol. You're on a hiding to nothign here sweetcheeks, you're asking me to believe in someone with no basis in history.

    And oh whilst we're on the subject, your faith can't be that strong. You still haven't answered my questions you know? ;->>
    by Bringer-Of-Light on 16th Dec 2004
  • Louise and BOL,

    you are both fundies man. louise is virtually married to Jesus, and bringer of light is an obsessive Kali-Mata idolater. YOU ARE BOTH IN THE WRONG. may i draw your attentions to the holy qur'an?

    'There is no god but Allah, and his prophet is Mohammed'.

    this is the universal truth. Almighty Allah is the true god and is the only being worthy of worship and praise in this entire universe. the prophet Mohammed (peace be upon him) said that all of creation belongs to Allah, it is his and his alone, therefore only Allah is worthy of worship for all other things were created by him and of him.

    louise, i agree with you when you say that Kali is a false god, she is, and idol worship is a very bad sin indeed. but your Jesus is also a false god. in Islam, we believe that Jesus Christ (peace be upon him) is a holy prophet of Allah, but he is a created being and is most certainly not to be worshipped. he is only the son of God in the sense that all men are and he is not God-incarnate. Allah would never take human form and cause his followers to worship a created being as many christians do. the worship of Jesus is also a very serious sin, asJesus is not God and so prayers to him really go to Iblis (the Devil).
    by Jamal Hussein on 15th Dec 2004
  • Listen, you Kali-Fundie;

    You are not dissimilar to the people who get wrapped up in cults like Scientology, The Moonies, Hare Krishna and Jehovah's Witnesses. You have something in common with the ones who do get involved in such things-you are naive, foolish and easily led. I have nothing against people who practise religions other than mine, but it is my duty as a Christian to attempt to convert others and lead them away from sin, false religion, and in your case Demonolatry. To help others find the joy and happiness of being a servant of Christ, and the wisdom and rewards that come with being a God-fearing Christian warrior.

    I do not wish to deny you these pleasures, which is why I am trying to help you and make you see some sense. I want you to pray to God, not engage in depravity and sheer wickedness by worshipping some pagan idol that does not exist and is in no way divine, but nevertheless represents a very real and dangerous demonic entity straight from the pits of Hell. There are many paths in life, but only one path in the spiritual life, and the path that you are stupidly choosing to follow is leading you straight to Satan and his kingdom.
    There is only one solution, you MUST repent at once and apologise for your sins and promise to never commit these evil sins again. Pray with me now brother;

    O Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, I know that my way of life is offensive to you and that the many sins that I have commited thus far, have kept me out of your tender love. I acknowledge that I am a worthless sinner in need of repentance, I accept that it is only through your name and your power, that I can expect salvation in the hereafter. I ask you to forgive me and come into my heart now with your holy spirit and wash me clean of my sins. Lord Jesus, please be my guide and master and may I be protected by your holy Christ-blood. From henceforth, let me live a life that shows honour and obediance to you, and protect me from the snares of Lucifer and the temptation to commit sin. I renounce Kali and other false gods and demons, and accept Christ into my heart. AMEN.
    by Louise on 15th Dec 2004
  • "I am not a fundie, nor a bigot or a fool,"

    "What will fall will be all of this evil paganism and devil-worship ".

    You're a fucking hyporcrite Louise. Look at the contradiction of the above terms from your last post. You state that you're not a bigot, and yet you stigmatise the beliefs of others. Thats bigotry right there and then is it not? Go ahead and defend yourself, I doubt that a self-righteous person like you can.

    You don't believe in social tolerance do you? If you did you wouldn't come on a website thats nothing to do with your religion and go around attacking others would you?

    No wonder people are leaving your religion in droves, the lies, and toxic bullshit and bigotry of people like you are driving them away.

    You need to look in a mirror and examine your statements against others if you really believe you ain't got a bigoted bone in your body. Ive yet to meet a Christian who wasn't one. You're just after making my case for me, thanks dipshit!

    by Bringer-Of-Light on 15th Dec 2004
  • Never underestimate the power of God and his holy might. The Christian churches will never fall, they are the houses of God and his holy spirit. What will fall will be all of this evil paganism and devil-worship that is so prevalent at the moment, this will all end with Christ and his triumphant return to earth from the heavens. Tremble at the power of his holy name!

    I do not know whom this god Akel is that another poster was raving about, but rest assured that he is a false deity and a demon from Hell if he belongs to a religion other than that of Christ. I am not a fundie, nor a bigot or a fool, I am a daughter of God and a fine christian lady. I am not going to respond to your insults and blasphemy because I have one thing that I'm afraid that you guys seem to be lacking in...............CLASS.
    I was always brought up to be polite, civil and ladylike and never to call another man or woman by a foul name or swear and curse at them. I am too dignified to respond to all your insults, and they do not offend me either. The Lord Jesus Christ endured the ultimate sacrifice for his beliefs, he was crucified. I therefore, can tolerate any of your cursing, it does not bother me. I will be praying for all of you.
    by Louise on 14th Dec 2004
  • "Jesus said 'I am the way, the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except by me'. This means that ALL other gods, especially pagan ones, are false gods and demonic spirits."

    Here you go again oh fundie-one, demonissing and stigmatising other more tolerant faiths. If your Christianity is so good, why the fuck do you people have to ty and sell it to to others eh? Well like any other discerning consumers, we ain't buying...............And since you can't prove the existence of your Jesus how can you disprove the existence of other gods and goddesses, let alone know for 125% they are, as you pathetically claim, "Demons". Demon is a bastardised word Louise, you should look up the original greek meaning for the word "Daemon" instead of relying so solidly on your blackened christian version of the term.

    Oh will you be celebrating Christmas this year Louise? Tsk tsk, thats an original Pagan celebration, surely a good Christian like you shouldn't be involved in that eh? Lol

    "Most historians and scientists agree that Jesus Christ MUST have existed."

    Sources for this argument please, Ive already asked you before you failed to give them. Independant sources that is instead of apolegiticists for your dying, decaying slave religon if you will.

    "If Jesus Christ is not and never was, then this world would not exist. It would fall to pieces."

    LOL, oh id love to see you trying to explain this pathetic argument to a physicist I really would. How the fuck would the Earth be falling apart if your existence of Jesus on the planet was found out to be false hmmm? Tell me Louise how would that affect atoms, and the infra-structure of the mechanics of psychics involved in keeping the world together eh?

    "The power of his name and the love of God for his own son, is what sustains the entire universe and it's creation."

    What? This child-killing, jealous, slave-masterly hypocrite of a diety of yours? This diety who allowed his son to be nailed up like a slab of venison? If this is what your God does to his own son I dread to think how he'd would treat people like me, lol.

    "Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on all these deluded sinners."

    Why? I wouldn't have pity on your sandal wearer, why the hell should he take pity on me? The Romans done the best they could with this inept rabble-rouser, nailed up and left him to the fucking crows. Id have done the same thing quite frankly. How d'you like them apples eh Louise?

    "let them turn away from their sin and demonolatry and worship the one, true Lord"

    Lol, oh dear there you go Louise, your Bible and your church have brainwashed you well haven't they? Say unto thine own heart if you dare Louise "I, and I only am my own Redeemer".

    Your religion is going down faster than a 20 dollar whore Louise, its power is disippating, and has been for several hundred years now (the numbers of people leaving your church like a rat deserts a sinking ship are evergrowing. Explain if you will why Paganism, Witchcraft, and other more accepting religions like Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism are receiving ever more members and yet your church is sinking into a morass of desperately trying to hold onto the ever-decreasing band of its own members?). There is no redeemer but man.

    (Humour alert here) Lol, Im surprised you haven't commented on my user-name so far.........Don't you know I always have the best tunes. ;->>>>>

    by Bringer-Of-Light on 14th Dec 2004
  • I always think of Kali-Ma as being similar to the african goddess Oya. Both are strong women and warrior goddesses, both teach us about death and darkness which are essential parts of life. There is no good without evil, no light without darkness, you see? I do respect Jesus, I personally believe that he did exist and was a great teacher of men and a very spiritual man. I do not believe that he was God-incarnate like Louise does, but I think he was certainly a great guy. I would like to say; PLEASE do not encourage Shadrack to return here to this site, he was more fanatical than Louise is, I also found him very masogynistic and prejudiced.

    Louise, you need to learn to stop being so forceful with your beliefs and stop pushing the bible on sites that deal with other religions. This site concerns Kali and, to a lesser extent, the Hindu religion. You're zealotry and over-enthusiastic ranting and raving is offending a lot of people Honey. Can it, unless you can express your beliefs in a more reasonable and polite way, and don't you go dissing on me girl because I ain't no pushover-you hear? I don't take none of that hell and devil crapola, because I don't believe in it.

    You may just end up getting a slap, just like some pushy and very rude Mormon did last week, when he tried to push his way into my house to force his God-shit on me.
    by MARIE on 13th Dec 2004
  • Bringer of Light,

    I only wish to save your soul from Hellfire and damnation, from the evils of pagan blasphemy and demon worshipping which is almost as grave a sin, as worshipping Satan himself. There is no need for anyone here to lose their tempers and try to offend me, I am steadfast in the Lord and I am a vessel for his holy spirit. The love of Christ dwells within my heart and it gives me great comfort. I wish only for others to enjoy the same comfort that I do.

    You guys don't want to worship some stupid demonic fetish do you, when you could worship the one, true God? When you could give glory to the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, whose power and might will crush the minions of Kali and her evil cult forever. I really do miss Shadrack on this site. He understood what I am saying, he knew about the whiles of Lucifer and his clever ways of deceiving people. Kali is nothing but a wicked demon.

    Visingha (or whatever you are called) you have posted abuse and made some innappropriate remarks to me. But I want you to know that I don't hate you, I am not offended. I laugh at your insults more than anything, because I know that it is Kali-Ma's evil demonic oppression that is causing you to hate me and the Lord Jesus who could save you. He will save you, if you pray and beg forgiveness for your demonic prayers and rituals and stop this foolish worship of worthless idols and depravity. Kali is not the way to spiritual perfection, she is not the path to the Light. She is nothing but a fallen angel sent to lead men astray. Looking at this site, I would say she has succeeded. You are all wrapped around her talons, she has you all where she wants you.

    Visingha, you don't really want to burn in HELL do you, men saab? Do you want to spend the afterlife in a lake of burning fire and sulphur in atonement for idolatry and demonolatry and paganism? Do you want to be dragged down to Gehenna because of Kali's demonic sorcery? For goodness sakes, repent and ask Christ to wash you clean of all this filthy sin and ignorance.

    Jesus is NOT a fairytale, or a myth, or a fusion of Mithras and Serapis, nor is the Lord Jesus Christ a dying and rising fertility god like Adonis/Osiris/Tammuz. He is the holy and eternal, living God. Have you read the works of Dr. Mitgael Scerascuse? I suggest you do. He is a scientist and historian from Israel and a fine Christian man, he has proved BEYOND ANY DOUBT that the historical Jesus did exist, and was the messiah and son of God.

    There is nothing more anyone can say, because I am right and you guys need repentance, prayer and the mercy of God. I intend to pray very hard for all of you to turn from this wickedness and delusion. AMEN.
    by Louise on 13th Dec 2004
  • "His mother Mary, the perfect, sinless virgin descended from King David and most noble and virtuous of all women.

    Time for you go to back to Biology 101. Someone must have given your Mary a good portion of the pork sword or how else could she popped your messiah out 9 months later eh? Immaculate conception, lol, oh thats a good 'un! Dear, oh dear, and this is before I even get to your "creation" fantasy................its not looking too good for you here Louise. Here's a tip sweetheart, give the game up before I really sink my claws into your religion.............
    by Bringer-Of-Light on 13th Dec 2004
  • Louise still not willing to provide proof I see. I do wish she'd explain her retarded belief that the world would somehow disintegrate and fall apart if her Jesus (as she erroneously believes) had never lived. This is a pathetic argument with no basis in reality, a bit like her sanity I might add. If you can't play by the rules Louise, don't get involved in the game silly woman.
    by Bringer-Of-Light on 13th Dec 2004
  • Listen,

    Jesus said 'I am the way, the truth and the life. No-one comes to the Father except by me'. This means that ALL other gods, especially pagan ones, are false gods and demonic spirits. This is exactly what Kali is, a demonic spirit. Anyone who worships her evil images or prays in her name will accumulate a vast amount of sin on this earth. They will also draw a tremendous amount of evil into their lives.

    I tell you these things to warn you of the dangers of practising Demonolatry and pagan worship. I also preach about the gospel of Christ, because my heart feels for people like you who are trapped in the great darkness and deception of occultism and spiritism, and do not know the light and joy of having Christ in their hearts and in their lives.

    Most historians and scientists agree that Jesus Christ MUST have existed. If he did not the entire world would fall apart, not least because the entire chronology of humankind is based on his birth, 2,000 years ago in a stable, surrounded by shepherds and visited by the three wise men who gave him gold, frankinsence and myrrh. His mother Mary, the perfect, sinless virgin descended from King David and most noble and virtuous of all women.

    If Jesus Christ is not and never was, then this world would not exist. It would fall to pieces. The power of his name and the love of God for his own son, is what sustains the entire universe and it's creation. You must free yourself of your ignorance and wicked occultic idols and psychic prayers, for they will lead you to Hell. Worship the Lord your God with all your heart and all your soul and all your mind. Praise his holy name.

    That name is Lord Jesus Christ, the most powerful and holy name on earth, the name that makes demons quake with fear, the name that all the angels in God's glorious Heaven bow to. The name above every other name, the saving grace of humanity. The holy name that will destroy the demonic spirits who operate their deception through this unholy site.

    Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on all these deluded sinners. By worshipping Kali they are crucifying you, and they know not what they do. Please save their wretched souls from the fires of Hell and damnation, let them turn away from their sin and demonolatry and worship the one, true Lord. AMEN.
    by Louise on 13th Dec 2004
  • Top Ten Signs that You're a Fundamentalist Christian

    10 - You vigorously deny the existence of thousands of gods claimed by other
    religions, but feel outraged when someone denies the existence of your god.

    9 - You feel insulted and "dehumanized" when scientists say that people
    evolved from lesser life forms, but you have no problem with the Biblical
    claim that we were created from dirt.

    8 - You laugh at polytheists, but you have no problem believing in a
    Trinity god.

    7 - Your face turns purple when you hear of the "atrocities" attributed to
    Allah, but you don't even flinch when hearing about how God/Jehovah
    slaughtered all the babies of Egypt in "Exodus" and ordered the elimination
    of entire ethnic groups in "Joshua" -- including women, children, and trees!

    6 - You laugh at Hindu beliefs that deify humans, and Greek claims about
    gods sleeping with women, but you have no problem believing that the Holy
    Spirit impregnated Mary, who then gave birth to a man-god who got killed,
    came back to life and then ascended into the sky.

    5 - You are willing to spend your life looking for little loop-holes in the
    scientifically established age of the Earth (4.55 billion years), but you
    find nothing wrong with believing dates recorded by pre-historic tribesmen
    sitting in their tents and guessing that the Earth is a couple of
    generations old.

    4 - You believe that the entire population of this planet with the
    exception of those who share your beliefs -- though excluding those in all
    rival sects -- will spend Eternity in an infinite Hell of Suffering. And yet
    you consider your religion the most "tolerant" and "loving".

    3 - While modern science, history, geology, biology, and physics have
    failed to convince you otherwise, some idiot rolling around on the floor
    speaking in "tongues" may be all the evidence you need to prove

    2 - You define 0.01% as a "high success rate" when it comes to answered
    prayers. You consider that to be evidence that prayer works. And you think
    that the remaining 99.99% FAILURE was simply the will of God.

    1 - You actually know a lot less than many Atheists and Agnostics do about
    the Bible, Christianity, and church history -- but still call yourself a

    Well, well have you ticked off all ten there Louise ;->>>

    by Bringer-Of-Light on 13th Dec 2004
  • "You are too indoctrinated, brainwashed and stuck in your ways to realise this. "

    And you're too fucking stupid to apply this little bon-mot of nonsensical logic to yourself eh? Look in the mirror with a real set of insightfullness, and you'll see your statement applies mostly to people like you. Casting the first stone and all that eh Louise? Another piece of your incompetent messiahs advice you fail miserably to follow. Ah christians, such hypocrites. No wonder Lucifer has so much contempt for you, you can't even be honest to yourselves, lol.

    "I know for a fact that Jesus Christ is real, he is the son of God and he IS God".

    A fact Louise? Welllll thennnnn, give us some measurable proof that science can validate. The burden of proof is on you remember, you want me to believe and become like you, then give us valid scientific proof. Oh, and if jesus is the son how can be the father too eh? What'd he do, create himself? Heres another great question for you oh your royal fundie-ness, if God supposedly created us, who created God, hmmm? And no silly bullshit esoteric answers please. Either you know or you dont.

    "Bringer of Light, I wish for you to come to know of the beautiful existance of Jesus and his holy church, and worship him in love and truth."

    I worship no one, I bow for no one, and I dont follow the dogma of anyone. Try being a free-thinking, self-reliant individual Louise instead of relying on spoon-fed doctrine against human nature, you might actually like it. Beautiful existance? Yeah right, this is the beautiful existance of a man who says that to follow him you must leave your family behind yes? Oh and lets say for arguments sake that Jesus and your God showed themselves to me personally tonight as Im writing this, what makes you believe Id automatically go ahead and be slaves to them anyway? Who says I wouldn't go the other way and become a fully-fledged Luciferian hmmm?

    I mean at least Lucifer would allow me to access knowledge, power and all things useful on the earth. What does your God offer? An eternity in heaven, sitting by his side? Hmm sound a tad fucking boring to me to be honest.

    As for the survival of your religion, it is not your so-called belief in some fictious history that has kept your religion alive, but the uncontrollable fear of a bad-guy (i.e. satan, big norny one what you people call him) indoctrinated into people so they can barely intellectually breathe without having some fearful twinge that if they make the wrong move their so-called "loving god" will punish them by sending them to hell (a laughable concept designed by humans to enslave humans). Thankfully people like myself live under no such fear, so why on earth would I wish to put myself under that bootheel of fear and paranoia that people like you live under every day of their lives?

    Oh and I'll allow Friedrich Nietszche to have the last word here:

    "Christianity by its very history and slave mentality has been the very greatest misfortune of mankind so far...........I call christianity the one great curse, the one great innermost corruption (against man's natural state), the one great instinct of revenge, for which no means is poisonous, stealthy, subterranean, small enough - I call it the one immortal blemish of mankind!".
    by Bringer-Of-Light on 13th Dec 2004
  • Actually Louise the burden of proof is on you and your fellow fundies. YOU are the one wishing for me to bow down before an incompetent messiah so its upto you to prove he exists. And you do make me laugh with your scientists and historians believe jesus existed, you really do (give me these sources, and they'd better be independant or else Im gonna come down on you like a ton of shite, none of your propagandists or apologeticists please). First off start with The Jesus Mysteries, that'll will quite happily explain the pagan elements within your hybrid religion, secondly try anything by Carl Sagan, the astronomer and scientist, thirdly try Richard Dawkins books for the arguments against your god, and fourthly try the sceptics bible and see how many contradictions your so-called god has put into his book. Oh and whilst we're on the conversation why would I wish to follow a God who believes in destroying innocent life (the children who were eat up by bears because they called god's prophet baldhead, the slaughtering of innocent first-born children when the Pharoah refused to bow down before god etc etc - want some more of how your God is as murderous a dictator as a Stalin or Hitler, hmmmm. Hardly sounds like the type of God any right-minded, moralistic person would follow, I wonder why you do?) And proving your jesus doesn't exist doesn't necessarily mean your church would fall down over night, there are still enough stupid, im-not-taking-the-blinkers-off-my-eyes type people like you around to believe the nonsense you're church throws around, the human ego can't accept the fact that it dies like everything else, hence the need for silly stories about heaven and ever-lasting life, lol. Oh and as for your final little bon-mot "I don't think there is any argument here, you cannot successfully argue what you CANNOT prove. God bless.", the same goes for you sweetheart, prove your god exists to me, go on. Remember you're the one who wishes for me to believe in this dictatorial god and his incompetent messiah, you provide the proof. Show me your god and your jesus and I'll accept Im wrong. If you can't prove they exist then Id advise you to stop being the self-righteous, pious little vomit you are (oh dear, you are a hypocritical christian aren't you? Doesn't your sandal-wearer say something about judge not lest you be judged, looks like you dont follow that rule eh Louise? I wonder what your hippie messiah thinks about that one ;->)and stop annoying people on this website. Religous nazi's like you are never very funny, clever or adult. In fact, idiots like you are the biggest reason why most people stay the hell away from your religion, why would they want to end up like foaming at the mouth christo-nazis like you Louise, hmm?

    Oh, and you still haven't answered my original questions. Nice dodge, but until you do answer them, Im gonna take you to be a coward who is incapable or not intelligently well-read enough to defend your religion. So first off, why was your jesus crucified through the hands when archaelogists and historians have already stated that roman crucifixion was through the wrists hmmm?
    by Bringer-Of-Light on 13th Dec 2004
  • Testament of both Kali and Jesus:

    I have a step-father, who is epileptic. He is also "bi-polar". I was not raised in a church. I keep an open mind. So I read some books about Kali. It all seemed interesting. I took place in a ceremony eating of the "flesh" of Kali. I never accepted her as a messiah. I never even tried to initiate a relationship. Yet I can witness to having seen her. What became of me next was......hmmm. I only believe in one God. Always. At that time it was like, "many paths lead to one door" so to speak. I searched for enlightenment. Spent hours and hours and hours meditating in the holy flame. Wishing to cleanse and purge my soul. Yet the darkness drew ever closer. It was always my light, shining bright. Yet, constantly in the dark. Unaware of what awaited just outside "my" circle of light. Just as the dance goes. I reached extreme levels. I was able to will things. Leaps of faith are required. ANY faith. If you have faith you believe. Pick one. Yet walk with me, hear me. Things would go from being ultimate peace til' I would go on a rampage of self-destruction. I was in love with it. Til' it became a set cycle. That was growing in years. Until....

    I think it was the homelessness. No more pride could save me then. The ultimate of self-destructions needed to take place. The true giving up of self. Now I can meditate the chakras. I can twist and untwist the khundalini. I can open my crown. I can do tai-chi. I can gather enough energy in one session to last me at least a week. I can meditate myself stoned. After enlightenment (and I did reach it) I spent years recovering. Healing. Letting my brain heal from drug abuse which I thought were sacraments. Understanding so much of the mysteries of the universe.

    Yet things change.

    I reached ascension/enlightenment one day. I went up into the purest most healing beautiful light. Til' my whole body dissapeared. I was with the lord. I was there. The moment I was seeking for 3 years. 3 years of daily meditation. Hours spent.

    I got there, when I did one thing. I confessed my sins. I asked God for forgiveness. I professed Jesus as the son of God, the living word of God. I knew. I then expereienced the death and re-birth of my soul. The re-birth was the englightenment. The meditation was training for how to pray. The emotions that you go through. The most important thing I learned was not how to gather enormous amounts of energy, but how to give it back to the lord.

    Almost 3 years I now go to church.

    I didn't write this witness to Christ to force my beliefs on you. For those of you out there who listened though, just remember. When you need him, he will be there. He's waiting. God has the ability to turn pagan practices into...HIM.

    For those who don't, I still love you. As I love all. I pray for you every day. There's more to my witness than this. Yet, this is what I still see, from what I used to "know".

    (if you disagree with these, cool, it's just my thoughts)
    I recognize our holy mother in christ as the Virgin Mary. Kali is a corrupted image of her. Our holy mother is not worshipped. Yet she worships the father. She so loved God and Christ that she carried him for 9 months. She was the first to accept him. Yes I have seen her, with me, on my knees, praying.

    from meditation comes breath and energy, yet also comes mindfulness, and from mindfulness will you reach the truth.

    Most people who are pagans I've dealth with, clearly worship themselves. My step-father found out I accepted Christ. I didn't tell him the good new about mySELF. It didn't matter. I prefer to love people than proselytize. I also still get angry at self-righteousness. Yet I pray for and to forgive. He tried to convince me against God. First that there wasn't one God. He called God "generic". The maker and creator of all "generic". Ultimately, he professed to not believing in God at all.

    So many of my Christian brothers and sisters take the wrong approach when it comes to witnessing. We must admit fault. Cause I am most certainly still a sinner. Just cause I have faith in Christ, doesn't mean I'm perfect.

    I wish love to you all, I enrouage the journey, and I say that if your faith is true to God he will lead to where you need to be.

    peace and blessings
    by -Morty on 13th Dec 2004
  • Worship of Kali is not spiritual, because Kali is not really a goddess. All of the people who pray to wicked Kali-Ma are practising DEMONOLATRY-a very grave sin which is an abomination to Our Lord Jesus Christ and his holy church.

    You are too indoctrinated, brainwashed and stuck in your ways to realise this. I know for a fact that Jesus Christ is real, he is the son of God and he IS God. He performs miracles even in this day and age. Perhaps Jesus will perform a miracle one day with this site, maybe the posters here will learn the error of their ways and convert to the true religion of Christianity, or maybe this depraved and demonically blasphemous site will cease to exist. Lord Jesus Christ, son of God, have mercy on these people for they are sinners, AMEN.

    Bringer of Light, I wish for you to come to know of the beautiful existance of Jesus and his holy church, and worship him in love and truth. You say that there is no proof that Jesus Christ ever existed, can you prove that he does not exist? Do you have any links or sources that can prove this to us? Can you prove that the son of God, the holy messiah, the Lord Jesus never, ever existed?
    I highly doubt it. If this was possible, then the Christian church would fall overnight. This will NEVER happen because Jesus is real, and he did exist. Most scientists and historians support this fact as well. You say that Jesus is based on the pagan demon-god Mithras-again you cannot prove this or provide any links, evidence or sources to back up your claims.

    I don't think there is any argument here, you cannot successfully argue what you CANNOT prove. God bless.
    by Louise on 12th Dec 2004
  • Actually Louise I came on this website to check out a few facts regarding the Goddess for research, Im actually an atheist, and certainly not intolerant against anyone's beliefs - except when they try to ram it down others throats like your insufferable kind do. However considering the majority of Kali worshippers and Hindus in general I meet here (Britain) Ive found them to be very decent and tolerant people, even tolerant against brainwashed cretins like yourself. Now onto the important stuff.........
    1. You haven't bothered to actually attempt an answer in my previous post regarding your Messiah, why's that? Probably because you can't argue with historical fact, nor give any proof that your messiah actually ever existed on the face of this planet. Nor have you even bothered to commnet on how Christianity is in polite terms a "mongrel religion" borrowing (remember xmas is pagan, Jesus is based on Mithras the Iranian God) from the spiritual creeds that came before it. But then again people like yourself never bother to look behind the facade do you? You might come up against a nasty dose of reality.............

    2. Give me proof of Kali being a demon from hell then. And no re-course to your book of fables, we all know mankind wrote it, with contradictive tendencies shot through it. This god of yours, not a very good liar is he? Most well-versed liars can keept track of their tall tales....

    3. I pray to your hidden intelligence somewhere that you stop being a self-righteous, pious little vomit whos inane need to get people under your spiritual bootheel of fear and dogma adds to the mistrust and well-founded disgust that most intelligent people feel towards your kind, i.e. the proverbial religious fundamentalist who's only desire in life seems to be dominantion and superiority towards others. You bleed don't you? You park your backside on the toilet don't you? You cry and laugh don't you? Then you're no better or worse than the rest than us, get used to it.

    I patiently await your reply hoping against hope you might actually take on the theological challenge I set before you in my last posts regarding you. Is your "faith" strong enough hmmmm?
    by Bringer-Of-Light on 11th Dec 2004
  • Bringer-of-Light:

    It is people like you who make me the most sad, because you are so ignorant and stupid. Kali is a demon, she comes from Hell. Our only salvation comes from Lord Jesus Christ. No amount of preaching and wisdom from me will ever convince you of the truth, because you belong to Satan, you are his child. You refuse to accept Christ into your heart, then you must have Satan in there instead.

    I pray that you will find Jesus and be saved, but this site just gets more and more depraved as time goes on. This is a symptom of the perverting blasphemy of worshipping Kali.
    by Louise on 10th Dec 2004
  • namste Louisse, I have always and will respect your faith without demonizing your angry baby-eating God, please respect the mother...thanx
    by Joseph on 8th Dec 2004
  • i agree with Mericia, there is no right or wrong religion everyone has their own beliefs. I am named after a goddess and yet i am not religious at all

    by the real kali on 7th Dec 2004
  • hey guys
    you are writing about me
    my name is kali and you write about me (about my name)
    but its interesting what you writing because everyone heard or read different things thats funny but be carefull not everything is right !
    by kali the mother goddess on 27th Nov 2004
  • We need to stop this religion war that I see happening on this site. Eveyone knows there is 2 things in the world that is leading us. (GOOD & BAD) remember we all have choices. Make your Choice. I have found in every religion teaches us the good and bad or the right and wrong. Why don't you choose? Why do you need to judge people religions, remember religion is a belief, a faith or creed. I am a person seeking God and I've found every other religon very interesting. To me it seem we all worship one being. Just that everything is read and interputted differently. Bless you all and try to understand religion from the otherside.
    by Mericia on 25th Nov 2004
  • To the ignorant and equal idiot,
    Kali means mother, she gave birth to Jesus Christ, mesiahs,saints & .......
    so why bother condeming the mother of your beleive. Stop it !!! before you make her mad. Jack Of Trades
    by pista on 21st Nov 2004
  • Louise, I hate to be the one to tell you this but paganism is over 25000years old and christianity is only 2000 years old and besides, satan is a deity of the christian faith it has nothing to do with paganism, it was created by the same people that created the religion, honey you do the math.... there were more killings in the name of crist, god, jesus or which ever form of christ deity you would like to use than any other religion. Pagans believe in harming none!!! not even themselves. we do not scare with fear of damnation but with the love and life that we all possess. do not judge....
    by cass on 10th Nov 2004
  • Well, I see Louise hasn't replied to my earlier post so I sincerely hope that puts an end to her little form of bigotry and ignorance against more accepting faiths.
    by Bringer_Of_Light on 8th Nov 2004
  • Great historical review of Kali & her existence. I've always had a fascination with her & now have a better understanding. Thank you.
    by Devi on 7th Nov 2004
  • I have started thinking about Hinduism a little while ago, because the
    man in my life, whom I love very much, worships Kali and Shiva. I am a little-practicing Christian,
    who believes that what matters most is what is in one person's heart, and
    not the language they use for praying, or the names they call God, or the
    ceremonies they perform for worship.

    My lover has not always been able to explain things to me, all
    the more because I challenge things, in my search for truth, and people are sometimes ill-at-ease when put on the
    defensive. This is how I learn, and unfortunately, most of the
    time, discussions with him have left me feeling uneasy -- I
    wanted to believe what he was saying, the way he was describing
    Kali, but couldn't really understand.

    So I turned to the Web, and found this essay, which I enjoyed reading
    (though most of the stories I already knew from him, it helped to see them in
    someone else's words). What I found equally helpful was the
    discussion on this page, which is sparked by the essay. Very enlightening. So I decided to add
    my two cents, in the hope it might help another person like me.

    Before I begin, let me say that I am and will always be a Christian --
    though exploring other faiths and beliefs has helped me (and continues
    to help me) understand the world better. I came into this with an
    open mind, and feel comfortable enough with my own set of religious
    beliefs in order to be able to respect (and, I hope, understand) others,
    without adopting them.

    I came in afraid of Kali, or rather, of her image. Rationally, I
    understood that the harrowing picture is symbolic, meant to remind the
    worshiper again and again what she stands for. I would say that, as I
    understand things, she seems to stand for life itself, with the good and
    the bad, with the necessity to face what's subpar or downright bad in us,
    and with the strength and determination to cut off the negative (death)
    and to allow the positive to grow in its place (life). I think she
    teaches us that there is bad within us, that we should accept that, while
    at the same time be willing to change it and go through the pain that
    goes with it, and excise our negative ego. All you Christians out there:
    doesn't this sound a lot like what Jesus preached?

    I think the mistake people make is in believing that accepting is
    tantamount to embracing -- whence the idea of Kali as a demoness. I think
    that maybe even a few people who seem to be Kali devotees who wrote here
    seem to believe that -- at least in part. Forgive me, for I possess
    little knowledge, and may be wrong, but to me this seems to be missing
    the point.

    Anger we have, and a wish for vengeance we have, and a desire to let go
    of reason and go into a destructive frenzy -- how many of us haven't
    experienced that during our lives?... And what makes it more powerful
    is that sometimes (most times!) the reasons for feeling like this are
    valid -- we have been wronged in some way or another. But then, as we see
    the failings, the humanness, the weakness in the object of our wrath --
    shouldn't we let go, shouldn't we take pity, shouldn't we pick up the
    baby left helpless in our path of destruction and at our mercy, shouldn't
    we suckle him?....

    Do we get angry and call God unjust for not always taking care of us to
    the point where only good things come to us?... no. Nor should we: we
    have our own failings, and the world we live in reflects that. The world
    is imperfect, and it is so because it might be thought of as a
    finite-dimensional projection or an infinite space, which is God. We all
    accept that, in some form or another. Kali seems to me to be a metaphor
    for the true nature of the world, transcendent in the sense that it
    allows us to see the complex and apparently contradictory nature of the
    universe, forcing us not to dismiss or ignore the dark sides, but to
    accept them. Sometimes even embrace them, for much hurt is growth, and much growth brings joy.

    There is pain and hurt in examination and accepting of dark
    things, like death, but ultimately, there is also freedom in learning
    and accepting the truth, and there is freedom in changing things (those
    that can be changed), no matter how much torture there may also be.

    The thugees, I would think, were just as wrong in their interpretation
    of Scripture as the Inquisition or the Ku Klux Klan, and the former failed Kali just as the latter failed Jesus by taking only part of what They have to offer -- the dark part, the part that talks about the hate and fear within us,
    and instead of accepting, understanding, and perhaps changing that hate and fear, they
    embraced it, and trampled all over the babies that were thrown in their
    paths, so to speak. They stopped short of the message -- and failed.

    All of this being said, all rationalized and understood, I am still a
    little afraid, of the imagery, and of the wording. I am not afraid of the
    meanings -- I am not afraid to look at things as they are, good and bad,
    and accept them, and enjoy them, and cherish the good and pleasure, and
    also cherish the pain and hurt that brings truth and clarity. I am still uneasy
    sometimes of the way people speak and refer to Kali, emphasizing much more the
    darkness and the violence, and less the unavoidable (as in
    death) or necessary nature of them (as in the necessity to accept the pain for the sake of the growth), for Kali is an active spirit and she seems to advocate change when change is possible.

    That is, unless I am mistaken and have misunderstood and this is all just
    about violence for the sake of violence, and not violence as a changing
    force, death and destruction for the sake of purity and rebirth. But I don't think I am wrong -- Kali is a savior of the world and a
    destroyer of monsters, and perhaps her frenzy after the battle and her
    stopping short of destroying the world is a warning for us. Maybe so is
    the picture of her with her foot on Shiva's body, in that instant when
    from fearsome demon-like warrior she changes into wife/mother: even when
    the cause is just, and violence is necessary in uprooting evil, do not
    let yourself be carried away, lest you destroy all that you love --
    ultimately, remember who you are, and the love you have.

    I am still somewhat afraid, and there has been a lot of pain in this
    journey I am taking, which started for the sake of the relationship
    with the man I love (for he's the gentlest, kindest person, and
    I could not see him as worshiping a demon), but is now continuing for my
    own sake and growth as a loving, strong, and free person. I hurts,
    and I expect it still will, but I will continue exploring.

    Love, strength, and courage to everyone.
    by Ioana on 28th Oct 2004
  • *wonders if Louise ever even read the article*
    by Drako on 28th Oct 2004
  • i would like to say that even though i am not a religious person, i think people like you should take a look at your own religion and fix all of the wrong doings in that religion before you go and criticise others. i mean come on, where else do you hear of "people of the church" abusing the trust, and the bodies of the people they are preaching to? if jeseus does in fact exist, than why not all other gods that people bellive in? wake up to yourself and your religion before you criticise others
    by kali on 27th Oct 2004
  • how is kali pronounced?
    by kalimelissa on 26th Oct 2004
  • Lol, I have to laugh at fundie's like Louise I really do. Pray tell Louise have you any idea of how your "messiah" came into being per chance? Considering there is no historical proof of your "Messiah" ever having lived upon this earth, and with the double whammy of the mass of contradictory material held in your bible, most scholars for a number of years have pointed to myths such as Mithras, Osiris and all the other so-called Man-Gods as being the basis of your jesus myth (a bit like how the Christians have also, ahem, "borrowed" holidays originally held by pagans eg Christmas and Easter). Like most Christians Im assuming you know nothing or very little about how your religion came into being as far history goes, perhaps you should do a tad more study on it. Oh and I'll leave you with this little tid-bit. If your jesus, as the bible claims, was nailed through the palms of the hands, perhaps you could tell us why as far historians and archaelogists have told us, that the romans crucified people through their wrists, and yet your bible tells us differently?
    by Bringer_of_Light on 24th Oct 2004
  • You sound very unhappy. If this is a sin for you why are you reading, viewing, and responding? If my good Catholic Cult upbringing taught me anything; it taught me "children should be seen and not heard". and "If you dont have something nice to say, dont say anything." In others words if you are ignorant, research what you are ignorant about and then you have earned the knowledge and right to speak your truth.
    Now i am studying Hinduism, and i find it to be much more all encompassing and complicated than any religion i have ever seen.
    If you dont care for Hinduism and specifically Kali; go back then to you vengeful punishing God and beg for forgiveness.
    I wish you knowledge and happiness.
    by Trina L. E.R. Kavanagh on 23rd Oct 2004
  • i know this page already has so many reviews, but...

    what i find most interesting about studying hinduism, which many people don't realize is that it is a "monotheistic polytheism", meaning that there is a great Oneness of which each deity embodies a part/aspect. there are of course literal hindus just as there are literal christians, but as a non-literal christian (by upbringing mainly) spiritual seeker, i find the non-literal interpretation of hinduism to be very enlightening.
    the way that all the gods/goddesses symbolize a part of the whole, and how their relations with each other (as spouses for example) is symbolic of the interaction of those spiritual attributes that they portray. if you happen to forget, you look at one of the (gorgeous) artworks of a god and the symbols in the art tell you about what they stand for and what powers they posess.

    the way i feel about this worship is the way i see the sainthood and christian symbolic art-- both acknowlege the presence of a One, but each saint/deity portrays an attribute that you yourself contain a small part of, and the artwork helps teach you that. you can pray/invoke/contemplate a god or saint which relates to your situation in order to gain guidance and insight and strengthen that attribute within yourself.

    important last note: you are powerful (jesus said we could do all the great things he did and even greater things). when you abuse your power by contorting compassionate evangelism into a rampage of insults or condemnation, or twist christian thought into the basis for the KKK, or use mother kali as an excuse to harbor unneccessary hatred or to massacre people....then you are strengthening a dangerous part of yourself which can destroy you or make you miserable (and lending a bad name to what you believe in). look at the big picture, we are all connected in this world, and we are human, not god(s) and therefor cannot make the ultimate judgment on what is evil or good or what should be preserved or destroyed, but we can strive to attain such wisdom. sorry this was sooo wordy!

    love to you all,
    by Laurel Smith on 22nd Oct 2004
  • She is not loving and she is the mother of all demons. She is evil and dangerous. Her statues are the most perverted form of worship that there is in this world. Idol worship alone is bad enough, but when you have millions of people worshipping what is clearly a demonic fetish, it is depraved and intolerably sinful. It is such a sight of disgust in the eyes of God, that he turns his back on all who follow this evil cult.

    Stormcall, you have no idea what you are talking about. This evil spirit will corrupt and curse all who follow her, she will make their lives worse than death. The price of sin is death. Death of the soul. When a human's soul dies, the body rots, the physical life becomes averted and depraved. This is death, death of life. For life is only goodness. Evil is not a life, it is death. No evil person is ever truly happy, God has made sure of this. No demented follower of Kali will ever be happy either.

    Repent of your idol worship and demonolatry, and pledge your life to Christ. Ask forgiveness of Jesus and he will cleanse you of all guilt and shame.
    by Louise on 17th Oct 2004
  • I would ask why someone who obviously is afraid and ignorant of paganasim would even bother to read this article...
    Kali is not a hideous demon as you would believe but a loving mother and a fierce protectress of her worshippers... As another said, may she lift your veil of ignorance.
    by Stormcall on 16th Oct 2004
  • Kiera,

    Be careful about being drawn in by the deception of the darkness. A hideous demon like Kali would love to have mortals believe that she is a goddess, that she is a figure to be worshipped, prayed to and sacrificed to. Don't sacrifice your soul to the worship of a dark, satanic goddess. A witch-deity that possesses people quite regularly in India, where Hinduism is widespread and the foul demoness Kali is believed to be his wife, a powerful goddess.

    She is a wicked Djinn, a female demon posing as a goddess. If you only TRULY understood her great evil and the danger that it could place you in. You would never find interest in this subject matter again. Kali is a real personage, a fallen angel of death sent to plague mankind. If you want to see the fruits of her work and her worship, just look at her most famous devotees. The thugee cult that massacred thousands of innocents in India for several centuries.

    It was Kali's work. It was what she wanted most. Why do you think Kali's evil tongue lolls from her mouth like a monster? Because she is bloodthirsty and loves to be propitiated by blood, especially human blood. She has a craving for human lifeforce. This morbid and horrifying cult of Kali-Ma has to stop, it has to be stopped. With the dangerous revival of paganism in the west, which threatens to overwhelm Christianity and all it stands for, there will soon be bands of evil pagans lying in wait for innocent victims. They will kill them and steal their belongings, all in the name of Kali.

    That might sound ridiculous, but cults like the Moonies have corrupted people, deluded them, turned them against their families, friends and society and made them slaves. If Kali were to have slaves and pagan temples in the modern world, think what a horrible cult would be created to serve her?
    by Louise on 15th Oct 2004
  • Kali is a demoness, one of Satan's false gods. She is a corrupter and destroyer. Her wicked cult will have thousands of deluded souls burning in a lake of fire and sulphur, forever. Do not pray to Kali, or buy her statues or worship her evil image. She is NOT the universal mother-goddess, she is not Shakti or the feminine force of creation, she is a demoness.

    Jesus is the only person who can save you from this ungodly paganism, and all the witchcraft and sorcery that inevitably goes with it. I have had the misfortune of knowing several pagans, who worshipped Kali as one of their patron goddesses. One witch-cultist had a statue of Kali-Ma on her desk at work. One of her colleagues made fun of the statue one day, calling it 'superstitious garbage'. The witch cursed the woman silently as she left the office. Four days later, the woman and three of her friends were involved in a horrifying car accident. One woman was killed, the other two were badly injured, and the woman in question (who mocked Kali's statuette on the office desktop) was cut very badly across her face in the crash. As the wounds gradually healed, they took on the appearance of scratch marks. Almost as if the demoness Kali had scratched her face savagely for her mockery and cynicism.
    Please repent of this demonolatry, and accept Christ.
    by Louise on 14th Oct 2004
  • I was intrigued by metaphor behind Kali worship mentioned by a physicist Gary Zukove in his book 'Dancing with wu-li masters' This article expores it further.

    Very Impressive!
    by openSky on 14th Oct 2004
  • Great article, well researched and well written, no matter what the reader's views are.
    There appear to be two groups of people who are dissing this article, and I'd like to say a few words to them.
    First to those are are condemning this faith outright, Christians for example, and I'd say other too; it wasn't a Hindi Goddess who said, as quoted in the Bible, that he without guilt should throw the first stone, was it? Look to your own beloved Jesus Christ, one of the greatest, most enlightened humans to grace the Earth with his presence. Then if you are still searching for evil, look to your own hearts and those of the people around you. Evil, no matter what beliefs you have, is born in the heart of men. The Christian Devil may tempt people, but were there nothing of evil inside them to begin with, he would never be able to get a foot in the door, would he? Not that I condemn mankind as evil; good is also naturally born in our hearts. But still, can you really call yourself a devout follower when "love thy neighbor" doesn't seem to be making an impact on you.
    The second group seem to be those with related religions to the writer of the article who are condemning her choice in Goddess. Think people, if you think she's purely evil. That's the whole idea of her- balance. I agree with something that someone else mentioned, this religion seems more human because they're (the deities) neither pure evil nor pure good. Like other ancient religions, the deities are fallible. does that not seem to fit more into the nature of the way life truly is? Accordingly, Kali is not evil incarnate. Do not put her down on account of what people have done in her name; do not take up hypocrisy, because people have done evil things in the name of almost all religions on Earth, even no religion at all, if you want to take Hitler or Mao Tse Tug as examples. Kali is there to remind us that that part of us exists, not to let us forget. But we also need to know that that's not all there is to life, and she shows this also. She was on a rampage leading towards destroying the world, and she stopped to save an infant, her husband, from herself.
    To everyone else, I would ask that you not feel compelled to copy the feelings of these people in reverse. Christianity, without the organisation of power and control, is a wonderful religion, as is Islam and Buddhism. Misguided people and selfish people are what unfortunately happened.
    If you seek to convert people to your own religion, which can be a worthy cause at times, helping people find what they need, don't try to force it on them, coerce them into it, or scare them to you. Bit pointless really, isn't it? I suggest simply being there, showing yourself and why your religion is worthy of believing in. If people are meant to change to your religion, they will, won't they? You need to let people make informed choices. After all, Christianity says that the reason God made humans with brains and thought and especially will was because he wanted them to choose him by themselves, is that not so? Don't forget that God made the Apple Tree, and put it there in reach, with the snake symbolically wrapped around its branches.
    by Kiera on 14th Oct 2004
  • I think overly "religious" people should just leave others alone. This Louise person that also posted evidently has a serious problem to come at you saying you are possessed and evil; and then expect you to be converted by these methods. There is no way to know what the "right" religion is. Everyone just has to have faith in their "god" and live the way they think they should. People who automatically think that certain religions that are different from theirs are wrong. Those are the people who, unbeknownst to them, send more people farther away from the religion they are trying to force on them. Blessed Be.
    by Lillyth on 13th Oct 2004
  • I am not going to state my religon but from reading most of the reviews I would just like to ask all the people heated in this argument of Kali vs. Christianity to stop. This is a perfect example of how religous hatered starts. Do not try and set out to change people's religon or enlightenen them it is offensive. A simple statement of 'this is what I belive and this is what you belive' and 'althouight I disagree' instead of these disgusting personal attaacks. I don't care who started it and maybe all of you have the right to fight for your belifs, but nothing will be solved or changed. I beg and ecourage all of you to have RESPECT!!!!! for the belifs of others.
    by Anon on 9th Oct 2004
  • Dear Morrigan (If that REALLY is your stupid name)

    You are foolish and are heading down a dark and very dangerous path. You might glorify the cult of Kali and find it liberating for your femininity and the feeling of rebelliousness against the true faith, but you are deceived. Get this; your goddess Kali is a DEMON, an evil spirit sent from Hell to corrupt and torture mankind. She is a Satanic emissary and a very perilous force to invoke and summon.

    Stop this witchcraft and sorcery at once. It is from the darkness, not the light. From the Devil, not from God. Jesus is the only true path, your wicked paganism and blasphemy will be the end of you. There are terrible godly penalties for practising witchcraft. I knew someone who worshipped Kali-Ma and she came to my church one day. As we stood there in holy reverence, worshipping the true God, Our Lord Jesus Christ, she jumped to her feet and started hissing and cursing. Her tongue started to loll like the demoness Kali herself. She looked hideous and deeply evil, her eyes blazed with hate, her lips curled into a savage snarl. We all grabbed her and the priest rushed forward with holy water and a crucifix to exorcise the demon Kali from her writhing body. She howled and cursed us all in the name of Kali, her tongue was snake-like and forked, she spewed vulgarities and abuse, profanities and madness. She told us we would ALL die agonisingly at Kali-Ma's hand. Then the demon came out of her. She lay on the floor looking shocked and asked what had happened to her. We told her that she had been possessed and she was now saved-washed clean by the blood of Jesus Christ. She praised the Lord and gave her life to him and we all rejoiced with gladness.

    Later that day, we went round to her house and together we burned her books on witchcraft, sorcery, paganism and magic spells. She has never involved herself in these evil things since. Never dabble with pagan gods or witchcraft, or the occult. It is extremely dangerous and will lead to depression, possession, misfortune and calamity or suicide. I pray that Jesus will save your soul, Morrigan. That God will take pity on a deluded cultist like you and wash you clean of your many sins, put you on the right track again.
    by Louise on 9th Oct 2004
  • John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

    Jesus = Word
    by Charles on 4th Oct 2004
  • Namaste'...

    and thank you.

    by Kandis on 4th Oct 2004
  • Its not keli.. its Kali..
    At least be accurate when you hurl stones
    by Morrigan on 2nd Oct 2004
  • Umm.. correction.. Jesus is NOT God.. Jesus is the word made flesh, he is the son of God.. not God himself..
    Maybe you ought to read your Bible more instead of preaching to people about things you yourself don't truly understand..
    Interestingly enough.. most Hindu's believe that all religions are one and all paths lead to salvation.. and they regard Jesus as a "buddha" an Enlightened one.. perhaps you should pray for your own Enlightnement.
    by Morrigan on 2nd Oct 2004
  • I am an Irish american I was raised in the catholic religion.I now have not only turned against the catholics I have turned against all organized religion.I now believe that religion should only be between the individual and his or her higher powers.I believe in Kali,,Vishnu,Odin,Amon,Ra,Shiva,Agni and Mighty Thor as well as Leprechauns and angels.I do not criticize or ridicule the beliefs of others I simply take from others beliefs what works for me and disregard what does not work for me.The christians need to learn to open their eyes as well as their minds but because they are so controlling they must be destroyed I would like for Kali to join in on this fight or gihad as she is a great warrior and without her destructive power we cannott have rebirth
    by Andy Vance on 3rd Sep 2004
  • Hi,
    Nice Article. Jai Mata Kali. I want to ask all the members criticizing Mother Kali and proclaiming that christianity is a better religion.

    1) Is death not a reality? It is as real As Birth. WHy are you so afraid of death.
    you give a too good picture of Flying angels and White clouds.
    i Think death is something we have not fully understood.
    2) Is christianity all Peaceful. Christians have anhiliated more civilizations than any other people. Ranging rom Inca's to many religions. you have killed many religions and exotic cultures and anything opposing your belief is paganist.

    3)Hinduism has been there when there was no christianity and when no Bible existed. Still we survive. We dont have a command and control system like Pope and the church. We dont spend billions of dollars on conversions and send missionaries to every remote place of this earth.
    4) we did not spend billions of dollars on court cases to cover molestation charges. you will talk about discrimination and untouchability. we Hindus accept it as a crime done by old ruling hierarchy and are trying to compensate it. What about all the lost cultueres and civilizations killed.
    by prasad on 14th Aug 2004
  • well put!
    by Nicole on 8th Aug 2004
  • R.P.2...u sound most intruiging...i wish u can mail me back personally and fill me if u can of those so many unspoken words...yes....u r many of them really don't know what they r talking about....take care..
    WOW WHAT A GREAT SITE...and pretty emotional comments too..:)
    this indian kali's daughter had tears in her eyes going through that amazing article...
    by alpana on 8th Aug 2004
  • Wow... I don't know if i'll ever have time to read these all, but this is quite nice.

    For any of you who are sincere and live in the orange county area there is a great place to come and see Ma. If you like you can bring a flower or flowers and they most assuredly will be offered.

    if you want to know more about the temple check out the website.

    It's neat randomly finding sites like this on the net. Peace everybody.
    Jai Ma Kali,

    Sri Ram
    by Sri Ram on 6th Aug 2004
  • Interesting article. Coming from a Catholic background, I've always found it interesting reading about other beliefs. I enojyed reading about the different symbols used in depictions, and am glad that not all religions are rigidly literalistic (fyi, have no interest in Catholicism anymore. Just not for me). I like how the hindu deities I've read about seem more human, as opposed to the idealised, black and white God vs Satan.

    Kind of sad to read all the negative comments, some people need to get a life, and worry more about what they are doing then what everyone else is doing.
    by Pete on 30th Jul 2004
  • Every once in a while, I come to this website hoping people would stop posting hateful, degrading and just pure evil comments about Kali Ma & her devotees. First off, those of you who sit there & persecute other individuals beliefs about Kali Ma, take a look at yourselves & determine if your prefect. The same way you sit there & think of ways to insult other peoples' beliefs, is the same way you can sit there and try to find out why her devotee love her so much. This is just one story about Maha Kali, out of the thousands. Also, this story just barley scratches the surface of who Maha Kali, really is. Here's a little lesson for all the people full of hatred towards Mother Kali.

    As the story goes, Parvarti Ma or Mother Uma, was asked to battle against Sumbha and Nisumbha (just a little info. those are the real demons) b/c they had received a boon (wish) that no man could destroy them. As she was agreeing to go into battle, Sumbha announce he was the ruler of the whole universe, which enraged Lord Shiva and the other Gods. From the 3rd eye of Shiva & the foreheads of Vishnu & Brahma a light sprung forth surrounding Parvarti Ma, which transformed her into Durga. The form of Mother Durga only had 8 hands, which held different weapons from each of the gods

    As the battle went on b/w the Mother Goddess & the demons she killed Sumbha and Nisumbha. Mother Durga changed her form again into Durga Ma. In this form she has 18 hands. This is before she took her Nav Durga form, which means nine-forms of Durga. Eventually, Durga Ma faced Mahisasura (demon), who transformed himself in a bull, which she killed. Then she faced Raktabija (demon), who had gained a boon, which was that when his blood fell onto the ground 1,000s of replicants will appear. As, she fought him, and constantly kept cutting him, more and more forms of Raktabija came.

    Eventually, the millions of forms of Raktabija attacked Durga Ma, throwing her to the ground & ripping her clothing off, which is the most degrading situation a Hindu woman could had been through. As she laid there on the ground, the Trinity of Gods stood before her, shaking their heads in disappointment. Meanwhile, the Naga Deotha, came and told her "Great Mother I can't bear to look at you in such a Condition, let me cloth you" & sprayed his venom upon her body.

    Then she arise from the blood filled ground & looked at the Trinity of Gods she told them, "What you've taken from me, I will take back...what they had taken from me, I will take back and cloth my body." Meaning she was taking back Shakti, the ultimate female force in Hinduism from the gods. This is when she transformed into Maha Kali, having 20 hands, and 10 heads. Also, she had transformed herself again in another 11 different forms. Maha Kali, then went into battle cutting of the heads, arms and other body parts of the demons to cloth her body. As the battle went on she faced Raktabija and killed him by drinking his body dry of blood.

    By drinking his demon blood she got intoxicated & started to dance wildly threatening to destroy the whole world. This is when Shiva laid down on the battle field like a dead corpus, tricking Maha Kali. When she had step on his body & realized what she had did, she stuck out her tongue in embarrassment. The reason is because she considered Shiva to be her husband and no Hindu woman would ever place their foot upon their husband. At this time, she said, "The battle is over, what is my purpose now?". He told her she would return in the age of Kaliju and be placed upon an alter where her devotees can worship her in a peaceful form. Again, Maha Kali changed form into Sati Kali, a light complication and 4 hands. Then she said, "I will only take this form if you promise me that all of the demons that were killed in the battle were brought back to me in a form of a cawu, therefore their souls can eventually reach heaven." Agreeing to the arrangement, Sati Kali, is now worshipped in today's world, as a healer & a mother.

    As you can see, this is just another shorten version of Maha Kali story. Remember as that battle was going on, there was 9 forms of Durga Ma fighting and 11 other forms of Maha Kali fighting, so there are many different stories involving that battle. Also, those forms of Kali HAD to drink the blood in order to prevent Raktabija from creating more of himself. For all of you who say Maha Kali is evil, remember she was the one who was fighting against the demons, she wasn't one of the demons (as I pointed out in the story). Pavarti Ma had to take the form of Mother Durga in order to fight the battle, and Durga Ma had to take the form of Maha Kali inorder to finish the battle. Therefore, all of you who worship one Hindu goddess and comment about another one hatefully (remember I said comment hatefully), relaize that all of them are connected and the same goddess, just different forms. Also, if Maha Kali was so evil way would she asked for the demons to be brought back to her in a form of an animal, in order to be saved?

    We all are here together in this world, whether or not you want to accept her, she will always accept you as her child. She never once said, "Worship Me, praise me." She was placed in the position of a worship b/c this is the Age of Darkness & no other God or Goddess can understand the suffering of mankind better then her. She is the one who, accepts you for all of your fawls & do not degrade you b/c of them. However, she will help you better yourself, to become a morally right person

    And for those of you would want to question the existence of God or of Mother Kali, I asked that you'll e-mail me if your ever in NYC. I will be more then glad to bring you to Mother Kali's temple where you can face her murti (statue) and speak all the hateful comments you want to her face. And as you do that, look straight at her face. You know what you will see, a smile.
    So I'll leave all of you hatefully, disrespecting people with a smile.
    Om Krim Kali Ma

    by Devi on 26th Jul 2004
  • jai kali mata -- thank you kali mata
    by bad wolf on 25th Jul 2004
  • thanks to kali mata my wife can walk. doctors took my money and did nothing. kali mata puja solved the problem
    by bad wolf on 21st Jul 2004
  • This was certainly an interesting read for me. I am a devout Hindu and I always appreciate sites devoted to our beautiful gods. I have to say that the goddess Kali is not a personal favourite of mine, my god is Ganesha and he always watches over me. I feel safe to put my destiny in the loving hands of Lord Ganesh, who cares infinitely for all of us. I also pray often to Vishnu and Rama, who are both beneficent and wise. This article was intelligent and well-researched and I am pleased to have read it. What does not please me, is to have seen so many negative posts in response to this article, with so many vicious, spiteful messages to others. I think that nobody should post messages on this site if they are trying to 'push' their religious beliefs onto others. Of course Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, etc are welcome to post here. But if you come here to mock, criticise or hurt others, you are not welcome here. If you come here to push your beliefs onto others, or post savagely negative remarks about Hindu beliefs/culture/people/customs, you are unwelcome and please stay away. This is a great site, with great info, let down by a selfish, childish minority of posters.
    by Raji on 18th Jul 2004
  • Ada,
    What a beautiful contribution to this site. A lot of posts on this site have been downright nasty and prejudiced-some can even be described as evil and hateful- your post was a pleasant change. Your devotion to the dark mother is obvious and heart-warming to read. Bless you Ada, and I hope that you shall find fulfillment on your spiritual path and your journey through life.
    by Daniella on 18th Jul 2004
  • please can you sent me the picture. thank you very much
    by sarandha on 17th Jul 2004
  • It's only been a few years ago since I broke away from a religion that was killing me inside: a sect of Christianity -- no offense to the good Christians out there (as opposed to the fundies and trolls).

    I'm currently agnostic, and I don't think I'll ever believe in an organized religion again, but I do enjoy studying different faiths, and of all the other deities, Kali Ma has struck me as the most impressive. I feel a strong sense of spiritual purity from this beautiful, amazing goddess, and while I'd stop short of calling myself a follower, she is a great inspiration to me. Thank you for this informative and refreshing site. To all the trolls out there who cannot accept another religion or culture, give up your hateful, ignorant little attacks. They won't deter those of us who take comfort in this loving Mother goddess.
    by Yami Megami on 14th Jul 2004
  • I do not know if this is the correct place to ask this but I would really appreciate the Hindi characters for Kali Mata if anyone can supply them.
    by Emma on 12th Jul 2004
  • Shree Kali Mata, I worship and adore the supreme goddess Kali-Ma, black queen of death, destruction, rebirth. I place my offerings beneath her lotus feet and beg her blessings. O Black Mother, please give me the strength that I need to endure day-to-day life, to deal with troubles and troublesome people, to overcome trauma, grief, and emotional/physical pain.

    Ja Kali-Ma.
    by Daniella on 4th Jun 2004
  • I come with awe and grattitude before this mighty woman , this dark mother made manifest , I offer to her through this post my grattitude and thanks that she has shown herself to me and brought her presence in to my life , I thank her for unlocking my tongue , and teaching me the power that i as a woman posess, that can stop demons , and stand its ground , that doesnt have to collapse with pain in to the eternal victim of my drama , that I can still stand and walk beyond the wounds and the shame , that ignorance flees before me as I stand in her words of truth , Kali I am an honoured to be your servant at this time and may the blocks in my life and the world around me be transformed by your love , because this is the truth of your destruction , the heart of love that seeks to move that that needs to be moved, again thank you , and I await your instruction , help me to use your power well and with integrity.
    by ada on 27th May 2004
  • Kali is a goddess who epitomises strength, character and sexuality. I like her strength of mind, her intelligence, her fearlessness, and her savage survival instinct. I think Kali is a role model for the modern, empowered, independant woman.
    by slathervaginamaul on 25th May 2004
  • everyone has a right to believe in what ever they feel most right for them ....and no ones religion is stupid even if it is science...
    by Ishbel on 25th May 2004
  • She smiles.......they burn.........war is her sweet garden of metal and tears...
    Kali-ma we kiss you, stroke my breast kiss her dance of life and fire. mmmm no more P-O-T 4 me
    by Lady Death on 23rd May 2004
  • I loved the kali article and am interested in learning more about her
    by stephanie chernish on 21st May 2004
    I am goddness!kisss to all my sister kali.
    by kaly on 17th May 2004
  • I love the goddess Kali. The goddess I pray to is Shakti, of which Kali is an aspect. She is powerful and will blast obstacles from your path, if asked to. You need never fear anything ever again, if Kali is on your side.
    by Terri on 6th May 2004
  • I don't believe in Shadrack. Shadrack doesn't exist, and there is nothing anybody can do to prove otherwise. Believing in Shadrack is even more stupid than believing in scientism.
    by Vølva on 6th May 2004
  • i liked the page and all the information it contained. It truly gave me some great insight into what my name means and why i feel like i do sometimes.
    by kali on 29th Apr 2004
  • Beautiful. but u did embellish child. still nice of u.
    by n. on 29th Apr 2004
  • Lucia!
    Who would wish to pray to Kali you ask? I am named for Her, and I can tell you She is not evil. You are expressing the Western view of this Deity, and you do her a diservice by calling her evil. Again, Western culture divides all things into good and evil, but it is a matter of opinion and your viewpoint. Is the Ocean evil when she capsizes a boat and all aboard die? No. Is a tornado that rips through a town leveling it evil? No, it is the constant process of change that is normal and natural, and the very order of the Universe. Even the Christian texts say one must die in the spirit and be reborn again. It is the constant ebb and flow that allows life to continue. Yes, Kali is not one to be approached if your slate is not clean, she will make you face that part of yourself you do not like, or is dishonest. She will burn out of you the impure, but She is not evil. I am glad you found comfort in Laksmi, but there is no light version of a Diety, because the Vedas recognize that all Goddesses are One, as are all Gods, and the God and Goddess, are One. Please do not denigrate something you might want to research further. A few Hindu's who fear Kali are no more a representation of a greater religion than the Klu Klux Klan is of Christianity.
    Kali Chandi
    by Kali Chandi on 23rd Apr 2004
  • kali is a goddess of destruction yes, but she is also a goddess of creation, birth etc... if you look into the hindu saint Ramakrishna you might learn a bit more about her.. She didn't dance on siva till he died. He threw himself under her so that she wouldn't destroy the earth in her fury and she stopped..and called him husband.. in fact she has quite the relationship with him as a consort. she was created in every account to save the world and in some accounts she got a little carried away, but she was created to save the world because she was the only one who could. in some accounts siva appears as a baby on the battlefield and she stops fighting and breast feeds him and he sucks the anger out of her.. it's rather beautiful really.. she did not massacre thousands in india, she is a mythological figure to represent more spiritual persuits.. I've been studying Hinduism for a couple years now in university and I don't know much, but I think you need to do more research..
    by amanda c on 22nd Apr 2004
  • hello, I'm a religious studies major in canada and i took a course all year on religious traditions of seemed a bit interested.. it's absolutely fascinating, espcially when you find paralells with christianity. there's a trinity in Hinduism, Buddhism, neopaganism.. it's all good. if you want to learn about us westerners findings on kali and others, our student website is:

    all our reports from this term are there.. and if you want more just back up a bit..
    by amanda c on 22nd Apr 2004
  • Fear
    she knows you well and shall feast on your weakness.

    You are her heart she destroys with...You are her twisted rampage of fire, war, chaous and ruin.
    from war she cries a thousand deaths.
    you are her smoked victorey, A powdered wisk of her whims.
    Mother Kali-ma we summon your bidding.
    by Lady Death on 20th Apr 2004
  • Dear Lucia,
    If you read about what Kali(above)about then you would understand that she is not an evil being.Kali represents the destructive force of nature.Something you should understan is that without darkness there is no light and without light no darkness.Keep an open mind.
    by Beau on 6th Apr 2004
  • This article was so enlightening. While I do not exactly believe in the goddess Kali, I do believe in a greater force encompassing of all the powers she is believed to hold. I do respect your beliefs, of which I would like to explore more. Thank you so much for sharing your religeous views with the world. Peace be with you.
    by Leslie on 5th Apr 2004
  • Listen you anonymous wimp, I'm fed up of people criticising spiritual beliefs on this site. If you don't believe in Kali-Ma, can I ask why you are on this site? Why did you go looking for this 'crapola' in the first place? Because you are a bigoted, opinionated idiot, that's why.

    I do believe in Kali-Ma. I believe she is the same goddess known throughout many cultures as: Ishtar, Inanna, Sekhmet, Anath, Astarte, Hecate, Enyo, Bellona, Freya, Dana, Morrigan, etc. The dark mother, war-goddess, and witch.
    This is my opinion and belief, she is a goddess aspect that I revere and worship, and I don't like your narrow-mindedness and ignorance. You might dismiss all this as superstition, hocus pocus, mumbo jumbo, crapola (is that even a word), etc, but that is your opinion only, and that does not mean that you are right.

    I know that you are wrong, because I have seen Kali-Ma and felt her energy and presence. There are many enlightened, spiritual people on this site who revere and respect Kali, and then there are assholes like you, who don't know anything. I'm not just aiming these remarks at you, Shadrack is also worthy of mention at this point:

    Shadrack, what the hell is your problem? Why can't you just leave people alone, and keep your nasty opinions to yourself? You are ignorant and silly and immature. If you don't like the site and the beliefs expressed here, then push-off and go somewhere else instead of arguing and hurling abuse.
    by Morgana on 4th Apr 2004
  • Thanks Matty 4 showing me this site!!
    Wonderful article!!I would like to see more on Durga as well!
    Shadrack(if your still around)there are bigots in every country and religion and there is no rationalizing that in any form thiers or yours! It isnt the god or goddess in any particular pantheon who commit the evil, its the people Man is responsible for mans pain and suffering man has made religion what it is today. the good and the bad. maybe you should go to a sitemore suited to you GO AWAY TROLLS!!! im sorry you cant handle women who are content in thierselves and thier own personal power. religion is for all sexes I find it ironic that ignorance abounds on a site that is supposed to promote wisdom.
    thanks for the article!! keep them coming
    ps i hate golf- but i could hike 10 miles and still kick your ass! I stand on my own too i dont need a crutch i look to my religion for its beauty and a chance to further my own spirituality
    by lupustheurge on 25th Mar 2004
  • Matty,
    Why did you choose Kali as a patron goddess? Don't you think there is enough darkness, destruction and evil in our world at the moment, without you invoking a demonic goddess like Kali?
    She IS an evil figure. She is bloodthirsty and hideous, a garland of skulls adorns her neck, and in her many hands, are the decapitated heads of her enemies. She is a goddess of war, destruction, darkness and sexuality. She is fearsome and malevolent, all of the gods fear her name, and she danced on top of her husband Shiva, until she killed him.

    Her wild dance of war-victory, nearly destroyed the entire universe with it's whirling chaos. Is this the sort of goddess you wish to worship? A goddess of war, carnage, death, and murder.

    You say that Kali is your patron goddess, please don't forget that she was also the patron goddess of the Thugee Cult, which massacred thousands in India. You stupid, foolish trollop, what the hell are you doing?
    by TrollMother on 25th Mar 2004
  • Dear Kat,

    You really are pathetic. Some shit happened in your life, so instead of clawing your way out of the darkness and into the light, you embrace the darkness and the goddess who epitomises it.

    I'm not saying that Kali Ma is not a powerful goddess-she is extremely powerful, which is why I warned all of you to not invoke her power. She can cause devastating destruction and evil.
    Some Hindus who have been wronged in life, decide to invoke the goddess Kali for vengeance or cursing, to bring destruction to their enemies.

    It worked, their enemies had terrible things happen to them. But all their evil prayers came back to them eventually. The dark power that they wielded, left them later. Their Karma came back to them, and they were punished for cursing their enemies.

    You, foolish girl that you are, have decided to embrace Kali and her darkness. She is the mistress of demons, a war goddess, temptress, she-devil, and sorceress all in one. She is dangerously powerful, and you should steer clear of her. You will only sow the seeds of destruction in your own life, if you choose to serve Kali and utilise her power.

    You have been warned, Kat. If you choose not to take advice, then that is your choice.
    by Lucia on 25th Mar 2004
  • she is the lord of mother, her name kali is so beautiful ,, no words or actions can describe her looks,.?
    by balugopalan on 24th Mar 2004
  • Oh Yeah the article..
    Very imformitive...lots of many different looks into Kali, A kabol of insightfull folkglore.
    by Matty on 22nd Mar 2004
  • wow.... shadrack what can i say matey you got some real issues there boy,
    i dont follow any paticular religion,
    like yourself i assume, but never the less
    i have an intrest in metaphysical subjects, and enjoy reading about certain religions, orders etc.. and have learnt much about myself and others through doing so and while i feel at the moment no urge whatsoever to practice wholly one paticular religion it does not by any means stop me from learning about it and applying some of them practices into my own personal belief system, and i must stress that, that belief system is my own as much as everyone else on here has and is more than entitled to,just as i am not going argue or disagree with your own beliefs or veiws even though i do not agree with the ones i have seen you posted here, whatever way we all learn, evolve, is down to each indavidual,
    yes religions are all grasping the same idea and more or less saying the same thing in diffrent contexts but most importantly they all lead to the same conclusion, and some personally may find some read better than others which comes down to our 'own' choice yet again, if you do at some point manage to read some more spiritual literature whether that be hindi based or jedi, please take into account the symbolism involved in the story, yes they come across as twee fairy tails on the offset, but look a little past your ego and i have a notion you may be pleaslantly suprised, they are presented in a way we can easily understand, and it doesent have to be gospel im sure they will be lots in there you will disagree with thats healthly, when you find summat you dont like ask your self why you dont like it maybe or give a valid argument or at least a statement with an ounce of intelligence buried in there somewhere cos, statements like thats shit or thats 'crapola' sounds like something my prepubesant 14 nephew would say if someone happens to have an opinion that is somehow different from his own.Remember, you cannot change another person. You can’t change the way the world reacts to you. The only thing you have control over is how you react to situations. so stop getting so worked up about what other people believe an concentrate on yourself, unless of course you have summat intresting,constructive or a valid argument to contribute. if not do us all a favour an fuck off....ahem....excuse my french ;)
    by nicky on 12th Mar 2004
  • the article says, why have any beliefs at all? Religon is alll crapola anyway, and look at all the evil which has been done in the name of some god!
    Look at Iraq...Shites and Sunnis slaughtering each otherand I guess they are all ,oslems! Religion is bullshit!

    by shadrack on 7th Mar 2004
  • Excellent and interesting article! For all the God fearing Christians that are feeling compelled to share the beauty of their viscous religion, I urge you to check out and then come back and talk to us about why anyone would convert to such a scary religion.
    by Amy on 7th Mar 2004
  • HELP i have this spell book and me and my friends were playing around and saw a spell called the "the hyhm of kali" and it hads 2 do w/ the goddess and we did it and now two of the four ppl who did it with us r in the hospital. i really need help! if any info plz contacted me at my mail address.! ps we did the spell cuz my real name is cali!
    by cali on 2nd Mar 2004
  • Good grief, Kat! How can you be so naive? Only children believe that sort of nonsense! That makes about as much sense as believing in psychics...not a single one of them saw 9/11 coming!
    It's all smoke and mirrors with a liberal
    application of bullshit , but it does pull in the suckers!!
    by shadrack on 26th Feb 2004
  • Lucia-

    There is nothing wrong with disagreeing with the M.O. of a certain goddess. If her powers don't work for you, then of course she is not for you. But it is a contradiction to say that you are not judging people by telling them not to pray to a goddess that holds so much personal power for them. Choosing a goddess you identify with is completely subjective, and it is a total imposition of your own values to tell an entire group of Kali-worshippers that you pray your goddess will help us realize our mistakes. It starts to sound like the whole good versus evil battle- one is better than the other. I wonder if your parents are Christian?

    At any rate, I despise judgment, and I suppose I'll give you a little anecdote in telling you why I identify with Kali, so maybe you'll accept that although she is not the goddess for you, that certainly doesn't take away from her powers for others......

    Destruction has been a part of my life since I was 12. My father was a speed addict and drug dealer who was murdered, probably in a drug deal.... I was guilted by my step-father over not saving him. I naively wound up getting involved with a non-addict who was nevertheless a drug dealer in a weird unconscious attempt to try to clear the karma I had assumed for my own when my father was killed. I became co-dependent on this man, going with him on his drug deals, getting held up at gunpoint togeterher.... my own trauma over the hold-up made him re-evaluate his dealing, so he quit dealing and went on to a better path. We eventually broke up and shortly after, I was date-aped by another man. Not to mention I've been through a clinical depression and an attempted suicide.

    Now my intention is not to tell you the sob story of my life, but to merely give you a personal account of how Kali has helped me. Granted... when it came time for my healing, there was a lot of dark, nasty shit to excavate from my soul. Perhaps because I have seen so much dark, disgusting shit, I do not fear the darkness. It has become a part of my reality, and by choosing a patron goddess Kali, I am recognizing the reality of my life. However... Kali is not all dark... and certainly not evil. She will drop her sword the instant someone needs her kind mothering- she assumes the role of divine mother. She is the destroyer of the negative ego, not of all things beautfil and holy. In my own meditations after yoga asanas- I have had incredibly emotional, anxiety-ridden, fearful bubbles pop up to the light of consciousness- bubbles I was forced to repress because they were too much to deal with when I was younger. I sob sometimes when these things come up- and for awhile, the pain Kali inflicts is fully felt as bits of negative aspects of my ego our cut away. But a curious thing happens afterward- I feel so amazing, feel as if I have been freed that much more. And so I come to accept the pain because in making it my own, I no longer play the victim as I use to so readily do. I take responsibility for my pain, and Kali grants me relieve when I confront the difficult emotions. Kali has been a source of strength for me in my journey through healing.
    by Kat on 26th Feb 2004
  • I knew it! I knew Shadrack would make another posting. He's so obsesed with Kali that she's coming out of his ears. He'll never be able to pull away from this web page.
    by R.P. 2 on 26th Feb 2004
  • This is so strange, my name is Kali, and it is pronuced the same way. I act almost just like this goddess. I think that i was her in a former life. And it's wired too, the kids at school, call me Queen Kali...i learned about the Godess Kali in 8th grade from a friend. And now i'm a sophmore in High School, because i'm drawn to power, and well, everything about her, i releate to...
    by Kali Shaffer on 25th Feb 2004
  • Hey guys, this all dangerous stuff. Yes, the goddess Kali is a real personage. She is a goddess of evil and destruction.
    If you want to worship, and pray to a benevolent mother-goddess then try Lakshmi, Sarasvati, Parvati, or Uma.

    Lakshmi is my patron goddess, and she is a loving, kind being. She never punishes or inflicts pain, and she can bring you closer to spiritual truth and knowledge. Forget Kali, she may be a face of Brahman, and a form of Shiva's wife Parvati, but she is dark and terrible.

    Evil and vengeful. Who would wish to pray to such a deity? I know a lot of Hindus, they fear Kali and her inevitable destruction. She is only called upon to bring destruction, she never brings good.

    If you need a strong goddess to give you strength and courage to face one of life's many battles, then try DURGA. She is a lighter goddess than evil Kali Ma.
    Never pray to such a dark devil-goddess, she can only bring evil and destruction. I pray that Lakshmi will enlighten all of you, and cause you to realise your mistakes.

    I am not judging people here, I am giving some advice from personal experience. Avoid Kali, she is not a goddess you should pray to.
    by Lucia on 24th Feb 2004
  • What a wonderful article, and so well researched. Fantastic. I am very drawn to the goddess Kali, she is so powerful.
    I know that this awesome goddess holds all of our destinies in the palm of her hand. She is all-powerful and all-knowing. Shadrack, likened a belief in her power and worship of her name, as an act of Voodoo. He is not entirely wrong. The religion of Voodoo embraces the dark aspects of life, as well as the light. Kali is a goddess of light and darkness, an angel and a demoness.

    She is good and evil, love and hate, life and death. She is a goddess of contradictions, she is in herself-a contradiction. We all love her for that.
    She is not an unapproachable deity, we know that she is dark, but we also know that darkness serves a purpose in the world. Evil is as necessary as goodness. Without this essential polarity, there would be no balance in life. Life would not exist.

    Despite his intelligent observation, Shadrack is a great fool. He disbelieves in the power of Kali, and her ability to change, transform or destroy. What a pity. One day, perhaps Shaddie will come to see how stupid he was. Perhaps Kali will teach him a lesson in life.

    Real life, harsh reality, is sometimes our greatest mentor. And through life's hard lessons, we discover the reality of Kali Ma, our dark mother.
    by Marianna on 24th Feb 2004
  • As I begin a project thesis for a dissertation of this subject, I am happy to find such a well-written article without even leaving home! Thank you and the comments are intereting as well. Isn't it wonderful tha we live in America where there is freedom of speech!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mazeltov, Yahooo, Merci, Danka, and Namaste to all.

    Thank you all for your comments, rude, hostile or otherwise. As I learned from the article on Kali --- Kali would be happy to encompass all the contradictions of the human and spiritual condition.

    by Goddess Jeanne on 23rd Feb 2004
  • Hey Shadrack --

    You can't seem to pull yourself away from this website. How many times do you come back each day? How many postings have you made?

    Face it, you're obsessed with Kali. You probably have a fetish for her lotus feet. You can't keep yourself away from this stuff.

    No doubt you'll be back again soon and post a reply to this. Which just proves the point...
    by R.P. 2 on 19th Feb 2004
  • If I am way off, then your condition is even worse. That makes you a sociopath. To find a discussion board about a subject which you know or care nothing, and then to start insulting the people who have posted other messages is just sick and malicious.

    Unless you've read the books on Kali and Hinduism published by U. of Chicago Press, U. of California Press, and State U. of New York Press; AND spent at least a year in Calcutta learning Bengali culture and visiting Kalighat, Dakshineswar, Tarapith, etc..., you don't have a clue what is going on. Without that you have nothing intelligent to say.

    Why don't you just find a discussion board about the W.W.F. or about TV sitcoms or something? That might be more on your level.
    by R.P. 2 on 19th Feb 2004
  • Shadrak's many frantic postings appear to be the work of someone who is badly conflicted. People don't fight so vigorously against things that don't exist.
    People like Jackie don't need to post threats back to him about divine retribution. Shadrack is likely struggling seriously, trying to deny the existence of Kali in the hopes that it will make her go away. Kali has probably been running roughshod through his psyche and he doesn't know how to deal with it.

    Males who appear extremely opposed to Kali are often struggling with an underground mystico-erotic attraction to her. It freaks them out, so they begin fighting her, not recognizing that she's a goddess of the battlegrounds and that they don't stand a chance.

    Eventually Shadrack will either completely submit to her, or will completely walk away from her. In the mean time, Kali will slap him around between her left and right hands, terrorize him with her sword, and lure him with her breasts and yoni.

    Ultimately, Shadrack's battle is not with Kali or with Jackie or anyone else. He needs to instead face the truth about himself.

    I fought against Kali for years on a level way beyond that of Shadrack. I paid a heavy price, learned a lot, and eventually told her goodbye.
    by R.P. 2 on 18th Feb 2004
  • P. T. Barnum was absolutely correct when he said "There's a sucker botn every minute". But, the numbers have"s more like 1000 now and I suppose that is because there are a lot more people in the world and the
    percentage of naive people has risen
    dramatically...just look at Mel Gibson's
    new film. Maybe Mel is the much
    ballyhood "Second Coming"?
    Well, back to Kali..don't want to make her mad do we?Heh.
    by shadrack on 16th Feb 2004
  • The Hawaiians used to believe this crapola, too, until they noticed that the European sailors in the islands were breaking all their taboos and nothing happened to them. Then the
    Hawaiian religon fell apart.
    by shadrack on 14th Feb 2004
  • Shadrack, get a life why don't ya. Can't anyone express an opinion on a new-age subject, or a belief in a pagan goddess without harsh criticism and mockery? So Jackie believes in the existence of a hindu deity, does that automatically make her dumb, stupid and superstitious? Of course not.

    I know that lots of bible-bashers troll these sort of sites, I suspect you are one of them. Criticising anyone and anything, that disagrees with your narrow-minded and patriarchal philosophy. Stick it up your ass, where it belongs Shadrack.
    by Steve on 14th Feb 2004
  • I don't give demonstrations to disbelieving swine like you. I'm not a dumb pair of boobs either, I've got more qualifications than you, I bet. You seem to have some real issues with women as well. Instead of just criticising my post, you blew this up into a gender issue. Why should anyone listen to your opinions, when they are coming from a fascist, sexist pig?
    by Jackie on 14th Feb 2004
  • Shadrack, you are a fool. You are the type of ignorant imbecile, that would not believe in a demon if it sank it's teeth into your arsehole. Kali Ma is real. That I know. I have felt her powerful and destructive energy in my magic rituals, when summoned she is a fearsome creature. Queen of War and Witchcraft, she is mighty indeed. I have summoned her presence to this post, so that she can judge your remarks for herself and then punish you accordingly. You should be afraid boy. Kali has no mercy. She will deal with you through karma, and fate. You will be sorry, very sorry.
    Kali is almighty and governs the entire universe with her sword. How dare you blaspheme the holy goddess, the demoness of ages. The queen of destiny.
    The great and powerful Kali Ma.
    by Jackie on 14th Feb 2004
  • If you cannot give something constructive, atleast dont write stupid thing which as a little brain you wont understand. Its not your fault its you up bringing, which is making you think the way you think abt other people, culture and religion. You think you are the best apart from everyother person on the planet (and that i think is your major problem). Just the way you could not accept the article on the goddess, you wont accept what i just wrote, because you are in the illusion that you are correct in every way ur little brain can think.

    by Shaz on 12th Feb 2004
  • Excellent article. Can you write more about her birth - and her association with magic and voodoo.
    by shabana on 12th Feb 2004
  • I would just like to say how amusing I found SD's comments. You were possessed by Kali and your tongue lolls like hers whenever you say her name. I suppose your tongue was sticking-out like a snake when you posted your remarks? The only blood-sucking demon from hell is you, SD. Oh, and your friend Rick of course (Go Jackie!). I also find it strange that if you were possessed by Kali and she has ruined your life, how come you typed her name into a computer search-engine and started visiting sites devoted to her. You have been reading too much Nicky Cruz, and spending too much time loafing around on the doll, and visiting porn sites whilst stuffing hamburgers and Coca-Cola into your greedy fat gob.
    by Angela on 11th Feb 2004
  • Kali is a wonderful, beautiful and powerful goddess. She is not a demon. People judge by appearances, and this is wrong. Her appearance is symbolic, she might appear sinister, but to her devotees she is beauty itself. She is both good and evil, creator and destroyer, mother and demoness. Rick, you are bigoted and severely lacking in intelligence. I just want you to know, that when you die Rick, I am going to rip off your tiny little dick and feed it to Kali-Ma! That will teach you to blaspheme the goddess Kali, and a religion that you just don't understand.
    by Jackie on 11th Feb 2004
  • The burning of witches should be laid at the door of the stupid pope...wouldn't you expect a little more common sense from a guy who is in direct communication with God? But, what the hell...popes have done even more stupid things, like the Inquisition and have never been long on common sense. Now, don't
    blame any of this on the members of the church..they are just a bunch of
    sinners who get their marching orders from the stupid pope and a bunch of pedophile priests who demand to be called "father"(that's the equivalent of Swami in Hinduism I think).
    by Englebert on 7th Feb 2004
  • Rationalizing, rationalizing, rationalizing. No one does it better than a religious fanatic. Most people seem to feel the need to have something to worship, be it pot or 3x 10(8) gods, an elephant, cow, monkey, crocodile, rat(I draw the line at rats), swami, untouchable,a 1948 Buick
    and the list goes on and on.
    It's really quite rediculous..we're here alone and on our own...what has your god ever done for honest, tell the truth and no rationalizing!
    by Shadrack on 7th Feb 2004
  • Superstition is a great enemy of man, but bigotry is worse. Why does a Christian go to church? Why is the cross holy? Why is the face turned toward the sky in prayer? Why are there so many images in the Catholic Church? Why are there so many images in the minds of Protestants when they pray? My brethren, we can do no more than think about anything without a mental image than we can live without breathing- By the law of association the material image calls up the mental idea and vice versa. This is why the Hindu uses an external symbol when he worships. He will tell you. it helps to keep his mind fixed on the Being to whom he prays. He knows as well as you do that the image is not God, is not omnipresent; finer all, how much does omnipresence mean to almost the whole world? It stands merely as a word, a symbol. Has God superficial area? If not, when we repeat that word "omnipresent", we think of the extended sky. or of space - that is all.
    As we find that somehow or other, by the laws of our mental constitution, we have to associate our ideas of infinity with the image of the blue sky, or of the sea, so we naturally connect our idea of holiness with the image of a church, a mosque, or a cross. The Hindus have associated the ideas of holiness, purity, truth, omnipresence, and such other ideas with different images and forms. But with this difference that while some people devote their whole lives to their idol of a church and never rise higher, because with them religion means an intellectual assent to certain doctrines and doing good to their fellows, the whole religion of the Hindu is centered in realization. Man is to become divine by realizing the divine. Idols or temples or churches or books are only the supports, the helps, of his spiritual childhood; but on and on he must progress.
    Unity in variety is the plan of nature, and the Hindu has recognized it. Most other religions lay down certain fixed dogmas and try to force society to adopt them. It places before society only one coat which must fit Jack and John and Henry, all alike. If it does not fit John or Henry he must go without a coat to cover his body. The Hindus have discovered that the absolute can only be realized, or thought of, or stated through the relative, and the images, crosses, and crescents are simply so many symbols - so many pegs to hang spiritual ideas on. It is not that this help is necessary for everyone, but those that do not need it have no right to say that it is wrong. Nor is it compulsory in Hinduism.

    Idolatry in India does not mean anything horrible. It is not the mother of harlots. On the other hand, it is the attempt of undeveloped minds to grasp high spiritual truths. The Hindus have their faults, they sometimes have their exceptions; but mark this, they are always for punishing their own bodies, and never for cutting the throats of their neighbors. If the Hindu fanatic burns himself on the pyre, he never lights the fire of Inquisition. And even this cannot be laid at the door of his religion any more than the burning of witches can be laid at the door of Christianity.
    By Swami Vivekananda's at the Worlds Parliament of Religions
    by son of Kali Maa on 7th Feb 2004
  • We cant see the professors brain (except with x-rays and autopsy), but we can see the effects of a brain. the creation of deities. Two words...PROVE IT. Faith is a waste of time, as far as applying to some form of afterlife. And what about the Thugee? Hmmmmm... Religion is the cause of humanities suffering, and enabled the slavery and oppression of the entire planet. HOORAY!!!
    by necrolagnia on 6th Feb 2004
  • Christianity (a man made religion just like all the other religions of the world) has something for almost everyone..if you don't like protestants be a catholic, if you don't like catholics be a protestant,
    if you don't like to go to church on Sunday be a 7th day adventist, if you do'nt like medicine and doctors be a christian scientist, if you like to rock and roll be a holy roller, if you are into hypnossis be a Benny Hinn follower, go
    with Oral Roberts if you like to wrestle with the devil, snake handlers can go to appalachia...I tell you folks, we have almost as many cults as the Indians..and I'm sure I've left out a bunch of them..oh, yes there'she mormonsho loke their bible printed on gold sheets(anyone who can swallow that one can swallow anything, and do,t forget the jehovas witnesses who like to
    rewrite the bible(which by the way was wrtten by camel drivers and goat herders).
    Religion is a basic and direct cause of many of the world's problem!
    by Shadrack on 5th Feb 2004
  • The info about Kali at the beginnung of this website reminds me somewhat of the Arabian Nights which I really enjoyed when I was a child...but, just a fairy tale; I have a problem with so called adults who go in for this drivel! But,
    I realize there are people who live in a dream world. I read somewhere that there are 300,000 recognized deities in Hinduism..does anyone know if this is
    by shadrack on 4th Feb 2004
  • A clear, informative and fascinating review. It's hard to find so much information on any goddess, in particular Kali... thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.
    by Gem on 31st Jan 2004
  • Hi there folks.
    As i feel empowered as a woman, i feel drawn towards Kali, the shakti within all of us.
    I as a Hindu feel comfortable with all the instincts that I possess, be they ones that are to create and also ones that are to destroy, symbolized by Kali.
    It is interesting to me that Christians, who have created a duality within their world through the creation of Christ and Satan, have brought about such an amazing destruction of our peaceful world. Colonization, slavery, destruction of whole civilizations of Africa and Americas, robbing and impoverization of the Ancient rich lands of India and China, wiping out whole species of wild life, child molestation amongst their clergy, mass murders of races... what is going on here?
    Keep patting oneself of the back about being the followers of the one true God and act out a Satanic life?
    - Gita Arunima

    And how can you be so good, so perfect? As though you or any religion has never done anything wrong. How ignorant a comment for you to even speak. To apply every persons action in one religion to every member of that faith, as you did, truly shows how shallow you are. Rather than speak of good, you focus on the negative. Maybe Kali will remove your veil of ignorance.
    by :) on 30th Jan 2004
  • I apologise if I ofended anyone, I lived there for a few years so I spoke of that experience.

    This article is wonderful, and so descreptive. Thanks for such a thorough explanation of the symbolic aspects. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to more.
    by vik on 24th Jan 2004
  • John,
    It may be so that caste system was a calamity to the indian society for many years. It harshly created a cyclical effect on the people where it kept them strictly binded to a particular class and it unfortuantly became a way of distinction that carried on. However since Indias independence and since they began a democratic government the people have realised the horrors of this rigid and devastating system and have for many years been ridding themselves of such practices(dont get me wrong, many of the down trodden still live and act in this way but thats because they dont know any better and theres too many millions of them who are uneducated) THese people are poor, uneducated and destitute.

    They are only living the way they know how. Similar to you, for instance, you have been so wonderfully conditioned to believe all the bullshit you watch on TV and from the media that you dont know any better and you think its all real. The National Geographic spent a couple weeks moving from place to place picking bits and pieces of info it got, they stuck it all together and they showed it to you...and sad enough you walk around thinking your Albert Einstein, you watched 1 freakin show and you think you have a clue about daily life in a village? ....why dont you go live there for a while and find out how it really is, its quite different than on tv. Youve got to understand that when people have been accustomed to living a certain way for hunderds of years its not going to change over a fortnight, it will definitly take time and many dedicated people to spread the message.

    Strangely and ironically enough, the people you refer to as 'wretches' are realsitically more content and at peace with themselves than you. They live with the bare minimal and anything more in their minds is a gift from god. Their vedic scriptures revealed many thousands of years ago that all matter and all things are made up of the one same energy that manifested itself into millions of different forms(modern science has just recently in this century been able to prove that the age old vedic theory is true) Saying that all matter is ultimately made up of the same light particles that are flashing at high speeds), from the grossest(like a rock) to the subtlest( such as frequency energies) So to a a Hindu and the poor 'wretched' villagers, all things are but the same part of a whole energy...thats why they can see god in a monkey or a elephant, a tree or a rat....Their BELIEF is so firm and unshaken that they accept their tragic lives and they are still grateful for whatever comes...Do you know that these poor starving communities would rather build temples(when they get dontaions and charity) where they can practice devotion to god while they are lliterally starving to death...this is called BELIEF at its purest, you should learn something from them about selflessness and you it may be a stupid thing and they may be a stupid people but who are you anyways? Who are you to judge their lives and what can you contribute to make their lives better?

    Its so CONVENIENT for you to sit on your ass and talk about the 'wretches' but what else do you have going on in your pocket...Nothing besides your swolen ego and the nonsense that your feeding yurself to make yourself feel special. Are you so blind to see that you yourself are living in an class sytem yourself, though you dont even realise it. W-2 forms a.k.a. Working Class 2 and all the other stupid pieces of paper that denote what CLASS you belong to, and what you're worth based on your income, taxes and other such ways to classify you...ohh its all painted so pretty that you're too conditioned and too gullable to even realise it, thats why this country has became so great, theres people like you who have no choice but to go along with just made out lucky that you ended up living life so comfortably, like a baby with a paccifier in your mouth when you cry. All the best to you!
    by Vik on 24th Jan 2004
  • John, there are no doubt scam artists in every corner of the world who unfortunately take advantage of thriving and prosperous situations wherever there is opportunity to. It is pretty lame of you to use a couple examples and knock on a whole country and its years of contributions to spiritual science and practice. Your ability to focus on a few rotten individuals combined with your weak knowledge on the subject very clearly portrays why its so easy for you to speak so ignorantly, similar to your like minded friend Wally who seems to be a bitter person himself(you know you are bitter or just close minded when all you have to contribute is negative senseless crap) ....If Wally had the capability to open up a book and keep an open mind to something he has no knowledge about then he would maybe(with gods grace) be able to appreciate the vast culture and ancient scientific methods that were practiced and passed on, that thrived for thousands of years cultivating truley enlightened beings who cared neither for public attention nor did they care for acknowledgement from people like you or me. And Wally if you think that the old man has survived off of BS especially after panels of american doctors and doctors from every part of the world scrutinized over him, then your life must be really tough because you are truley stupid and it was pleasure showing you how stupid you are...hey I have nothing against you but when you speak so ignorantly with such arrogance you deserve to get BS'd on.
    by shaunkad on 21st Jan 2004
  • what understand hinduism is brought from Iran to india it is not form in india because of the history.
    by Sivakumar on 6th Jan 2004
  • i am agree with the student view about lord Kaali.everyone should have faith with live without faith
    by suriya on 31st Dec 2003
  • hey sd

    your comments suck, btw Satan was invented by xtians to scare mamby pamby twats like you
    do have a nice day wont you

    An excellent article spoiled by posts by ameobic brained idiots like sd
    by chris on 27th Dec 2003
  • Dina,
    I am amazed at your ability to see angels. Are they only beautiful in your eyes? Becuase I know of some angels myself, and they aren't all that pretty. Have you ever seen a gargoyle, or do you even know what one is? I suggest you look inside yourself and ask how you judge an angel.. Would you like to be judged simply by your looks? Do you think this is fair? I hope that you are judged - finally - in this way.
    by Michelle on 23rd Dec 2003
  • we shall see who is right.
    you all suffer anyway,
    and you have no way to stop it.
    continue filling your mouths with
    greed and animal flesh
    you shall all become what you have
    by kali maa on 15th Dec 2003
  • Dear all, below is a follow up article to the one previously posted, describing the utter confusion doctors are facing in India. Once again, you will see this 'understanding' will prove to become a very important one in the many years to come--->for all you scientifically driven, need-proof or else I wont believe kind of thinking people...LOOK DEEPER and meditate upon yourself.
    Through the 'finite' i.e. technology and human 5-sense organs(external searching), it is impossible to gain answers or even comprehend that of the divine-all pervading and all creating, infinite energy that created us. Can something of finite nature understand something thats infinite?
    The below mentioned individual was blessed by mother many years ago, now all he performs daily is his breathing(pranayama) and yoga asanas...Now people around the area of Rajastan accept him as a divine devout of mother Kali and 'godlike'. SOUND familiar...we accept people who have attained the highest levels of human divinity as 'godly' individuals simply becuase they have the ability to lead us from ignorance through their union with the divine energy...Krishna, Christ, Buddha, St. John, St. Paul, Babaji, Sri RamaKrishna Paramahans, Patanjali and many many other masters. Like all rivers leading to the same vast ocean, so do all paths lead to our creator...DISCRIMINATE wisely, taking the pearl and discard the non-sense.
    love, son of kalimaa.

    Saturday November 22, 9:20 PM

    A dilemma for doctors!

    Ahmedabad, Nov. 22 (ANI): Doctors in Ahmedabad are unable to explain how a man has survived 66 years without food.

    Prahlad Jani, the 76-year-old man, says the last time has had food or water was when he was 10 years old.

    After that he has been surviving on Yoga, a system of spiritual and physical exercise.

    A panel of doctors have confirmed that Jani did not eat or drink for the last six decades and that he has not passed urine or stools since then.

    Jani has, obviously, become a wonder for the doctors' community. "It's surprising that all his body systems are normal or more than normal. We are unable to explain this phenomena. At this moment we do not have any working thesis. But it's very obvious that he is not surviving himself on calories. So he is on something else like some energy mechanism. It's difficult for science to understand at the moment," said Sudhir Shah, the head of research at Sterling hospital.

    Jani has been undergoing tests by a battalion of doctors since November 12.

    A devout follower of Goddess Mahakali, Jani dresses up like a woman and attributes his ability to the blessings of his deity.

    "It's the grace of mother Goddess... everyone survives on food...but I am on yoga. I lived in a forest for seven years. Earlier I used to work also...Now the doctors checked me and said I am perfectly healthy," Jani said.

    Jani, a native of Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, has hundreds of thousands of followers, who call him "Mataji" or Mother. However, Jani has never claimed that he has any miraculous powers.(ANI)

    by Son of Kali Maa on 6th Dec 2003
  • I sincerly hope the article has not offended any1 in particular.If it has done so......mi apologiessss ;)
    by Maran on 5th Dec 2003

    An atheist professor of philosophy speaks to his class on the

    problem science has with Kali ma asks one of his new students to
    >> > > >and .....
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Professor: You are a Kali devotee, aren't you, son?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Yes, sir.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: So you believe in Kali?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Absolutely, sir.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Is kali good?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Sure.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Is God all-powerful?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Yes.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: My brother died of cancer even though he prayed to Kali
    >> > > heal
    >> > > > > him. Most of us would attempt to help others who are ill. But
    >> > > > > didn'! t. How is this Kali good then? Hmm?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > (The student is silent.)
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: You can't answer, can you? Let's start again, young fella.
    >> > > God
    >> > > > > good?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Yes.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Is Satan good?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: No.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Where does Satan come from?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: From...God...
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: That's right. Tell me son, is there evil in this world?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Yes.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Evil is everywhere, isn't it? And God did make everything.
    >> > > >Correct?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Yes.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: So who created evil?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > (The student does not answer.)
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Is there sickness? Immorality? Hatred? Ugliness? All these
    >> > > >terrible
    >> > > > > things exist in the world, don't they?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Yes, sir.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: So, who created them?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > (The student has no answer.)
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Tell me, son. Do you believe in Kali?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Yes, professor, I do.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Science says you have 5 senses you use to identify and
    >> > > the
    >> > > > > world around you. Have you ever seen Kali?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student No, sir.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Tell us if you have ever heard your Kali?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: No, sir.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Have you ever felt your Kali, tasted your Kali, smelt
    >> > > > > Kali? Have you ever had any sensory perception of Kali or
    >> > > for
    >> > > > > that
    >> > > > > matter?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: No, sir. I'm afraid I haven't.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Yet you still believe in Her?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Yes.> >
    >> > > > > Prof: According to empirical, testable, demonstrable protocol,
    >> > > >says
    >> > > > > your Kali doesn't exist. What do you say to that, son?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Nothing. I only have my faith.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Yes. Faith. And that is the problem science has.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Professor, is there such a thing as heat?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Yes.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: And is there such a thing as cold?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Yes.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: No sir. There isn't.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > (The lecture theatre becomes very quiet with this turn of
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Sir, you can have lots of heat, even more heat,
    >> > > mega
    >> > > > > heat, white heat, a little heat or no heat. But we don't have
    >> > > > > called cold. We can hit 458 degrees below zero which is no heat,
    >> > > we
    >> > > > > can't go any furth! er after that. There is no such thing as
    >> > > Cold is
    >> > > > > only a word we use to describe the absence of heat. We cannot
    >> > > >cold.
    >> > > > > Heat is energy. Cold is not the opposite of heat, sir, just the
    >> > > absence
    >> > > >of
    >> > > > > it.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > (There is pin-drop silence in the lecture theatre.)
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: What about darkness, Professor? Is there such a thing as
    >> > > >darkness?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Yes. What is night if there isn't darkness?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: You're wrong again, sir. Darkness is the absence of
    >> > > something.
    >> > > >You
    >> > > > > can have low light, normal light, bright light, flashing
    >> > >
    >> > > >if
    >> > > > > you have no light constantly, you have nothing and it's called
    >> > > darkness,
    >> > > > > isn't it? In reality, darkness isn't. If it were you would be
    >> > > >make
    >> > > > > darkness darker, wouldn't you?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: So what ! is the point you are making, young man?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Sir, my point is your philosophical premise is flawed.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: Flawed? Can you explain how?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Sir, you are working on the premise of duality. You
    >> > > there
    >> > > >is
    >> > > > > life and then there is death, a good God and a bad God. You are
    >> > > viewing
    >> > > >the
    >> > > > > concept of God as something finite, something we can measure.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Sir, science can't even explain a thought. It uses electricity
    >> > > > > magnetism, but has never seen, much less fully understood either
    >> > > To
    >> > > > > view death as the opposite of life is to be ignorant of the fact
    >> > > >death
    >> > > > > cannot exist as a substantive thing. Death is not the opposite of
    >> > > life:
    >> > > > > just
    >> > > > > the absence of it.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Now tell me, Professor. Do you teach tour students that they
    >> > > >from
    >> > > >a
    >> > > > > monkey?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: If you are referring to the natural evolutionary process,
    >> > > of
    >> > > > > course, I do.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Have you ever observed evolution with your own eyes,
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > (The Professor shakes his head with a smile, beginning to realize
    >> > > where
    >> > > >the
    >> > > > > argument is going.)
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Since no one has ever observed the process of evolution
    >> > > work
    >> > > > > and
    >> > > > > cannot even prove that this process is an on-going endeavour, are
    >> > > >not
    >> > > > > teaching your opinion, sir? Are you not a scientist but a
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > (The class is in uproar.)
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Is there anyone in the class who has ever seen the
    >> > > Professor's
    >> > > > > brain?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > (The class breaks out into laughter.)
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student: Is there anyone here who! has ever heard the Professor's
    >> > > brain,
    >> > > > > felt
    >> > > > > it, touched or smelt it?.....No one appears to have done so. So,
    >> > > >according
    >> > > > > to the established rules of empirical, stable, demonstrable
    >> > > > > science says that you have no brain, sir. With all due respect,
    >> > > how
    >> > > >do
    >> > > > > we then trust your lectures, sir?
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > (The room is silent. The professor stares at the student, his
    >> > > > > unfathomable.)
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Prof: I guess you'll have to take them on faith, son.
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > Student : That is it sir.. The link between man & god is ******FAITH******
    >> > > > >
    >> > > > > That is all that keeps things moving & alive!!!

    by Maran on 5th Dec 2003
  • "the water that I shall give him shall be in him a well of water springing up into everlasting life. (John 4:14)
    all the thirsty drank, and were filled with wisdom, having their habitation with the righteous, the elect, and the holy. (Enoch 48:1 {48:1}) "

    by samira on 4th Dec 2003
  • i believe in god and jesus christ too. i also believe that just like it says in the bible if you're healing the sick then you are following me. and goddess kali is killing demons and helping people. so who is anyone to judge her? andanyone who helps the good and righteous are good too!
    by -samira on 3rd Dec 2003
  • i was moved with what Mary Sivalingam said. We are here not to condemn anyone. For no one stands above us all except God. Jesus is my Saviour & Master, the Creator of heaven & Earth AND all that is within it. God loves all of us BUT there is one being who plans to move us away from God's love - that's Satan! He device many form of strategy & plans to divert us from God to many things, people, thoughts, beliefs, anything which trigers that gives pleasure, riches, satisfaction, or mystery to humanity.

    I believe that all religions TENDS to lead people to one path BUT this is man's way. Man is not perfect and so his ways. God is perfect and wants lead us to that ONE perfect way.

    "For God so loved the world (including you & me) that He gave His one and only Son (that's Jesus) that whosoever believes in Him (in Jesus) shall not perish but have everlasting life"

    God loves you Mary so much. The things He did for us & keeps on doing, showing goodness eventhough we sometimes turn our backs on Him BUT He never turned His back from us.

    God bless you all & may the peace which passes all understanding be with you all, leading you to the ONE that ONE Name given to us to call upon and be saved - Jesus Christ.
    by PJ O. on 2nd Dec 2003
  • Dating back to Neolithic times, the most ancient images found were always female and depicted fertiltiy. Look back(pleae do some research before you talk so haphasardly), you will find that many goddesse's were black and very closely related to the symbolic relevence to Goddess Kali. We find Kali in MEXICO as an ancient Aztec Goddess of enormous stature. Her name is Coatlicue and her resemblence is striking...she creates and destroys, in different aspects she is 'Goddess of the Serpent Petticoat", "Cihuacoatl, The Serpant Woman" ; Tlazolteotl,"Goddess of Filth" and Tonantzin,"Our Mother" who was later sanctified by the CATHOLIC CHURCH as the Virgin of Guadalupe, the Dark faced Madonna, la Virgen Morena, la Virgen Guadalupana, the patroness and protectoress of new Spain; In the statue her head is severed from her body, and from her neck flow two streams of blood in the shape of two serpents. She wears a skirt of serpents girdled by another serpent as a belt. On her breast hangs a necklace of human hearts and and hands bearing a human skull as a pendant. Her hands and feet are shaped like claws, her statue embraces both life and death as one...the symbolic representation of life and death as not a separate entity but ONE whole process, an understanding that we are not SUPER IMMORTAL beings but transient in nature.

    THere are many many other examples that are so similar in representation of Goddesses Kali all over the world...understand the concept of what she symbolizes and forget your NONSENSE of whose god or whose belief is better...they are all different paths of realisation leading to the same ultimate TRUTH...divintiy, bliss. Master ONE path whatever it may be.... and you will see that they are all beautiful and leading to the same treasure! Knowledge-self-Bliss! Love you all!
    by Son of Kali maa on 1st Dec 2003
  • Dear all, below is an article that will describ to you the graciousness of maa kali, my beloved mother who looks after all...for those fo you who chose NOT to believe, its okay, god appears in any form you want...YOU JUST HAVE TO BELIEVE and want to see them, to the rest of you please do not accuse or insult our friends who are simply unaware of certain aspects of inner-self realisation, they have simply been conditioned to believe certain things that they have not challenged personally to see if TRUTH be that.

    Please remember Jesus was a realised soul... a master of himself, similar to many other Indian rishis and yogis who are so intune with that divine energy that they can perform any kind of 'godly' act simply thru self control of the mind and having control over subtle pranic energies that compose us, we are simply not attuned to these subtle energies that make. PLease read the below article about my gracious mother who has blessed yet another soul. Have fun!

    By Sukrat Desai, Ahmedabad, Nov 25

    Doctors here never stop gaping at 76-year-old Prahlad Jani, who claims not to have taken a drop of water or a morsel of food for the past 65 years.

    His amazing lifestyle has transcended the boundaries of medial science and become the talk of the town in the principal city of Gujarat in western India.

    Doctors at Sterling Hospital here have kept Jani under observation for 10 days and found to their astonishment that he lives without consuming food or water.

    "Neither has he put a morsel of food in his mouth, nor has he demanded water. His body too does not perform vital functions like passing urine and stool," said Urman Dhruv, secretary of the Association of Physicians of Ahmedabad.

    "On November 12 we put him in a special room and kept him under constant observation with the help of video cameras, but this man seems to have some superhuman strength to defy hunger and thirst."

    The association, a body with over 400 members, in association with the New Delhi-based Defence Institute of Physiology and Allied Science, is heading the research on Jani at Sterling Hospital.

    Doctors say Jani's ability to live without food or water is superhuman, but he says his strength springs from the blessings of a goddess.

    "I was blessed by Goddess Amba while visiting her cave in Ambaji when I was eight years old," he claims.

    Call it fantasy or faith, Jani claims to have seen Goddess Amba in one of the caves at Ambaji, a Hindu pilgrimage site near Rajasthan border, 120 km north of here.

    Since his childhood, he made that particular cave his home.

    According to Dhruv, nearly 100 doctors of the association have examined Jani in the past 10 days.

    "A panel of doctors -- including physicians, cardiologists, neurologists, a neurosurgeon, a gastroenterologist, an endocrinologist, a diabetologist, a nephrologist, an uro-surgeon, an ENT surgeon, a psychiatrist, an opthalmologist, a genetic counsellor, a radiologist, sonologists and many more - have examined him," said Dhruv.

    "We have deputed a team of doctors and security personnel on round-the-clock duty around his room," said V.N. Shah of Sterling Hospital.

    Jani agreed to avoid bathing during the examination period but was given 100 ml of water every day to wash his mouth that was collected and measured.
    According to doctors, Jani has not passed urine since his admission to the hospital and lived without food or water.

    "Jani has not passed urine since he was brought here on November 12. He has not taken anything by mouth or by any other route - not even water during this period," said Dhruv.

    "All his body parameters are within the normal physiological range. Initially, the project was to continue for seven days but his health allowed us to extend it."

    Tests have showed that Jani's body has shown evidence of formation of urine, which seems to be reabsorbed from his bladder wall.

    "Through studying the various functions of his body, we are trying to understand a new dimension in medical science and help mankind," said neurologist Sudhir Shah.

    The committee of doctors is yet to conclude their research.

    "We hope to come out with our findings into the causes of Jani's resistance to hunger and thirst very soon," said Dhruv.
    by son of kali maa on 1st Dec 2003

  • I want to make clear to some of you who
    think you are professional Christian or Catholic Bible translators.

    Her beloved is Black, White and Red.
    She is not the Queen of Sheba. And this beloved of hers is Lucifer who translates here, to Shiva. Also what you
    see of these pictures is NOT what SHE looks like. Nor HE. They are like the words in the books. Representations of them. They are in fact spiritual. The words are also spiritual. So sorry for all you literal translators. At the same time, there are physical aspects in the spiritual words as well. Quite complex!

    by Kate on 30th Nov 2003

  • And for all you bible thumping, mindless
    literal readers. Kali is written in the Catholic Bible. She is The Rose of Sharon
    Lily of the Valleys. I suggest you go and read and re-read again and again until your mind blossoms like a lotus and you see. She is in the Old Testament!
    by Kate on 30th Nov 2003

  • I would like to mention that if anyone is interested, you could learn more about Kali by reading in the "Nag
    Hammadi Library" -"The Thunder Perfect Mind" There is much to be known about
    this Goddess and some of the mystery can be explained there.
    by Kate on 30th Nov 2003
  • There is no difference between man
    and woman. Kali can be either one and
    she is still Kali. She is first White, then
    Red, then He is Black. And she is pure.
    Her form was called out of hiding from two different places and put on the third.
    She was called out of the highest heaven and is the greatest mystery there.
    And she was called out of the deepest hell, and she is the greatest mystery there.
    And she was brought to earth incarnated, and she is the greatest mystery there. She is extreamly beautiful coming out of heaven. So lovely so kind.
    She is so terrifying a presence coming out of hell, that you don't even notice how very beautiful her surface is. She is on the earth right now.
    Her influence spreads to all 4 corners of the earth, like tentacles, or as they are known as arms. Be aware. Be not ignorant. That is what she wants you to do. And look into yourself. As you do outside at others. She is a whole nature, not dual the way the Western civilization
    thinks. There is no duality only wholeness of all things within and without. And that is something all must learn.

    by Kate on 30th Nov 2003
  • no u must not be scared off this goddess.
    becoz she only does good for u and the reast of us.
    do not say things that are horrible about her coz one day u will die just like everyone else and turn into a pig or even a worse creature.
    u do not kno the truth about her so keep wat u think is wrong to urself.
    she has helped me in many ways eg. gave me strength wen i was down and more happy than ever. and i thank her for that and as a woman she is oue womanhoods strength.
    by Yentl Naidoo on 26th Nov 2003
  • Hi there folks.
    As i feel empowered as a woman, i feel drawn towards Kali, the shakti within all of us.
    I as a Hindu feel comfortable with all the instincts that I possess, be they ones that are to create and also ones that are to destroy, symbolized by Kali.
    It is interesting to me that Christians, who have created a duality within their world through the creation of Christ and Satan, have brought about such an amazing destruction of our peaceful world. Colonization, slavery, destruction of whole civilizations of Africa and Americas, robbing and impoverization of the Ancient rich lands of India and China, wiping out whole species of wild life, child molestation amongst their clergy, mass murders of races... what is going on here?
    Keep patting oneself of the back about being the followers of the one true God and act out a Satanic life?
    by Gita Arunima on 22nd Nov 2003
  • amen to all....please read the holy bible and you'll shall find truth and happiness...repent to all who follow this satanic god keli..
    by nelson mercado on 21st Nov 2003
  • your god is a false an evil god there is no other god but jesus christ...repent...repent....
    by nelson mercado on 21st Nov 2003
  • Dina - If you truely believe what you say, what on earth attracts you to read websites on other "pagan" deities? What is wrong with you? Can't you simply enjoy your religiosity without attacking others'? Or does attacking actually add to your fervor?
    by Heathen on 21st Nov 2003
  • Geeze, "Mad for God", just why the hell did you come to look upon mother Kali? Please keep your narrow religious views to yourself.
    by Wosha Nagi on 12th Nov 2003
  • No religion has ownership of spiritual reality - that is the sad act of humanity attempting to control (through limited knowledge) those awesome things which ennervate reality... it is close to a psychotic mentality to deny any point of view other than one's own... and those who do so would probably find their intolerance would have manifested just as powerfully if they were born Hindi, Islamic, Jewish, or whatever....

    God is really not something that can be bureaucratised away - as is so often attempted by organised religions... spirituality lives in the holes in logic... not in the defined and limited text-bound minds of the world.
    by Graeme Wallace on 12th Nov 2003
  • I have read this page, and must say that have tried to give this quite catchy look, but this godess KALI looks scary to me. And such creatures are predicted as children of devil from human race. This is what i felt after reading about this hindu godess. And one last thing, i really think that these creatures were tearmed as godess etc during the time when earth was ruled by darkness. God is just one, their no other God than the God of Abraham, Issac and Jaccob. And all such false gods are nothing but illusion of human mind. THEY ARE CHILDREN OF DEVIL.
    by Dina Rays on 9th Nov 2003
  • Interested - what you say is valid - however - the fact that most of this page has become the response to the description of the goddess is not an erroneous truth. It is in the cultural melting-pot of communication that the concept of deity is manifest, and through this - the instantiation of our own unconscious or spiritual faculties.

    That this subject has inspired such a lot of writing (both garbage and valuable) is symptomatic of the Goddess herself... love (value) and death (loss of value)... the schism proliferates... recursive... reiterating... and Kali's cremation ground is certainly composed of Cantor's dust.
    by Graeme Wallace on 7th Nov 2003
  • I liked yr Article very much, it is very interesting.
    Well, if I dare say, I missed some Pre-History of MA KALI, as I know, HER image were found in many countries etc.
    I'm trying to get such information, but till now they were not upto my satisfaction.
    Well, if you have such info, why not add to your Article ?
    Satyajit Sanyal ( A "MA KALI" BHAKTA)
    by Satyajit Sanyal on 28th Oct 2003
  • I have been interested in theology from around the wold for years. Hinduism has always confused me a little, so it was nice to find an article that explains some of the points of the individual deities. The article was interesting, and repiqued my interest in Indian culture and religion, as well as served for research for an art project.

    On another note to reviewers: only one fifth of the length of the article is the actual article; the rest are reviews. Although I know everyone would like to assert or defend their beliefs, this is not really the place for it. I myself am sorry for adding to the plethora of meaningless postings, but for the sake of keeping the site easy to maneuver, please leave religious squabbles and fluff to yourself, or find another outlet.

    Sorry for being rude and contributing to the problem, but please think before you post.
    by Interested on 24th Oct 2003
  • Kali is similar to the "hanged man" in the Tarot. it is the start of enlightenment not death as one might think without really understanding it. The symbolism looks to be bad but that is what is wrong about only looking on the surface of things and not into the center of things.
    Also, I would bet without having read all of this that no one here has mentioned that Kali is being in charge of the Great Library where all of the knowledge of the universes is available. She goes by another name there but it is Kali who runs the Great Library.
    by Janetta on 22nd Oct 2003
  • Hey all, I'm not here to bash anyones beliefs or anything like that, but have you all considered that there is only one true God. The Father, in Heaven. If you take time to read the Holy Bible I'm sure you will all find that it is undenyable truth. There is no Kali, Satan and God are to separate entities. The Father, So, and Holy Spirit are the only true way to Salvation of the soul. Please, I urge you to take a look at the Bible. It alone will lead you to the path of true salvation
    by Mad For God on 17th Oct 2003
  • I wrote this for the goddess.

    her lips no answer but question bound
    as time and moonlight splinter down
    clothed in space and black undone
    withdrawn or bare or base in truth
    in death,
    in love,
    inside, all round, all emptiness abide

    darkness' heart resolved
    her pearly sphere and waxing light embrace
    in fluid grace from flight into concupiscence,
    naked form transgress
    this graven arch and veil unloosed or lost
    in bliss or wind or flame combined

    untamed she wanes once more defined
    on warlike perch - this ashen ground,
    and draws me in a circle round
    my own incineration
    by Graeme Wallace on 13th Oct 2003
  • If that is your feedback so be it! But pls think of the others who have very high hopes of her and their beliefs of her are extremely GREAT! Be considerate!To me, she is a mother with supernatural powers.Simply she is a mother to the GOOD and DEMON to the EVIL!!
    by Chandru! on 8th Oct 2003
  • I found this article to be very interesting about the different beliefs of Kali Ma. Eventhough, it give basic explanations and doesn't go into her different forms, it's still informative.
    But I was reading some of the post and I was disturbed by them. How can an individual purposely look up information about a God or Goddess, then insult them or their devotees? I can understand a devotee of Mother being upset about some of these simple minded individuals but if we expect tolerance from them about our beliefs, shouldn't we do the same for them? Regardless of what some hateful people say about Mother, her name is being spread all over the world, in all different forms, names, and religions. If any individual can't realize this then, I feel sorry for them. My reason is because if your mind and eyes are closed to someone else's beliefs or values, then your mind and eye is close to all the beauty in the world.
    As for some individual that question what Kali Ma did for us, or say that shes' evil. I suggest you learn more about who and what she is before you make comments.
    by Devi on 28th Sep 2003
  • I noticed in this post some described Kali as evil. Kali is very good for good people very bad for bad people. That is God for God Devil for Devil. I received her power in 1994. When I received, I was so happy that I can save the world by using my power. But what I get, all shown their evil face including my own mother. Now I am in the position of pay back. Hello Roy sit back and think how did you behave and what you done to the girl to broke your heart a million times... then you will find whose fault. God and Devil does not exit separately with branding I am God I am Devil, both exist in all the life being in the world.
    by Suganya on 16th Sep 2003
    by BUMDINKY CHA CHA on 27th Aug 2003
  • What a nice article. I do not know why people must say so many negative things. Kali is Brahmin the one God. Same as Moses god ,Jesus god, Allah and Lord Brahma Vishnu and Lord Shiva. We have different names but Kalika Devi is the destroying aspect of the one god. We waste to much time in ignorance instead of helping one another.
    Om Tat Sat
    by shan on 27th Aug 2003
  • The Devil is as Real as a cloud of smoke or a Reflection of Light. There is no physical form yet Energy still Exsists. Trust Your Instincts and Be Aware of what u are really feeling because even the Strongest can become the Weakest when the devil wants it to be. By tha Way"Smoke Weed Everyday"
    by Shane on 24th Aug 2003
  • The article itself is inspiring and gives me a sense of peace. After reading some of the responses I did want to share some thoughts. I believe some admirers of the site have the notions of positive/negative confounded with good/evil. Kali is a Goddess and is always good, even though She deals with some of the negative aspects of life. Though She can be depicted as terrible, this does not mean evil. (Is the Old Testament Jehova any less terrible? But no one would ever attribute Him as evil!) I believe this confusion is part of our Christian heritage, where death is evil and its source being in original sin (and this is perfectly acceptable within the Christian cosmovision). Death for a person who truely believes in reincarnation is simply another chance, another shot at realization. And other negative aspects of life, for the Hindu, can been seen as corrective measures. When these negative aspects are meted out by the Goddess they are always for the Good. An interesting observation is that in Hindu mythology, demons (Asuras) have been depicted as being very attractive and seemingly benign, granting gifts, thus aluding that even some of the positive, feel-good aspects of life can be used for evil. I am basically saying that I believe that it is important to understand that while the positive/negative aspects of life go hand-in-hand, its important to recognize that good/bad are irreconcible opposites (ie, the presence of one indicates the absence of the other, not the presence of the other).
    by Student on 23rd Aug 2003
  • Well, I come here to find out a little information about Kali... what do I get? A wonderful 2 1/2 page article and probably 5 pages of worthless responses that have nothing to do with it. Think what you like, but try not to make everyone else dig through your feces to get to the real topic. The world is big enough for more than one religion, contrary to what some people think. If you don't agree, you need to look around you - we live in a world full of many religions, cultures and people, and until there are no more people, this will always be a fact. Embrace your differences, rather than slaughtering diversity. You'll find living a lot more enjoyable.

    Thanks very much to the author of this article - it was enlightening and interesting. I hope to find more things like it in my future search.
    by Bethie on 21st Aug 2003
  • Satan doesn't exist, Im sorry folks but he was invented by Judeo-Christian faith who took the earlier Pagan gods such as Pan, Hecate, Dionysus and many others and appropriated them and bastardised them to keep people in spiritual bondage (as well appropriating Pagan holidays such as Halloween, Easter and Christmas) for their own ends. Rique in an earlier post said "The Jewish/Xian ever-confiscating macho-god made the other gods "evil".", unfortunately very very true, if you don't worship Christ/Bible then they believe your on a one way road trip to hell. The real reason why they hate kali, Hinudism, Buddhism or any other pantheistic religion or its believers such as pagans, wiccans, witches etc? Because the more diversity and tolerance in the world spread by the respect and love towards other faiths combined with self-respect, & Gods & Goddesses the less control their churches have over you, your own spiritual destiny and the shorter their chains of bondage over you decrease. This is by no means a dig at Christ or Christianity by any manner of means (there are some beautiful spiritual christians out there who hold the belief that all humankind are ALL destined to goto the source but by many different roads), its just the ones who fuck it up for everybody by using a book (the bible, koran or talmud) to control and make people fear that raise my wrath up. Believe in your own spiritual path, whatever that may be as long as it harm none, and leave the conversion crap by the door, and you won't go wrong my friends. Peace, Love and respect to you all no matter who or what God or Goddess you walk with.
    by Love In The Light & Dark Sides on 14th Aug 2003
  • you go marc! i was going to say all you said but u did it for me!
    by krissy on 13th Aug 2003
  • People should not forget that this phylosophy IS satanic. And its pretty retarded to call it simply "evil". There is lots of signifigance between Shiva-shakti and Satan.
    The word devil is related to the Indian Devi and Deva...
    The Jewish/Xian ever-confiscating macho-god made the other gods "evil".
    by Rique on 9th Aug 2003
  • Uniting as divine yoga is She the ascending Ascended above ego;
    Cut free Becoming the lamp above the navel As Shakthi, She is the joyful mother of the yogin
    In the pleasure realms of seedless bliss, Detached, the enlightened sing of Maha Kali!
    True tantra, in grace, as love She lets be! Him merged as Her in surrender.
    Aum Shanthi !!
    visit Her in
    by nandhi on 5th Aug 2003
    by TAKER on 4th Aug 2003
  • Kali the great mother Goddess destroyerIm sure is happy to know of your admiration of her
    May Nag watch you
    by semyazad on 4th Aug 2003
  • sita ram all, this is an excellent site for the promotion of sanathan dharma.
    i found it very enlightening.
    although i found many childish bickering about other religions.
    there is only 1 race- the human race.
    there is only 1 religion-the religion of love for god

    be tolerant friends.
    by satesh on 4th Aug 2003
    by RAI on 3rd Aug 2003
  • I read about the Mother Kali Ma in a vampire book. It said that Mother Kali Ma had a daughter named Kali Ka, queen of death. Is that correct?
    by Kali Ka on 27th Jul 2003
  • I came here to find what's behind the name of the most beautiful girl i have ever seen. Amaizing.
    The descreption of the godess almost identicly fits the girl who has broke my heart a million times...
    by roy on 24th Jul 2003
  • Ok, SD, you need to get some help. The goddess is not a demon of Satan I was born and raised Pentecostal, but I was drawn to the beleif in the goddess and they are NOT demons of Satan. You need to understand that others do not feel the way you do, so keep your comments to yourself!
    by Rocia on 24th Jul 2003
  • I found this article interesting. I've always been a fan of theology, and Kali is one of my favorite dieties to read about. I'm a born again Christian but I can also respect other's beliefs. Criticising them and harassing them does not convert people to Christianity, it pushes them away. You'd think people would've realized that by now.

    Anywho, once again I think this article is excellent. I'm glad to hear that she has positive aspects to her. I just wish I had known that when I had a report due about her last year :)

    I saw a comment that compared Satan to Kali. That's where I must disagree. While Kali has positive aspects, Satan doesn't. He's a trickster. He's malicious. And he knows what his end will be. His whole purpose is to take as many people as he possibly can with him when the End comes. He's also powerless (in the book of Job, Satan actually has to ASK Jehova for permission to "tempt" Job).

    I saw that some people gave up on Christianity. While that's your choice, you should also realize that sometimes we have to go through the bad to get to the good. Sometimes our hard times are just a test of faith. The Bible says that God will never put you through anything you can't handle.

    I don't mean to ramble, but I just felt it necessary to say that. Once again, great article. Keep up the good work. And God Bless.
    by ebonykz on 23rd Jul 2003
  • hey all,
    how u doing. well thanks rajesh for your comments. i would ask you if you would ever have the love to go on a cross and be nailed in your hands and feet, have a crown of torns beated into your head. take 39 lashes on your back untill it looks like plowed field. well man Jesus did that for you and me and everyone else. the bottom line is not about what a person can withstand eg walking in fire etc it is about love. how did you god show love for u. well Jesus showed us love in that while we were yet sinners he came and died for us so we don't have to live in the curse of sin. what is the price your God paid for the sin of man. as for walking in fire and piercing my tongue why should i want to do something like that. what would it profit me to have my feet burnt and a acing tongue. remember the love of God conquers all. the bible says that love covers a multitude of sins. God loves you. he showed that by sending his son to die on the cross for YOU. bye for now
    by sd on 21st Jul 2003
  • you know sd your mother should have given you the name Sick Donkey .in my opinion like your god is still a milk drinking baby you also you are like your god.come and see if you can walk in fire
    can your god do that.
    can you pierce your tongue without blood coming out of you
    try this small baby
    there are a lot to tell but i dont want to fight with babies my mother can become the baby sitter of your god.she can make him come out of his nailed cross
    dont put your hand in the mouth of the lion if you understand that good baby
    by rajesh on 19th Jul 2003
  • This site is fantastic, particularly the goddess kali part. For several months now I have been a pagan (whos deities include greek, roman, norse and hindu gods/goddesses) but still was trying to find the right goddess for me. For several weeks the name kali was going around my mind (I remember seeing a picture of her in one of my fathers books when I was 8 and was fascinated by her image), almost like a calling, and I'd recently started to investigate about her. This website to me was my final proof, Kali was the goddess that I had been seeking, particularly the part about Kali being the goddess and mother of the fiery truth (the truth which cannot be hidden). I now have several pictures of Kali which will be placed on my altar for worship so strong have I felt she has reached out to me. As for some of the repellant articles coming from the fundamentalist christian element on this website, hey what do you expect from these people? Nothing they say or do surprises me (I have several tolerant christian friends and I have respect for christianity as I do all religions), its just the fundamentalist ones that get my back up!! One of the major reasons why I turned away from christianity when I was 13 was because of the dogma (particularly their homophobic stance), however I am delighted to see some christians with their comments here about tolerance for other religions. At the end of the day, if you cut every single one of us, don't we bleed?
    by Alan (Scottish jazz musician) on 11th Jul 2003
  • I'm glad that I'm named after a goddess, I do some of the things that she does but in my own little way. Just to read about how powerful she was when she was a live. It just so exciting to read about her. I want to learn more about her, if u have any more information please send it to
    by Kali Johnson on 10th Jul 2003
  • I found this excellent, and deeply moving, the poems were especially enlightening, and have inspired me to search out more! Thank you very much for the beautiful illustrations.
    by Catherine Walton on 8th Jul 2003
  • Rick...why don't you just grow up a little. I went to the Sunday School and I painted Jesus in brown. I still respect other religions because no teachings from any religion has said hate, kill or only says love one another. When you start to offer love there is no god in this world will reject you or me. I feel that you have to read the bible once again because the big G wants all of us to love our neighbours. Please try to love yourself first before critising everybody and Kali. whether you like it or not she is playing in your mind. No doubt about it. She infact is using YOU as a tool to test every of us. I bet Jesus is sitting next to Kali and having a good laugh looking at their children for competing for their love. May the big G and KALi be with you...

    by asbirch on 6th Jul 2003
  • well done G. You have made alot of sense in a few sentences. Some people are born to be an ignored and there is no point ridiculing them. If one is happy with one's beleive ....why argue....
    by a s birch on 6th Jul 2003
  • hey all,
    how are u. well to answer some of the viewers comments, i must say that demons affected and came into me because i gave them an opening in my life. space does not permit me here to talk about it. but if anyone wants to know more and why i said what i said please mail me ok.
    i am sorry if i have offended any of you. i realise that u firmly believe in your god as i do mine but your gods give me hell in my life and i nearly died because of them. so if u have been through what i have u would think different too.
    oh and how could Jesus stop them from comming into my life if i allowed them huh. i gave the devil a legal right in my life so he had right over me even if i have Jesus.
    as for isis, i am so sorry about your childhood and your experiences. i am sure that you would not even listen to me but please email me and i will share with you my life story and how Jesus changed it ok and please if u want share with me your life and we may become friends(lol) bye.
    by sd on 30th Jun 2003
  • I was searching for a non-mainstream god for my novel and I found a plethora of knowledge in this article. Very well written and insightful, i would suggest this article as a source in any research paper or just a good source for personal interest.
    by Rachele on 18th Jun 2003
  • Om Sakti! hi i am a Amma devotee.I always do prayers 2 amma.I never think her as a god but think her as my mother.Some people thinks that i pray 2 Kali amma is something not right cause of her reformation but she is still a mother i don't care what people think of me cause praying to her she is still my mother.Pls if there any book about amma i will like 2 buy.Now i am studying medicine at Ukraine.Jai Kali Maa
    by Vicky on 16th Jun 2003
  • very interesting article.Thank you.
    by Destinee on 15th Jun 2003
  • sd, I just wanted to respond to your alleged demon possession by Kali...B.S.! If your God hasn't protected you (a devotee) from the "evil" of Kali, then maybe he's not watching over you,or he doesn't care. I came to this reolization as a little girl who loved Jesus more than anything. And I cried out to him day after day of physical and sexual abuse by my step-father who would read me bible stories after he was done. I found no peace in the hypocritical, destructive God of the bible; only harsh judgement and guilt. Remember that your "loving, forgiving" creator started punishing almost as soon as he created and NEVER STOPPED! He unjustly punished Job(who loved him as I did when my innocence was stolen)Not until he has destroyed the entire world, will God be satisfied (just read revelations)! So, I ask you, WHO is really evil? A father who destroys his children, all the while claiming to be only good, or the mother who embraces in life and death. Personally, I have studied quite a few religions of the past and found a healing appreciation for the world around me as well as my fellow humans. I've learned NOT TO JUDGE someone by appearence, culture or religion. There is too much beauty out there to spend your time calling someone's salvation "demonic" especially since it doesn't affect you. Jesus (who I believe was a great man) would not have cared what religion you were, because with his inner peace and love he could have led by EXAMPLE and made others WANT to be a part of him. You are a perfect example of the lack of love and tolerance in christianity today and why so many people are fleeing for something that will except and love nomatter what....a mother.
    by Isis on 12th Jun 2003
  • Dear Sd,

    I am a devotee of Mother Kali and have been one for the past 18 years. I am sad that you think we all drink the blood from the animal sacrifices. The shocking truth is that I am vegetarian and don't eat meat. I have never made an animal sacrifice to Mother Kali.

    I believe that all religions lead to one path - our maker.

    Jesus says in the Bible "Why fear when I am here". If Jesus is your Saviour - then how can a so called demon in your opinion affect you. If your faith is as big as a mustard seed - you would be able to move a mountain. Be steadfast in your spiritual path and move on amidst your fears. You will reach the ultimate which is realisation of life.
    God bless you. A devotee of Mother Kali!
    by Mary Sivalingam on 9th Jun 2003
  • I was bored one day too, and decided to look up my name. I have always heard bits and peices from my mother about the meaning of my name but it was nice to read this article and receive more detail.
    While in college I had an instructor from India who also provided some great insite into the meaning of my name. On the first day of class as he took attendance he stopped at my name and said "your name is Kali?", with a smile and thick accent he said "you're the ugliest goddess we've got!" =)
    I am proud of my unique name and find all stories and pictures about the goddess very interesting wheather they are good or bad.
    by Kali on 30th May 2003
  • 0k
    by dave on 21st May 2003
  • Jai ma!
    Kali ma or Shakti ma or Dhurga ma is truly powerful, it's nice to see reviews on her. She never ignores a prayer and is always there
    by Bavani on 20th May 2003
  • Very well done!.I too am interested in other cultures and religons and the goddess kali is one of them..Ver well written...Thank you
    by Lady on 8th May 2003
  • An eight armed ELEPHANT is no more hard to believe than angels or the parting of the sea. They are all stories that each individual takes to their heart and soul differently. Wether it's a four armed Goddess or a huge boat carrying animals two by two... Everything isn't literal. I realize that your pretty humble as you don't really ever think for yourself. Most ignorance is taught. I just thought that while your looking up the correct spelling of Peace and Christianity could also reread the definitions... Peace Out Dude!
    by Marc on 6th May 2003
  • Geez ...alittle hostile!! Maybe you need to dive into that Bible your so proud of and seek some comfort or humility. Why is it that most everyone that brags about jesus is so'd think that there would be a little more love...instead of hostility. And speaking of drinking blood ... remember when you go to church and symbolize the act od drinking blood (wine or grape bjuice) or eat the flesh ( bread) maybe you should think before you speak. And don't get me started about american religion "hiding the truths"... Religion is a freak show. Spirituality is bliss... look inside yourself and you'll find more answers than you've ever been taught... use the mind that whatever diety you happen to believe in, gave you. Peace.
    by Marc on 6th May 2003
  • Hello all!! I love to read about other cultures and what they believe... Just recently I have fallen in love w/ Ganesh and drawn to the stories of kali... Don't waste your breathe on Rick and others as him, they (like him) will always hold onto what was taught and never see the beauty in other cultures and what they have to offer... Always to fear what they (like him) don't understand... Lost in their own belief. Follow your heart not a crusade as the heart is an organ of fire... a crusade is for sheep to the slaughter. If they (like Rick) had real faith maybe other things would not appear to be so intimidating... Ignorance is bliss. And this my friends will never change...... May you find happiness in your heart where ever adventure and curiosity may take you.
    by Marc on 6th May 2003
  • Hey sd! (please forgive me everyone for taking a art/spiritual commentary up with a challenge).

    I wouldn't mind hearing on what you have to say - I don't suppose you could email me, could you? I'm just skeptical that you claim to see Kali Ma as a demon. I'm sorry for blurting at you; but you strike me as one of those people who would pop onto a gay/other group forum on Beliefnet and say something insensitive and malicious like:

    "Hello, i just thought you'd like to know that you're a bunch of filthy sinners. God hates fa*s, so you're all going to rot in hell. thank you."

    You may have experienced some sort of fluid imbalance in your brain, which made you think you saw Kali. (on beliefnet, some Christians experienced that but proved it was bodily fluids imbalance). It wasn't her, when you get to know her; she is loving, protective and dispels your fears. I thought Jesus would make you more tolerant, yet you pin your problems on others and have an slightly paranoid "us-versus-them" mentality. You should open your heart more; and become like the man whom you follow.
    If you judge a face of the Divine on what they *appear* to look like, you must be a shallow person to judge on appearance.

    Well, thank you for the praise about us being intelligent, I already knew I had 120 IQ anyway - which is above average! Hurrah! Honey, Most major faiths including Christianity have a blood-soaked history. Some followers of Kali get too obsessed and can't feel her love, or for that matter, god's love and compassion.
    You are aware of the atrocities some so-called Christians have done in the name of Jesus/god? The Holocaust, the "witch-hunts," WW2, child-molesting, and a whole lot of others in the past - they still happen, but they are silenced in the media. These fatalies amount to a horrific number compared to the twisted people who sometimes kill people out of a fanatical obsession who *claim* to follow Kali. I'm not saying their deaths are more important; all are important because they mean everything to someone, including god/dess.

    Please do NOT condemn peoples' beliefs on a misinterpretation of a psyche-problem. It's not clever, it's not honest, and you're carving a bad reputation for people who think like you.
    I have OCD, belief in your faith did NOT make it better. I know you mean well, but saying I need Jesus in my life - I tried to follow him with my heart and soul, but I felt inclined to stick my mum's kitchen knife into my heart more than a few times while in Christianity. Kali/Shiva have enhanced my life, have you ever asked any Hindu/Buddhist/Pagan how they see Kali and what she has taught them? Or any other gods for that matter?

    Interesting fact for you, sd, about the actual historical recording of Jesus. No other historians mention him at the time, despite people of that time being fanatical about recording important people. Don't make unreliable claims and expect to get away with it; real knowldege and facts will catch you out. I accept there were many people called Jesus, as it was a popular name around that time. It meant "Saviour of God/Yahweh." I don't believe in the Christ thing, but he may have been a kind and thoughtful Rabbi.

    I respect you and your beliefs, even if what you said about the divine Mother was highly offensive and prejudiced. I hope to hear from you about what you went through, and don't spam me with hate-mail, please. :) Talk to you soon.
    by Isana on 5th May 2003
  • I have been trough alot. I had lost faith in the religion I was brought up in and embraced Wiccan. After a few years I returned to my religion of birth, but I have never forgotten all the beauty that each and evry single religion has to offer and hold the outmost respect for them. If you are truly blessed by your god or gods, if you feel you have been truly enlightend them share it with the world. You should however never talk down to someone else just because he or she does not share your beliefs. I applaud the author of this article for describing with truth and love aspects of Kali that some people are not comfortable with. She sounds to be a wonderful mother and fierce warrior. For all those who have come here to bash these people for their faith; I have but a few words DO ON TO OTHERS AS YOU'D HAVE THEM DO ON TO YOU. No matter what religion you belong to this applies to all of us as humans.
    by M.B. on 5th May 2003
  • sd, everyone has a darker side, just because no one has heard of you gods darker side doesnt mean that it doesnt exist. without evil, there would be no good. everything has an equal opposite to it.
    by Kali Vergeront on 4th May 2003
  • You guys need to relax a bit... Jesus is as real as Kali and as all other deities, prophets etc... The human mind divides that which the God created as One. Truth is revealed in myriad forms to all people of the earth. No one can posess the Only Way. If you think your ''God'' is better or more ''truthfull'' than another, you are simply expressing the false consciousness in which you live. Whether prophets and deities are fact or fiction is irrelevant. The soul of Man is the soul of God.
    by x on 4th May 2003
  • Fundie Xianity is Fundamental Christianity
    by mg on 4th May 2003
  • who is Fundie Xianity???
    and by the way isana, you don't even know me and what i am going through so please don't judge ok. you need Jesus because he is alive. you are the first person that i have ever heard that said Jesus never existed. historically he was proven to exist and biblically.
    even athiests believe that Jesus existed, even though they do not believ in God.

    you should talk to all the persons whose lives he has changed.

    oh and by the way the people who is incharge of this web site i know a person by the name of ss who posted here
    i see that what he has said had some effect on you cause you have taken off his message.

    he said about the blood drinking that kali worshippers do. i can attest to that fact.
    they drink the animal blood they sacrifice.
    you guys are really smart. you really hide the truth. you present what seems to be a good side of kali but exclude the horriffic details your religion has.

    are you going to take off this post too.????
    by sd on 30th Apr 2003
  • I'm very sorry to everyone on this board for spitting bile and poison against people who may not see eye-to-eye on the same things, as well as giving the children of Kali a bad name.
    Its been a year since I posted that hate-filled comment, I admit I was lost from the Goddess, but I think now I have embraced Pagansim again, tolerance is starting to come back to me.

    My sincerest apologies to everyone, whether Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Jewish, Neopagan/Wiccan, etc.
    by Karisia on 29th Apr 2003
  • Whoa, Sd, sounds like you need to see a psychiatrist (been possessed by demons, Okaayyyyy), no doubt you've been exposed to all that Fundamentalist Gibberish. Sounds as though you had rabies, or some sort of psychotic episode.

    Honey, let me tell you something about your so called Jesus, he NEVER existed. Don't call our loving, and truthful Mother "so-called"; because quite frankly, if I still believed in your god/Jesus, I would have committed suicide out of the heavy burden of guilt Fundie Xianity is so good at promoting.

    Kali Ma has helped me confront my fears, not run away from them. If your god makes you run away, both he and you are cowards.
    by Isana on 29th Apr 2003
  • Excellent article. Though I'd never claim to be a fan of any particular religion, Kali's two-sided coin role in mythology is refreshing in comparison with most gods or goddesses portrayed as either good or evil. And as for critical Christians, well, Kali may be a bloody death Goddess in one form, but she had nothing to do with the Inquisition. Three guesses what divinity did.
    by Raksha on 23rd Apr 2003
  • I believe in Faith; that's why I believe in one truth as many together
    by Oddin on 22nd Apr 2003
  • Excuse me Rick, but you have a very closed mind. You should be open to all religions, because not just one is right. It depends on the person. Just because you have a difference of opinion doesn't mean that the other person is wrong. You shouldn't force your beliefs on anyone because in the end no one really knows whether they are right or wrong with their beliefs.
    by Kali V. on 21st Apr 2003
  • hello,
    i just want all u kali worshippers to know that your so call goddess is a demon from satan. i know this because i have that nasty demon in me. my tounge come out just like kali ans that demon manifests when i call it by its name "kali". kali came in me through laying of hands of a demon possed person who worsips kali ok. but Jesus has promised to take it out of me. the so call goddess of yours is nothing but a blood thirsty demon who afflicts people rather that loves then. thankyou
    by sd on 17th Apr 2003
  • Marc, you're so closed minded. You talk as if your so called christian god ever showed himself. If you have the Discovery Channel look out for a program they're showing every proof that your god is only a myth.
    by Leviathan on 15th Apr 2003
  • thankyou - there is such beautiful meaning
    by kali on 8th Apr 2003
  • Ain't it wonderfull to watch those enlighted beings calling themselves humans and true believers spitting and biting each other? Makes you really proud being a human, doesn't it?
    by Nebelmond on 2nd Apr 2003
  • i feel sorry for people like u karisia, who belive in god who never show themselfs, chritianity it the biggest religion in the world and makes more sence than this crap.
    who ever heard of an 8 armed eliphant and believed in it must be on something.

    piece out

    a humble marc
    by Marc on 31st Mar 2003
  • Thank you so much for this wealth of beautiful information on the Goddess .What a contemplative "tool" the picture is for anyone interested in divine truth.Explained beautifully too.
    Sending you my love and respect
    by acorn on 27th Mar 2003
  • Excellant Features with exquisite graphics
    by Kate Ryczek on 27th Mar 2003
  • This is a brilliant page on the Dark Mother; portraying our brilliant Goddess as She really is. I am Wiccan, and Kali Ma and Lord Shiva helped me a lot in confronting my fears about death and so such.


    I feel very sorry for people like you, who whine and grovel like dogs before your god. Your Jesus is just a vulgarised version of Mithraism, Lord Krishna (and other Sun-Gods).

    You say the Dark Mother is a demon, what do you know?

    by Karisia on 27th Mar 2003
  • Kali, Sophia, Jesus.
    by Word Light on 22nd Mar 2003
  • Nice article, just know that Mother Kali is not an "evil goddess".Everyone out there whose name is Kali, be proud of your name and honor your namesake everyday because it s through her we all live. Jai Sita Ram
    by Kumarie on 21st Mar 2003
  • actually americans dont always leave the r out of 'car'...i have a major chicago accent and i just say caaaar...but the r is always there
    by linda on 19th Mar 2003
  • Kali B--Used to? Duh fool, people still do! And She isn't evil.

    All--Great article!
    by Reverend Beautiful Pyre on 16th Mar 2003
  • It would be more nicer with more Kali amma Pictures(Lively)...
    by Priya Dharshini on 14th Mar 2003
  • I am American, but i can relate to this goddess. Reading this article has helped me think about my life and how i am the one that controls it and no one else. The fact that is a thorough piece helps too, as long as it is i still read it all.
    by Signed Not the same now on 10th Mar 2003
  • I was bored one day on the computer so I decided to look up my name since it is so uniqe. I found out that I had the same name as a evil goddess. After I read the selection I laughed. I am also glad that I have the same name as a goddess people used to worship!!!
    by Kali B on 8th Mar 2003
  • hey Rick, stop being a jerk. Let me clarify to you that KALI is not a demon. She is a Goddess, who though looks fiersome but is tender at heart. I have nothing against Jesus Christ, as history has proven that that man was humiliated and slain. i'm not sure if he's God, but i will not degrade myself by calling him a Demon. Keep an open mind, Rick. If u are opposed to others beliefs, just walk away. never criticise them.
    by d.k. on 8th Mar 2003
  • Thank you for an insightful and educated interpretation of Mother Kali. Her beauty and symbolism was so adequately protrayed by this article that I am sure you will receive her grace.
    by Shalini on 2nd Mar 2003
  • intresting!
    at least there is one "religion" that accepts a devil-like figure as an aspect of life
    there is lots of significance between Satan and Kali and i think Kali's image will learn us more about Satan, instead of simply calling him/her evil...
    intresting... :)
    accuallu the word Devil and devi are related!
    by Rique on 1st Mar 2003
  • When I talk to you,

    its only you

    and I who know

    what is in my heart now
    by Yash on 28th Feb 2003
  • for the person who said that americans don't pronounce the "r" in "car" that's WRONG! few americans on the east coast have the kind of accent... the rest of us all say "car" just the way it's spelled
    by Jo on 19th Feb 2003
    by saravana on 21st Jan 2003
  • It was extremly interesting to read othere reviews and find that there are others named Kali, whose parents did not know of the goddess, who identified with her so quickly. I am completely fscinated with my namesake, and this is the most informative source i have found. Thanks!
    by Kali on 14th Jan 2003
  • Dear Childrens Of The Divine Mother Kali,
    All of us are really blessed for only through Her Grace that we can have interest in knowing Her. For those of you who have came across to this site by chance, believe me it's not by chance but only by Her Divine Grace. Even those fanatical fools from other path who abuse Her is still thinking of Her,not through love but through hatred, yet they are still thinking of Her. Isn't that such a compassinate Grace of a Loving Mother?. May the Divine Mother Kali guide,guard,protect and bring us ever in Her Conscienceness. Om Sakthi.
    by Gerald Dharmaraj on 11th Jan 2003
  • this is such well written article!! it is very accurate and true in its depictions of Kali's qualities yet simple enough for lay persons like myself to really understand and become more interested in Her. Thank you so much for providing me with the quality and quantity of information on my namesake!!! oh, and "kali" is pronounced as "car" for the "ka" part (unless you're american, in which case the "r" in "car" is silent) and "li" is pronouced like the chinese surname "li". Thank you so much again!!!

    by Kali on 10th Jan 2003
  • Thank you.

    Good luck,
    by Katt on 8th Jan 2003
  • Mother Goddess she is divine and great she is the greatest of the nine sisters her big brother Kal bhairo protecs her.

    loveswmi roukmini
    by swami roukmini on 5th Jan 2003
  • Wow this is beauitufl I used to be christan. And then i started geting into wicca and such. Kalima (As I know her better as) drew me. Though it was Shiva, who I first laied eyes upon on, on my past life cards. He drew me, and i read more and more. Then I learned about Kalima, she's amazing. I do believe I was a high follower of her when in my past life. Thank you for posting up such a beauitufl and wonderful site. Thank you

    -In peace, and love may you go
    by Kylie on 3rd Jan 2003
  • Kali is pronounced Kal (as in call) and "i" as eat. Does that help??

    by MoonOwl on 23rd Dec 2002
  • These are the lyrics for a song I wrote a couple of years ago for Kali. I'm sending them as a token of my appreciation for your portrayal of Her.


    Favorite of kings and poets, untimely mistress
    Coquette with a kiss that kills laughter
    Thy touch smoothes the brow, dissipating distress
    No pretense to please, no morning after

    Keeper of the seven veils, Hindi enchantress
    Unflinching amidst relentless din and clatter
    Thy watchful eyes no emotion do express
    Mindless of a head placed on a platter

    If in their hearts all men fear and curse thee
    Thy nights must indeed be lonely

    Kali, enfold me in the four-handed caress of death
    Walk with me through halls of incensed oblivion
    Knowing full well none escape thy pavilion
    Be it thy mouth to take my last breath

    Teach me thy myriad secrets, exotic temptress
    Reeling in thy poison though I stagger
    If truly thou wouldst my soul undress
    Show no mercy, drive deep the curved dagger

    Kali enfold me in the four-handed caress of death
    Walk with me through halls of incensed oblivion
    Knowing full well none escape thy pavilion
    Be it thy mouth to take my last breath

    I think you have captured the Hindu worshipper's utter abandonment to the goddess in your brilliant article. I welcome any comments at my e-mail below.
    by sir trent colquhoun on 22nd Dec 2002
  • Estudos sobre kali
    by Roseney Rita on 15th Dec 2002
  • a wonderful and insightful a follower of the Great Goddess, i know that once you call Her Name, She will never forget you; you are always Her child and She will always be your Protectress, your Comforter, your Courage. Blessed Be.
    by angelfire on 14th Dec 2002
  • Well written book as if the Divine Mother Herself is revealing Her Mystery. I'm a humble follower of Kali, what I have learnt so far is that if you surrender yourself totally to Her lotus feet, there are things that She reveals to your inner most heart that you can't even imagine. Be like a child, without ego or individuality, for you will discover Her Presence even closer than your breath. May the Divine Mother Kali Bless and Protect Everyone.

    Om Sakthi

    by Gerald Dharmaraj on 9th Dec 2002
  • May the Beloved Bless Everysoul.
    by nista on 7th Dec 2002
  • thank you
    by homero guerra villegas on 18th Nov 2002
  • Hi ...
    Well Kali is pronounced as Ca(r)lee
    the r is kind of silent ..
    Ka-li goes in the same way which u pronounce Car , but the "r" is silent and the "Li" goes as Lee so the final will be
    by Don Wickramanayake on 14th Nov 2002
  • How do you pronounce Kali?

    Is is "Kal" like in California, or like in the word "call"?

    Is the "i" pronounced like and "e" or like and "i"



    by Glenn on 9th Nov 2002
  • an excellent review!! i'm not hindu but this has been really enlightening. :)
    by Dell Butler on 7th Nov 2002
  • Excellent written work. You have expressed your devotion towards Kali in billiant written work. Some of u here have say Jesus is the way and Prphet is the way, but u forget that u t the way. whatever religion u r, at the end of the day u r an indidvidual. To belive this or not is up to u. REMEMBER : if there is darkness then there is light, if its a lie then theres truth, if there bad then there is good and therefore if u belive in evil then u have to belive in god!!!

    Am planning to visit or shall i say cover all the temples of Shiva and Kali in south india or even cover north india at one a time, which ever comes to my mind first. I would like to gather some people who is interested in tarvelling together in to see and feel the trfuth and the magnificence of Indian temples. backpacking will do. I am from UK. The ideal goup should consist 4-6 people who are adventureous, good-sense of humour and happy go lucky type. Its not gonna happen soon but considering about going there next year. Its gonna be more like holiday, fun and all other sorts of things that student does. But at the same time to share our knowledge. I want to have 3 men and 3 woman, caucasions ranging from different nationality. Come on people it will be fun just as going to greece or spain. Anyone interested pelase email me personaly. Cheers.
    by VIC on 17th Oct 2002
    by geetha on 17th Oct 2002
  • This is indeed a very nice article that sheds light on the philosophy that lies beyond the fierceful looking goddess. We all have the tendency to think and commit evil to different degrees in life. Its easier to do that, than fight the very evil motives, thoughts and tendencies within us. To truly enjoy happiness and fine tune ourselves to a greater cause, we need to do what mother Kali did, destroy all that which is evil within our very selves. Destroying individual demonaic traits is sure way to embracing humanity and living in harmony with mankind and nature. Jai Kali Ma!
    by AM on 16th Oct 2002
  • Jai Maa Kali! Jai Maa Kali!
    This article is invigorating, inspirational, and possesses a wealth of information on the divine mother.
    by RJ on 7th Oct 2002
  • need a friend like you........ . Need a friends who can share with spritual things
    by ammu on 22nd Sep 2002
  • It is in MA'S gentleness that HER Strength is felt...SHE catches us 'flies' with HER DIVINE HONEY!
    by Agatha on 16th Sep 2002
  • I have been always aware of MA KALI as being gentle and caring and that it is our own fear of our selves that causes us to not see it (we're afraid to let people see our softer side for fear of becoming a walk-over). I thank the writers and researchers of this article for showing the beautiful & luving side of MA so that we can all learn from this.
    by Agatha on 16th Sep 2002
  • Toussaint - I wasn't saying anything about jesus, I think he was a great philosopher and must have been extremely couragous in the way he sacrificed his life for others. However I am offended by Rick's comment about demons -Kali is a murti which is completly different. I was also offended by it being the truth whether believed it or not - who is he to judge and finally that jesus is the ONLY way, what if mother teresa had been muslims? would she have not been saved?
    by anon on 15th Sep 2002
  • It is my belief that this has been one of the best websites I have encountered regarding Kali... I truely appreciated the excerpts from Ramprasad's writing.
    by Angela on 11th Sep 2002
  • If you are interested in learning more about Kali Ma, I strongly recommend reading "The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna," by "M" (Mahendranath Gupta).

    Ramakrishna Paramahamsa was an Avatara (divine incarnation) and perhaps the greatest devotee of our Mother, Kali.


    by Hairakhan on 29th Aug 2002
  • I would love to see modern depictions of kali. Flash/pop art/cyber: death, destruction, chaos!
    by kaoself on 29th Aug 2002
  • It is quite clear that you guys do not know much about meditation as well as the history of cali. So if you are a seaker of the true spiritual path, and interested in meditation you can ask me a "serious" question on my great free hotmail account :)
    by laurentio on 22nd Aug 2002
  • Jai Kali Ma-Hail the Divine Mother of Immortal Bliss!! Jai Neem Karoli Baba! Beautiful article. I was caught in rapture by your definition of the beloved Mother of all creation. Jai Jai Ammachi!
    by jeff haley on 9th Aug 2002
    by DANRAJ on 2nd Aug 2002
  • Excellent - there are two sides (at least) to all of us - thanks for showing Kali in all her aspects - especially the ones that we have been taught carefully to ignore and suppress.

    Kali at work again!
    by tigger on 27th Jul 2002
  • jai ma!
    by Chandika on 25th Jul 2002
  • Modern poems for or about Kali to inspire your imagenation:

    Funny Words

    "Jesus fill me up" - funny words?
    But they struck some intimate chords,
    "All religions are basically same."
    Doesn't this banality sound lame?
    True they warship God with pleas
    Groveling on their knees.
    Their flattery untamed,
    Insincerity buys prophets' fame.
    Only one voice sounds true:
    "Jesus fill me up" - was it you?
    Growing old but feeling young,
    Being young, but feeling old,
    Her beauty streaming from her tongue,
    He becomes her Christ, her Lord.
    Son of God or son of a bitch,
    What's the fucking difference -
    Her ambition is to get rich!
    Everything else is inference.

    House of Rust

    Waste away in the kingdom of day!
    You, who flee tranquil night's drunken sway,
    Like a sleazy dance instructor the night
    Swings your searching soul left and right
    Gelled hair, wrinkled vests, rouges of lust -
    They are dancing Dandut in the House of Rust
    Waste away in the kingdom of day,
    Where smog from the jeeps paints gray
    Schoolgirls lining up holding up their passes,
    Soon they will know what's what,
    And we will fill their glasses.


    Your eyelashes look synthetic
    Your hairdo looks pathetic
    Your charm is a clowness' charm
    Your heart beats like a drum
    In the afternoon calm
    Inside your velveteen head
    A bothersome thought
    A restless preacher
    Beneath a dome of gold

    Sun Lit by the Moon

    Fermented woman's tears, the sweetest wine;
    While man and woman is the sweetest rhyme,
    The sweetest misdemeanor is to tease you
    To get a million thrills for just a dime.
    Your face is a stain glass profile of the Virgin
    A passing ray will color it divine
    A cloud veils the sun and you are crying.
    The moon, like an inspired carver files
    Joseph's shadow on the pale tiles.
    Next to it you lie content and full -
    A sun lit by the insomniac moon.
    by Mr. Lev Kamensky on 24th Jul 2002
  • In my tarot reading, the Goddess Kali keeps appearing, obviously great change is about to occur on every level, I thought I'd find out about her more. The article talked about men finding her and accepting her for what she is and what she says, I thought that very interesting as more and more of the Sybilla comes out in me, it seems to scare the pants off of the men that I know. It worries me less now that I have read this article thank you very much
    by ki on 3rd Jul 2002
  • its very very nice!!!!
    by kanageswari on 29th Jun 2002
  • ANON... Wasn't trying to impose anything on anyone... Just celebrating the kind act that was from God to send his son to earth to instruct, which is what Christ did. The Bible has been a book many times vilified, but in truth, it was passed down to us, by people who cared and were concerneed for our welfare. I don't take those actions of things lightly.

    Christ offered eternal life, and for many souls on this planet, that is exactly what he did.
    by Toussaint on 16th Jun 2002
  • I am reading Rabindranath Tagore's play 'Sacrifice' which is to be presented soon at the International Township of Auroville, Southern India, founded by The Mother, Mirra Alfassa in collaboration with Sri Aurobindo in the 1960s.

    Despite visiting Kali's temple in Mirzapur on the banks of the Ganges Ma last year it hasn't occurred to me until just now, after reading your excellent article on Mother Goddess as Kali - The Feminine Force in Indian Art, how strongly related are the women who figure in the religions of this world. The Judao, Christian, Islamic leaders were all brought up in the shade of the veil. This is well documented and echoes the frenzied beat of the Mother's dance symbolizing life and death like Little Snow White's step mother when she put on the red hot shoes and danced until she dropped down dead.
    by Roger on 12th Jun 2002
  • Rick - i would also like to thankyou for your judgemental and closeminded insight. I could also insult your faith with atleast half a page of ignorant, mindless abuse, but chose to be open-minded, respectful and tolerant of other peoples beliefs even if i do not agree. thanks once again.
    by anon on 9th Jun 2002
  • Rick- Thank you Rick for that beautiful, life affirming message. I don't believe in demons, but I do believe that that energy is a warning of the state with which our minds can become if we unwisely play with it. (It's primarily trickster stuff you know.)

    Marrun-I will pray for you. I know what that loneliness is like and how it disempowers your spirit. Attend your church and keep trusting in the healing love of God, his angels and his other devoted servants.
    by Toussaint Tuesday on 28th May 2002
  • I'm not sure why I'm here, but I intuit it has much to do with my present life 'studies.' I'm reading up on Jung and having a lot of difficulty with my anima and Kali energy is helping to heal that. (I am a male.) She has been with me for quite some time, so I wish to extend thanks to her energy for bringing me here and counselling me with further insight into psychic energy.

    Just a last thought, she has asked me to pass on a message, which is simply love and revere your heart, your truest, most loving nature.
    by Toussaint Tuesday on 28th May 2002
  • id like to say thanks cos this site has helped me with my project i have to do. oh and to that deamon worshipper person or whateva what are u goin on about u freak!!!!!!!
    by amy on 21st May 2002
  • Last night I gave her an offering and in return she sent me to this site so that I may know who I am. Thank You.
    by Magdelina on 17th May 2002
  • I identify with the goddess Kali. She really is more powerful than we all can conceive.
    by IvyCallie on 3rd May 2002
  • your a loser. find a guy who doesnt need to be tricked into loving you. waht if someone tricked you into falling in love with a guy you didnt even really like in reality?
    by kristie on 2nd May 2002
  • Wonderful explanation. Thank you.
    by Thanuja Sugumaran on 26th Apr 2002
  • Absolutely beautiful. I have been searching for such a wonderful vision of perfection when it comes to any articles on Kali. I have painted and felt the glorious mother herself but i was instructed to show her in blue. She is magnificent and in my painting i wanted to show the world how i see her, loving shakti but still show her fierce wild free spirit. I would like to know if you would like to see my masterpeice, a trubute and the very visual essence of Kali.?
    by Goddess Artsy on 6th Apr 2002
  • demons may not be our freinds,... but there so motherf$#@ing cool though. do you remember all those old motherf@%#ing heavy metal shirts like iron maden, and all those other motherf%#$ing bands with all the motherf&%#$ing demons screeming and stabing stuff all over it it. one word. awsome!!! almost as cool as the thugi people in indiana jones and the temple of doom.
    by burl dean on 4th Apr 2002
    by WILL on 1st Apr 2002
  • Demons are not your friends. They promise pleasure and deliver pain. Only Jesus Christ is good for you. This is the truth whether you believe it or not
    by Rick on 30th Mar 2002
  • hi.kali. hope your investigation into your name has given you food for thought. i hope my daughter kali will thank me for the clue.
    by bobdog on 24th Mar 2002
    by Marrun on 24th Mar 2002
  • Blessed Be

    Mother Kali

    Who Shall

    avenge me !

    by MioDrag on 17th Mar 2002
  • do you remember that time, on indiana jones and the temple of doom, where that hindu preist dude was doing the hindu ceremony, and he pulled that dudes heart out and it was still beating!!! that was F&$#ING AWESOME!!!
    by burl dean on 11th Mar 2002
    by UMASUNDARI on 6th Mar 2002
  • Great page. I am a belly dancer, I always like to read about ancient myths and Goddesses. Thank you.
    by Tania on 5th Mar 2002
  • Wow is all I can say. Having been named Kali, though under different cultural conditions, I must say I found the Mother's qualities curiously and uncomfortably like mine. This is pure mystery!!!!
    by kali on 26th Feb 2002
  • I found this boring ......... I need a myth for my report and no sites have litterally a myth so I dunno but I get confused readin this stuff.... I'm only 14 that could be the problem though...
    by bob on 18th Feb 2002
    by ROY JAMES on 12th Feb 2002
  • Kali is the goddess inspirational to anyone participating in radical environmental direct action. Thank you, Mother!
    by Craig Stehr on 7th Feb 2002
  • Wow!! I had always heard stories about my name but I am overwhelmed. My father named me during a time when he was a "medium". Thank you for this article.
    by Kali on 4th Feb 2002
  • Hi! I am in college and take a class called "Female Heroes in Religion and Art" We have to do a project pertaining to a heroic female or female figure, and I have chosen Kali. If anyone could e-mail me some good sites or any information I would greatly appreciate it.
    by Amanda Granger on 29th Jan 2002
    by maranae simma on 26th Jan 2002
  • in my ceramics class, we have to do sculptures of some god or goddess...
    i choose to do Kali...
    it wont be easy, but this is the only site that i have found that describes Kali, and her appearance, and there is the art that shows how she looks...

    thank you for these pictures :)
    by Billah on 20th Jan 2002
  • Thank you for the super web-page about Kali.. A couple of days ago I had a healing experience with a lady, and during the healing meditation Kali came. Her energy was hot and strong and I had to hand back to her a basket of snakes, which she took and she then gave me a gift of a huge python which entwined itself around me and I then had to "absorb" it; after doing this I could feel the serpent energy flowing through me and it was a wonderful experience. Although I have an interest in Hindu mythology I didn't know much about Kali and have been trawling the web for pictures and info. Having found your page I was so thrilled by the information. Thanks and bless you.
    by Sue on 10th Jan 2002
  • I have benn researching about Kali and it tells me what I am an the person I am .My parents named me after Kali .
    by Kali Crawford on 2nd Jan 2002
  • That was an excellent article as well as very interesting artwork, thank you very much for posting it. I was doing a report on Kali for school and found nothing until this site.
    by Eli on 13th Dec 2001
  • When I grow up, I want to be a naked Killer; a dancer like Kali.
    by Akbar Khan on 23rd Nov 2001
  • this is so cool my name is kali and her description is almost identical 2 mine
    by kali on 15th Nov 2001
  • I want to know about how to lift myself into a successful person again.
    by Anthony on 26th Sep 2001
  • I have spent two days pouring over the review of Kali, I never knew anything about her before, she is certainly an awesome goddess and am now truly hooked into finding out more
    by Alison on 15th Sep 2001
  • I LOVE this article! I am presently attempting to creat a sort of online temple in honor of Kali and Krishna--this article contains wonderful information concerning this volatile goddess. I would very mcuh like to use this information in creating this temple. Namaste!
    by Ariel on 10th Sep 2001
  • I am very interested in spritualism. Especially in Goddess Kali
    by shirley on 20th Aug 2001
  • What a lovely article - it held me spell-bound. Thank you.
    by poornima on 17th Aug 2001
  • For the followers of Tantra, Kali is supreme. She is Creator, Preserver and Destroyer. One of the Tantra keys to life is the knowledge that the Goddess who creates the universe and the Goddess who destroys it are one and the same. Sri Ramakrishna wrote - "Maha-Kali, the Great Power, was one with Maha-Kala, the Absolute."
    <br>What a wonderful tribute to the Mother Kali. Thanks for sharing the article and artwork with me.
    by Nikki Layne on 13th Jul 2001
  • An absolutely illuminating article which will inspire spirituality in both devotees and non-devotees. For once the "Divine Mother" aspect was shown of Mother Kali.
    by Devotee of the Mother on 4th Jul 2001
  • A new light over Kali.Great!
    by anand on 24th Jun 2001
  • Finally- Mother depicted as a loving deity and not someone to be feared.
    Jai Kali Maa!!!
    by Vidya on 20th Jun 2001
    by SHARLS on 15th Jun 2001
  • A clear and interesting exegesis.
    by Jim Singer on 3rd May 2001
  • Thanks for sending me the information. I have painted Kali Ma, the Great Mother Goddess, but my depiction is of Her before she was recreated by the Indian overlay. My portrait is of Her as a Primal Force, one of the First Great Forces that were instrumental in bringing humanity to the Earth. But your rendition is interesting too.
    by Anonymous on 3rd May 2001
  • Great art and article, thanks for sending it, blessings to you in Her holy name,
    by Cayce on 3rd May 2001
  • This was an excellent and well-written article. My favorite Hindu Goddess remains after forty years, the beloved DURGA. Maybe you will do an article with illustrations on DURGA at some point. Best wishes and may all good attend you,
    by Lee on 3rd May 2001
  • fascinating - thank you! Best email I've received all week!
    by Julie on 3rd May 2001
I’ve started receiving many of the books I’ve ordered and every single one of them (thus far) has been fantastic - both the books themselves, and the execution of the shipping. Safe to say I’ll be ordering many more books from your website :)
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"Too independent to be in a wife’s frame, besides gender they have in them little which is consort-like....They are individualistic in nature, yet their identity better reveals as a group....The broad meaning of the term ‘Mahavidya’ is ‘great knowledge’. In its wider sense the term might be taken to mean complete, supreme, absolute, or ultimate knowledge....Ten mantras are ten manifestations of the deity – the Divine Female....As regards the origin of Mahavidyas, the tradition has five myths in prevalence....Frightened Shiva tried to flee from one direction to other but a burst of laughter obstructed him on every side, and dismayed and frightened he submitted. To further ensure that he did not slip the woman, obviously Sati’s transform, filled all directions around him with ten different forms....Not merely in the Buddhist myths that portray Tara as the goddess of tempestuous seas helping the masses wade their path to safety and redemption, even in Hindu and Jain traditions she is revered as the goddess who guides out of troubles and all kinds of turmoil."
Ten Mahavidyas : Manifestations Of Cosmic Female Energy
"The Mother Goddess is India's supreme Divinity... In fury or in frown, she is always the same protective, caring, loving Mother with a benign face and a blessing hand... In her material manifestation, She represents, with absolute motherhood, also the absolute womanhood. She causes life and sustains it, and is also the cause of life, its inspiration and aspiration, and the reason to live... She is the eternal upholder of Dharma and truth, the promoter of happiness and the giver of salvation and prosperity but also of sorrows, grief and pain... As Adi Shakti, She represents Prakriti, which operates in and on all things, the manifest or otherwise, materially present or abstract..."
Conception and Evolution of The Mother Goddess in India
"It is well established in the canons of Indian thought that every woman mirrors in herself the divine feminine... Envisioned as totally naked, the visual tales of her terrible form do not end with her dense black color or with the skirt made up of decapitated hands...(or) the necklace made up of heads she has severed from the torsos of beings...The truth behind the mystery of Kali, it seems, is to not be found by a conventional appraisal of her physical is the female of the species who comes out with honors here, by resolutely establishing that when they are wives and when they progress to being mothers, Kali forms an integral part of their characteristic buildup."
A Kali in Every Woman: Motherhood and the Dark Goddess Archetype
"A fusion of contradictions is the essence of Kali's being, a mysticism which no other divinity is endowed with....In Kali's invocation, the devotee stands face to face with darkness....As suggests the term Kali, she appears to be the feminine aspect of Kala – Time, that being invincible, immeasurable and endless has been venerated as Mahakala – the Transcendental Time, represented in Indian metaphysical and religious tradition by Shiva....Skanda Purana links Kali's origin to Parvati. Initially Parvati had dark complexion for which Shiva used to tease her every now and then....Shiva asked her to compete him in dance to which Kali agreed....By nature, Kali is always hungry and never sated. She laughs so loud that all three worlds shake with terror....Guhyakali, literally meaning 'Secret Kali', is Kali's esoteric aspect, which only those well versed in the Kali tradition know....Yoga perceives Kali as Kundalini Shakti....Kali's disruptive behaviour, unkempt appearance, confronting activities and involvement with death and defilement are what better suit Tantra, especially the Vamachara Tantrism....To the Tantrika, Kali's black is symbolic of disintegration; as all colours disappear in black, so merge into her all names and forms."
Kali: The Most Powerful Cosmic Female
"The earliest term applied to the divine feminine... is Shakti... Specifically, Shakti means power, force and feminine energy. She represents the fundamental creative instinct underlying the cosmos, and is the energizing force of all divinity, of every being and every thing... The yoni or female generative organ is... venerated for its obvious properties of fertility and growth... While Durga is the most potent icon to express the aggressive and destructive behavior of Shakti, Lakshmi is the quintessential goddess who proclaims her creative aspect... (It) is emphasized in the Gandharva Tantra (that) 'She who is the sun, moon, and fire, lays down the purusha (male) and enjoys him from above.'..."
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